Wraiths. Evil spirits heralding the arrival of a demon. Colconnar's coming.
Joe describes wraiths in Riders On The Storm

Wraiths are a sub-classification of ghosts introduced in Midnight, Texas and are spirit manifestations of evil that herald the arrival of demons. It is unclear if deceased humans or supernatural beings can become wraiths.


The origins of wraiths remain unexplained; however, according to Joe they are the manifestations of evil, therefore it is likely they've existed just as long as evil has.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Wraiths are twisted, skeletal-like evil spirits that can also take on the form of others, such as Jeremy. They can also take the form of shrouded or hooded figures surrounded in smoke. Specifically with Wraith-Jeremy, his face was covered in burns, like that of Jeremy, due to Colconnar's connection to Fiji.[1]


  • Burning Touch: Wraiths possess the ability to critically burn and cause excruciating pain to those they touch, burning through clothes and skin with ease. The longer they take hold of their victim(s), the worse the symptoms are, such as Olivia Charity being severely burned and left in critical condition due to burn sepsis by Wraith-Jeremy.[2]
  • Shape-shifting: Wraiths possess the ability to take the forms of other beings such as the deceased human Jeremy.[1]


  • Magic: Wraiths are susceptible to the effects of Witchcraft, such as Fiji's Exorcism Cleansing Ritual that prevents deceased beings and spirits from entering her home.[1]
  • Sanctified Weapons: Wraiths are spirit manifestations of evil making traditional weapons ineffective against them; however, evil doesn't like holy water as it burns them, causing them to recoil. Weapons that utilize holy water and otherwise ordinary weapons that are sanctified can be used to effectively combat wraiths.[2]

Notable WraithsEdit




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