• Hi, I'm halfway through the first book... If I remember correctly you read it too. Would you like to talk about it a little bit? :) 

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    • Sure! I'd be up for that (roughly chapter 17-18?). It's been a while since I've read it, but I think I remember the major things. XD

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    • Yes! The first chapters are introductory and pretty slow for the plot, but they I read them very fast because nothing really happened. Fiji is exactly the same in the TV series lol Perfect cast choice!

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    • I love the attention to detail though. It's really vivid! Book one though has a pretty good plot though, it introduces all these elements and at the last minute, it's something you don't even suspect. They are all really good cast choices, but I think Fiji's is the best. Other than the physical differences, Parisa embodies Fiji in a lot of aspects.

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    • I liked how we are introduced to town and townsfolk and you   can literally see anything she's describing. Although sometimes I forget about the description and imagine the character appearance like in the tv series lol particularly Lemuel. Yeah she's Fiji! Looks a character written just for her

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    • I saw the trailers first and instantly could pick out the characters. I knew then I had to read the books first so I would have had a different perception of the characters, but yeah now that the first season isnover, if I have the time, I definitely want to go back and reread the books. They are that good imo.

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    • I'm liking the differences. Sometimes it looks like reading an extended or deleted scene from tv series lol

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    • Yeah I like the books very much! I don't get a lot of free time to read for pleasure anymore, but Midnight Crossroads and The Maze Runner series, I deliberately made any time I could to get those read. Loved them both!

      I so hope for a season two, because there are still book elements that I really want to see adapted to the show. Like I want a fun episode with one of Fiji's Halloween Parties!

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    • I have the same problem :( So much stuff to study that I don't have time to read anything else when I want. I'm really liking the first book and I'll definitely read the rest of the trilogy. I think Midnight, Texas books are better written than True Blood books (don't know if you read them/watched the series). I relate more to the characters!

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    • Never read those books and the only season I watch was the season of the witches. It was okay, but I really didn't care for some of the species.

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    • I see! The first 4 seasons are fun to watch, but I was more interested in how they mingled with humans. In midnight Texas people seem to be aware of supernaturals to some extent too if I remember correctly

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    • Sometimes I feel like the try to shove too much stuff into the show and it gets confusing. (Got was like that at the beginning.) They had so many species at one point, it was hard to tell who was what. It was also hard for me to connect to the characters. Usually I latch on to one, but I didn't really get that way with any. I liked Pam though. She was probably my favorite. Not sure what ever happened to her. But I did like the one chick, sookie's friend who turned into a vamp. I think she died though.

      In the books for Midnight, Fiji was probably the most open, using her Freezing power on several people. Lemuel just didn't look human and couldn't really hide what he was.

      The show, it seems like ever one in Midnight is at least aware of the not so human residents.

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    • They were gradually introduced so you can learn about them but yes by the time they got to last seasons was a total mess. But the first 4-5 seasons are better! PAm was one of my favorite too! She and Lafayette are spot on! Yes Tara died at the end.

      Yeah I remember the police officers knowing about witches. And then Fiji's boyfriend too knew about her and her aunt. Don't know about the other citizens outside Midnight.

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    • I mainly felt like that because I started like S4/5 which ever it was. So much stuff was already introduced and prior to that, it was sketchy to what episodes I did manage to watch. Yeah Pam was a favorite of mine. Yeah, Tara. Whoop forgot her name. :P It's been a while, but I think she left and did her own thing, her her plot points never quite seemed important. After I gave up watching the series, I found out what happened to her, such a shame.

      Sheriff Livingston was so in denial lol. I don't remember how the book counterpart handled it. I think most people was kinda brushed it off, because, at least in the first book, what's his face, couldn't reveal what happened without implicating himself. XD

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    • I see! Yes by the 4ht season they already introduced vampires (of course!), shapeshifters, werewolves, Wiccans... and witches! And all the various relationships too!

      I was shocked to see the sheriff and other female police officer killed off so soon lol

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    • Yeah it was a bit much to handle, but overall it didn't seem like I had missed any important plots (not that I really remember them). I think at that point Sookie was still figuring out her powers and stuff, but the witches were pretty cool.

      That was actually pretty shocking to me. I didn't expect both to die in the same episode, especially when Sean Bridgers was created as a main (then guest on his death episode). I guess, they didn't want to go down that rout with the police and stuff. Can't say I like him dying, but they practically killed off all their guest stars. XD

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    • The main plots were social outcast and acceptance (some murders attributed to vampires in season 1), the Maenads and some vampire politics in season 2 and vampire vs. werewolves politics in 3. Yeah she learned she was a faery at the end of season 3 I think.

      But there's no real connection to TB and Midnight Texas. For example, werewolves shift differently and vampire physiology is different too!

      Exactly! A real plot twist! I was already thinking police vs Sons of Lucifer vs Midnighters and then ... Zap! Killed off haha

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    • Yeah can't say that really thrills me. Like what do you expect when vampires, and other supernaturals, go public. It's never good!

      In book 2, there will be a connection to one of the Sookie books. (The same character, was also in the TB series -that's about as a close connect as it's going to get, I believe). I do like the differing physiology though. I don't recall them ever detailing how a vampire being killed in the books, though one is ~mid/late book two. She was from the same line of vamps as Lemuel.

      I think throwing the police into the mix, further than what it was, would have made things a bit more complicated. Though, with Tina's death, they kinda just wrote that off. Like she was suspended and then her Boss is murdered/bombed. Seems like they would have done some calling around for Tina, but I guess, that was a trivial point and justice wasn't coming back for that. That leaves it open for Tina to return as a ghost though XD.

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    • I love the different physiology and I particularly like how in MTX weres suffer when they turn into their animal form and the transformation take them some time. I don't like when they transform in a matter of seconds. It's called "curse" for a reason lol the only thing I like more in TB is that when vampires are staked they explode in a gross blood jam vs Buffy-dusted

      Yeah it's strange there was no further investigation after the death of two police officers but maybe they thought it was the Sons of Lucifer (they arrested some of them those days if I remember correctly) so their investigation didn't affect Midnighters. She'd be a really annoying ghost haha

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    • Yeah I agree with the "curse" sentiment. It's supposed to be painful and, I'd assume slow. I mean you are physically changing your form from human to animal. The Physiology is way different, bone and other anatomical features. It shouldn't just happen within minutes or seconds. Eh Idk if I like the blood splatter. It's unique, sure, but I don't understand, I guess, why they "explode" though, really in either. I think I like the "dusting" a bit more though. No cleanup XD

      I assume they attributed it to Peter Lowry and co. They dropped it after his death, and there was a newspaper concerning the sheriff in the following episode. I can't remember specifically what Bobo said about it, but he blamed the Sons of Lucifer. Tina got on my nerves from the start, her and her prejudice towards Fiji. Like Tina needed to take a freakin step back. Kinda wished Fiji would have froze her. Oh well. Totally annoying Ghost, but I bet she'd believe Manfred then XD Hindsight is 20/20 right. :P

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    • Don't remember if they explained why they exploded in a blood pool but I remember liking it because was like nothing I had seen in other vampire shows (dusting). I kind of like also the way vampire wither on TVD/TO too!

      Yeah she was super annoying with her biased statements

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    • Yeah it's unique. I wouldn't think they'd get that deep into the mythology Lol. Buffy and Midnight are cool too. Idk why I like the dusting so much, maybe the whole ash to ash thing or something.

      Personally I don't think she'll be back. I can't really see her having any unfinished business.

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    • Don't get me wrong, I like dusted vampires as well! I also like the special effect used on MTX. It's not just poof—it's gone!

      I agree, she can stay in the corner reserved for nasty people in the afterlife.

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    • Any interpretation is subject to change. XD Idk. I think the earliest I recall is Buffy's staked vampires. I guess, consider they were "demons" more or less, when they were defeated, something happened to them. In most iterations, like Charmed something occurs to their bodies. I guess, it would be no different in True Blood; It's just a whole lot more messier. Lol.

      I agree. Her and her hate can go on somewhere else and leave Fiji alone.

      If we get a season two though I hope to get to see a few other characters come back. Mildred for one!! I also want to know more about magic and what limits, if there are any, are imposed on a witch. Is resurrection possible, etc.

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    • I'd love to know more about mediums and witches cause there are some unclear things about their powers (more about psychic, tho) and knowing their full potential. Also if Fiji is giving lessons it's possible for witchcraft to be taught? Maybe lesser powerful practitioner that can brew potions but don't have active powers like Fiji's.

      I would like to see Xylda one more last time too :( it was so sad when she moved on without Manfred having the time to a proper goodbye!

      Edited: sorry but was checking TVD/TO wiki and the wiki activity is literally chock full of "what up" comments. Is it a glitch or something? It took me to scroll two entire pages of wiki activity to read new comments.

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    • Totally. I would like more clarification, but it would seem that, at least, there is various forms of magic i.e. Gypsy and Witchcraft Dark magic. This makes me wonder about all the possibilities as to why they are difference and yet, it's possible for a witch to combine the two, not sure if a Gypsy can, but regardless. In the books, it was kinda implied that it could, but nothing "real". I think, maybe in book one, Manfred berates Fiji due to some comment about how it's nothing powerful/dark but given the wrong situation, it could turn that way or something. Idk, it's vague. I'll see if I can't find the comment and get back to you about it.

      I know! It was an emotional episode, because we basically said goodbye to her twice because of the flashback. I really do want to see her again. I don't know the capacity though, flashback probably. Seems like Manfred can't summon spirits that have "moved on".

      Sorry for just getting to this. In and Out with various things. No... smh. It was late for me when Tommy was messaging all those people and too tired to tell him to stop. Imo, it's spam as he was messaging inactive users and a couple anons, smh. He's lonely or sad about TVD/TO ending and/or bored TO is forever away, but it was excessive.

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    • I think it's possible. As I see it, "Gypsy" is an ethnicity so a gypsy can be a witch or a Wiccan. If Manfred and Fiji had a child, that would be a gypsy-witch I think. There is definitely more than one way for practicing magic. They mentioned Wicca, Dark Witchcraft, Gypsy magic (I think related to curses, divination/fortune telling and healing because one of the ancestors was an exorcist or something).  Missing one?

      I'd like more clarity about medium and psychic. I have a theory but don't know if make sense (I write it here ).

      Yeah, she needs to come back somehow just to give us some comic relief with her wit comments haha A flashback is definitely a way to have more from her since he cannot summon moved on spirits, but who knows... maybe some spell to reach them for a bit, a vision or whatever.

      No problem. I asked because on these days I'm login in from my smartphone and had to scroll 2 or 3 pages to see an unrelated comment! At first, I thought a glitch from my device like showing always the same comment instead of refreshing the page. But now that I think about, it looks more like you said (after all it's not the first time he asks or writes the same thing multiple time. I think he asked about different species at least 10 times in the last months). Or maybe needed some more edits to get a badge lol

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    • Missing one? I don't think so, unless "Black Magic" - per Hightower is altogether different from Witchcraft or Gypsy Dark Magic, which I don't, from the latter. Nice theory. Seems plausible. I too would conclude "Gypsy" in terms of their ethnicity, being of the Romany people. There are parallels with Scarlet Witch and Romany gypsies, if you follow any Marvel. Percy and I have had various chats on TVD about comics.

      In the book, she wasn't even a minor focus. In fact, Manfred never saw his grandma, until he was given a reading, friend of a friend (you help me/I help you) kinda thing, and she interrupted the reading and gave him some foresight about the impending doom (which turned out to be Colconnar.) I rather liked the adaption though. Manfred's mother was focused on more XD (via phone calls and stuff). I'd like to see a bit of focus or something with her in (a potential) season two.

      Maybe! Who knows, Witchcraft in MTX is like Expression in TVD. Thought and emotions become intentions to change reality XD. Fiji is powerful so her intentions are her own limitations. (though the book kinda imposed their own ~eh similar to Traditional Magic on TVD)

      Yeah, no glitch. I feel ya too. I use my android for probably 50% of my check in. I'm not always at a computer, but I try to glance at the feed(s) pretty regularly to see if there is anything that needs immediate attention. (Not trying to actively ignore any one message, just, you know if I need to go admin on someone XD). Just (imo) annoying and spamming posts to attempt to (probably) get users to come back to TVD for TO's ending. Idk. If I had been awake, I would have messaged him about spamming the feed with messages to inactive users. It's not necessary imo. There is no badge associated with messages to other users. Like I said, he's probably lonely or bored. I think maybe depressed too about TO ending.

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    • I think it's the same too, Dark or Black. Perhaps it changes if you team up with demons, made sacrifices or something like that. But it's always "bad stuff".

      Oh, thanks! I was trying to understand the different terms used and that's what I came up with. I watched some of the movies and animated series but I'm not a big fan. I know DC (Batman) a little more but in no way like those experts who know every detail lol

      Yeah that's why I think Witchcraft can be taught with the right training and to someone with the right predisposition, or possibly bargain of some kind (like Hightower's sacrifice to obtain telekinesis through Dark Magic). Doesn't seem to be strictly genetic imo. And some of the potions used were just chemistry and herbs properties. I think you just need to know what to brew and how.

      Idk. I thought comments were part of the edit count too (ie. 1000th edit star badge) but I guess that doesn't count the messages. Eh... most of them don't care about the show anymore so they won't return editing or commenting that's for sure. Sometimes even I get frustrated because it's difficult to write with all that plot-holes or ridiculous explanations. And comments usually lead to arguments so I comment less too. Everything is soooo easily misinterpreted! Although I saw that since you admins restricted to registered users only there are less insults/harsh comments. And some users disappeared too. Guess without anonymous security they can't say whatever they want without being reported.

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    • Yeah seems that way I guess.

      Oh no, me either. I usually just latch on to a couple or handful of characters. Scarlet Witch is like my main one. Got a couple others in mind too. XD

      That is the implication that I got from the books. Fiji's is hereditary, give or take, with her (Great) Aunt Mildred. Though her Mother, Father and Sister (book) are not witches. Imo, I think the real power is genetic. Fiji and Mildred though were the only two specifically "witches" with power though. Mildred also had some pretty "dark" (I guess that can be subjective too) stuff which was also represented in the show. XD

      Eh kinda mis-spoke with that. You get a badge for leaving the first message on someone else's wall and yes, technically, leaving a message counts towards the 1000th Edit and daily "edit" but in regards like editing articles, there is no badge strictly for x-number of messages.

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    • I think the same. hereditary/born witches with active powers. Students and practitioners casting spells and brewing potions (kind of how in Charmed and True Blood there are witches and Wiccans). Dark witches doing both probably because they don't follow the rules lol

      Oh yes, Aunt Mildred and her magical box inside the trunk with glyphs on it! I'm really curious to know more about what's inside it. And the content of Fiji's books of shadows/grimoires too

      Never really understood how they work tbh I usually edit on a slightly regular basis and always get badges along with minor edits lol Like I can write long summaries on multiple pages but always reach the x-number for the badge when I just corrected a mistyped word.

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    • I think I look at it like maybe... all witches are Wiccans but not all Wiccans are witches, idk. Seems like magics can be obtained regardless, but the only real example we have per the show is Hightower, and that's sketchy too. Genetically he comes from a powerful Psychic ancestry, yet, for explanations left unknown, it was "bred" out, leaving Hightower without psychic abilities. However given there is "Gypsy Dark Magic" it's a little iffy. Again maybe all witches are psychic (via spells) but not all psychics are witches. Manfred doesn't seem to be able to what Fiji can do, even at a basic level. I do hope we get more about the lore though. NBC needs to go ahead and tell us something. The wait is worse than waiting for the actual show to air.

      I hope, with a season two, they elaborate on that. Fiji mentions a few things in the books, but that is about it. I won't spoil anything, but I hope to see more flashbacks with Mildred and Snuggly and/or Fiji. Maybe even with the dark magic too. Glyphs? I called them runes on the witch page. Is there a major difference between the two?

      Each "Edit" is considered towards (personal total) edit count in some form or another. Most is particularly though the use of editing "articles" (categories, images, etc. aren't really "articles"). Each publish going towards i.e. editing 250 articles/help needed, etc. depending on the categories and badges associated. Example, here I like the idea of species specific badges: Witch, Vampire, Weretiger, etc. TVD doesn't do this. Kinda wish the had, but whatever. No point in it now. Messages/comments, editing posted messages/comments, editing articles, tagging images, etc. all goes towards the X,000th edit. That is why editing a page 20x or editing each section within a page (like specifically for minor edits) is typically seen as badge boosting. Imo repeated edits 4-6 times per page, I consider boosting, and specifically if the edits in-between are bad ones (something that would only take one) (Some particular users irk my nerves about that. Not you or the regular decent editors on TVD or whatever.) Imo, experienced users learn from such practices, some new users even get that, but then other users seem to repeatedly mess up... and stay consistently bad, that annoys me. As an admin, it's a balance between is it good faith or just a poor edit or is it particular badge boosting. Or, my favorite, I don't know how to do insert something but I went ahead and published it this way (which is wrong)... smh. That was a side tangent lol. Anywho. Yeah. For example, over at RD, I've not really done any content addition (which I refer to as major edits), summaries and such. I consider my edits to be minor, because usually I'm correcting pipe links and grammar or what not. There's a couple users, where their summaries, aren't the best English/grammar wise, so I try to help there. That and correcting format. Many wikis follow a similar, or same format, and Killer Kev brings a couple elements from here and TVD to RD. I've seen a few instances where known badge boosters get passes, and I don't see why/how that happens. Maybe my patience just wears a bit thinner.

      I'll give an example, a user edited 100 times to get the "rare" (few know of it) 100 edits within a "single" day badge. Said user was only changing one or two words (UK verses US English), something a bot could have done. I would have blocked the user. Those, imo, are not constructive edits. I see it as specifically editing a minor thing on numerous pages to get a specific bag. Can someone edit 100x a day and be constructive? Sure. But it's not a common thing. Very rarely have I actually seen this be done, but yet I know of at least two incidences where (again, known badge boosters) were given a pass. But it's also up to the discretion of the admin as well. I think I've been fair in most regards, but following policies are a major thing with me. They are set in place for a reason, and imo, I don't see how they are hard to follow. Some users just like to ignore them I guess and claim they didn't know, but that only extends so far. Lol tangent again.

      But yeah, feel free to ask me anything in this or other regards. What I know, I'll tell you, if not, then I'll try to find out or ask around. XD

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    • 100% agree with that phrase! It makes sense.

      Runes are the symbols of the Runic alphabet, while all other magical symbols are glyphs, seals, sigils, and symbols. Using your comparison, runes are a type of glyphs but not all glyphs are runes (Norse and Anglosaxon alphabet) That's what I get from reading and talking with some friends so don't take it as the ultimate truth. IMO the glyphs would be these kinds of magic or alchemical writings like this For example, Shadowhunter's runes technically/aesthetically would be glyphs imo.

      I'm doing the same on RD Wiki with minor edits (hoping no one gets offended by the spelling/grammar correction because it happened to me on some wikis) mostly because by the time I got to watch the episode there are already other users working on the summaries or pages are already updated.

      Got it now, thanks! And I kind of understand some things happened/ing on TVD/TO Wiki and on Salem Wiki too where admins had problems with people doing that sort of edits you're describing like adding or deleting one word each edit they do. Or deleting entire content because didn't like it how was written lol or changing infoboxes just because.

      Totally feel you! I won't be patient at all lol

      I always try to work on more content before saving but yeah sometimes can happen you notice a typo after saving and stuff like that. But certain users do it on purpose and that's really annoying. If I don't know how to add something I search for similar pages or guidelines on the wiki itself and eventually ask. Poor Killer Kev probably hates me with all the question I ask him over RD Wiki lol

      I don't even pay that much attention to badges when editing like if I get one I'm happy but I don't get money or anything else from them. No point in chasing them I think.

      Oh yeah I LOVE MTX Wiki species-themed badges! I noticed them when editing vampire pages. I've got a few of them :)

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    • Okay, that's good. Sometimes, without too much lore behind something, it may not make sense.

      Ah, okay. Apologies for the ignorance then. I think most of the time "Runes" are incorrectly used, a catch-all term. I will probably change that here then since these look more like glyphs or maybe symbols or something. Didn't really know what to call them, since they weren't mentioned, but it looked cool and I associated it with the Witchcraft Dark magic grimoire.

      I've said this before. I'm by no means the perfect English speaking/grammar writing American lol, so if someone want to correct something I wrote, then I typically don't get offended, but sometimes, paragraphs are just poorly written and need some help; no offense intended to the one who wrote it. With RD, I didn't really expect to edit there until Sabrina happened. I had considered the finale last year, it was kinda a let down, so I didn't think much of it. But I was looking at some pages for Sabrina and someone added in speculation, and I just had to revert it. Lol Been there since then XD. I'll probably be more actively contributing (with summaries or whatever) once they introduce Sabrina and the spinoff. Riverdale is great, murder/drama stuff, isn't what I want to write, though I'll revise etc.

      I try to be. Some are just more persistently annoying then others XD. Others are just out to Troll. Just this week/end I had a user biased toward Freya about particular things and were not all unique and kept changing stuff around. After I messaged the user, they claimed to have "knowledge [that] comes first hand from people who have worked on the show". Like, whatever! That's not how we, or any wiki really, edits. Well I take that back the guy over at the Teen Wolf wiki seems to idolize the producer/show runner or whatever. Lol sorry for the shade. I used to browse that wiki from time to time, but found out I didn't like how it was ran and things handled. Haven't looked back since.

      And that's totally fine. By no means am I the perfect wikian. I'm human and I make mistakes. I'm just not going to make 35, let alone, 10 or 5 on one page. XD And I've seen numbers higher for that. smg.

      Trust me I do the same. Sometimes I have to double check policies, like the style, because RD varies on a few things, and I don't like to be wrong (in some aspects) so I'd rather do it right the first time. And if I don't know, I ask. Another thing that really gets me is the I've miss-named an image (didn't corrected it in the upload load), but I'm going to post it anyways. Then... can you rename it, knowing full well that a post correction edit will have to be done. Smh. It's best to have it named correctly on the computer or wherever and double check it in the upload window. Lol nah, admins are used to getting questions, usually for clarification and stuff. Not every little detail will be laid out in a policy. Plus, for me, I'd rather have it asked first then have to fix a mistake. I would like to think that Users read over policies before making any edits, but that is hardly the case. I do, but not everyone... I'm just more self conscious/aware of my contributions.

      That's how it should be look upon. Both here and RD, there's a disclaimer about there is no material gain for badges. I like them to a point, but then other times, it's annoying, like some users wanting to get specific badges, and they edit to accomplish this, making the feed or whatever non-constructive.

      I thought it would be a great ways to showcase how users edits. I.e. I'm a witch fanatic so I've gotten more witch badges, whereas, I'm sure Kev has gotten more Weretiger badges. I'll edit there or other species, when necessary, etc., but I enjoy writing the witch stuff. I wished TVD had did that with the core species. I'd probably have racked up the witch badges there too because those are probably the majority of pages I've contributed too. Oh yeah I LOVE MTX Wiki species-themed badges! I noticed them when editing vampire pages. I've got a few of them :)

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    • Don't worry. Writers use "runes" every single time even if they aren't runes. Like I said shadowhunters did. But CC also messed up other things like Hecate for vampires and Lilith for witches lol "runes" kind of make sense since the meaning of the word, but imo make confusions between Norse runes and other symbols. Yeah, they look a bit arabesque. Think glyphs would work until official name (would be awesome if they too call them runes lol). If a couple symbols are forming a single one I think that's a sigil or talisman.

      Yeah I started that way too kind of. I joined the wiki after binge-watching the season 1. At the beginning, I started episode 1 when first aired and left few comments (I'm a fan of the revival/reboot comics and knew the animated series) but got busy so I delayed. then, when I returned, the wiki was different and with almost anything so I started reading all the articles. Sometimes when reading i noticed some mistyped words and corrected them. But on few other wikis, people get mad at it like you're judging their grammar but I'm not lol I'm not even native English speaker I've no right to say.

      I was practically kicked out from a TW wiki lol my comments were always deleted 'cause theories or just personal opinions aren't allowed. Just writing down episode and stuff. So I left. I didn't even finish watching TW because didn't like the recent storylines. And don't like how the showrunners turned some characters (or totally deleted them like Danny -.-)

      There was a similar a couple on Salem Wiki too (sorry if always mention it but was my first wiki and I started editing there)! We commented/argued for weeks because they wanted to change so much stuff when the majority of users were against it. Like we vote for changing images of the important pages on that wiki, like witch page or main characters (promo pics) or the powers' names and descriptions that aren't mentioned in the show, but they wanted to change anything because didn't like them and wanted Charmed-themed words lol

      Yeah double checking seems common sense to me. Maybe they do it on purpose to count them as two edits. the upload and the renaming idk the only thing I do separately is adding categories when I upload a pic because didn't find anywhere how to add them before saving the upload. Is it possible tho? But always check the name is right and follow that wiki policy.

      I'm a bit of anything lol I like magic but I'm so fascinated with werewolves and shifters but for example, I'm not a big fan of TW. I like when the transformation is meaningful (and painful). Same for witches. I like when magic is taken seriously and not for changing hair color or cast silly love spells. that's why I LOVE Salem, The Originals, Bitten (if you don't know it, you should watch it! Season 1 is only werewolves but witches arrive in season 2 and they are a-w-e-s-o-m-e!). They have so freaking cool rituals! And I loved Aunt Mildred and Fiji. Wish to see more flashbacks about them with Fiji learning witchcraft or maybe teaching it in one of her classes!

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    • Yeah. Most context, got to go with what they state, though if they don't state it then inference can be used. XD I'll probably change it to incorporate both. Casandra claire? The writer...? I'm not to familiar but I think the name rings a bell, if that's correct that is. Yeah even I know Hecate is for witches. I mean that's Shakespeare. Heck even vol 2 of Scarlet Witch comics had Wanda meeting with Hecate XD. Smh if writers are going to use actual elements, make them factual. I liked the link for the glyphs. They look really cool!

      I was vaguely aware but Riverdale, initally was just background noise, nothing else was one. But it was really intriguing. The more I watched, the more I liked it and the assumption that Sabrina was coming I was sold. I grew up with the sitcom version and loved it. Now I want a darker edger Sabrina.

      Lol that's a terrible reason. I mean I'm not the grammar police, but if it's wrong, it's wrong. It should be fixed. Imo, that seems a little better if they can't get over that. I mean, I would like to be corrected, so I'm not repeatedly making the same mistakes.

      Was it this one? You don't have to answer, but some users think I'm strick, but I don't like the way this is (maybe was?) run/ran. I got started on s3 but after 3b, it sucked for me. It was like I found a good show and turned to crap. I concur with the storylines, Danny being one. They did the same with his character on TO.

      No, no. I totally get it. TVD is my first and "home" wiki. Yeah. Long established wikis have kinda an unspoken standard. Such pages you don't just up and change without warranting something like a vote. Just like what I did with the Talisman page, then Witch page images. I petitioned to unlock the page and sometime images do need updating, but a consensus should be reached on certain thing. Just like with profile pics that I'd update for TO, I crop them for consistancy, typically get the best lighted and appropriate looking images, something to represent the page and some just want nonsense image there. Like some people just don't consider or think about the logic behind things.

      No, not for single images. It can be done as a "comment" thing for multiple uploads but it shows in the file history. I just tage images, after I upload them, even in bulk. Right. Kev's adopted a few practices but still does them a bit unique from how I do it here/TO. I have to double check most times when I update gifs. Lol

      I'm more or less a witch person. I'll edit where necessary, but I know and remember witches like 1000% better. I totally agree about the transformations being meaningful and painful... Kev and I have messaged about this too. I mean they are freaking turning into a wolf or whatever, it's not a walk in the part to completely change one's physiology. As I've matured, I like for the magic to be less flashy (magicians/shadowhunters). I want it kinda real. TVD/Salem did a prety good job with that. I loved Season two of Bitten. Twas the whole reason I watched it (since I didn't catch it when it first aired). Check out my profile, I have a whole list of witch related stuff.

      Imo, every witch needs a Grams or an Aunt. (I.e. Practical Magic, Charmed, TVD, etc.) I love it and I too want to see more.

      Here is what I was talking about in the book. I have a pdf version of book one XD I couldn't remember how far you've gotten so spoilers if you're not up to chapter 21. Btw. I honestly don't know how I forgot about this XD.


      “You sound like they were all fuzzy kittens,” Manfred said. “Don’t you ever worry about them doing harm with what you’re teaching them?”

      “Meditation? Planchette work? Dream interpretation?”

      “Witchcraft? Spells? Blood magic?”

      “I don’t teach them that,” Fiji said indignantly.

      “But it’s the next step. They’ll look at your books, ask you questions about your own spells, your own beliefs, and next thing you know . . .”

      He could tell from the way she hunched her shoulders that this had already happened. “The next thing I know, what?” she snapped.

      “You’ll have a dead husband or an enslaved boyfriend,” Manfred said,speaking what he knew to be the unpleasant truth. From the corner of his eye, he saw the marmalade cat with the stupid name leap up from its cushion to stare at him. “I like you, Fiji, and I hope we’re getting to be friends . . . but if you don’t think about the next step, you’re being irresponsible.” He shrugged and opened the front door.

      “Thanks for inviting me. See you later.” He couldn’t think of anything else to say, and Fiji didn’t open her mouth. After a moment of standing there feeling like a fool, and a jerk, Manfred left.

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    • Yes, Cassandra Clare. I don't like her. Like with Julie Plec, you can guess her favorite character(s) really easily (and aren't my favorite sadly). I think a writer should be objective and don't use plot armor for their favorite when using the others like fillers. The showrunners are actually doing a good job in adapting the books which aren't that awesome like some fans claim imo for example in the TV series Magnus and Alec are important. In the books they show up each now and then. Same for Izzy. it's all Clary and Jace drama (and description of Jace's body)

      I grew up watching Sabrina too! Hilda and Salem are my fav <3 I was aware of the Archie animated series found by accident while I, always by accident, found the 70s Sabrina animated series on Youtube. Then I stumble across some Archie comics (think were some random issues of Archie horror) at the library and started to read them. Atm I'm reading 2015 Archie, 2015 Reggie and Me (were I fell in love with Reggie), Chilling adventures of Sabrina (it's SO messed up being a witch there lol) and Riverdale comics lol

      Yeah I think the same. If I make a mistake I'd like to know so I don't do it anymore. It's not judging.

      That one yes! I didn't like how things were done there. I'd like to comment on episode, characters, pointing out references and why not make up some theories. I guess the average user can tell the difference between fan theory in forum and false information in articles lol I watched till firs half of S4 then stopped

      Exactly that! On Salem Wiki we decided to use official promo images for main characters cause they released awesome dark images consistent with each other. good quality still/screencaps for others. Then each Wiki has its policy with people working there and I think would be rude to just arrive and change everything. Especially deleting content people spent time to write.

      Got it! I can't add multiple images tho. Think only admins can do it.

      That's my all-time favorite witch season. They were so powerful and strong and I wished TVD/TO to be more like them but Julie don' like magic so...

      Oh yes I read it lol that's why I think witchcraft can be taught to the right people with a predisposition to it even if they aren't born with superpowers. Do you know where I can find ebooks for the other two books? I've only the first one.

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    • Okay I had vaguely remember the name from I guess browsing the Shadowhunters wiki. Very rarely to I respond to the "main" characters. You'd think writers, with a diverse cast, would be able to stay objective, but sadly sometimes, I feel like it just turns into glorified, published fanfiction. (Though I've not read the books, probably won't either.) Clary, from the beginning got on my nerves, some kinda bad. She's whiny and all "protect me" but I'm going to turn this organization upside down to do what I want. Just irritating overall for me. Jace, just became stupid and his personality completely changed for a girl he knew all of 2 seconds. He's really annoyed me too in the last season finale. I really liked Alec and Izzy from the very beginning though. I think I just tend to pull for the secondary main cast. Like Bonnie; she's main, but of course Elena and her drama is at the center of the universe (even at the expense of Bonnie). I like Magnus and Dot too. JP just "lives" through her characters and it's stupid. Characters should have real expectations even in supernatural media. Like Hayley beating Mikael, talk about plot armor.

      I liked Zelda and Salem, well Sabrina too, but yeah. XD Like Mr. Snuggly is so much like Salem, but his snark is so much more! There is even a twitter account for MrSnugglytheCat. Hilarious commentary there! I'm aware of the comics, but I've not dived down that rabbit hole. I may get ahold of the Sabrina ones once the show is officially ordered or something.

      Me either. Never commented though. At one time, I believe, the comments were disabled, but I just generally don't like how the guy in charge runs things and how the treat the show like a gift from God when the showrunner is crap. The first two seasons were best and I really liked 3b mainly because of Dylan O'Brien.

      I like promo images for character pages, if they are actually released. Once upon a time, TVD did that. Wished TO would do it, it would make things simpler imo. I had started out with them here on MTX (but some of them could have been a bit better imo), but decided that I would take them from episodes, like every other to third episode, just for a bit of a change. Idk, I may go back to them later. Right. I don't understand why new users, or even existing users, just want to cause drama and attempt to change long standing policies.

      Any user can use the "Special:MultipleUpload" page for 10 images. I think admins can do 20 though. I check RD and I can do 10 there, but TVD/MTX I can do 20.

      Bitten was great. I had hoped they would have been a bit more used in the following seasons, but I get it was a werewolf show from the start, so they continued focus on that. Julie hates magic. In the comic con YT commentary for S5 TO, she stated something like one spell an episode, when they were having like 4-6, depending on the plot and who was casting for S4. She spent all of S8 with a "depowered" Bonnie just to avoid magic, when if she was a competent writer she could have developed a plot and incorporated magic and still have a decent season. I so wanted Bonnie to do some magic against Sybil. Yet she wants to do a freaking MAGIC school. smh. So annoying. She needs to leave supernatural shows if she just going to turning it into a shipping show with bad relationship context.

      Okay good. Idk how I had forgotten about blood magic. I guess, we kinda got that in the dark magic spell Fiji cast, but it wasn't stated so... a shame really, I want more. Like with TO, Vincent even mention "Blood Magic" by name, yet we still don't know anything about it like with Voodoo, Hoodoo, Necromancy, etc. It's New Orleans, hotbed of witchy-ju-ju. But yeah, that commentary by Manfred and considering she teaches a classes makes me believe it's not entirely genetic; anyone can learn at least some basic, or dark stuff, but the really power, like Fiji, it's by familial hereditary. I can't remember how I found the pdf version. I just googled it mainly. It wasn't a decent version though, the text really large which made it like 4 times the number of "pages" than the actual book which was annoying. I ended up purchasing all three books from Barnes and Noble and some I did find along the way an audio book for the third book. I ended up listening to that and didn't "read" the book per se. This is where I'm also supposed to state, use only legal purchasing sites to acquire copyrighted materials XD

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    • Don't like that "writing style" at all. Like you said, it's just published/broadcast poor fanfiction.

      Didn't know about the cat's twitter! Saved it on my feed lol Take a look at them if you have the chance, they're really good. And Sabrina's ones are drawn in a very interesting way and are full of easter egg from witchcraft myths and classic movies like Haxan, Rosemary's Baby etc. Some spoiler free caps: [1] [2] (Aunt Hilda is the one with glasses) and my favorite comic issue cover [3]

      I like how infobox are updated here. Have their logic and offer fresh images almost every week to catch up with the latest appearance of the character. But yeah I think that there's a reason for certain policies. In case, suggest a change instead of breaking every rule just because you don't like them lol

      Julie should limit herself as an executive producer like in Kyle XY She should've had the right to mess up the plot to fit her ships. And if you don't like magic why on earth you want to work for a show like TVD or TO? It doesn't make sense.

      Yeah they always mention things but never give an explanation. Like in TVD Gloria talked about voodoo but that wasn't voodooed at all. IMO she was just separating herself from witches practicing Spirit Magic. American Horror Story kind of put it right in some scenes but they were clearly glorifying Fiona over any other character so voodoo witches were a bit dumbed-down despite what came out from a recent argument on TVD witch page. (Ps. why on TVD/TO Wiki everything is commented on Witch Page?)

      Totally agree. I see! I too find the first book by googling but don't find the others anywhere. I'll see if I can find them on some online store hoping they ship to my country and with a reasonable price lol

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    • Lol I'm pretty sure I could probably fine better stuff from actual fans or whatever. XD

      I've browsed it it a bit. Really interesting. I wish I could take a class or something, the "Occult Studies" or something. That would be a fan-freaking-tastic class. A+++++ for sure!! I like it when fiction meets non-fiction and they can tie together myth and other lore to create something new. Ha. the third link, issue 7, that's Sabrina's dead father, right? I've done some preliminary reading on it. I definitely need to read them before Sabrina comes to Riverdale, or before the show is officially ordered.

      I like having updated infoboxes. It reflect the newest content and if written info is added, then I don't generally have an issue with the image either. Right. Suggestions can never hurt. Generally on larger wikis, though, I've not seem policies abolished or revised. Short of leadership change (and even then, I'd assume it's rare) most users come to know the rules. I know when TVD was looking for a new admin, there were several users who threw their name into the pool, with such reasons to change rules because they are too strict, etc. Then again, these are the same users, that are hardly around, like to harass other user on the "unofficial discord" and just be in the drama/chaos of ignoring policies. With that said though, I do have my reservations towards some policies. Deleted scenes, I still don't get why they were ever ruled as non-canon. Hence, here, I discussed with Kev and we decided that such content would be considered canon XD.

      That is my case in point. Why even come back to finish the show, or even potentially plan yet another spinoff based in the supernatural. If she doesn't like doing magic, then she needs to find another series, becuase she's turning it into the "Daycare Diaries"

      I wished they would have kept Gloria, or even reintroduce Nandi in TO. Why bother mention things to make them trivial and not have anything come from it. It's annoying. I would have like to have seen an authentic version of Voodoo witches. I mean, even TO mention the Voodoo Queens and Marie Laveau but yet again, it's just not important since a 7 year old is the main focus of a supernatural/mafic show. smh. I'm aware. I stepped in when things started to turn... south. Everything as in random topics? Smh. Idk. OA asked to kept the off topics to a minimum but he's not around to enforce it or whatever. Several users on discord already hate me because of some things related to that XD, Idc, they can get over it. Most of the active users are the other witch/magic fanatics like myself. Generally everyone else uses the finale page to talk. Generally it's witch/magic related, I'll let it slide, but they are increasingly becoming more abundant.

      They are freaking hard to find. I though I could find a torrent or something but no luck. Audible or whatever sells audiobook verions. I actually came to like that because I could listen to it while I worked. It was quick and easy and I actually "read" it like 3 times, it was so good. Still though, nothing beats having a paper copy in hand though. What country, don't have to answer if you don't want too, I'm US. I wonder if Amazon or something would work. Idk what it's like for international orders, or if they do it. I imagine they do?

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    • Yes Edward Spellman, Sabrina's father. He's so handsome in that picture lol As Handsome as he's wicked! And Sabrina's house is soo spooky. it's perfect for Halloween haha I said something similar when talking with some other users over Salem Wiki. I'd be Hermione Granger of my class lol

      You have to! It's amazing. Atm there are only 8 issues and next one came out early december. If you read them then we can talk about them if you like! They're so edgy and full of easter eggs from horror culture. Like name-dropping and stuff like that!

      being admins always seemed a hard work to me. Some users look like they enjoy driving you mad just because lol Me too. They always mention stuff like voodoo, mojo, necromancy but it's always the same sh** They didn't even bother to use different sounds/special effects for different magic. Or use cheap fake fire like the Upgraded Original spell Vincent cast in Mystic Falls... Another thing I hate is using the Ancestors like horrible monsters. Gosh they are the dead relatives of living witches. There must be some Sheila Bennett or Sophie Devereux loving person type there! You can really tell they use magic as plot-device and stop.

      Yeah looks like anything is posted there. But there're so many pages. If you have a question on telekinesis, werewolves powers or Lafayette cemetery ask on those pages! Maybe there are already a conversation about it there or is written in the article itself lol people will still see the comment on the wiki activity. Maybe I'm too strict too lol or when there are so many off-topic things and their wikis are wastelands (charmed, ahs, harry potter)

      Unless they're translated because are famous (like Twilight or Shadowhunters) it's hard to find the original language version in my country and sometimes online stores don't ship to "less important" Europe countries or the shipping cost more than the book itself. finger crossed i'll find MTX books on

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    • I will definitely have to check out the Sabrina comics. I feel like it will be a must when the show is order, otherwise I might miss something. Right!? Like I would truly love taking an Occult Studies class. Most definitely! Nothing like a one sided conversation lol. yeah I'll see if I can't check them out by next weekend or at least by Thanksgiving.

      Smh. It's really trying sometimes because of that reason. You'd think they would know better, or common decency would over ride that but I guess being behind a computer, all sense is lost to them. The Trolls are really annoying at times.

      Yeah unless it's directly involved with the plot at hand, we probably wont see it. Just like Bonnie's comment about "raising" Joe was necromancy... but then nothing after that. TO could have really used a few different affects for Ancestral and other magics. It's annoying that you can't really differentiate from one type to the next, unless they directly state it as something like representational or sacrificial. I really hated how they twisted the Ancestors in S3. I kinda hope we get to see them before the finale though.

      Yeah, no I get it. It would make sense to post comments related to a topic on said topic's page. And like you said, it's probably already answered there. I generally believe though that some users just think that it's a high traffic comment area, so it will be answered there versus somewhere else, which is silly because anyone checking the feed would see it, so I don't get it either. I've seen some wikis restrict the comments to such practices, which I don't mind. It's structured and relatable to the page.

      Ah I see. Yeah shipping in some cases are just as much or more than the original item (I've experienced this once for my job). Good luck with the search! Let me know if you can't find them and I'll take another look for other options.

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    • It's really well done. My favorite of the Horror series (they also have The Hunger with werewolf Jughead and Archie Horror with a zombie apocalypse).

      You can really tell Julie doesn't like magic -.-" I agree. They should've distinguished the special effect/lights for different magics. And be more clear about voodoo because 99% that was representational magic using dolls

      I don't get it for that reason, yes! Anyone can see anything on the wiki activity but if everything is written on Witch page sometimes you can lose conversations because there're so many comments there that it's difficult keeping tracks. On Salem Wiki works that way. It's "highly recommended" to post comments on the right page.

      Thank you! I'll let you know :)

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    • When Sabrina was first mentioned, fans and articles speculated that it would revolve around the Archie Horror with a zombie apocalypse theme. It seemed a bit far-fetched imo but I was familiar with it stemming from the comics. I've personally not explored it but Sabrina I definitely will.

      Julie is horrible. She just used magic as a fix-all without actually thinking of decent plots. That's why Bonnie was depowered so much. Can't have her going around "fixing" everything with magic. Smh. Classic interpretation of Voodoo is with voodoo dolls, no? I don't think they were clear though. Voodoo can incorporate voodoo dolls/representation magic, but there is still something fundamentally different to have it's own classification.

      As much as I'd like that to happen, it's something not enforced and expecting to do it now is imo, an effort in futility. I'm trying to mediate such things now. Just like the Bennett v. Mikaelson convo turning into a talk about dimensions. Smh. Some people just can't stay on topic I guess.

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    • I think it's called Afterlife with Archie... I'd to check because it's not one of my favorites (don't have physical copies either) and I'm some issues behind (and never read V&B comics lol too Gossip Girls-ish although Vixens seems cool). It's good but I'm not very much into The Walking Dead kind of stuff I only liked that was all started by Sabrina's necromancy ritual to resurrect Hot Dog lol

      I'm very disappointed by that. Wish Kevin Williamson remained in charge. The Secret Circle wasn't perfect but at least he wasn't that bad with using magic. And first two seasons of TVD are the best imo! I agree they should've differentiated types of magic (TVD Wiki is better organized than the writers lol). For example in TSC Voodoo is a practice both humans and witches can do. Wasn't anything near real Voodoo at all but you know what I mean... And the recent statement by Carina about witches aging slowly? Completely retcon of Gloria, Nandi and the other one I'm not remembering the name right now. If all witches age slowly by default what was the point of their potions and dark magic? -.-"

      I started watching TVD for Bonnie :( And they ruined her soooo badly.

      I think in Salem they managed to do it because was established since the beginning so it was easy. And MTX Wiki seems to be clear and on topic too I don't think I ever saw a comment about magic on an actor page or something here hahah I noticed that conversation very often change the main topic to talk about everything and then come back to OP I didn't joined the conversation just said "Bennett witches" lol I think my last long conversation was about the purpose of magic and it's drawbacks but was mainly on Charmedverse and I think I upset a couple of users with my POV

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    • Lol. I doubt I will look into all the variety comics and side/alternates. I've never seen Gossip Girls, but it sounds like trash lol. Comics are always bound to start off great with a ritual in necromancy lol. I enjoyed the walking dead... but I've not kept up with it for several seasons now. Doubt I will ever catch up but idk how I would like it as a comic.

      Kevin Williamson was much better than JP, but season 4 was just awfulin terms of plot and mythology which tied in magic. TSC was a fresh take on magic and I loved watching it along side TVD at the time. Such a shame it ended too early. They would have at least been given a short second season just to at least end the plot instead leaving it open. TVD Wiki generally has much better plots and elements than the writers. As long as it's based in actual practices... then I'm good. I want it to be realistic, meaningful. Carina is stupid. She doesn't know the show's mythology and that's been proven on multiple occasions and when she'sconfronted about it she makes more stuff up. Kev's confronted her on Twitter about something with Keelin's diminished werewolf healing and how she should be dead with Freya's pain infliction on her and the fact that when she transforms, she's literally breating every bone in her body, yet she doesn't die, without a proper healing factor. Stupid!! Witches don't naturally age slower, that literally makes no sense. There wouldnt have been a need for Nandi or Gloria etc. It'sridiculous.

      The ONLY credit I will give JP is that she didn't kill Bonnie in the finale. Which given that she killed Stefan was shocking to me. I would have been PO'd if she died, but i was leaning towards that, more than her survival given Plec's history. But yeah same. I started for Bonnie and i stayed for Bonnie. I think the first episode i ever watched was the one where Bonnie and Sheila lowered the tomb spell and Grams subsequent death. Tore me up, but I fell in love with it then.

      Yeah, here it would be easier to manage and has generally remained on point. TVD, is too far gone, although my last comment kinda stalled the off topic points. Lol same. I'm always lurking and for a while now, I tend not to comment much on such discussion topics, as I try to maintain impartiality, should words get said. Users already know I'm a Bonnie/Bennett fan, that much is clear by my username/page. XD. Everyone has their own personal point of view. If they don't like it then they can move on to another topic. (User just dont like to seem that the lose an argument, it age old saying it takes a bigger man to walk away)

      Me and Archmagus share vastly different opinions about psychic energy and magic. Sure I get trigged by idle comments, most of which I ignore, but respect should still be given. I'll likely never agree with Archmagus' concept on the topic, but I still respect his opinion. And that's okay. We will likely never be given a proper answer to the subject so... :)

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    • Me neither. Just The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, 2015 Reggie ad Me, Riverdale and when I'm bored/have already caught up with latest issues of all the others I read 2015 Archie. Maybe I'll look into Jughead-the hunger (the werewolf one) if I've time and the story is as good as the one-shot.

      I watched only season 1 but I didn't like it. Have you already saw Stranger Things 2?

      I hate that they don't even try to know the mythology of their own show. Find it really unprofessional like when they laugh in interviews "sorry we totally forgot that" "it's magic!" After everything she put her through I was really convinced Julie would've killed her off for good -.-

      Yeah, it's just that sometimes I get the impression (i can be wrong it's just how I feel) they don't want to share opinions just a validation to their own theories and agreement from anyone but I see no point in that when the theory is a house of cards... The worst are those that make fun of you but most if not all of them disappeared when the wiki was set to registered users only. I've never really understood the psychic/magic thing. It's so messy that I don't even try lol

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    • What is the 2015 Reggie and Me about? Is it the guy's version to B&V or something? I may check it out, busy week ahead, but may check them out this weekend or something.

      I've not even seen the first season. I've heard it was good. Set in the 60's or 80's (idr) and there's some telekinetic chick? Other than that, not too familiar with it.

      Laughing it off and admitting that they forgot yet, claim "it's Magic" is rude, imo, on so many levels, and lazy. How do you not know the basis of your own show. I may be able to forgive minor details but still. Just like they claimed Esther died one way on TVD yet they claimed something different in TO... can they not bother to fact check something? I mean, they at least browse this (well the TVD) wiki, you'd think a simple glance here and they'd remember. It's stupid what it really is. I was like 60/40 for Bonnie being killed by JP. I had hope until she collapsed on the floor in the Hellfire scene, and I was like this is it. But she actually did surprise me. So (minor) credit where credit is due (and it's rare that I ever give it to JP - ha in all of eight seasons).

      Yeah I don't get the point for validation on a theory. They can be good, some, not as well thought out. I generally don't like to speulate or pose theories, large really large ones anyways. I like to pull facts and infer about certain things, but theory is still a theory and at this point, it will never be answered/confirmed, so, for me, I don't see the point. This is probably the closest I come to theorizing, but again, it's based on factual/canonical information. XD. Yeah a lot of Trolls left when the Wiki shifted to registration to comment. If they want to bash or make fun of other users, they can come out from anonymity. Yeah I've done better with my own personal qualms with that subject. I just avoid commenting about it and avoid being triggered (which takes a lot). Some users (well probably most on the witch page) feel it's the same. Good for them, they have that right; It's their opinion to hold. As do I for the opposite, so I don't begrudge them for it and I don't worry over it. To me, it will never be the same, so I've come to terms that there's no point in continuing to "argue" over the topic, when nothing fruitful comes from it nor will it ever be further explained (unless in TO or another spinoff; which I'm doubtful of either).

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    • It's basically an extension of 2015 Archie like 2015 Jughead, 2015 Betty and Veronica, 2015 Josie and the Pussycats. It focuses on Reggie and is narrated by his cute dog lol (that's why Reggie and Me, where "me" is the dog) But sometimes there are contradictions between each other and of course are reboots of the original series so many things are different (and are different from Riverdale comics too). I really like Reggie and Me because gave us Reggie's POV on why he acts certain ways.

      I thought you did lol was it Sense8 we talked about? Yeah, Stranger Things it's in the 80s! You should watch it! It's so amazing with all the references to 80s classic movies like Goonies and Stand By Me. I'm trying to watch the new episodes on weekly basis because if I binge-watch the whole series I'll have to wait a year lol

      It's very rude on their part. Look like they don't really bother to write an amazing story. Just ships and money. And many interviews at comic cons are very silly too, focusing on who will Hayley date this year? What would be Hope's favorite teddy bear? Will Klaus choose Caroline, Camille or Hayley?

      I like a solid basis for my theories too! Like if you don't take canon into account your theory would be sloppy (like Julie and Carina's writing and in TVD/TO it's SO difficult because of canon changing every episode -.- And if you don't share a common ground how can other support or point out potential flaws in that theory? Like many users are really put too much faith in the Original Supreme Scathach as if she's just the first Fiona having the Seven Wonders when Murphy just said "she's the first supreme" we never saw her in a coven, never showed all sever powers. Just a woman from Europe arriving in America sacrificing and having sex with people lol That's why I think many of them are done for validation only, like wanting to read they're right. Same for questions. If you don't like the answers that don't match the idea you'd in mind when asking, why bother at all?

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    • Lol I had assumed that the "Me" was Archie for some reason XD. Guess I was wrong. I get that. Diving into the mind of different characters to see why they do certain things are good developmental points. I wish they would do that a bit more in the show. That's the thing with comics, they are redone all the time and different writers take different spins on the character, something is bound to not match up. Look at all the marvel comics and how certain things change with each new volume and all the alternate world comics too. It can be overwhelming to keep up with.

      Yeah it was Sense8... gah still haven't finished that yet either. Been too busy. Lol. I don't have the restraint. If I get hooked on it and it's already out, chances are I'll binge it until I fall asleep. I did it with Sense8, GoT, Orphan Black (which I haven't finished the last season either). All really good.

      That's generally what it's all came to. Which is sad. Maybe I just have a different perspective because I don't really ship anything. It annoys me to no end when they focus on stupid stuff like that when I really couldn't care less about the topic. I want to know the good stuff, the magic, the plot, where and what's happening to the characters. It's ridiculous when you get a "spoiler" and it's about some new human Hayley's dating. Smh. Trash imo.

      That's my sentiment as well. Some of the things I see are outlandish, it's a bit funny (no offense to the users) because there's no basis or precedence to to support it. There comes a point where it just becomes fantasy. I don't do that. The show is what it is, and I stay in scope with the show. Julie and Carina's writing is shipped focused and they don't care or care to remember their plot. JP lives through Caroline so of course, they will bend over backwards to make her relevant just like they did with Hayley, where there are numerous points that make absolutely no sense for her. Like how they tailored all of s4 to center around her and Hope. Lol I hardly remember her using any of the Seven wonders and users also seem to take into account what RM says as showrunner. If it's not been shown on an episode, then it's canon. Validation would be my answer. Or they just want to argue. Idk. I guess I'm just getting tired of all the off topic conversations there though. The same users get into it, going back and forth about one thing or another. Seems like they can take it to the respective wiki and get more hits on the same subject. Yeah. I tend to ignore them, most of the time. I don't have time for shade or questions I care nothing about conversing with. For example, if I even see "psychic energy" or whatever, I ignore it, generally now. I don't have the time to get worked up over it, so why bother. XD I just keep swimming, as they say. :)

      Also, some perspective... I saw your post about the KJ/Cole Discussions posts on RD. I'd consider that spam. First, it's highly "off-topic" and there's no point to those posts. Everyone has their own difference of opinions and there's no "discussion" to be had with it. That and I've seen it get out of hand before with shippers and stans. Personally, I would've deleted the posts and probably would have blocked 2 of the 3 KJApa(Wife/Girlfriend/soulmate) accounts for sockpuppeting. It's ridiculous, imo. But that's me. Maybe, I'm strick, idk, but imo, those accounts do not benefit the wiki and just start unnecessary shipper drama.

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    • Surprise! Actually, now that I think about it, there's an old comic called Archie and Me but never knew what's it about lol Yeah that's why I started reading them because they generally focus on Archie and in Riverdale my favorite are recurring (FP, Reggie, Ethel, Valerie... FP is main now but is nowhere to be found :( I need him lol) Riverdale comics also give space to side characters like Reggie and Josie and #7 was about Doiley. Gosh his dad is so strange. Kind of get it why he's so weird now lol

      I have to finish Orphan Black too! I'm at 5x06 I think. It's so good I don't want to finish it already lol Definitely worth a rewatch

      Me too! I want to know things about the plot, what the actors and writers think about the characters, insights on whatever but not ships. I guess it's because I'm not a shipper either so I get bored of it so easily. Like I'm ok with sideline couples but don't have any interest in a couple as the focus point. You can be a 360° developed character without being the half of a couple.

      I'm starting to ignore comments as well. It's a bit sad because I like sharing opinions and commenting episodes. Maybe with new episodes, there would be more thrilling conversations. Right now is just the same things (largely off-topics) discussed over and over. And don't really like when conversations become arguments where each one wants to outsmart the others. I don't think I'm that easily triggered but yeah, I don't really have huge amounts of patience either lol And when someone wants me to change my entire opinion to agree with their theories I'm not really into it...

      Thanks! I don't generally go on Discussion because it takes ages to load on my smartphone and isn't really trafficked on wikis I follow. I prefer comment section. But I think that if you really want to engage that kind of trivial conversations do it in a single thread not multiple lol

      Edited: As soon as you have some time, can you take a look at this. I'd like my comments removed or something. I don't want my username attached to a sexist conversation. As usual engaging conversations on TVD/TO Wiki is becoming worst each time.

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    • ^I will respond to the rest of the above message when I have additional time, but I've seen and replied to the thread... I've asked the conversation to end and I can get back to you about it in full later this evening (for me).

        Loading editor
    • Sure, don't worry! As I said you can delete all my messages in that conversation.

        Loading editor
    • I will likely remove it in entirety, but I will read it over first. Unfortunately, it will have to wait atm, but I will be sure to address it asap.

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    • Got it! Long story short the double standard used for Esther ended up with calling her names. So I put my hands ahead and said I wouldn't have continued the conversation. I can try to close an eye on double standards for female characters, but can't stand vulgarity.

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    • I've removed the entire thread. Regardless of my assessment, I feel that it's just too off point. Archmagas disagrees with that notation, but I don't care. The thread was no longer about the original topic and was just about "pointing" blame.

      My assessment, in brief: While there will always be a double standard, I don't feel that last few comments were sexist. Furthermore, I don't feel the intention was to "slut-shame", though imo, elements were brought up, which in the broadest sense includes "when being victim blamed for being raped or otherwise sexually assaulted." --Essentially detailing it's all Esther's fault and Mikael holds no blame, etc., etc.

      I'm not going to assume that you saw the last message (before I delete the thread), but I will highlight a comment of Archmagus' in part. "I'd advise against accusing/labeling a person you don't know... No hard feelings, though, mate."

      Please note, I'm not taking sides, as there are two sides to everything but I will point out that I tend to agree with this notation. I wouldn't want someone calling me out (labeling me) as one thing when it's not necessarily true. I hope, though, that everyone can move past the conversation. I do feel though that it's becoming more frequent for these "conversations", if you can even call them that anymore, are occurring.

      I feel, that I'm going to have to mediate more of the topics that are discussed and remove the ones that are not relevant to TVD. And, if warranted, I will be sure to enforce it should these things continue to happen.

      I'll respond to the above message in a bit. Please feel free to continue to have an open dialogue with me about this, or on TVD, in general. Everything is stored in the deletion log, and I can still view it, so if there's anything else you'd like to discuss, I'm open for it.

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    • Probably that conversation triggered me more than it should, but between the implicit justifications for Mikael's actions (perhaps justify an abusive father touched me personally) and blaming Esther for anything wrong in the world, what I get from that message was that she deserves to rot in Hell because she was a, quoting, "trifling [word I don't remember] Jezebel" And as far as I know, that word is a fancy biblical word for saying sl*t. I always saw it used that way in books and movies. That's for me is calling names. in fact, I initially simply said "isn't that a bit harsh?" or something on this line. No, I didn't see any answer (I've no hard feelings even if you had picked a side. Also, I said the comment was sexist, not him.) as I was talking with Killer Kevin on RD Wiki (about that too in 2 comments [1], feel free to read). That's the reason for my last comment. I'm always open to comments and disagreement but heavily insulting someone you dislike (real or fictional) is pointless imo and lower the standard of the conversation. Just like finding a single scapegoat. No, thank you! I don't think I've anything more to say about it and already take too much of your time for it. Just think I'll reduce my activity in the comment section on TVD/TO Wiki as is the only one where I get that kind of negative feedback.

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    • Everyone has a trigger, but I agree the comments were getting out of hand, and such disrespectful comments were a target of concern addressed in OA's survey, so keeping that in mind, I decided that the best situation was to remove it. No I really don't mind, it's my "job" if you will XD, just wish I could have been there earlier. This week, and particularly today, has just been in and out for me, and stressful for me (my anxiety running high I guess), but after today I've got a more free time so I'll be more present. This is like the second or so time in the last week or two that I've had to stop/delete a comment because it's gotten out of hand, so if users can't settle down, then additional actions will be employed.

      Anywho, back to the other convo :) Idk if I've really decided on [a] favorite(s) yet. I do like Cheryl though. I like FP and I'm interested in his development with Jughead. I may have to check them out. Since they are just side issues, are they just like a one shot or something or is it like a several issue span of the side character? I suppose, I could just google it, but idk... so sorry for the incessant questions.

      My brother made me stop watching it (and Sense8) because I was too far ahead of him and I couldn't watch it until he got caught up. Lol. Maybe over the coming Holidays I'll binge the rest of them. Orphan Black and Sesne8 are definitely worth the rewatch. Amazing shows.

      I generally despise the ships. So annoying. Like a character can't be developed without it "going somewhere" without romance. I Typically don't root for the main ones either. So cliche in some aspects. I also tend to pull for the unexpected friendships and stuff, things that usually get underrated or looked over. But at cons and stuff... I want to know the details, the plots, what's coming to get me excited. Ships are a turn off and that's all we've gotten with TO S5. smh.

      I'm not big on discussions. On TVD's, on offense to the posting users, but half of them can be answered with a quick wiki search, or it's the silly ship stuff or spam. Half of it is ridiculous I don't really like how there isn't a "feed" like on wiki. It's harder to patrol it unless stuff is reported. But I rarely comment there. Those posts on RD, I don't see the point in them.

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    • I'd like to see more Cheryl, especially dark Cheryl (is there even something like light Cheryl lol) I've edited my UserPage over RD Wiki with my favorite lol mostly to practice certain codes and get familiar with different styles.

      They all start with a one-shot, but I think all of the series were picked up. I don't know about V&B, Jughead (should be the same amount of Archie) and Josie and the Pussycats, but Riverdale is #8-ongoing; Reggie and Me #5-ongoing, Sabrina #8-ongoing, Archie #25-ongoing, Jughead-the hunger #0, #1-ongoing and Afterlife with Archie (zombie) is #10-ongoing. Not all of them are released monthly (some even after 4 months) though, and most of them have also been released in volumes (eg. Sabrina Vol. 1, issue 1-5)

      My sister does the same with me lol I'm so far behind with HTGAWM, OISTNB, and Shameless I think.

      Totally agree. If I wanted to chock with ships I'd watch Gossip Girl

      I saw certain wikis having extra user acting as discussion moderators, but I never saw those users active in those wikis. A bit weird. Is that normal?

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    • I probably need to update mine lol, in time.

      Ah that's good to know. Wish they'd release it on a monthly basis like Marvel. Maybe it's a publishing thing. 4 months for a new issue is a long time, lol. I can barely stand a month, when I was reading the Scarlet Witch comics XD.

      Glad to know it just doesn't happen with me. Lol.

      "Gossip Girl" just sounds like a ship-fest and girl/boy drama. No, thank you! Lol Give me something supernatural any day.

      Ideally, we'd promote a trusted discussions user, who's regular there and helpful, etc. and they'd mediate it but TVD staff check in there pretty regularly so it's not been warranted. In my experience, there's a divide between discussions and wiki users and the other never really converses on the other. There's a disconnect but it can't be help with how FANDOM handles it, it's not integrated into the wiki feed like forums are and most just don't care to explore it. Personally, FANDOM can do a better job with it, but it's unlikely anytime soon.

      Also , there's this, if you've not seen it yet, just FYI:

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    • I think the monthly ones are Archie, Jughead and B&V while the Archie Horrors are the ones taking more times because are an alternate universe or something. At some point I even though they stopped Sabrina because is really so much time...

      Those recent changes made by fandom are so strange. They complicated things instead of fixing issues.

      No, just read it now! I'm so sorry he get angered with you. Should I say something or is better move on? Because don't want to start another discussion stressing you even more. You simply moderated an argument after I asked you to do it. Wasn't censorship imo

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    • I had read something about the 4 month long wait for one, idr, probably the one you mentioned. I would have thought the same thing if I had to wait that long.

      Yeah. They are "fixing" bugs on a daily basis now. I though I would attempt to be kept up to date with them, but I'm doing good to manage what I got to care XD

      I don't care if he is or isn't. He can get over it or move on or drop, idc. I don't think he's mad, per se, but this is at least the second time I've had to step in, particularly involving the user. The other time with Grand Witch and the Voodoo stuff from Coven. Moderation is what an Admin is for, and like I said in the post, and to any user if they were to ask me, if they don't like it they are free to move on. They are not obligated to stay and if they do, then they need to abide by what's set.

      That is up to you. You don't have to if you don't want too, but like I told him, I was reiterating what was said as reasons to remove the thread, I could care less about the content at this point, it's remove and I don't want to rehash it with him.

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    • Very likely it was TCAOS! I think it's the only ongoing taking ages to release. I already read the whole series twice lol

      Seems like those arguments occurs between strong-opinionated users. What I don't get is why they never talk on other wikis. Charmed Wiki doesn't have a comment section but AHS Wiki has it but is a wasteland lol

      I do not know, is that I do not want to look like a coward pulling back. but at the same time, I don't want to trigger another discussion. Also because in the message I read, he didn't seem to understand that such words were what made me uncomfortable and you moderated the conversation, so it's a missed point.

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    • Lol it depends on the comic for me. I think I'd rather wait until a whole volume is out or something. Idk why it takes a whole month at a time to finish. I mean it's only like 20 pages and it's not really that dialogue heavy. Idk, maybe I'm a little critical, but if it's a decent comic, I don't want to wait for it XD

      I'm not familiar with how Charmed's wiki is operated. I would think there's some way of communication there, discussions or forums or something but idk why their comments are turned off, maybe spam or something. It gets annoying and it takes away from discussing TVD. Once it's back on the talk will be more, but then with the series finale, it will probably officially go dead.

      For now, and this is my opinion, I'd just let it go. Since I was contacted on another Wiki, and I've not stated that I was asked to intervene, then there's no need to mention it I guess. He's not replied to my message, so I assume he's probably read it and moved on. His choice to do so.

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    • There are a couple of volumes already (I add a note on RD Wiki about it [1]). Like Road to Riverdale that gather issues from the different series (Volume 1 consist of #1Archie, #1Jughead, and so on).

      I think it's like the Harry Potter and The Magicians Wiki with talk pages. Never really commented there, just use it for references when Charmed-themed conversations are brought out.

      Ok! Should he replies I'll say it to him. If he wants to blame someone should be me, not you. Although that message seemed more like an "excuse" to talk about disagreement with current policy and desire to leave.

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    • That's cool. I don't visit the comic pages all that much even though it's related to Riverdale. Same with the TVD Comics. Lol I had been editing those pages pretty heavily a little over a year ago, but then I got busy with other pages and dropped editing them. I'm glad to see users taking particular interest in certain aspects of a community, especially those that usually go ignored.

      Yeah I guess. I don't really care for "talk" pages. I've seen them on other wikis and it can seem confusing to me with all the different comments and stuff all on one page. I like messages more, at least they are separated and, imo, easier to use.

      Like I said, it doesn't matter. I gave him valid reason for removal apart from asking for mediation. I assume if he was going to comment on it, he'd done so already (though he can still do so). In my deletion reason, I stated if users had an issue with why it was removed, they could contact me on my wall, regardless with if he disagrees with why it was removed, the fact remains I will no restore it. He's not the first to disagree with policy, but it's not changing so he might as well as accept it if he chooses to stay, though at this point, it seems that he'd rather leave. No ill will, that's his choice.

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    • It seems I'm the only reading the comics among active users so I think it's normal I'm the more interested in them. Then I always check for info about the release so it's easier for me keeping them updated

      I'm ok with talk pages when it comes to commenting editing pages I guess (had to learn using them because on Magicians Wiki there's no comment section) but have no clue how to use talk pages instead of message wall.

      Yeah it makes sense. I wonder why anyone is suddenly upset by the policy. Always been there since I joined the wiki and is similar to other wikis. Maybe lately is only enforced more idk

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    • No doubt. I wanted to read the Sabrina comics over the weekend but I ended up being busy and away from my computer for a lot of the time. Smh. I don't have any pressing deadlines so I may shoot for it this weekend.

      I prefer message walls. Talk pages, granted I've not experienced much of it, just confuse me and it's all lumped together on a single page. It just seems like something can go over looked. Idk. Maybe if I used them regularly, then I'd have a different opinion.

      Smh. Idk. I enforce them, as they are there for a reason. Most of the other admins are either nonexistent, it seems, or are busy with academia/irl issues. Some only contribute to certain aspects of the community and leave this sort of stuff to the other admins. Smh got a user today complaining about me deleting their 30+ convo they took over to talk about personal stuff on a discussion thread when the guidelines clearly state to keep the posts related to TVD/TO. Sometimes it tries my patience to be an admin.

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    • I bet you can read all the published issues in the weekend lol They're really quick to read and you can't really finish reading one without wanting to start the other because most of them end with cliffhangers. Yeah I saw you weren't online really much these past days.

      Me too! I find really difficult the talk pages in user pages and don't really know how to comment on them because there's no visible button to click or something.

      Couldn't they use their message wall or chat? That seems a bit unfair because looks like you're the only one doing it and users hate you for that lol Like bad cop and good cop

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    • Lol that's good to know then. These are comics leading up to Riverdale though, right? I don't need any prior knowledge of the characters or plot or anything? I can't remember if we talked about that or not. Yeah I've been busy either away from wiki or on another wiki. Haven't been motivated to be on TVD or RD lately.

      Mestage walls seem easier to use. It may sound petty but idk if I could contribute on a wiki that uses talk pages lol. So of the bigger wiki like GoT and Supernatural use them and I just can't. Not that I woukd join them anyways, they are practically finished and i dont see the point (for me anyways).

      They can. Idk why they don't. Most of the discussion users, I assume, use the app and it's not connected to the wiki as if you were using web browsers so there's a big disconnect between discussioners and wikians. It bothered me for like a week (especially Discord users that like to talk smack when they don't get their way), but I realized that I really just don't care. They can't have free reign to do what they want so they place blame on admins and those that regard the policies that were established. I can't change their minds so no need to worry about it and I've adopted the thought if they don't like it or complain so much, they are not obligated to stay. It's that simple. So at this point, I don't care if they hate me or not. I feel what I'm doing is right and that's what matters to me. If someone needs to be the "bad cop", then I'll assume the role. Other admins have my back when it's needed, as well as other users, and I feel that I'm not abusing right to enforce policies so I have nothing to worry about. And I'd like to think that if I was to over my bounds then it would be brought to attention. :) so I'm good.

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    • Not really, I think you can safely read any one of them. There's a volume collection called "Road to Riverdale" with issues from all modern relaunches in a single book. Like the first one kind of introduces characters to those who don't know them. The other volumes are just their adventures. The Riverdale comics are pretty much space to secondary characters or the friendships developed off-screen.

      I should rewatch TO to update Vincent's summaries but been busy lately and when I have free time I watch new things. Tried to comment here and there on TVD wiki but I'm not that much into it anymore. Maybe the new season will bring new topics lol right now is just old (off)topics, confusing (at least to me) theories, outsmarting and arguments.

      I'm not editing Potter and GOT for that reason too lol then talk pages in userpage is a mystery for me. Don't know if you ever saw Potter Wiki but I don't even know how to read replies or separate different messages lol Message Walls are way easier! Never used Discord.

      I 100% agree with that! As long as Wiki policies are respected there's nothing to worry about. Kind of the same thing we talked about manual of style and editing. If you don't follow them you shouldn't complain when edits are reverted or revised.

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    • Okay. Cool. I'll see if I can't find that one so it will be easier to read and be more in order versus me finding individual issues. There's a couple sites I use to read various comics (brands like Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, etc.) so I hope I'll be able to find it. Reading them online is so much easier.

      I'm not motivated to work summaries for TO. Vincent or Freya would probable be where I'd start but atm, I'm just redoing gifs and cleaning up dead links and images. I'm not big on "rewatching" stuff unless it's the only thing on TV or if I'm searching for something in a particular episode, and having to watch it is the only method I can use to find it (typically it's not though) lol I comment where I have/want to. BTW, idk if you saw, but I told Andrew where those WoEE terms were used; here.

      I'm on four wiki's, three more than I ever thought I'd do at a time XD. Although TVD and MT are kinda dead. I still need to finish summaries here. Smh, maybe I will try to finish a couple episodes this weekend if I'm not terribly busy. If a show to a wiki is ending, I wont join it or if it's alread stopped airing. The wiki could be half finished and I probably still wouldn't join. I just don't see the community being there and I'd end up being the one to do stuff or change things around. I don't have time for that mess. Four wikis are plenty enough for me lol. TVD had used it for a while to replace the chat. I've noticed a lot of communities use it, though there are some big issues that have arisen within TVD's and the content therein, TVD wiki could no longer endorse it. OA and I addressed a couple major issues in this discussions thread, if your interest to read more.

      My sentiments exactly. It's not that hard to follow guidelines/policies so it blows my mind when users try to argue that their points are right, etc. or tell me they didn't know or it's too complicated.

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    • You can easily find them online. Feel free to ask if you have some issues with the issues lol

      I mentioned Vincent's because I said I would have done it but then just did 2 episodes of s4 since then. Exactly. Lacking motivation. And I'm not at all excited about the new season. I think he can figure it out the moment when was said or probably we'll be outsmarted again. I just hope he got the hint to don't use "races" when talking about people. Didn't want another argument so I didn't say that directly.

      Telling they didn't know means they didn't bother to read them. They are literally in the welcoming message lol

      Read the discussion and I don't see the problem. Totally makes sense removing something used just for complaints and harsh arguments. From what I understand that place was practically where to release stress and frustration with the benefit of no rules. Same for complaints about incomplete content. Don't complain. Help!

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    • Good. I'll take a look, soon I hope, and definitely ask if I can't find Road to Riverdale.

      If I work any, it would be a witch's page. :) I finished Maxine, idk how I left that unfinished, but Freya or Vincent would be my next choice. I think I stopped with Freya's on ep5 or something. Idk. Yeah, I'm not motivated really to do much with FANDOM atm. Life/work stressing me out. I would like to get back to writing summaries but finding time to do it is difficult atm. You'd think people would be a little more tactful on the internet, but I guess that's just asking too much of people.

      Generally, on most FANDOMS, they include the polices in the welcome message. It's also clearly found on most in the navigation, so that leads me to think they don't care.

      That was my concern from the beginning. I never really voiced it on wiki, privately to a few, but regardless of my opinion, I glad that it was removed. TVD shouldn't endorse it given some of the things that's occurred there.

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    • Cool! Sure feel free to ask and comment on stories anytime!

      Right now RD is the one I'm more active on. I really enjoy the company of other users (which are the same from MTX Wiki) and editing isn't stressful. Like last week Killer Kev even give me the task [1] to categorize screencaps every week! Never had an "official task" on any wiki lol I'm really happy about this! generally, other wikis are full of editors competing for badges that's difficult doing anything peacefully.

      But yeah I'll probably finish adding Vince's summaries since I started. Don't like left works incomplete.

      Ikr. But last time I said that (think was pointing out a cyberbully situation) I got for reply that people say whatever they want on the internet. Clearly never heard of netiquette... Or just common sense.

      I never really paid attention to it. And barely use/read the discussion but since Discussion is pretty messy I could imagine Discord would've been so much worse.

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    • FANDOM is my De-stressor... well when I'm not dealing with trolls and such. It annoys me but doesn't really stress me out. I'm probably more active on RD at the moment. Been doing other bts stuff on TVD and another wiki I'm on. Doing screencaps, adding them to pages and categorizing them all is a large task. I've been doing it for TO and MTX and it's a big undertaking by oneself. With MTX, by the time I finished naming the caps, uploading them and organizing them... doing categories was something I put off for the next day. Which if I'm around, I'll gladly help where I can :) I like adding images to my favorite characters, given the opportunity. But I'm mostly here when Sabrina comes. I have RD favorites but (not-so) patiently waiting for Sabrina XD

      Lol there's a lot left uncompleted for various characters. I doubt they will be finished anytime soon. 5 years down the line, summaries will probably still be unfinished.

      Yeah I won't tolerate that. I've seen too many other users complain about such things on Community Central and absent admins etc.... If I'm around, that's not going to happen and that's when I'll step in and moderate. If users hate me for it, well they can get over it.

      Yeah there's this discussions user who keeps complaining to me about how things were different like 6 or 9 months ago when they were around but now it's different... well get over it because I intent to enforce the guidelines. I can't speak for the other admins, but, like I said, I intend to be around and moderate where it's necessary. Discord I could care less, and the "people in charge" there will never take it seriously and enforce anything, unless they are annoyed or something personally triggers them. As far as I'm concerned, good riddance.

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    • I think that's why he asked me to help idk I don't have problems doing it like last week I categorized them really quickly because there was no one pressing me or conflict edits lol That and of course my freaking order obsession lol I usually add info and images to my fav too like Alice (isn't Madchen a wonderful woman? *^*) or Reggie (when Kev hadn't already done it) but usually when new images are out it's a total edit conflict for who add them first so I prefer staying bts categorizing them :) Then the only images I upload are either for my userpage or promotional stills from twitter released in odd timezone for Kev to see them before me.

      Most likely. Remember the same thing on Salem Wiki and probably some of them are still unfinished but that show/wiki is dead so I think they can do it slowly now.

      I don't get absent admin tbh Of course not someone with a busy week but those who disappear into thin air for months or don't do any admin stuff until they fight with someone and block them

      I think I figure it out who if it's the same I replied a complaint yesterday. tbh I don't think the wiki is worse now. Those rules were always there and being respectful is like #1 rule of Wikia staff.

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    • Lol I get that. Sometimes, it's like a guessing game where you hope you're not adding images to the same page. I've been here XD (especially when you're like a few seconds short and you publish only to have an edit conflicts XD). Both Alice and Madchen are amazing. Loved her in WoEE and I love her as Alice. She is fierce and it is an awesome portrayal. At least with MTX, Kev was usually spot on when promos were released. Half the time I was either busy or the email alert was late, but occasionally I'd be able to help with the promos.

      Yeah. tbh, I've not been over there in a while. I like reading some of the articles just because I don't have time to rewatch episodes. I think Salem, I'd probably like to rewatch.

      I don't either. I understand irl obligations come first, but seems like to check in or something would be manageable (which I guess they could but no edit or comment or whatever). I mean I'm gone most of the day, but I do try to check around a couple times a day just to make sure my attention isn't required. Some wikis I've seen admins go several months at a time without checking in, but if they are absent for 60 days (with no other admins and among other things) then the community can be requested for adoption. Me and Karen are probably the two most active on TVD atm tbh.

      Being respectful shouldn't even have to be mentioned, tbh. It's should be a common sense/life lesson kinda thing. Just because it's the internet, doesn't give anyone the right to be belligerent and rude but like you mentioned above, decency and some etiquette goes a long way.

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    • Yeah edit conflict always worries me. Before editing summaries, for example, I always check the wiki activity and then add my text previously written on my notes so it's a quick edit. Yup usually the ones I add are those Roberto postn twitter not those released with synopsis.

      Yeah I think they're only behind with episode and character summaries. I do the same lol

      A daily check to see if everything is alright seems quite obvious but maybe not everyone has time or mood to do it.

      Exactly! I think sometime comments are just tossed there like a Facebook status lol like now the rants about Toni on Riverdale. Just hope they won't last long because after a while becomes annoying having the wiki activity full of resentful comments and I'm unable to see if there are interesting comments, answers or update to read lol

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    • With a somewhat active community, it's a bit tough or when a new episode comes out. I know yesterday one of my edits, conflicted with your because I was revising another edit too. Lol bit tis the nature of "open source" XD Sometimes it's fine especially with smaller edits, it's easy just to add to/keep/change, what was edited, but will the larger section/page ones, I find it best to just open the page again, and incorporate it in. Sometimes it just can't be helped.

      TVD is in the same, though I've slacked on the Transcripts. I had gotten so behind with TVD by the time, TO started, it wasn't happening. Then I got behind with TO. It just takes a lot to time to get them finished and formatted and at the time, still really, it's hard to afford that much time to it. I can typically work a character summary in ~1 hour, but that's typically because I like to watch the episode as I write it and give enough detail so it's a good summary.

      I know Karen checks somewhat daily and she helps out with Discussions. I'm usually around and checking in via my phone is helpful for the minor things. I guess, sometimes it just can't be helped.

      Yup, both there and in wiki comments. It's annoying. Yeah it was late yesterday, I guess early morning for you, but there was this out of sort bughead fan what was yelling (all caps) for Toni to die... Kev removed the two comments and wrote a notice on the "Joni" comments. I get the salty shipper are upset, but come on. It's a freaking tv show. Just like crazy Stelena/Delena fans, I guess you have them in every show. I guess because I'm not a shipper, but I just think it's absurd and goes to show the (lack thereof) maturity. Then again, this is a "teen drama" so, what else do you expect from crazy tween fangirls drooling over Sprouse XD. I personally love Toni and I like Joni's friendship XD (but that's not also to say that I can't like Betty too)

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    • Oh sorry about that didn't realise an edit conflict happened!

      Yeah early morning. I only saw Kev's notice and the others comments but not that one so unnecessary and immature. I was checking Roberto twitter and all his post are bombarded by rants. Idk I think I'm immune to ship magic lol I'm all up for characters development and plot. I also think that if you want to have a relationship should be realistic with ups and downs and making sense to the plot. Atm both characters are in certain situation that being all loving and cheerful going on dates when one is threatened by a killer and the other joined a gang. Wouldn't make sense imo

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    • No apologies necessary. Just the nature of FANDOM. Lol no worries.

      I Follow him for new about Sabrina, but I've not see anything recently but I also don't stalk his page either like salty shippers do. It's crazy how attached fans get. Just like the crazy ones attacking JP, not that I'm defending her (just an observation lol). Saw one tweet where a fan called her "mom", ugh. Weird. Give me a good plot and decent character development any time over shipper drama. If that's all they want to make it, they the writers need to go to daytime soap operas, like I get it's a "drama" show, but come one, be a little more well rounded than relationship crap. I certainly agree with that. I want it to be realistic but I don't want it flip-flopping back and forth every other episode, and I especially don't want to see love triangle crap (dang TVD and their stupid drama).

      Lol I don't know how 'realistic' a killer targeting a high schooler really is... I guess gang stuff is/can be a bit more real within large cities and stuff. Riverdale seems like too much of a sleepy town, your urban, "nothing bad ever happens" and then they throw in the southside (imo, out of no where) and it's made out to be the complete opposite as the Northside (lol where does east and west fall XD). I get it's tv, but this gang is made up of like children, basically, and you have someone like "Sweet Pea" in charge/calling shots, wanting to make pipe bombs (over say someone like "Tall Boy")... XD the logic, one must go through when writing. Leaps to make sense in some instances. Idk, maybe I put too much thought into it.

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    • That's really weird lol exactly! Something fitting the plot.

      Yeah I meant she's stalked by a killer, she doesn't exactly have time to go on dates and being on girlfriend total-mood right now. I'd find ridiculous switching from I'm gonna die in the afternoon but finding time to get hairdresser and makeup by evening cinema night. I don't get what they want? A constant sugar happy ever after like Snowhite and Prince charming?

      In the comics they were just a school rival gang of football team and Archie and the gang lol

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    • Lol right. Seems like if she's being stalked by the killer, she wouldn't even be going to school or whatever, but yeah I see the point. I get that, with a killer around, I wouldn't want everything seeming like it's okay and whatnot. I think I'm still a little annoyed with Betty though. Idk. sometimes she works my nerves, but I guess it's really how she's written.

      Imo, that makes more since, than an actual gang (with teenagers). Sometimes, I feel like it's a little exaggerated.

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    • I was so annoyed by B&V in the comics lol They're just competing for Archie's love or bickering with each other and yeah not really a fan. In the show, they're even more sympathetic (and BFF) so you can imagine how annoying they must be in the comics lol speaking of unbelievable YA stuff lol

      I agree. If they were just teens fighting with Archie and the gang would make more sense but there are adult Serpents too in the same group not just adult Southsiders like the parents of the gang members stepping in when their children got into trouble so idk I hope they'll clear things up. And I want FP back!

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    • I guess, if I had to choose, then what we have now is better. Those two fighting over Archie is just ship/triangle drama and we don't need that. Although given the Joni and Bughead situation, I can see it developing into one, down the road, if it's not cleared up. Lol that's too funny!

      Maybe it's like two different sects of groups in the Serpents, the adults and young adults/teenagers. I mean it would've been a bit unrealistic to have Tall Boy hitting on Jughead during the initiation, you know. Most situations it just the kids, and at the bar, it more of the adults. I think if they may a declarative statement that they are all children of other serpents, then it would be more like Jughead, and make more sense. (well at least to me). I believe FP will be back next episode.

      I was watching the Craft yesterday and other than facial hair, he's doesn't look too different lol

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    • Sorry didn't saw the notification! Yeah if there's something more annoying than written in the stars ships, that's love triangles for sure lol

      Yeah I think you're right about the different groups inside the Serpents. Hope so, he's one of my favorite but despite being promoted main he appeared only once :( He's a vampire lol More handsome with a beard tho Who's your favorite witch in The Craft?

      Edited: thought you may need a backup [1] or at least a non-admin voice agreeing with you. Not all regular users think overloads of off-topic keeps the wiki "alive". IMO off-topics contribute to kill the wiki turning it into a random catch-all social network.

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    • Apologies for just now getting to this. Been in and out on several communities all weekend. X/ I try to, at least, check in daily though. As long as they don't love triangle Joni with Betty then I'm good (well at least, here's hoping). I'm also they didn't go that route with Betty and Veronica. They teased at it heavily in the first bit of S1 but they resolved it with Bughead and Varchie.

      I hope so as well. I mean it would be a little weird for serpents like Tall Boy taking orders from Sweat Pea lol. I want FP to come back too. We will at least get him back next episode, for at least a phone call, so there's there. I wonder how long they are willing to keep him behind bars, yet keep him as a main. I mean Josie and Kevin are mains, yet they're being treated like recurring characters. Heck I want more Cheryl too. I hope with such a large cast, they don't overwhelm themselves with stories. I completely missed your questions XP... I like Sarah, natural witch and all, and Lirio (I use her quote about magic XD)... but I think, and most people would probably agree, Nancy is the best. She made that movie! You?

      It's appreciated... (I'll probably drop OA a line and get some more of his opinion about a few things too) but the community has been in decline for a while now. A lot jumped ship with TVD ending and with TO ending, most will move one as well. I mean, not that I'm moving on so quickly but in the last year, I've went from 1-2 communities, to a total of 4. So like with any show that ends, TVD will be no different. And considering one of the commenters (from TVD) stated "i've lost the will to continue with these spells, knowing that the series will end in a bout another 5 episodes" on another community just validates my point. Having off-topic conversations won't affect whether or not they stay, but if there's no talk about TVD/TO, then it may persuade others to not even try to begin with. But yes, I've seen user's messages removed with comments such as "This is not facebook" on numerous FANDOMS, so yes, I agree this is not a social network. It's a community for TVD/TO.

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    • Don't worry. I totally understand busy days or simply wanting to take some space from stressful moderations of pointless issues (as in it's so ridiculous we're even talking about them). Yeah luckily they dropped the lesbian thing between B&V and even joke about it via Cheryl. If you want a lesbian character don't use a character playing at it.

      Yeah I want to know how FP will react to Jughead's initiation and also, simply having him on screen lol I think they're focusing only on the "core four" right know. Even the last comic issues (8?) would be about them. I want to know more about the others! Hoping they will make Cheryl more relevant, although I wanted to see her more in the family business and not as a victim. Again.

      I like Sarah too! She was probably the only one actually learning things before jumping into the darkness. And wasn't just playing witch (I know few users who will go at my throat for saying this lol)

      I answered impulsively, but I had the impression everybody was targeting you as a dictator censoring their precious conversations lol I don't care if they think I'm trying to win the admins' attention, overloads of over repeated off-topic it's ridiculous. Any admin will remove them from any well-managed wiki! If I join a wiki I want to read things about the said show. That's also why I pointed out commenting on related pages. That way it's more organized and easy to find conversation, theories and answers to each different topic. How many conversations lost on Witch Page about any TVD/TO topic under the huge amount of posts lol I think the problem is that this issue wasn't forcibly addressed since the start. Now they seem used to do whatever they want and don't even seem to understand the issue (just pretending imo). Like there's no active wiki if it's just talking about anything else. If you want to keep TVD/TO community alive, you should talk about it. And EDIT it!

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    • You'd think but, here we are. Lol. I actually didn't like that scene. I mean it was supposed to be fake, etc., and for Cheryl to call Veronica out on it, but overall it felt completely unnecessary, especially for a newly introduced character (Veronica) in a pilot episode. Maybe it was strictly supposed to be for comedic relief, but they probably could have done without it, imo. When Toni was introduced as "bisexual" I was actually surprised they didn't immediately have her hitting on the ladies. PR reps seem to think they are doing the world a favor by introducing characters, labeling them outright as lgbt and they are stuck as the sterotypes. I mean take Kevin, I believe he was even introduced to Veronica as open to be a gay best friend or something, look where he's at now. Stuck in the background, along with Josie, even though they are main. Smh. I hope, since it's only 1/4 th into the season, that it will change.

      I bet he already knows, like off screen or something. I mean he knew of Jughead going to Penny, so I bet the phone call we see in the promo is about that or at least begins with that then leads into how he can control the Serpents. Cheryl is probably one of my favorites atm, besides Toni, and they stuck her as the victim again, seems she's going to be the damsel. Smh. I hope they develop her a bit more. I'd like to see more with the Blossom family business too. I wish they had made a sequel or explained more about magic and stuff. Natural witch just seems so much cooler. I don't think the movie would have been as half as good if the actress playing Nancy wasn't in it. She really made the character (But yeah I loved both Sarah and Nancy).

      Voidcloud92 wrote: Now they seem used to do whatever they want and don't even seem to understand the issue (just pretending imo). Like there's no active wiki if it's just talking about anything else. If you want to keep TVD/TO community alive, you should talk about it. And EDIT it!

      ^Thank you! I do agree with this. It's been lax, but with someone actually enforcing things, they think the "Apocalypse is neigh". And you'd think after the third or forth iteration of explaining it, they'd understand, but no. All they want to do is complain. They act like without any random comment, the wiki is dead.

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    • That scene was completely unnecessary. Like they wanted to self mockery from the pilot to reply bad reviews Idk. Sounded too fake. Hopefully Toni won't be THE bisexual character. I agree with that. Most time look like producers want to show how progressive they are throwing in any labels during promotion but then don't develop them. Cheryl is an abuse victim (parents, now Nick) but never appears. They made all Pussycats blacks (only Valerie is Afro-American in comics) but they're only music relief every now and then. Really hope at least Josie has her storyline this year! Yeah Kevin was practically introduced to Veronica and she immediately wanted him to be his gay best friend. Again Cheryl mocked this. I remember there was a conversation about gay stereotypes when show started but then I didn't rejoined the wiki till this late summer. Idk if still there. Maybe one of the first post in Kevin's page. Atm he seems struggling with sexual it they could develop that better...

      They are just complaining for the sake of complaining now. I also suspect that maybe some users are banned or had unpleasant experiences on other wikis so they acts like other wikis don't exist. And reddit is even more restrict for all I know with conversations categorized in topics.

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    • Right! Lol I hate it when they go out of their way to introduce a character base on something like their sexuality or their race, etc. Characters are define by more than just those attributes. I like Toni and since her introduction, they've not once mentioned her sexuality, because it doesn't matter. They are building a character and the development, so far hasn't disappointed.

      That's my current issue with Cheryl. There's so much more she can be. What was her deal with keeping an eye on Kevin, yet make those horrible comments. Then turn around and have her as the "victim" again. So much more they can do with her character, that I hope they do explore. I feel the same with Josie and the Pussycats. Supposedly Josie will become more relevant with her involvement with Reggie, but other than that she's just a cheerleader and music relief. Seems like Glee.

      I agree. If she wants to move to reddit, then she is more than welcome to. It's a good place to move the off-topics too. The comment I had quoted above was from her, from the Salem wiki. I'm not surprised about the attitude to "jump ship" when she did the same there; Her choice and no hard feelings.

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    • Yeah unless the character is struggling or discovering their sexual it or gender, it shouldn't be their main characteristic. Would he cool if sooner or later Toni starts dating a girl without making nothing out of it. She kissed a boy, she's dating a girl without making drama.

      They're really missing opportunities with Cheryl and Josie and the Pussycats. Hope they'll find space for them in the remaining 15 episodes.

      I've only one thing left to say:cry babies. You know how I'm always there to fight against people insulting others, but they are really overreacting. Gosh I forget he did the same on Salem wiki lol

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    • I doubt it would be drama-less. In regards to "struggling or discovering their sexuality", I can see them really exploring that with Moose. Though I hope it's not stereotypical. I can see them bring back Moose and Kevin, having him recovered and maybe Kevin has help him emotionally or something. As far as Toni, I don't think there will be any drama. She's a serpent so I think they would just shrug it off as no big deal. Though I can't help to think how they will continue to incorporate her, and the Serpents, once the Black hood is finished with or if FP is released. Especially if Jughead eventually goes back to Riverdale high. --All these "ifs" lol.

      I hope so too. That is the worse thing to happen to a large cast; they overlook some of their other characters and they just appear for specific things. Josie is so much more than a Pussycat and showing up to only sing.

      If they want to over-react and blow things out of proportion, they are more than welcome too; also I concur (they can either get over it or move on). I never said anything like they were no long accepted. Just to cut it back. It would be like me going to Salem wiki and talk about Riverdale in the comment or go to Coven and talk about TVD. It's kinda rude and it takes away conversation from the focus of the page. The request is reasonable and if they want to "jump-ship" as they claim, then let them. If they want to keep TVD/TO "active" then they should talk about it's content. If not, then they can take it else where.

      Lol are you still reading the Midnight books?

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    • I'm hoping the same. I just want a bit more space for other characters. Like we're not even asking recurring (although would be awesome having more Reggie, Moose, Valerie, and Melody) but other main characters outside the main four lol Lately we even have less Archie... Yeah we definitely need more FP Jones on our screen lol I wonder if once out of prison the Serpents will welcome him back as the leader without any issue. Maybe in the meantime, they got used to doing things themselves. I think Toni said he was the one keeping them in check, now they're reckless (Fangs Fogarty and Sweet Pea are making bombs!)

      Lol exactly! Just acting like under dictatorial censorship when all the off-topic they want can be discussed in their MW whenever they want. Like we're doing here! Or done countless time on TVD/TO Wiki. Or once a week commenting highly trafficked pages.

      I almost finished the first book but want to find the second one before finishing because I'm afraid there will be a cliffhanger and don't want to wait to read the other lol

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    • With such a large cast, I think they will end up doing it poorly, at least for certain characters. I mean sometimes, they only show up in pairs/groups and barely say two lines, if any, and then they are gone and that's there "Appearance". I would rather have a smaller cast with better focus than a large cast where some get shoved behind in a corner. Personally, I don't care for Reggie, but I think that's just because I don't like his attitude. He has his good moments, but they far outweighed by his others. Moose is cool, they can really do some development with his character. Valerie and Melody are basically recurring and only there to serve as the Pussycats band with Josie. Part from Valerie's brief relationship with Archie, they are basically there to make Josie shine in those brief moments. Although they've set up Reggie x Josie, so that will be interesting (maybe).

      It's absurd. I made a final comment there, but I'm finished with it. If they want to complain, they can do it elsewhere. There comes a time where it turns from constructive conversation to disruptive and rude behavior. They've yet provided me a reason why they think moderation is unreasonable.

      Okay cool... Then I don't think you've gotten to the identity of Aubrey's murderer yet. I don't want to ask something that you've not read yet. What's the last thing that's happened, where you've stopped?

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    • That's true, it's a gigantic cast lol maybe now that the BH's mystery is resolved they'll stop to made episodes into Betty's show with filler from others and will give more space to other things like idk real trouble with Lodges and the SoDale. Wasn't the place of feuds between gangs and drug dealing stuff? The Pussycats were supposed to be these strong young women taking their spotlight just to be put aside -.-" They must develop Cheryl and Blossom dark secrets! She's so amazing and I'm so annoyed that fans are at each other's throats over Bughead vs Joni when they just showed an attempted rape and real support between girls in such a horrible event. Idk I really don't get this ship thing. I can't even search images on Tumblr or Twitter without drowning in hate/death threats and complaints how they'll kill themselves because they cannot bear the break up lol

      Just read and I reckon. It's just clutching at straws now (or throwing tantrums for some users). Ignoring policy and repeated admins solicitations doesn't mean it was the official system to run the wiki lol I thought experienced users knew best. I'm no expert on wiki codes and surely have a lot to learn on editing but at least I read and follow guidelines.

      No, I don't know who murdered her yet! Is it different from the TV series? The sheriff is questioning Fiji, Joe, and Chuy about Aubrey and I think he wants an excuse to arrest Price and the other racists. I'm something around chapter 30.

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    • I wonder if they are going to wrap up the BH mystery by midseason. Seems like they are now on that track with Betty going after him. Yeah I'm still waiting to figure out Hiram and Hermoine's plans. Whatever they are scheming, it keeps getting mentioned in the briefest of terms then shoved back under the rug. It's a little frustrating. lol. "Place of feuds"? Not sure if I understand. Tbh. I don't think they will develop them much into that. The side note about Josie taking drugs and her father's addiction trouble is nice development, I guess, but as of right now, it doesn't hold much weight to it unless they plan to develop it further. (Who know maybe they will turn Josie into a drug addict, smh. Hope nope, but she's supposed to be developing something with Reggie...). Cheryl is great and the Blossoms probably have loads of secrets. I wish they would focus more about them. That's a point that annoyed me in the episode. All they did was shove it under the rug and now with Nick in the hospital, I'm doubtful it will ever be brought back up again. Like that's a real issue and they literally threw it into the wind while everyone else is like "Oh yay Bughead is back" -.- I can't either. Like I can get lost in some pretty amazing tumblrs and stuff but like that stuff and certain ships is like an immediate "lets end looking at this site" for me. I just don't want to see it.

      "Throwing tantrums for some users" is more like it lol You'd think but there's a user that hates the administration and actively berates myself and others in Discord and yet gets PO'd when they post "lolol" on their wall and it's removed for spam. Like I know myself to be a patient person but, of late, some users are really testing my limit and if they keep pushing, they will not like what happens. I'm not good at code (especially css; usually a guess and check XD), but respect should be given and just because you don't like a guideline, doesn't give them the right to go around dismissing it or whatever.

      I don't want to say anything ;) so I'll let it be a surprise. XD Gah my memory is horrible (and I've read the books). I'll have to review that chapter to see if I can remember what happens next. I don't want to inadvertently spoil something because some of the plot elements were adapted for the show, but it's different in the book.

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    • We were just talking about it yesterday night on RD. I think they will. What left me a bit confused is Archie's suddenly demotion. I thought he was going to be after the BH a bit more, but apart the Red Circle thing he's practically doing nothing. I like that Betty's investigations are inspired by Nancy Drew and not just some default abilities she has. Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember the SoDale ground caused wrangles between Fred, Clifford, Hiram and I think the Serpents were involved too like it was their territory.

      Exactly! If you want to throw in serious issues at least develop them. Don't use them as clickbait just to make everything about ships, although it's fans fault doing it because like 90% of Twitter comments and status were Bughead shippers at their almost worst. Gosh I hope they don't reduce Josie's storyline just to drug addiction. So much hype for a proper story

      Another one who, like the Bughead shipper vandalizing Toni's page, should find a healthier hobby lol

      Haha it's ok! Pretty much there's the sheriff questioning Fiji about casting spells on Audrey and then he went to Joe and Chuy's shop. Now the book version of the Sons of Lucifer arrived in town to do their annoying stuff. I want Fiji to turn them all into frogs and boil them lol

        Loading editor
    • Lol After I helped with the appearances, I was practically done. I spent time on another wiki and went to sleep XD. It went 180 degree flip with Archie gunning for the gunman to Betty being sought after by BH. Betty wasn't involved in anyway and now it's the complete opposite so idk where they are going with this. "The Red Circle" will probably not come up again, or at least not much. It was originally the movie theaters place that Jughead was so adamant about saving in S1. Idr if Clifford was involved but I know Hiram had hired the serpents to basically bring down the value of the place so it could be purchased at a cheaper rate. Not sure if it was "territory" per se. I don't recall any specific territories other than the White Wyrmm or whatever it's call, and the trailer park. I'd have to do some digging to remember more.

      If they are going around murdering people and make it a yound adult, yet mature drama show, then they should have explored it! Imo, it sent the wrong message that it's not important and that Cheryl, though nothing technically happened to her, physically, however emotionally, it's still a tramatic experience. That was probably the most poorly handly part of the entire episode and of the season so far, imo. Maybe I just need the mind of a teenaged girl to fully understand a shipper... but I don't and they vastly annoy me. They blame Toni for the shortterm break up and nothing about that even makes sense. Like did you not hear and see what the BH told Betty to do. It's Betty and the BH's fault, nothing about Toni caused the break up. Besides she's too good for that trouble and doesn't want to be the rebound, so imo, that makes her even better imo. XD Who knows what they will do with her possible romance with Reggie. I've been seeing comments about Chuck vying for her now too? Ew.... more "awesome" relationships.

      Lol they can do it voluntarily or by force.

      I'll have to review it X| I'm a scatter brain atm and between book 1 & 3 and the tv show, it's all burred together with plots. lol

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    • I remember Clifford had an argument with Fred about the location, but yeah whatever reason I'd like to know more about the parents and not just hints and bits every now and then.

      Exactly! That's serious stuff and you can't put it aside to focus on a non-existent love triangle lol They put too much meaning into that kiss. Like you kiss someone and boom... married for life.

      It happens to me too! GOT to me now is just a very long film lol

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    • Lol I don't recall that. There were like two episode that I never saw from S1, so I may have missed it. S1 in general is kinda fuzzy to me though, well the minor things really. Right now, I'm wanting to know more about Hiram and Hermione and FP.

      I'd rather it be a little more serious than them just pushing it aside. Most high school crushes aren't some fairy tail happily ever after and the depictions shouldn't be that either. Life sucks and people go through crap -Cheryl in particular, they should focus on that and develop her character, but no, they have her sun bathing -_- smh.

        Loading editor
    • That's a problem I also had with Teen Wolf when they always paired every character in a romantic relationship with each other. Like that's not the only thing teenagers wants or do lol

      I really hope this is just Cheryl's way to repress the traumatic event and will soon break down to really cope with all the horrible things she's enduring.

      Yeah give us more parents' drama and less kids lol

        Loading editor
    • That train wreck started to piss me off around s3 about that crap. Smh. It's like you can't have a teenager do anything but wanna sleep around.

      That would actually be some decent development, imo. I mean repressing trauma is one thing, but completely ignoring it another. I would like to see her go somewhere with that actually, maybe confide in Veronica or something.

      Yes. Parental drama. I love it!! Penelope. And definitely Hermione and Hiram.

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    • I stopped watching at the first half season after the Nogitsune arc. Turned out into a Gossip Girl with the supernatural always focusing on ships and introducing tons of monsters without making any sense like the werejaguar or the berserkers. And they bashed, ruined or totally erased my favorites. I didn't have much to watch lol

      I really hope so :( I never liked Cheryl in the comics because she's just this 2-dimensional mean girl but in the series, they're trying to do some development. Develop her completely, please!

      Hermione and Hiram remind me of Si and Am from Lady and the Tramp lol

        Loading editor
    • Lol I mistakenly kept watching. I've ignored the greater part of the finale season though. May watch the finale.... haven't put much stock into it. Heard it was horrible, so didn't see the point. When it comes down to it, I think Stiles was my last favorite... they ruined all the other characters and Scott annoys me to no end. Derek was a much better alpha.

      Lol She's not terribly bad, but she can use some more development.

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    • Finally someone who doesn't worship Stiles lol Never minded Scott too much like he's the good one, he's there trying to do the right thing, was supposed to be the main/lead character but got ignored almost everytime. I liked Danny and was cut off because he's only purpose was gay love interest. Liked Isaac and was turned into a love interest (to the wrong character I may add lol) and was cut off. Liked Kira and the Kitsune stuff and she was cut off sooo terribly.

      Yeah she only lacks screentime.

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    • I like Stiles far more than Scott. I have an active distain for Scott and only got worse the more I watched. I eventually came to really like Lydia but they kept screwing her character over too especially when trash coyote came into the picture and unfortunately stayed. Ugh.

      That was a repetitive issue with TW. They kept introducing new mythology only to never really explore them. Such a waste of characters and potential.

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    • I'm the opposite. Can't stand Stiles anymore. Was OK in the first seasons but then don't know why he got promoted to main star of the show and any single post about teen wolf is about Stiles. They even use hashtags about others to get back to him. And better not start talking about Sterek fans lol

      Lydia was another i really liked but like you said they ruined her

      Yeah not a big fan of pointless hundreds of species. That's why anytime on TVD wiki people demand introducing new each season/episode I'm always "why? They can barely keep consistency with 3 and half!"

      In MTX it worked because of monster of the week like in Buffy and original Supernatural but the main ones are always fews. Same for fight scenes each 5 minutes. I'm watching for plot not wrestling match. The fight should make sense and possibly no plot-armor lol

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    • I know other users that really like Scott. I just don't anymore. Like you said, I'm the opposite with him as you are with Stiles. But I'm cool with that. I have a suspicion that I already know the answer to this..... but.... I'm going to ask this anyways (to avoid looking foolish). ;) Who should have Issac been paired with, in your opinion? Stiles was a fan favorite and many were PO'd that he left. After the Nogitsune arc, I really come to enjoy Dylan's acting too; The Maze Runner series were amazing (both the books and the movies) and I hope to see American Assassin too.

      Yeah other than Stiles, Lydia, (Issac and Erica were also great), and Derek. I don't really care much for the others, especially all the new ones in the later season. They really crapped out on Lydia's mythology too.

      EXACTLY! Like I get introducing them as time goes, to make it refreshing, but if they can't handle what they got, then why would they ever introduce more. With TW, they've added so many new species, but they were mainly for the sake of plot and nothing more; never elaborated on and the mythology was so poorly done. Pointless imo.

      Yes, that's true. Charmed did an excellent job of really fleshing out the monster of the week though, at least they usually gave us some details concerning it and what they did to be in the book. And even the major ones kept coming back, like darklighters and warlocks. Monica worked on Charmed, during the early days I believe, so I reckon some of that from MTX stems from those days. As for MTX, I would have rather liked for Gina and Bowie not to have been killed though. I kinda hated that all the guest stars/characters were killed the episode they appeared in. Smh Oh well, it's done and can't be helped now. I do hope for more Aunt Mildred though.

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    • Totally cool! I also used to like Stiles but when they started focusing only on him in particular on interviews and fandom like no one else existed it started to annoys me. He left? Lol Scott, of course! maybe fans wouldn't have hated Kira so much for being "Allison replacement" and avoided hating her on Twitter like she was some sort of monster in Frankenstein's castle -.- I was so hyped for the Kitsune and Skinwalkers development :( Wanted to see more of her training. But no, only Stiles and Malia. Eh, not a fan of her. Raised by coyotes yet she's completely functional in society. Just a bit awkward. Also disappointed with Druids. Never watched the last seasons but doubt they developed Druids. From all I read here and there was all about hybrids and alphas kicking their asses.

      Like the Heretics and the Sirens in TVD or the Psychics that only messed up the witch mythology even more. Then I don't know what Godzilla or Angels could do in TVD/TO...

      I disliked that too but also because by the start of the episode you already knew they would've been killed off by end credits. Always for more Aunt Mildred and her witchy lessons!

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    • Call it plot or bad character development, imo, but as the seasons moved forward, I just couldn't get behind him or the actor. Most of that imo is PR. They wanted to capitalize on that just like how they continually baited Styldia and Sterek shippers. They used them because of all that they had brought to the fandom. I'm a bit fuzzy but I believe he left due to scheduling conflicts with his accident on The Death Cure and subsequently recovery and other projects. That is why is s5, Stiles s erased from everyone's memory and is gone for the whole season, then in he following one, he's away studying in the FBI or whatever. A Siassc fan. Lol. I assume that's romantic, a slash ship or whatever they are called? I don't "ship" any one pair, though I do hate Stiles/Malia and everyrhing about Malia, for the reasons you mention and more. I guess Styldia and Sterek would apply to me, if labels are used, but I don't ship it romantically. Stiles pinned for her and nothing came from it but I really liked their friendship dynamic especially in the later seasons. Stiles and Derek's banter and the actor's set chemistry are amazing (S2 the best). Kira I never got into much, don't hate her but she seemed to be shoved in the back a lot of times and into a relationshipwith Scott. She had amazing potential along with the mythology but they ignored her. Such a shame. I had hope they would have done more of a story around her and Lydia or something instead of the Beast or the other crap that followed and seemed to come out of nowhere with mythology. Oh well I guess the only pairing I had rooted for was Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski. They pushed the Scott/Stiles as brothers so much, I hoped they would have made it "official". Another poor decision imo.

      Paychics and Siren were complete trash. They never should have done it or at least really go through and unambiguously defined their and witch's connection. I probably would have so much qualms with it if they had clearly developed it, but they didn't and they only made it worse.

      Lol right. Guest stars don't last long :P. I'd love for her to come back as flashbacks or maybe as a ghost. They kinda leave a bit unfinished with a bit with Mildred in Book 3. Wanted more but it went as quick as it came, sadly.

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    • Yeah that's why I started to get bored with it. Was just random new species, repetitive plot and ships baits. I see! Didn't know that but at least they handled it better than Candice/Caroline getting pregnant lol Yeah I would've liked that don't know why I only know it made sense in my mind like when watching TVD I was pretty sure Elena's brother and Tyler would've ended up together lol Exactly! Kira had such potential imo She was a freaking growing Kitsune with amazing powers to explore! Another thing I disliked is erasing completely Danny but introducing Mason the season after which was pretty much another Danny used for the same purposes and then they brought back Danny's boyfriend now engaged with Danny's ex-best friend. Gossip Girl is less complicated lol At least Danny left that town before getting killed off.

      They pretty much said: think the most ridiculous fanon theory and still won't beat us lol now pretty much anyone can assume whatever they want about witches' origin, psychic vs magic, etc because the writers messed up the mythology so much that it's almost impossible having a conversation without many contradictions and arguments :/

      That would be cool! Manfred can use the spirit board or I'm sure there's some witch spell to summon ghosts from whenever they move on in the afterlife.

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    • Lol Maybe I'm masochist but I couldn't help but to continue to watch it, no matter how bad it got. Smh I'll probable never get around to watching the last half season though. They could have done a million other things than to break plot to introduce vampire magic-induced pregnancy. Lol I love it, even though I'm a Beremy shipper (which is saying a lot since like 99% of the time, I don't ship). But yeah that would have been interesting to see. Couldn't agree more with Kira, but I'll never understand why they ignored her and moved on with other, stupid, imo, plots. They could have done so much with "shifters" yet they went with the benefactor, beast, and whatever the last thing was... ugh. It's frustrating. They could have least gave a reasonable explanation for him leaving. But no. They treat any form of representation bad. I'm honestly shocked that Colton actually came back. Then again his story didn't even make sense coming back with Ethan, but then again he recently came out so maybe that had something to do with the character change. btw he got married, irl. Can't stand Mason. Can't stand Liam, can't stand corey and the 15 billion other new random characters they introduced at the last minute. Smh, they should've focused on the characters they had.

      That's plausible but they should did it. XD If I could completely ignore s8 I would but it's too far gone. Can't say that I'm really excited for TO s5 considering they screwed up the werewolf lore in s4.

      I hope they get the chance to explain that. In the books they never spoke of the afterlife, I don't think, just ghosts that were "stuck". While I think it's beyond Manfred's powers, I do think Fiji can do it. The show's use of witchcraft remains me so much of Expression. A witches intentions made manifest so if she willed it hard enough, I bet you we could see something.

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    • My thought exactly! The new cast was completely wasted and with no real purpose because they were just adding more characters who would never be developed. And many of them were just a copy of old characters.

      Now that Colton came out publicly looks they only offer him gay roles like in American Horror Story but that series is just a big bait exploiting actors so it's no big deal. Do you watch it? I won't be surprised if his character in Arrow turns out to be gay too.

      Was about to read comments on TVD but until they keep labeling people based on race I'll constantly be triggered so better avoiding joining conversations at all. Was also a bit surprised about this but don't know if should mention it to KillerKev.

      Finger crossed. They show bits of a Hellish dimension and the place where the Shaman gave Manfred instructions. Maybe we'll see a bit of Afterlife too.

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    • When its the last season like that that they ahoukd really take a step back and really reflect on what they have. Promote and really goce the characters a good ending. Introduction of 20 new characters that's never going to amount to anything is pointless and takes away from what they do have.

      I do watch it, though I've so behind on the current season though. I've only watched like the first and maybe second episode. Idk. The season is almost over at this point so maybe I'll binge it. Most out actors are treated that way. Once they cone out, they get stuck in those roles because they, the directors and etc, think that's all they can do. I hope Colton continues getting parts though. Is he coming back to Arrow? I started watching it a little bit before he left. But not seen like the first 2 or 3 seasons.

      I figured that was the comment you linked. Idk. I would have removed it ages ago, especially with the latest comment. It's not appropriate but idk what Kev will say. All the language and disrespectful comments shouldn't be left in the comments.

      I was kinda hoping they show more. It would be interesting to see it. Given what was daid though Colconnar could still be alive, just sent back to hell, so we could revisit it again. We shall see if NBC ever tells use if we're renewed or not. I would like to know more about how the represent the afterlife. They've done limbo and hell, soo they can do with expanding it now.

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    • Looks like they wanted to set up a spin-off or keep younger characters for younger viewers but yeah don't make much sense having all those characters. Maybe introduce them in few episode like a back-door episode but then focusing on the main characters instead of all those new students.

      I watched a bit but isn't my favorite series. Can be ridiculous sometimes and you can tell Rian Murphy has favorite actors. Really sad. He's supposed to come back according to some things Stephen Amell said but who knows. Yeah I wish he goes back to acting full-time and not just those little silly parts. He seems happier now and even get married so

      Lol doesn't make much sense to me debating the more suitable slur to use to offend someone... And the OP is so unnecessary imo An affair with his teacher, briefly dated Valerie and now is Veronica's boyfriend. I dated more people... what does this make of me?

      Yeah I bet we didn't see the last of Colconnar and a little help from the ghosts on the other side can reveal useful especially when you can't really rely on angels (fallen angels are more friendly lol)

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    • I don't see them doing a spin off. There's not a plot there and it woukd just be another rehash. I mean. I don't particularly care for Liam or really any the new ones.

      I really like Coven and Hotel. I skipped the first two seasons and I didn't care for Freak Show... not sure if I'll like Cult since it's full of clowns again. I'm happy for Colton. He seems happy and I hope he continues to act and get parts he's happy with andndnd not reduced to stereotypical roles. Time will tell.

      Thise comments annoy me and rhey are pointless to debate imo. I avoid them if possible and remove them where applicable.

      The ending in the show was different than in the book, I guess. Realistically, both were just temporary "fixes". So hopefully that's not to spoilery.

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    • I heard they were planning it but would be another Teen Wolf like you said. Same themes, plot etc.

      The first two are cool. Especially Asylum which is the one that scared me the most (I'm afraid of hospitals lol) I don't know the clowns were pathetic and not at all like those in the trailer :( Pretty much turned the season in Sarah Paulson screaming and doing nonsense all the time and Evan Peters doing a dozen of characters/caricatures (one worse than the other). Yeah wishing him the best!

      I was thinking to start The Runaways with Gregg Sulkin. It's a new Marvel Tv series but I don't know if you should have a solid knowledge of Marvel universe to fully understand it. I'm more a DC guy lol

      Gosh what's wrong with people on TVD wiki?! That looks like trolling to accuse you of anything like they want you removed from administration. Which they can't because you're doing nothing wrong or against the policy. They are. I refuse to believe people really they can write whatever they want and however they want. Have they ever read the Community Wiki?!

      Got it! Naah it's not spoilery.

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    • I heard a rumor. But I doubt they will green light it. I wouldn't get the point since they they just canceled the original.

      I was relatively unaware of it prior to Coven. I've heard good things about the first two and that all the seasons are somehow connected. The whole clown concept is overrated and Freak Show was not my cup of tea. I like Evan and Sarah but yeah, if that's all they're doing, not sure if I'd be into it. I know the first episode, that's all she did.

      Umm. I dont guess you would need to. Ive only read the first handful of issues from volume one. I adopted the community and I've enjoyed the show. They mention and adapted things from the comics to the show and they've done away with ither things, but overall it's good imo.

      Probably not. All they want to do is blow up because they dont have free reign. Which is fine. If they wish to ignore policy, then they can ignore it with a block. They have been warned that consequences would incur, so its up to them whether or not they wish to follow it.

      It would be interesting to see him come back but I think it would have to be a different approach. It was too drawn out for me, but again, that is in course with the books.

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    • You never know with those channels lol Like they canceled Screams but now want to reboot the TV series. Same plot, different actors/characters. The point? They could've done a new season of the current series!

      Yeah watch them! The only ones you didn't watch with an actual plot lol Yeah pretty much Sarah's character do that all season long.

      Wait" There's a wiki about it? Where can I find it? I only found the Marvel universe one.

      Looks they want to take pitchforks and torches now lol I wonder what would happen if someone says them they can't write anything passing through their heads on, let's say, Facebook?! Completely clueless about how web communities work. And basing their accusations on misinterpretations lol

      Yeah if he comes back I want him to do it more subtly. Like they foretold this prophecy of Manfred closing the passage between Hell and Earth so demons should be a big part of it, no?

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    • That makes no sense. Why would they even bother doing that?

      Lol I probably should have ages ago. I feel in love with Coven though and hadn't realized then that each season they did different things with the characters.

      It was initially created for the comics, ages ago (2008) but I adopted it for the Hulu show. Here is the link.

      Eh it's whatever. That user only wants to come back after a year of inactivity just to cause trouble becuase I message another user about distorting English and repetitive use of slang.

      I would have thought there would have been more Demons, but I guess the veil wasn't completely opened or whatever like it was during Joe and Bowie's day. I would like to see more stuff with Angels too.

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    • I've no idea! And just now I was starting to care for some of the characters lol That's cool! As soon as I start the series I'll read it more in depth, now I think I may spoil something to myself.

      It's becoming ridiculous, tho. Like, have they ever participated on forums or other wikis? There are always a set of rules and no one said anything about grammar. They totally twist anything just for the sake of annoying. Which, btw, is against one of the rules found even on Wikipedia: don't be a jerk.

      yeah me too! I want to know more if there are ierarchies and about their origin. Maybe if the angel rebellion wasn't exaclty as commonly believed and things like that.

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    • Like with any adaption, there's bound to be major changes. The show, so far, is kinda slower than the comics, but they are both good! I've only read up through like somewhere between 5 or 10.

      I would like to know the same. So far it seems that age has something to do with strength so that's interesting. The books suggest that with vampires too. I'm all for origins of different species.

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    • If I don't fall asleep tonight, I might start watching the first episodes. Never heard about it before watching things on Gregg's Instagram but got me interested lol By chance you looked at Sabrina's comics?

      That's an important element and make sense to me that older beings are more powerful.

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    • XD I've not gotten around to it. Between other things, just been a bit busy.

      Me too. I wish they would have elaborated on that with Zachariah and Lemuel.

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    • As suspected, I fall asleep and didn't watch the Runaways lol Yeah too bad they killed off all those vampires at the end of the episode. I was interested in the vampire's nest and how they feed on humans and if there was a similarity to how Charlaine Harris elaborated it in True Blood

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    • Lol. Yeah, that's not been hard for me at all with this past holiday. Sucks that it's Monday again and things go back to normal. Episode 4 comes out tomorrow.

      I didn't know there were "nests" in True Blood. Was it in the show too or just the books. Was it something similar to Buffy or Supernatural?

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    • Lol just wrote to you I'm surviving holidays! I must hurry to catch up with them! I saw some gifsets on tumblr and I'm pretty sure I'll like Gregg's character and the girl with purple hair.

      Yeah there were vampire nests in True Blood too but they weren't a big deal in the plot. I wonder what effects vampire blood has on humans and if there's an underground community of people addicted to vampires' bite like those in TB or Anita Blake :) The girl in MTX seemed pretty addicted to them.

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    • Lol Been busy so just now getting around to this. Chase is cool, he's one of my favorites. I really like Nico (stemming from the comics) and I've really like what they've done with Tina (and the other parents). They've really fleshed out and given the parents actual back stories where the comics kinda just ignored them beyond being "evil".

      After so many seasons, I kinda expected more info about them, but that's not really telling me much. Seems very similar to MTX, well apart from vampires drinking each other's blood. They didn't really mention that, but they would going and feed together. Yeah they should have elaborated a bit more on the groupie girl or kept her around or something. It would be interesting for them to explore that more. Maybe not with Olivia, but there seems to be some bad side affects.

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    • Me too! Woah those parents are really messed up lol Some more than others like the churchy one. She's creepy. The old man tied to that machine is her father, right? The founder of the cult? 

      Nico is the Wiccan one? Too many main characters and too many names.If it's her, I loved her in these 3 episodes. I liked all of them but the churchy one and I'm curious to discover other kids' powers and see how they'll cope with the cult and coming to power. All of them looks like really good kids with talents of their own even without superpowers and I like that! They can rely on other abilities and not just their powers. My friends will probably say I'm like the girl with purple hair because we talk very similarly lol (they'll say we are equally annoying)

      Yeah in True Blood were like in two episodes and never explained anything other than "a group of vampires living together". If I remember correctly, Lemuel said something about the side effects so they should explore that. Poor Olivia, she's one of my favorites and can't wait to see her kicking her dad's ass

      Edited: watched episode 4 too! It's better than I thought would be!

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    • Lol Some are worse than others, yes. Lol I'm Loving Tina Minoru though. Robert, not so much. I think they are implying that but they've not stated it... yet.

      Yeah, she's Wiccan. She's my favorite! I can't wait for her to get a hold of the "Staff of One" again, they've not official named that yet either lol. I like Gert. She's got a psychic link to a Dinosaur XD

      Yeah that's a shame. Lots of shows do that and it's annoying especially when people want to know more and they never explore it. I hope so. Olivia is an amazing character and I know Arielle can handle it and Monica is a competent writer XD

      It's so good right!? Wished they had released the who season like Netflix, but I the weekly episodes too.

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    • She's one of my favorite too! Tina is Nico and Amy's mom, right? She's cool and definitely up to something big. She also seems to be unofficially in charge of the group. She and Alex's mom. The others are just messed up lol The church leader and Chase's dad are the worst. She's creepy and he's mean with his family. Nice to see James "Spike" Marsters again on screen, tho.

      The Dinosaur is amazing lol

      I really hope they renew the show for a second season :( don't get why taking so long to decide.

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    • She is. I read this review that out of all the parent's they've set up Tina and Leslie (Church Leader) as the powerhouses in charge. But I like Tina more. That and her magic, that they've yet to call "magic", but Nico thinks it's magic but whatever. I'm loving the episodes so far. Victor (Chase's dad), he's abusive and he seems to be losing it. So I can't see anything going well if they let it slip that Janet is cheating on him with none other than Robert (I mean I can't imagine what Tina would do XD, she'd wreck them all). I can't remember any other shows that I've watched lately with James, but I'm glad since he's back.

      I'm pretty happy with "Old Lace" too.

      The FANDOM Staff I've spoken to, who was/still(?) in contact with Hulu reps seems to think with all the positivity, it's bound to get a second season. Who knows. I hope they do.

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    • She's my favorite among parents and I think she'll mop the house with her husband when she discovers his affair. Leslie is creepy, especially after sharing the bad with the mummy man lol Nico was so cute when realizing "magic" happening! Victor is really upsetting to me. Hope that Chase and Janet leave home as soon as possible!

      I think he had a little role in WOEE and was in Smallville too like centuries ago lol

      The dinosaur-shaped lifebelt in the opening credits always crack me up

      I was talking about MTX but yaaaaas! I'm happy that they are really positive for Runaways' second season!

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    • Well Nico has finally stolen the Staff and with an advance preview that I read, Tina's "reaction is extremely surprising". So I think she'll be rather pleased with her Daughter, idk. Leslie is creepy in a good way though, like I kinda know her motive but not really so I'm loving the mystery. I love James Marsters and I like Victor to an extent, the abuse is a big no, but Chase and Victor will have time together in 105. So happy thoughts XD I love the opening credits, overall. Just amazingly done imo.

      Lol my bad. Me too. Still no word on MTX. I would have though NBC would have made a decission by now considering it's two months later.... but idk. Maybe we'll hear something by Christmas.

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    • Any parent would be proud of Nico! Oh yeah don't get me wrong, I love the mystery surrounding the parent's cult! It's just they're so messed up lol And so different to each other so I'm all to discover what brought them together at the beginning when they started to sacrifice people to keep the creepy man alive I guess.

      Yeah the opening credits is so cool! I prefer this theme-based over the ones with just footage headshot of characters and cast names.

      I wonder if they're taking all this time to decide or they simply put it aside and didn't even started to consider what to do with next year series.

        Loading editor
    • Tina just had a hard time with her emotions, and it seemingly stemmed from Amy's death. They also seem to be toying the idea that, for the Church, Tina used her own daughter as one of the sacrifices. I mean given everything up to this point, it's suggestion is mainly circumstantial. Nothing really concrete as to while she allegedly killed herself. I want to know more about that and hope that is not the real reason behind it.

      I want to see more about why they came together too. They are clearly differet from one anothwr, and even most of the couple are stark differences and it makes you wonder how and why they are still together. Lol.

      In the comics they were making sacrifices to this being of another race. Idk if that has been adapted or not, but I think it will be explored more next episode.

      The opening credits, imo are really well done. They are tailored to the characters without it being just imagery of the characters.

      Honestly, your guess is good as mine. Idk if the longer we wait is a good thing or not. I was kinda basing it with emerald city because, as a spring show, was canceled or notified, 2 months after their fonale. We've passed the two months and in a couple weeks will be hitting three. I may tweet at Monica and see if she can shed any light on timing.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah I really want to know more about the parents past alongside the kids coming of power. Lol so true! Possibly the more suited couple is Gert's parents as they seem to get well along with each other.

      I'm still a newbie but as becoming more familiar with the show let me know if needs any help with the wiki!

      Yeah usually when the show is cancelled they don't wait too long. Happened with Emerald City and I think with Hannibal too. I hope this long waiting means they are planning something and not just procrastinating.

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    • Me too! 10 episodes isn't enough imo. Lol Idk who I want to know more about. Leslie is intriguing as well as the Yorkes. The Hernandezs too, considering they're dead.

      It's up to you. I'm behind on a lot of thing, on various things lol.

      That is my hope as well. Long wait, maybe it's a good thing. Idk. If they don't renew it though, I'd like to see another network pick it up or have Hulu or Netflix pick up a second season.

        Loading editor
    • Let's see the positive side. No filler episodes lol

      Yup I'm all up to discover what really happened to the Hernandez and Amy!

      I really don't know whats wrong with networks those days. They never recognise the true potential of their own show and continue to stretch to impossible some of them *coff* supernatural lol

        Loading editor
    • Definitely but with more episodes I think could have focused more on specific aspects of the individual families. Give us background as to why and how each of them came to be known/form Pride, etc. That sort of stuff. No fillers for sure, but the comics are kinda like they witness their parents murdering someone and they runaway, and that's issue one lol. The show, so far has be "slower" by comparison.

      Lol they alluded to the thought that Tina had something to do with it. Which given her interaction with the Yorkes, well it's not hard to think that lol. But yea, I want to know what really happened, and in sure we will find out by season's end.

      Networks are in it for the pay off, the ratings if you will and what sells. The meaning and content therein, I'm sure has a factor, but at the end of they day they what their shows to be profitable and I feel like, they are too quick, especially NBC, to cut freshman shows.

      Ps. Supernatural was great and don't get me wrong I love some of the later elements like Rowena, but its time to let that show go.

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    • That's true! Maybe they want to set the first season around issue one and some of the second one with them running away as the season finale? Never read the comics but I'm planning to. Tina and Alex's mom seems the most threatening of the cult. And Victor's violent behaviour mixed with his unstable "illness" giving him hallucinations.

      Agree. Looks like you either have very low or very high standards for TV series and networks are becoming strictly business minded. Like this common belief that if a show is on Netflix or amazon they're safe forever when actually it's the opposite lol

      Yeah I loved the first five but then went completely out of the track. I too liked some things of the very latest seasons but there is a gap between s6-10 that it's a complete different show. And it's becoming ridiculous the amount of fan service and jokes that sometimes looks like watching a fan fiction lol

        Loading editor
    • With episode 5 out, I think they are leading to that, at least in partial. I think they will eventually "runaway" though lol. It wouldn't be Runaways if they didn't lol. I think Leslie is pretty frightening too. Catherine Wilder is a lawyer and she's pretty scary. Victor is explained a bit more in ep 5. It's really giving the parent layers and I'm all for it!.

      Eh, yeah I guess. Bottom line is still about the budget and what they are bringing in. Sense8 comes to mind, in regards to Netflix though.

      I've kept up with the show, but as it's going now, and partially last season, it's just background noise. If I watch it, it's fine. If I miss it, well, I won't fret over it. Lol they are really teasing/baiting the Dean and Castiel bits. Smh

        Loading editor
    • Found this interesting article. So I was right thinking Karolina isn't heterosexual lol I thought it was impossible having an LGBTQ lead in a teen drama without stereotypes but yet another reason to like it! Oh yeah Leslie is scary, but like religious fanatic scary while Tina Nadia Alex's mom are badass scary imo

      Yeah they didn't promote the season, gave total freedom to directors and then complained about expensive budgets. No shit Sherlock! Funny thing is that they narrowed locations in s2 lol

      I'm watching it the exactly same way! That's annoying. They're baiting it since s4(teasing Dean's sexuality since s1) but then denies everything in interviews. Grow some balls and made Dean bi or get over it. Now there's even Dean and Castiel's lovechild Jack

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    • Karolina... In the comics she isn't. I saw a tweet from Josh, the exec. producer said something along the lines of don't be sure about the things you're think you're sure about... idk. I think a fan was demanding something about Karolina and Nico. So... it's an adaptation so idk if they are or aren't. I like her regardless and I'm sure they will adapt her character with thought and remain true to the comics, at least I hope.

      I liked all the locations, but I think I read there were like 16 or 31 different locations. I mean, that's what brought the show to life imo and what I loved about it. Again, though I can understand from a budget standpoint too. I think if they were to have brought them together or at least bought a couple together, they could have saved it, but idk. I can't wait for the movie, if that's still happening anyways.

      "Love child" lol Totally. Like Jack is seeking Dean's approval and stuff and I'm loving it. They (produces or PR, etc.) gets more out of it by baiting, but so annoying. either do it, or drop it. YOu lose fans that way.

        Loading editor
    • I discovered these characters for the first time with the TV series so I can't make comparisons. I still have to watch episode 5, but until now I'm not very fond of her. Like she didn't do anything special yet like Molly or Nico did. She's just figuring out her glowing and I'm waiting for the realization that her church and the parents aren't exactly saints lol I just spotted her looking at two girls kissing but thought I was reading too much into it until this article, but Tumblr and Twitter are all about a love triangle between Karolina-Chase-Gert and ship wars already... Anyway, I hope for a positive representation!

      That's what they did in the second season, narrowing locations until having all of them in the same location by the end of the season. Yeah, they should've thought about it upfront instead of complaining later lol The Wachowski Sisters aren't exactly known for being cheap directors!

      Exactly! I guess that producers and networks aren't enthusiastic about Bi!Dean so we had to stick with these 70s Tv series subtexts...

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    • I've barely reread much in terms of comics ~5-6 issues. She's pretty cool in the comics and can fly too. So I can't wait to see what they really do with her. I've enjoyed seeing Molly. She's kinda shoved in the background from what little I remember in the comics, because she's so much younger than the others. There was this review where they were bashing it because she's "questioning" herself and they attributed it as "rebellion" because of the who perfect church girl thing and etc. If I can find it again, I'll share it, but it's an adaptation. Of course they are going to build upon or change things from the source material. They have to flesh things out and give it context for the show (and when I watched it, it doesn't seem like she's rebelling against anything).

      I was reading this article yesterday that apparently Marvel Television has a policy for "no magic". Smh. Like that's what Nico and the "Staff of One" are about. "Magic"... I'd have to read more about this but Iron Fist, I think is magic related as well. They have Dr. Strange and he's all about magic, so I don't get why "television" would have this restriction.

      "Schwartz: Well, first it was, Marvel television has a policy, which is no magic. They like to take a more grounded approach to the story, so things are driven through science, or technology, even if it’s technology from the future, but nothing that feels like completely impossible. So that was a fun challenge of taking some of these dynamics or some of these powers, certainly the parent powers, and try to put that through a more grounded lens."

      Here is another response from the creators, in regards to this:

      Q: So Nico is not using magic, her mother isn’t, the Staff of One is not magical?

      "Savage: Well, don’t tell Nico that. It definitely is activated by blood. It can read your mind, if by reading your mind, it means translating electrical impulses from your brain. But Tina tells us that it was engineered in the wizard laboratory and powered by some very special unique technology."

      This hasn't been said in show yet, but it's bound to come about in episode 6 or 7, since and it's not too spoilery, Tina knows Nico has the staff.

      They should have figured that out when they first picked up the show. Like you have 8 main characters from at least 8 locations, of course it's going to be expensive. But to cancel it two seasons in and attribute that as the reason is stupid. Why did they bother with it in the first place.

      Speaking of Bi characters... I had saw a tweet yesterday about when Legends of Tomorrow returns next year, Constantine, Sara and Leonard will all be together, staring for at least an episode or two (I hope more). Constantine's season was axed too early. I only saw a couple episodes, but I was kinda like what's the point with it being canceled.

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    • Ok, she can fly! Just went up on my list lol I didn't see it as rebelling against her mom either. We don't even know what's that church's teaching towards LGBTQ making those complaints a bit pointless.

      That's a fancy way to say it's magic lol I don't get the reason for that rule because there are many magical characters in Marvel and DC. And if they want to be realistic then they should work more on their unrealistic ships instead of complaining about magic D:

      Eh, that's why I don't get why Netflix axed it. They don't reveal things like ratings and stuff but pretty much said the show wasn't up to their expectations and was too expensive (they could've limited budget or limit locations sooner) and wanted to focus on more challenging and refreshing things, like 13 Reasons Why which is like Netflix CEO's fav series lol

      I love Constantine and was soo disappointed by the cancellation (and by how many things they ordered to change for TV like he couldn't smoke, being openly bi, swear, drink alcohol... pretty much, couldn't be Constantine!). If he's in, I may want to take a look at it!

        Loading editor
    • Lol I hope they can or will attempt to explore that on screen. Not everything translate from book to tv, it just doesn't. But it'd be cool to see. I absolutely love how they are fleshing out these characters so much more than their comic book counterparts and I don't see that as a big deal. The parents, especially, have like zero back story and so far, I've loved what they've done with the children. I love Karolina to, whether they make her lesbian or bi, it really doesn't matter, but I like how they are actually giving her a story, but they aren't focusing on that as her main thing.

      Eh. It still kinda pissed me off when I read it. Like I really don't understand the logic behind it. Why can't they have "magic" They did something with Agent of Shield about this "magic" book, basically a grimoire imo, but what I remember, they went out of their way not to say magic, yet they had Ghost Rider. Lol whatever.

      I don't get it either. They could have managed it better and still had it kept under a reasonable budge and beautiful locations. Have they release anything else about the movie. I've not really kept up with it (nor finished the last season).

      I remember watching the DC animated film about him and other magic users. That movie was amazing. Idk they canceled the show, but it was a poor choice on their part. He's appeared on other DC shows too, so hopefully they will be able to keep him around from time to time.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah for some reason some people don't get the meaning of adaptations lol I'm liking the series overall so I'm hoping for the best!

      It doesn't make sense put that restriction on magic imo

      Do you mean this animated series?

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    • Me too. It's a Marvel production, so I can see it at least getting a second season (well I hope). I don't recall any other marvel show being canceled after the first season. XD Well, I hope it's not Runaways.

      I don't get it either, it kinda screws with the plot imo, and the overall "connected" universe.

      It was Justice League Dark (with Zatanna and Constantine here's my favorite clip.) But that series looks pretty amazing. I'll have to check it out too.

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    • Let's hope for a second season. We have plenty of endless series like Grey's Anatomy airing since the dinosaurs were still around lol

      Oh that's cool! Are they recurring throughout the series or just that episode?

      Yeah it seems this animated series would be a continuation/spin-off of the cancelled series. Funny thing it's more adult in the animated series than in the TV series where they put so many restriction!

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    • Lol Grey's anatomy was good once upon a time ago, but I've lost touch with it ages ago. Also, Shonda moved to Netflix, so I don't think it will continue for much longer.. Who knows.

      Are you talking about Constantine in Legends of Tomorrow? - Pretty sure he's just guest starring/recurring for the latter half of the season. Not sure.

      Well that's better than nothing, and I guess with animation, there's more things that can be done because it's not limited to actors and special effects, so I guess that's an upside.

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    • Just talking about it the other day and they just released this promo for sense8!

      Maybe I'll read some episode summaries to see where he appears.

      Any news about MTX? I'm still searching for the second book lol

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    • That is amazing. I will definitely have to check it out!! My WiFi is jacked up atm so... haven't been around much lately.

      He appeared ever so briefly at the end of the midseason finale, so at least the winter premiere. Maybe more aftwrwards, idk.

      Still no news. So frustrating that they haven't said anything about it.

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    • Yeah I can't wait to see the Series Finale! Oh that's not good :/ hope will be fixed soon!

      I see! I thought he already appeared in more episodes... I think I'll watch the Justice League Dark you mentioned instead!

      I wonder why it's taking so long :(

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    • I have no idea what was happening. It like just kicks out and then the "connection is unavailable"... -_- smh. Idk. It's happened before and usually it comes back on within 24hrs, which this time, it did. I spend like 75 percent of my time on the computer/internet/phone and no internet is killer XD. All fixed now so yay.

      He appeared in Arrow(?) I think. He was apart of "resurrecting" or re-insouling Sara. I don't recall if he's been back since then. I don't think so, so this would be his second appearance.

      I have no idea. I read this article that speaks about "rumor" from TVLine, I've not explored it further, but supposed they are/were/on-going talks with the cast about pursuing a second season. Who knows at this point. I've gotten down to checking on it once a week now since it's been nearly three months since the finale.

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    • That's weird! Maybe some works in the area have created interference and stuff like that?

      Maybe I see if I find some Constantine's scene on YouTube. I'm really behind with Arrow and don't really know if I'll ever catch up with the series lol

      "Also, despite its strong fan base, "Midnight, Texas" didn't exactly peg high on the TV rating charts. When the show aired its debut episode, it amassed 3.6 million viewers. However, it slowly dwindled down to 3.4 million during the finale." As if 3.4 million of viewers (US only of course!) are crumbs -_-

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    • I've seen vehicles out in the area/community I live, but not directly. That's what I hope anyways, because it went out, again. Ugh.

      He only showed up to help with Sara and I think they give him a run down of what happened to her, so I don't think you'd need to get caught up.

      Smh I know right!? It was still the summer's highest premiere ratings among other NBC shows. Idk what the issue is. It's annoying at this point.

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    • When it happens to me it's probably due to working or bad weather messing up with my Wi-fi. Hoping they fix whatever they're doing very soon!

      Oh perfect! In case I miss something can always read summaries.

      Really annoying. Like I said in past comments, I don't really get why they're still so obsessed with high ratings based only on TV viewers...

      Just watched episode 5 of Runaways! So many things happening! Really liked Alex's father's past and Julian McMahon is here! Spike and Cole/Balthazar! My childhood lol Didn't see that coming! I just thought was going to make a cameo as a bad guy in the flashback! t Need to catch up with ep 6 as soon as possible!

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    • Yeah it's been out since Sunday and is beyond ridiculous at this point. Gonna have to chew someone out. Smh. Used so much of my phone data in 4 days because of this crap going in and out.

      I should really pick up the short season of his show. I think I would like it. Did you watch it?

      TV is data. There are so many more platforms for watching this stuff. They need to release a statement about what they are doing. It's so annoying.

      I intend to watch it tonight since I've not seen it yet.

        Loading editor
    • What short season?

      Exactly! It doesn't make sense they don't take into account their own streaming services. And if they'll let access to foreigner viewers instead of locking up the page they'll have more people watching series!

      I'll probably watch it after last of Riverdale.

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    • Constantine. Is it a short series. Wasn't it like 10 or 13 episodes? Idk too lazy to look it up XD. But I don't recall it being on for a long time before it was cancelled.

      I dont understand that either. Why is there a need to block it in other countries. Seems like they woukd want it where ever people want to view it.

      Lol i missed Riverdale and really only caught the end of it. Oh well. I did watch Runways though. Its awesome and I want the last four episodes like now!! Lol

        Loading editor
    • Oh, sorry! Yeah I watched Constantine! It's only 13 episode.

      Exactly what I think. Many shows are famous all over the world. Like there are many series that had a huge fanbase outside the US but were canceled because didn't catch up the highest ratings in Us. At least Netflix pointed to it, exporting series in many countries.

      A really good episode with interesting things! Especially Nana Blossom :3 I think I'll catch up with Runaways in the weekend. Only 4 episodes left? Omg! Want season 2 already!

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    • What was it about. Like the "Big Bad" or whatever? I'm curious but I don't have the time to watch it right now, but if it's really good, then I may try to fit in an hour or so a day or something.

      Yeah that never makes sense to me. They should release it where ever its wanted and combine the rating or whatever. I mean just because it's in different locations I it's still being watched and, logically for me, seems like they would take EVERYTHING into account in order to renew.

      I've seen a few comments and gifs here and there. Apparent Betty and Archie kiss... smh idk. More drama woohoo. -_- Some are speculating that he Black Hood is still at large and the Janitor guy was blackmailed into doing it, otherwise the reveal was very anticlimactic lol. I mean watch it this weekend as well. Idk yet.

      FINALLY got my wifi fix btw. It had went back out in my prior message and it was out since Sunday-Thursday. "Stone-Ages" lol it was bad!

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    • It's good! A bit annoyed by the channel restriction on Constantine, but the series is cool! A bit like MTX there's this darkness coming from Hell but each episode is a monster of the week with the main plot stretched across the series. Unfortunately, they canceled so there's no real closure.

      Do you believe me if I tell you I got distracted for a second and totally missed the kiss lol Yeah it's a bit meh if they wrapped up the whole BH storyline that way.

      that's great!

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    • I hate it when that happens. It's so annoying when they don't have closure to a show. I think more shows are doing less and less with cliffhangers unless theyou Andrews already confirmed to be renewed. Or doing it in Andrews way thst can set up and ready next set Eason and the overall plot is wrapped up, kinda like MTX and tend them setting up the potential for a second season.

      Lol becuase they need drama and they want to set up a love triangle or a quadruple thing, idk whatever but I could care less. Both major ships ended and rhey immediately had Betty and Archie kiss. Smh.

      I know. I hated it. Between work stuff and wikia andndndnd other things, it sucker not having wifi. Lol

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    • I guess that's the best option when you don't know if the show is renewed or not, leaving any option opened.

      I actually thought they were gonna kiss since the scene at the window from the previous episode. Like starting the new one with them in bed or whatever lol I don't really care tbh so whatever pair I'm ok with it and if I become annoyed I'll just skip the scene like I do for TO ship drama lol

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    • I'd prefer it that way. At least then, there are fewer questions left open. I mean there are still questions open, but they are setting stuff up so it's not as bad as like a major cliff hanger where people may or may not be dead, etc.

      It's rebound drama. Like it really doesn't even make sense to me. They literally broke up a few days and they are already kissing other people. Archie has already told Betty that he didn't like her like that, yet now they are kissing. Smh. It's a mess but whatever. I don't care about relationship stuff but it annoys me when they go out of their way to make things complicated.

        Loading editor
    • Me too! With networks cancelling series more easily now we get some kind of end that way.

      Just to create a war zone among shippers lol

        Loading editor
    • I agree. At least we get some closure. I'd only want a major cliffhanger if we were already guaranteed another season.

      Lol because we don't already have one? I just can't deal with this mess. XP

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    • Gosh it's really frightening watching them arguing. Maybe this evening I'll find some time to watch Runaways. Is episode 6 the last one released, right?

        Loading editor
    • Some times it's funny. Stans and Antis come up with the weirdest things to justify or destroy ships. Other times, it's just annoying.

      106 was Metamorphosis. The newest is 107, Refraction. I've not watched it yet either.

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    • What's annoying to me is when writers listen to them like said in a recent conversation on TVD/TO. Like ok keeping the viewers but not changing everything for them lol

      Oh I've 2 episodes to watch yay 

        Loading editor
    • What do you mean? I may have missed that TVD convo. Like when JP wrote for a certain ship and possibly written for another particular ship (that makes no sense to happen) and make it happen regardless of what makes sense? Lol that's a little shady but idc. :P Hopefully it makes sense.

      Yeah. 107 was good! Especially the last few minutes. Can't freaking wait for next week's episode!

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    • There was a conversation about how JP and others had in high regard shippers' opinion to write the show. Like it influenced them a lot in making decisions. And imo that's just bad writing because like you said it doesn't make sense.

      Haven't watched either. I'm a bad person lol

      Have you seen Sabrina's character descriptions [1]? They kept Ambrose and confirmed him being pansexual and probably would be African American or East Indian! I'm thrilled! Also, Zelda and Hilda are devout to the Dark Lord <3 No watered-down magic yay!

        Loading editor
    • Wow. But yeah. JP caters to the fans and instead of writing something that makes sense given the context of the show, etc, she's going to let the fans have what they want. Smh horrible way to "run" a show. She should have ended TVD with the death of both Salvatores and ended the "triangle" once and for all. TO's final season will span 2 weeks, so I can't wait for the train wreck, plothole, and horribly written characters and "rushed" ship drama they will try to shove down our throats that we missed in the 7-8 year time jump. Ugh. Probably make something up like Caroline's been in touch with Klaus all those years, smh.

      Lol. No worries.

      I'm behind on this message, but yea! Is this "Dark Lord" like Satan, like say how witches were portrayed in Salem? or something different? Or will it be explained the comics, once I read them XD.

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    • They always gave me the impression to don't care at all about their show in interviews. When I watch other comic cons interview (the ones with yellow wallpaper) actors and writers are always more passionate about. I'll watch it just for Vincent, Josh and Marcel lol like to me would be a 5 minutes long season summing up their entire screen time.

      Yeah it's Satan. He appeared only once thus far but there are also other demons like lovecraftian monsters.

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    • They care in their own way, but what they write towards imo, is just trashy. The trash relationships and trying to have them make "sense" when nothing about it does or when everything else just screams that it sh/w/couldn't happen but go out of their way destroying everything else to make it so. Smh. I'm going into this final season hating the idea of this stupid "school" plot and I'm just not looking forward to anything about it. I'll watch it for Vincent and Freya, but given what they've done with Freya's character, can't say I'm excited about her and Keelin. They better freaking bring back Maxine too. JP's mention that Vincent will have a LI and they set that up with her last season so I'll be pissed if they don't bring her back.

      Yeah I assumed as much. Get really get any more "Dark Lord" than Satan. lol. With only 8 issues, I maybe just read them later tonight. Fingers crossed.

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    • Yeah, I remember some interviews and they talked about ships for 20 minutes and then just said something about the time jump and the school and that's it. The interviewers are also very bad at asking questions...

      Sometimes the aunts even use some saying like "Merciful Mephistopheles" lol

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    • The interviewers are stupid. Especially with the ship related questions. Which I could do without.

      I hope to get around to it tonight. That's a great phrase. It's like the old school comic sayings.

        Loading editor
    • That's true!

      A very Christmas reading lol yeah I love the aunts and their funnily creepy ways... Like the cannibal jokes which you don't know how actually are jokes or real... 

        Loading editor
    • Yeah. Supposedly we will get a premier date around the 7th, I think? Shae, mentioned it in the comments, and we might get another promo about the upcoming season.

      Slight delay in reading, but I have it and I can read it from my phone as well. I found a dl that has the full current volume as one comic versus each issue separate so I can read it in between things on my phone and not have to way to do it from my computer.

      Edit: OMG started reading it, and couldn't put it down! I absolutely loved it and I want MORE!!!

        Loading editor
    • That's good! Almost every day there's a comment asking for the premiere date but unfortunately, there were never dates lol

      Told you! I guess it's the Collector edition with issues 1-5? It's amazing! I'd talk about it but don't want to spoil anything if you've some issues left to read.

        Loading editor
    • It's not set in stone, I guess. Shae follows all that stuff and seems like they are usually right in most cases. I don't have the time to be that involved about stuff like that. Lil

      I got the first volume read issues 1-6 and read issue 7. Probably ready 8 next and then it's the last one that's out. Which sucks because now I'm going to have to wait.

      I may ask Kev about doing pages for the comic series since there are pages for the Riverdale one shot and other issues. Between me and you now, we could easily take care of 8 articles about the comic. This makes me so intrigued about the show now. I cant wait to see how it turns out.

        Loading editor
    • Me neither lol I don't even use twitter more than once a week if I'm in the mood. Too many crazy fangirling I can't...

      Yeah 8 is the last one sadly we need to wait a bit more now. Don't remember if 9 is released at the end of December or January. I'm confused with riverdale release dates lol

      Last time I asked he said they weren't related so there was no need for pages about the Sabrina comics because aren't like Riverdale comics but I guess asking again can't hurt. Yup I love editing comic pages! I could make 1-4 and you 5-8 so each of us edit 4 pages. 

        Loading editor
    • Me either. I used it for info about Midnight and that's about it. Too busy to keep up with it and most of the time, like you said, depending on the tweet, too many crazy/stupid fan girls throwing around death threat and silly comment about their ship and why it needs to happen above all others.

      I'll have to look into it and set a reminder so I can get it and be up to date.

      Hmm. Don't see how they aren't related... it's based off of them. I'll ask him and see if his answer's changed. I'll do it either late tonight or early tomorrow. Been working on another wiki most of the day. That's my thought too, you take half and I'd take the other.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah it's a scary place lol

      Busy holidays here just sitting in front of my pc right now. Looks like Sabrina will be released in... March! Damn it.

      I remember he said that Riverdale is pretty much the same as the tv series (it's not Archie comics storylines, they're like filler stories between episodes) but Sabrina wasn't. Maybe now that there's the series based on them he changed his mind. Let me know!

        Loading editor
    • Some of the things I see on Twitter is just so Toxic, especially with shipping drama. I don't see why they would even keep their twitters public.

      Dang. That literally seems forever away for like 20-30 pages. Wonder why it's not on a monthly basis like Marvel/DC. Even for Archic Comics, that seems like a long wait. Speaking of, I messaged Kev about the comic pages. Feel free to "Follow" the thread or make any additional comments there-on.

      Considering the newest information states that it's based off of it, which I quoted, I wouldn't think there would be an issue, but he may want to wait for more information about the spinoff, either way, it can be something to look forward too.

        Loading editor
    • Agree. Sometimes would be better keeping certain things for themselves.

      I thought it was December, but on few sites about comics, they either say February or March. Riverdale is monthly, but comics in the Archie Horror Series are quarterly (?) don't know if that's the correct word lol I'll keep an eye on it and would let you know! And of course, if you want to talk about them. You're the only other person I know reading them lol

      Yeah I think it would be nice having them because offer some background to the series and the plot is almost the same. While other comics like Reggie and Me or Vampironica etc are completely different stories with same characters. Finger crossed! ;)

      ps. I'd like to edit on Runaways Wiki. Something I can help? I could start Chase's throughout the series for example if nobody is already working on it.

        Loading editor
    • Most definitely. I'm all caught up with Sabrina now and it sucks to wait for it now. Quarterly would be correct, if they release it every four months. Idk why they would do that though, but whatever, I guess the hype is real for it, but I'd rather have it monthly lol. I've not read anything about the Riverdale comics (like the ones listed on the wiki). I may get into them while waiting for more Sabrina XD.

      Yeah, me to. Seems like all the newest stuff about the spinoff states that it's "based" on them, so it would seem like, to me, it would be great to have it. We shall see.

      Feel free to. (There's like no one else editing there.) I've been stretched for time and can't even get the images updated before the next episode, so be my guest. I hope to get around to editing Nico and Tina's pages while I got some time off. There are a couple other pages, that I'm indenting to create too, mostly locations and stuff.

        Loading editor
    • Some of them are good, others not so much especially those focused on Betty lol Like the last one with the trip to NY wasn't that great. My favorite is the one about Pop's. Perfect! I'll start working on them in these coming days while rewatching so they are detailed :)

      I saw he said no for the moment :/

        Loading editor
    • A trip to NY. That sounds rather... unappealing to read about. I have to say I like the witch versions of them, Betty and Veronica, in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina better. Are there other comics that feature them as witches?

      Yeah I guess we'll have to wait for now.

        Loading editor
    • Not that I know, but in Jughead the hunger where Jug is a werewolf Betty comes from a family of hunters like Allison Argent, and an upcoming series is named Vampironica...

      That's okay.

        Loading editor
    • Are those like one-shots, or are they on going. I know in issue 8 of TCAoS, page 10 (I have a digital version of the comic), it shows Jughead as a zombie and he's holding Betty's (? assuming) head and his dog looks demented and chewing a hand/arm. Then in the panel directly underneath, it shows "Goddess" Sabrina --again I assume, that is when she married Cthulhu.

      I rather like the idea that they are using the characters in a supernatural way. I mean it's not about continuity or anything, they are just revamping the universes which is pretty cool. I might would checkout Werewolf Jughead, Hunter Betty and Vampire Veronica. I would like a solo witch one-shot too, but I guess they would rather tie that in with Sabrina.

      Yeah. It is. I feel pretty positive thought that we'll eventually get to do it.

        Loading editor
    • They are ongoing series (The Hunger stared as a one-shot but was "promoted"). It's Mrs. Grundy's head lol although in the Afterlife with Archie she's an old woman just like the original series (in CAOS she started an occult club at school...) Vampironica looks like a new ongoing series too but it's set to release in 2018.

      Yeah that scene with Jughead outside Pop's it's a nod to the Afterlife with Archie where Jughead was turned into a zombie after his dog (revived through necromancy by Sabrina) bite him.

      Archie Horror(s) are my favorite. Except Riverdale and Reggie and Me I don't really like or read the "normal life" Archie comics.

      Fingers crossed! I've already all covers, preview, etc... on my desktop lol in 5 minutes or so I can do the first 4 issues lol

        Loading editor
    • Lol I didn't have a clue. I was assuming it was Betty because she's a blond XD That's cool I may have to hunt those down and read through those. They seem interesting. Hmm. May not get started with Vampironica then. If it's good then I'll have to wait four months to get the next issue.

      I figured it was the Afterlife one. I bet it's good. I like zombie stuff too. I've never read the "normal" Archie comics either. Before Riverdale I hadn't ever really known anything about Archie comics. I think Big Bang Theory has mentioned them a couple time, but that's about it.

      Well prepared, I'm impressed. I should do that as well... XD

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    • Afterlife is one of my favourite, after Sabrina. It's gory and stuff basically it's zombie plague in Riverdale.

      I'm behind with the hunger as I liked the first issues more and I'm waiting for the next one of Reggie because it's been ages! I think I'll do the same for Vampironica.

      I watched the animated series. The Archie mystery is good. Like Scooby Doo. Yeah I thought better be prepared and don't taking too much time in editing.

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    • Sabrina was good. Idk if I'll read anything in the "Archie" realm that's any better though. Lol

      See that's why I hate they on'y release it quarterly, it doesn't make any sense to me to do it that way.

      I remember watching an animated Sabrina, but I don't remember too much about it.

        Loading editor
    • Agree,it's the best!

      As I understand it the entire Archie Horror is a alternate universe/Specials which aren't a priority because they're more interested in the other modern relaunches.

      Should be something on YouTube. Archie's Weird Mysteries.

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    • That's lame. The Archie Horror's, well ones that I've read, are really good. Seems like they'd keep up production of both. Although with Riverdale going on, I guess the modern relaunch is priority.

      I may look it up.

      Do you watch "The Gifted"?

        Loading editor
    • Agree the Archie Horror is the best, but there are something like 20 ongoing series lol

      No, what's about? :)

        Loading editor
    • Wow. That's a lot of series. Seems like they need to dedicate more to the Archie Horror, at least that's my opinion anyways. XD

      The Gifted is set based in the Marvel Comics' X-Men Universe. X-Men, Brotherhood, Hellfire Club etc., it focus on this "suburban family", the Struckers, and an underground network of mutants, "The Mutant Underground" which is the resistance against Sentinel Services. It's pretty good and they just introduced the Frost Clones, The Stepford Cuckoos.

        Loading editor
    • Yup that's why I think they are releasing Vampironica this year adding more to the Archie Horror series. I guess the regular Archie is monthly because their target is bigger while many people don't like the adult themes of Sabrina (My guess, I could totally be wrong on that!)

      That's seems interesting! Are there too many seasons to catch up with?

        Loading editor
    • Not having read the "normal" Archie, that sounds rather boring... idk. If they are expanding their Horror series, they should consider doing more issues of the ones they already got, maybe at least every other month instead of quarterly.

      It just got renewed for it's second season and the first I think only has like 10 episodes. there is a 2-h season finale on the 15th. If you're big on X-Men, then it's worth watching.

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    • I read only Riverdale, Reggie and Me and Archie only when I don't have anything else left lol yeah they could release every 2 months.

      I can catch up easily then! I'm still behind with Runaways due to holidays >_< I only watched the recent movies with Michael Fassbender

        Loading editor
    • I'm still behind on a few things. I did catch up with Once Upon a Time and The Walking Dead though lol.

      With the Holidays at a close I'll be heading back to class/work next week so oh well. I've barely update pages on Runaways, mostly just recurring characters and other pages, though it's not like there's a rush or anything. I've read rumors that "internally" Hulu's already renewed it for a second season and I read a interview where Gregg Sulkin mentioned a Marvel contract for 7 years, so... hmm I guess with popularity they will keep producing seasons on Hulu XD but again, that's not official or anything.

      Yeah it's good. Easily a weekend binge, if you have the time to do so. This weekend or next, before the finale if you want :D

        Loading editor
    • Same :( With studying and other stuff I'll need to binge watch things whenever possible. That's good! I planned for a rewatch to write at least Chase's summaries and I still had to finish Vincent's last one from s4 XD

      That's great! At least a renewal from a favorite show lol If he wasn't on Runaways, he was my dream cast for Ambrose :D Him or Nico Mirallegro

        Loading editor
    • I know. I've not gotten around to reading them. smh. I hope to get around to it, sooner or later. I'll probably start on Nico's once I finish all the minor/recurring things. With the final this coming week, I won't have to worry about new information and can work on the rest at my leisure.

      Here was that interview I was talking about, if you were interested in reading it.

      I've not heard of Nico Mirallegro before, but he's got a pretty impressive list of roles. I'd be a good one to play him.

        Loading editor
    • No problem. I've only one left (the one where he put the Hollow inside the Mikaelsons) and then I'll see if there are other help needed characters from TO (didn't watch TVD last season).

      Yeah I hope to edit a bit on Runaways too, even 1 or 2 summaries a week lol

      Sure! I'll read it now!

      Yeah he's a good actor. Plus, he doesn't need to fake a British accent.

        Loading editor
    • There are and will probably always be. :) Most of the other witch pages are updated. Though I doubt I'll get to any of Freya's so feel free too. Did you see they announced a premiere date? April 20th --nearly 4 months away.

      Lol you'd be doing more than me. I'm trying to get some miscellaneous pages done. The recurring characters and the different organizations, etc. I'm not too worried about it. It will keep me busy even if I only work a page or so a day. There's literally no one there. An anon or other user every once and awhile, but that's it. Plus all the comic pages that were abandoned to begin with, but if it wasn't finished when the wiki was created in 2008, then it's not really "priority" either lol.

      I'd prefer someone that's actually British if they were going that route. Lol as you say, no fake accent. The real deal is better.

        Loading editor
    • I saw Keelin is also missing the last episode, I can write it along with Vincent's. I'm a bit behind those days cause I'm also behind with studying :( Yeah I saw it! Hoping this will put an end to the daily dozens of comments/complains about premiere date lol

      I hope to go according to plans lol editing wikis is an anti-stress for me (not so much having certain conversations... reason why I'm having a lot less).

      100% agree.

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    • Just saw Gregg's story saying they renewed The Runaways for season 2!

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    • That's fine. I looked around all the other witches are updated, except for Freya's so feel free for where ever. I'm in the same boat. Studying and work and other things keep me busy. I'm doing good to get to messages daily XD but it's, usually, an anti-stressor. :P Ugh, I'd hope so, but a part of me doubts it. They will probably complain more. smh.

      I understand. TVD wiki, ... I just don't really have words for anymore. And I rarely even comment. It it's pertinent to say, then I'll say it in/on a message wall/tread.

      ^I saw too. SO FREAKING EXCITED!! I've already updated a few things (even though I'm terribly behind on literally everything else XD)

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    • I'll give a look at Freya too! But even non witches as long as they are on TO.

      I know right? Like the other day I commented peacefully a post about afterlife and got a rant for an answer out of the blue. Like they brought the antistress to another level. Now is just unleashing their anger/frustration/wathever at any given time.  I guess for next season I'll follow your example and talk about it on message walls with very few people.

      I'll probably binge watch the remaining episodes. I've like 3 episodes to watch. 

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    • Ah, I see. I rarely write for non witches on TVD/TO. Yeah feel free for where ever you want. :)

      I don't recall seeing it. I'll have to go check it out. Users these days are just rude and half the stuff that's posted, imo, is junk.

      I want to binge it. I like the weekly style because it's well worth the wait for it, but now it most want to experience it all again. Lol

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    • Me too but if there's something else where I can help I'd like to do it like when I updated Josh. 

      You didn't miss much. It was near/the same thread about asking for the premiere dare and don't remember how exactly it came out the fact of resurrecting characters and how the peace/bright world works. But I didn't replied when I saw was just an excuse for rants. But I find it funny that all those people complaining they 'can't comment' didn't joined. 

      I'll do it for the last part of the series then start watching from beginning for the summaries. But I may take long because the magicians started again and I also edit pages there. 

        Loading editor
    • Where ever you want to edit. The help needed category isn't really going anywhere.

      Yeah most of the time, it's just for drama or whatever and they rant for the sake of ranting or just to complain, but it doesn't really make a difference.

      Lol that's another show that I need to continue watching as well. I forgot it came back on.

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    • Cool! Yeah I'd prefer helping where needed.

      Exactly what I think! After a while becomes ranting and whining and doesn't look really good imo or probably it's just me always wanting to give a good impression of me.

      Same! For whatever reason, I thought it comes back in the summer lol

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    • Yeah I'm just not really editing there anymore, just cleanup, formatting and witch related revisions, etc. Busy with irl stuff and probably going to devote my wiki time to Runaways, Riverdale for a couple character too. I'm interested with Chic, so I'll probably work his page once it comes back on.

      I don't get the point in complaining. It's not like it's going to change anything. It's not like they can alter the final story to fix anything already done. You've always gave a good impression. :)

      Thank you for reminding me. If you hadn't had mentioned it, I probably would have missed it. I watched most of it, some parts kept skipping or kicking me off, but I watched it and I have to say I loved a few parts more than others. Were you able to watch it too?

        Loading editor
    • Same with my usual wikis. On RD I'm usually on Alice, FP, sometimes Reggie and would be on Ambrose of course :D

      I'm trying even now and then but yeah I'm not into it like I used to. And I'm not into having conversations made entirely of rants, bickerings, or over-repeated fan theories based on no common ground or the little left of canon lol I'll just help with the help needed pages.

      Aww thank you! It's just common sense and education, though :)

      No, I've not watched it yet. Been busy. Probably tomorrow. I'm also a content moderator on the Magicians wiki so I should give a good example lol Never had an official task before (except categorizing caps on RD to help Kev. He uploads and I categorize. We're the flash team of caps lol) I'm mainly interested in Julia <3

        Loading editor
    • Alice and FP are fine. I'm just not motivated to write them, but that's partly because I'm busy elsewhere. I think Chic will be an interesting character though, so he's peeked my interest. I'll probably be much more active with the Sabrina Characters. Gosh I hope the introduce Edward. Him and Ambrose will probably where I edit. Well... I'll probably edit all the witches :P Idk, depends on their personality I guess on where I'll end up editing whomever's page the most. I also plan to edit the Witch page. I can't wait for the magic and spells they'll do.

      You would think it would be, but some people on the internet just don't have it. :O Shocker lol. There's probably less than 10 users that I regularly or used to regularly be in contact with that I found impressionable and really trustworthy with edits (you're included in that list btw). They're friendly and you know their edits are going to be right and if it's not, they usually know how to fix it. Some of these new users just blatantly edit pages with no care or whatever to provide accurate information.

      It was good. Whenever you watch it we can chat about it if you want. Do you also watch the Librarians too? Jc. I really liked Marina and her redemption. I hated that they killed her off though. I love Margo. Her sass with Elliot just like, Idk how to describe it, they are just phenomenal. Congrats! I know you deserve it! Lol I had planned to do that but he uploaded them when I was in class. Now I have class on Thursdays again, so I can't. Oh well, glad you're able to help. Trust me it's a lot. Depending on the video file, capping, renaming, uploading, sorting, and tagging is like minimal 3 or 4 hours, well at least for me. Idk if Kev is any quicker. An hour to cap and figure out which ones I'm keeping, an hour to rename ~145 images, an hour to upload and sort on pages, and then usually no more than an hour to tag said ~145 images. So I know it's appreciated.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah I can't wait to see how the entire situation will shake the Coopers. #teamwitch at it's best lol we'll probably be the ones with more witchy edits.

      Thank you! It's the same for me. At least lately the I-know-all are quiet lol don't get why they so enjoy belittling others. I got questions on Charmed this morning, I hope he was happy with my answer. In case, I left links to charmed wiki too.

      Yeah I watch the Librarians though I haven't started the last season yet. Just watched 3x01 of the magicians. Marina was lovely wicked. Her death was so shocking to me... Eliot and Margo are awesome lol

      It's really a lot of stuff. Luckily Kev was able to rename the category without rename manually thousands of images.

        Loading editor
    • Idk how Hal will take it. He'll most likely over react or something. It would be shocking if he didn't. Most definitely! I kinda hope Netflix doesn't release them all at once. That would be a pain, but if you want we van coordinate major edits or something. Idk which witch I'll gravitate towards the most but with likely a fall release I hope I'll have more time by then to do summaries.

      I'm on which ever season they are currently airing though I skipped like the first 3-4 episodes. Margo is probably my most favorite. Juliet is okay too.

      Yup. He got a bot to help with that stuff. They are really helpful when working with a ton of images and category correction.

        Loading editor
    • "shove it, Hal" part 2. It depends how it's linked to riverdale because if it's just a Netflix original they release the entire season at once. That's mean edit conflict for sure!

      Yeah we can organizer among ourself to avoid edit conflict the best we can. It's also a spoiler problem i think because not everyone can watch at the same time and conversation and comments can be messy.

      My least favourite are Alice, Quentin and lately Penny too. Everyone hates Julia blaming her for anything when most of the time it's somebody else's fault. And now she's the only one able to do magic 😉

      They're airing the season 4 of the Librarians now. 

        Loading editor
    • Lol I love it. If Hal knows what's good for him, he won't say anything to Alice. Do you think Chic is Hal's son? I'm leaning towards yes. I mean as far as Cooper traits, he has the blond hair. Idk. I think if they go with him being FP's son that will just majorly complicate things.

      I agree. Doesn't mean it can't be done but seems like it would make editing easier. Then again it's probably up to Netflix or maybe the CW will have some say too. Yeah, idk if I'll binge it or not, It's a lot to take in but it helps with edits, especially to be up to date.

      Alice just seems a bit snobby to me. Julia has her moments that irritates me, like when she was without her shade.

      Ah I see, so you're a season behind. I really can't remember much from the previous season. Seems like it's been too long since it last aired.

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    • Same ad you. If they take the FP's route that will cause so much drama. They hinted at something between Alice and FP but maybe was just loyalty between Serpents and FP wasn't cool with her her and Hal being a thing (and Hal impregnating her in high school). 

      I'll probably can watch a couple a day but not the entire season. That's too much lol i guess Kev and the other modern (can't remember her name atm) will figure it out or start a discussion to set some directions on how to edit the best way. For example a friend of mine running a wiki that aired first on UK and 3 day after in US set up the rule to start editing only after airing in US, having 3 days of "pause". Never edited on a wiki of a Netflix show though. Maybe they have some policy we can adopt. 

      Yeah shadeless Julia wasn't the best, but for the rest she's my favourite. I like how she's so devoted and able in magic despite elitist magicians looking down at her. Agree Alice is just ugh. And when she was a niffin she was even worse!

      Yeah and the fact they aired 2 episodes at a time sometimes didn't help lol I was like 'OK I'll catch up it later" but later became a month lol 

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    • That's what I believe. That the thing prior was just about her Serpent past and not about Chic.

      That's what TVD did when it aired in Canada a day before US. Considering it's a US production, edits made prior were reverted, though most of the users came to understand that. Yeah, I've never edited on a wiki where it's release via streaming service. I mean, Hulu does theiroriginals on a wiki basis (at least Runaways) but it would be nice if they can release it like the same day as Riverdale or something even though it's not on the same provider.

      I don't understand how she can do magic when literally everyone else can't. Q was wondering if it's because she's "god-touched' or something, but even that wears off. Idk. I assume they will explore that this season.

      Lol I didn't watch it live last season. Probably not able to watch it live this season too. I don't much care since I don't edit there, so I can watch it whenever, unless I'm chatting with someone about it.

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    • FP fathering half Riverdale sounds too soap opera to me lol

      I don't watch the show that wiki is about but I think was primary a UK production but was a courtesy or something like that. A similar thing to TVD happened with Salem now that I think about. Last season aired 2 days earlier in Germany but since Salem was American we waited for US airdate.

      That's probably the reason. She's also a favorite of Our Lady Underground, so who knows. In the books, she's a dryad, but i think they changed that in the series. For example, I saw people debating Penny being able to travel, but Travelers are a rare magical being that happens to be a human magician like Penny. That's why he smirked at Mayakowski when he said that the loss of magic didn't affect magical beings other than human magicians.

      I tried to edit a bit but the wiki wasn't really much alive back then. And I didn't know where or how to start.

        Loading editor
    • It does to me too. It's just wouldn't really make sense.

      Yeah sometimes it makes sense to do it that way especially since it's determined by where it's produced. I know Midnight, Texas would air in the UK on Thursday, but there was so little user activity, besides us regulars, that I guess they didn't care. Idk. There are means to watch it if people try hard enough. Lol If I'm not mistaken, RD airs an hour before us in Canada. I can usually find the episodes, in low quality, around the same time we're watching it XD

      That would be my logical assumption. I mean, I know she said it's almost random with her, but still. Like Q said, she's interacted with more gods than most, so thus far, it's the only plausible explanation for me. What's a dryad? Not sure if I'm familiar with that term/creature. So Penny is like a human but not, he's a magical "creature" that can do all the same things a human magician can do... basically. Yeah I was rewatching a few episodes the other day. The other niffin that warned Alice said that magical beings were being affected; unicorns vampires, himself, etc., that they were dying... yet the Faeries seem fine. Plothole? Idk. I believe the cleaner people stopped by the Library too, to shut off it's magic but Penny seems fine, other than when he leaves because Time is stopped there. Idk, maybe I missed a few things or they changes things between the seasons.

      Yeah I considered editing there ages ago. I was a bit surprised that they got more seasons; I didn't think it would go past two (even though I love the show). Mainly I just didn't have the time. I didn't want to stretch out my edits across multiple communities. Currently my attention is more focused with Runaways. RD is mostly fine and I just clean up and format things when needed, or revert incorrect info. TVD is about the same with just a little more management stuff with users and content. I still need to finish Manfred's episode summaries here. I have four left to complete. I fell behind with the two episodes in one week and, then, I just kinda put it off and forgot about it. With no news of renewal as of yet, I've not felt motivated to write it either.

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    • It's the same for me watching on streaming but usually I wait the next day because they air late at night in US in my time zone. 

      It's a spirit of the trees. They briefly shown them in season 2 when shadeless Julia burned a forest in fillory. In the books, she end up becoming one as a true daughter of Persephone /Our Lady Underground.

      Yeah pretty much penny could still travel because that power has nothing to do with learned magic like spell casting, telekinesis etc the Plumber shut down the source of magic used by magicians while traveling's source is inside them. Or that's how I understood that. 

      The creepy faeries lol can't wait for Margo to kick her ass!

      I remember watching the movies which are kind of a prequel to the TV series. Yeah never thought it would've last that long but I like it. It's a light TV series that entertain without presumptions. 

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    • For some show, I do the same. I can stream it the next day easier, like Runaways. It's released at Midnight and considering I work and have class, staying up that late, just isn't possible XD

      Ah that's right. I remember that now. She blew up the forest. Maybe they are going with that storyline anyways. I mean they've yet to explain how she's able to do magic so maybe Persephone was intuitive enough to know that she needed to be something more than a magician so she made her into a dryad. That would be an interesting plot imo and explain how she can do magic. That makes sense with Penny to, a good explanation. Still a little confused with the other niffin's explanation about other magical creatures being affected/dying, but maybe they through that out because of the plot, idk.

      Yes. I want to see that too. I loved the scene where she and Elliot were talking code since the Queen was using her eye to spy on her activities. XD

      Oh I loved the movies! The Judas Chalice was my favorite though. I loved the vampire lady. I'm glad it's all connected though with the movies and series. I was so happy that they made it into a series but at first was worried they weren't going to include the original cast, but Flynn keeps leaving. I guess due to budget or plot, idk, but I guess 4 Librarians is a bit much in some cases.

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    • Not the best idea.

      They could, yes. From the season trailer I saw they're going to add things from that storyline so it's very likely. It's all connected to the quest of the tales of the magical keys.

      It's amazing when they use pop culture that cleverly lol

      Me too! I love the plot twist like Du Lac and Jenkins connection to Avalon and Arthutian legends and the magic wreaking havoc in the world now.

        Loading editor
    • Lol no, it really isn't XD I save it for the weekend.

      That's cool. I hope they explore it. I'm not familiar with those books, but they seem interesting. I may check them out if I ever get done with classes and can read something for fun.

      As far as I'm concerned that was the best part of the whole episode, especially the "wiki" reference XD Lol I've not read the GoT books either, but I've read the wiki.

      Anything related to Avalon and Arthutian legends, and magic therein, I'll give it a shot. I love the legends surrounding King Arthur.

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    • Without enough sleep I'd be one of the extras from the walking dead.

      They're cool. Very different from the series though. For example, Julia is briefly shown in the first one and only became relevant in the 2nd. The negative note is that they're all white in the books.

      Poo culture give them an edge in Fillory and they deceived even the fairy Queen lol I like when they make faeries creepy.

      Me too! Have you ever seen the series Camelot with Eva Green, Ralph Fiennes and Jamie Campbell Bower?

        Loading editor
    • Lol thank God for coffee XD I usually get ~7hr avg. but coffee helps to get me going.

      How generic. That's generally why I can't watch something first if there is a book series that I want to read. My perception is already with the actors that portray the characters when I watch. I'm usually better the other way around. Even detailed descriptions of characters, can leave you with a vague impression of what they would actually look like. Idk, I guess it just depends but if they find the right actors, it doesn't matter, like Peter Mensah being Lemuel (who was Caucasian in the books). Perfect choice and now, I wouldn't have it any other way. he just brings the role to life, imo.

      The faeries are really creepy, especially how they just "show up" seemingly randomly. A good creep factor though.

      No I haven't but I like Eva Green. I watched her in Penny Dreadful, so I'm pretty sure I'd like it. Is she Morgana? or something?

        Loading editor
    • Coffee running through my veins every day lol

      They weren't even very detailed in the books. Like Dean Fogg was "tall, pale and blonde." Penny was pretty much the stereotyped grunge punk like this[1]. Yeah, I had the same "problem" with MTX books, keeping thinking about the actors even when the description was different lol

      Yes she's an amazing Morgana! It's just 1 season. trailer

        Loading editor
    • Same here. It's literally the elixir for my life.

      Ew. Really. Penny!? Nah... okay yeah this is a rare instance where the tv adaptation is much better! Yeah having read them first, well I think I saw the trailer first, idr, but yeah I had this predisposition about what I would expect the characters to be and act like. Some things I liked the change, others were a bit harder to accept. Fiji's book character struggled with her appearance, specifically her weight which tied into her self doubt with Bobo. Bobo was also a dirty blond I believe too. While that didn't really happen in the show, Parisa's personality was the embodiment of Fiji. Really it's a give an take on some things, and sometimes it's good, sometimes, it's bad. I wished they would have carried more of Manfred's description into his character, more tattoos and piercings, etc. That would have been cool to see.

      That was pretty cool. I didn't know about it. Then again it's nearly 7 years old. I don't think I had the ability to watch it back then, idr. It was on Starz so it was probably never on my radar to begin with. Sucks that it was canceled though. Wikipedia cited "scheduling conflicts". To bad they couldn't resurrect the series considering it was the "most-watched and highest-rated original series debut ever". Oh well. At least it's short but considering it was canceled I bet it was left open for another season. It's one of those, do I or don't I watch it and get invested in it, knowing there's nothing after the first season.

        Loading editor
    • Having watched the series before reading MTX books, it was hard for me not to think of the actors but I enjoyed both of them. Can't say the same for the Magicians books, which I even read before the series was a thing. I was so glad they changed so many stuff because it could be really boring reading chapter after chapter of Quentins self-pity XD

      Woah 7 years ago? Really? 😅 to me it feels like few years ago lol

        Loading editor
    • Yeah going back and reading certain passages of the book, all I can think about are the actors too. They brought the characters into a different light, and it's hard not to imagine them otherwise. Lol we got enough of that in the first season. Still get it from time to time thought. Once I started watching TVD, I checked those books out on Wikipedia. Vastly different than the show. I wouldn't find myself reading them.

      Yup. It looked pretty good though. I stumbled across this show called Hex, it's much older but it had Joseph Morgan in it's first series, though it was canceled after the second. It has witches and fallen angels from what I read. Googling one thin lead to another and another, and I found myself reading this. Lol. The internet is a trap! :P

        Loading editor
    • I read the first two and bored me to death. Elena is even more annoying in the books! At least in the TV series isn't racist. I quite liked the Stefan diaries which aren't written by LJ Smith but only read the first two again. I liked the one with Lexi in it.

      Yeah i watched it years ago! There's a lesbian ghost that cracked me up every time and the fallen angels are really cool not hot quarterbacks in high school like in that Fallen saga lol Think was one of the witch series Johnny (Salem's admin) suggested me when we used to talk on wiki. That guy is witchipedia lol

        Loading editor
    • I can't even imagine that. She was so bad in the series, I can't picture her any more annoying. Not directly not, but their was definitely undertones. Especially when it came to Bonnie and Elena. Which was why I was really surprised to read this article. You can ignore the St/Delena stuff but Kevin Williamson talks about Bonnie's path that they laid out at the start of S8. Weren't they supposed to be companion series to the show, written by a ghostwriter or something? Idk. I've not read any of the books associated with the show. I've skimmed the Original Novels and enough of the passages about the spells used, but not the books in entirety. Lol that sounds horrible but I just haven't and probably won't.

      That's cool. Like I've mentioned before I'm always conflicted about starting "new shows" (new to me, anyways) knowing that they are ~10 years old, canceled or only has a small number of episodes. I don't want to start and get invested in it, knowing that theirs not much to go with it. Idk I want to watch something new and not necessary a "DC" show. I was so bored with TV last night, I picked up watching a new medical drama, which basically already has very similar plot elements and scenes like all the other medical dramas have had that came before it. Idk how these things keep getting scripted when they are all practically the same. smh.

      Yeah I know of the user. I think he's over on AHS now. I've seen a few comments from him on TVD, but I don't think I've ever interacted with him. He seems like a really good/knowledgeable user though. I've also seen his work over on the Taboo community. (I liked that show, to bad it was a limited series. smh)

        Loading editor
    • Trust me, you'd want to throw the book across the room for the things she says. Imagine this snob white blonde superficial cheerleader who only thinks about boy's abs and being popular at school. At least, that's in the first book. I didn't read the others and there are tons of spin-offs, official and unofficial sequels etc. so maybe she's better there. At some point, she even became an angel lol

      It's awful how they treated Bonnie/Kat. No surprise she doesn't want to have anything to do with the show anymore!

      Yeah they are written by ghostwriters and I think it's the same who wrote the new series of The Secret Circle, Aubrey Something.

      I don't know if I'd consider Hex canceled. Let's say they didn't renew it. Because the S2 ending was really cool and totally fits the series' tones imo. A cliffhanger but still a badass series finale. But yeah I 100% agree with you and feel the same when they ax shows with no reason other than money and "low ratings".

      Oh cool! I learned a lot from him because I started editing on a wiki he administered so I got quite a few tips just like with you and Kev! I think you'll get along very well, both of you are hunted by users with pitchforks for asking to respect guidelines and policies -.-"

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    • That sounds like crappy fanfiction. I can't with that type of stuff. Bonnie's not even a "witch" so that was like an immediate "NOPE" lol. I think she also gets with Damon which is horrible and probably why all the twitter fan girls love 'Bamon' so much. Of course she does. All the more reason for me to dislike the character that is Elena Gilbert lol.

      I agree. As much as I'd love for her be/guest star in the Originals, I know it's not going to happen. And I wouldn't want it to just for her to be screwed over one last time. I swear JP better not make any snide, indirect comments about her via Caroline or anyone else that's in mystic falls when TO comes back.

      I knew there were books, but I wasn't aware of a new series. You read them? They any good?

      Lol eventually I view everything as 'canceled' as in it didn't get another season. Well I guess that's not entirely the right way to look at it. Some shows lose main case and opt to close the series. So, yeah, we'll go with "didn't renew it" lol.

      I seriously thought about editing on the Taboo wiki, but I just can't afford the time. If I'm any kind of familiar with the Admin's work/attitude, etc, I'd be more willing to join a community. Lol yeah then we'd probably get along great then, considering asking for a little respect etc for guidelines isn't asking for much. Yeah if I had more time, I'd probably edit on a wiki or two where he admins, though, time-wise, I can't. TVD/TO is just maintenance atm. Nothing really going on here, though I need to finish a couple summaries. RD, I'm not entirely invested in, a couple summaries here and there, but more or less waiting for Sabrina (then I will be). But I'd say the bulk of my edit time is for Runaways currently, I've really enjoyed watching and re-watching those episodes! :)

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    • It's very bad. The secret circle was a little better but still fullstock with undeveloped characters. Didn't read the new series but from what I've read on wiki it's a mix between old books and the TV series, placing it in the 2000s when the original series was in the 80s and changing characters to fit the TV series personalities... They did the same with TVD.

      Don't think he'll have anything against that. He's nice despite what some users say.

      At the moment, RD is the one I edit the most with the weekly updating of Alice, FP, Reggie and Archie's summaries and/or screencaps and the categories. Can't wait to add Ambrose to the list.

      I'm such a bad person I've yet to start editing on Runaways and finish TO summaries 😓

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    • Yesterday was soo busy for me. X/ This coming week will also be hectic too.

      That's kinda cool. Hmm. I might have to check out the first new book or something. It's been ages ago, it feels, since I've watched the secret circle. Maybe with all these reboots, they will reboot the show with a long awaited season two. XD Probably not, but one can dream.

      Lol there are a select few people that if you ask about me, and a few other staff on TVD, they wouldn't say anything nice (an 95% of them haven't even wrote a message to me XD). But of course those are also the people that want free reign to do whatever they please (without consequence) so... meh.

      I wanted to write Chic's but I just usually so busy by the time I can, he's already written for. Oh well. I've wrote for Hermione though, so I may keep doing that. I have a select few characters I like to add caps too (if I can), like, Hermione, Penelope and Cheryl, among others. I can't wait either! The First episode title has me really excited for the series and the magic. I can't wait to update the witch page!!

      Don't feel that way! It's totally fine. We're all busy people and you have your other communities you edit on, so it's understandable.

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    • No worries. It's cool. You just need to forget the original series because of the many inconsistencies (like suddenly having cell phones) Yeah instead of all those reboots and remake and unnecessary spin-offs why don't give that show a second season? -.-

      I'm pretty sure that those few people are the same mad at him lol

      I think it was Kevin because when I went to write Alice's that morning it was already there! I expanded a bit his personality, though. Feel free to revise it if you like :) Same. Few selected (Alice, FP, Reggie for sure!) Id' like to work a bit more on Kevin and writing for Archie since right now I'm just updating his gallery but he has so many scenes and I'd like to keep the standard detailed and high. Of course, I'm also the nerd adding notes from the comics every now and then. Hoping that you guys like my little bites from the comics lol

      The witchery in all its form would be out reign lol I'm already seeing both of us having endless conversations about it lol

      I finished Vincent's so that's good. It's just that I'd like to help at least with Chase aka finding excuses to look at his pics like Gert with her goggles XD

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    • That would be cool. I would like for the cast to come back and do a season two, but idk if I could stay PT given her TO character. I think redoing might be better, but those are all dreams.

      Wouldn't surprise me. XD

      Yeah. He's so quick with it. Oh well, it can't be helped I guess. XP I like the minor/guest characters more I guess. Though I love Hermione and Penelope XD I may attempt to write more for them. Idk. Things never slow down with me and the spring is worse than the fall with certain things for class. Same for me, I can easily spend an hour writing a summary for a single character, but I like the detail that goes into it.

      I like it! There's a lot of iterations of Sabrina so it's good to include those and the links to explore them! :) Good work!

      I just saw your message on TVD, though, I've not responded to it yet. Lol that's fine. I've not worked on his page, at all. I've actually been working on Tina's page, then I'll probably move to Nico's page. In between those summaries, me and another user, have been working on the minor character page, trying to knock all of those characters out.

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    • I'm still disappointed they killed Nick. He was my favorite. Too much Cassie and Diana when I wanted to see Melissa making potions lol That's cool, though. It totally deserved a second season, maybe a 13-episodes-long or something. I preferred it over the latest seasons of TVD.

      Yeah some users were throwing tantrums there too.

      Same. I'm starting to be more detailed with mine but it takes time. At first, I edited Valerie but then they decided to send the Pussycats on space (comics reference) so I had to move somewhere else lol And I love Alice so much <3 I literally watched the Twin Peaks revival just for her because the season wasn't really great. I was planning to finally start watching The X-Files but I'm a bit scared.

      Thank you! I'm planning to add some bits on Riverdale's characters too. I've already added some things in the past few months to Reggie or episodes when there were direct references, but none to characters like Archie or Veronica.

      No problem! I'm getting random questions there. Hoping won't lead to arguments. That's good, so at least all needed articles have their own page so what's left is adding content!

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    • I didn't like it either. I didn't see the need or reason why the writers went that route, only to introduce his cousin or however he was related. I don't remember many specifics though. I did like Melissa and thought she could have used more screen time. I concur. XD

      I'm at the point where I really don't care. If they don't like it, then they can leave. I'm tired of the drama and I'm not going to tolerate it.

      I like the detailed summaries. It is a lot of work, but... idk, once I get started it just flows on out lol. Sometimes, before I publish, I do check myself because I don't want it sound like I'm rambling, or just nic-pick every little detail.

      The X-Files revival is on my list. Idk when or if I'll get around to it, but I sometimes watch reruns on basic cable some nights and I love watching them. I think I'd like the new ones too.

      That will be cool. Considering I've not read them, it would be cool to have some major trivia points about the comics, whether they are similar or differences between them. I did think maybe, Kev could make a comic template, versus just listing each new issue to each page... adding them individually to each page with each new issue seems like a lot. Just a though, it would make editing easy/quicker.

      It's been pretty chill of late. Knock on wood, it stays that way. Most of the drama has been picking up on Discussions, but I think, after yesterday, it's calmed down. Haven't had to block anyone, yet. XD

      For the most part, yes. There's a few location pages that haven't been created yet, that I think will probably be created soon, but it's not a necessary thing at the moment. Lol I'll be working summaries up to the release of the second season probably. XP

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    • His annoying brother lol The only good thing coming out from that is that Cassie never kissed Nick. Melissa deserved better but I'm sure she had Bennet blood in her veins, that's why they always mistreated her.

      Agree. It's just pointless and childish.

      The second season of the revival is airing or at least that's what i get from Youtube, and I didn't see the first one lol

      You mean like the Episodes one added at the bottom of each episode page? Yeah that would be nice.

      That's not bad. We can cover the wait for the new season refreshing our memories with season 1.

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    • Brother... ugh it's been forever, it feels like, since I've seen it. The details of almost everything is fuzzy! Lol I had to stop and check the wiki. It's been 6 years since it ended (2012). Goodness me. Had to check out WoEE too. It ended in 2014. Smh. Time flies when you enjoy tv. More love triangle drama. Can't stand it. "The Bennett Treatment" lol coin that phrase! XD

      It is. I've just not seen it. I think it's a second season since the revival started, but I'll probably get around to watching it sooner or later with reruns or something.

      Yeah something like that where it would be quicker and easier to edit the template, versus each page. Just a suggestion. Kev can probably create something, or duplicate the episode template.

      Yup. That way the "waiting" doesn't seem as long since I'm like constantly re-watching it, or at least bit and pieces/part of it for various reasons/edits.

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    • And Josie McCoy is a victim of the Bennett treatment too. I guess it' a CW signature 🤣

      I'll probably binge watch both seasons during some holidays/weekend.

      I'll ask but I don't think would be a problem making one. Don't know if regular users can edit templates, though. In case I should write to him to update it every time I create a page for a new issue.

      Exactly! And I've till April to update Marcel lol people are mad for TO starting late but I'm happy so I'm not too behind with edits lol

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    • Lol must be. Poor Josie. Added as main cast, yet they don't do anything with her. Seems like they have way too may plot going on at once. Her character is more like a recurring or minor character at this point. Idk, hope it changes in the future.

      Lol right. Idk when I'll get around to it. Work/Class is keeping me terribly busy X/

      It depends on the template. I think most of the essential ones on RD are locked. Not all are though, but it's to prevent vandalism since the templates are used on many/multiple pages.

      I'm indifferent. I'd like it to be sooner, but whatever. It's not like I'm really editing much of TO anyways, so...

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    • Which is odd because she and Cheryl were main from the start (now Kevin too) yet they are barely on screen and just to support the core four storylines. Even Jason's death turned out to be a ploy for her main four... On the bright side, I guess they're still paid as starting and not as guest lol

      Got it! I'll ask and see what's the best way to do it 😉

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    • I would assume as much, but I also would put much stock into it. Idk how all that works, but it could be done by payable screen-time or something. Just because they are main cast, they have considerable less screen-time as the others. I honestly don't understand why Kevin was promoted, his role in the show hasn't really changed. Josie may pursue the solo career thing, but I doubt it will last much longer.

      Ah I see a template was made. Lol maybe I'm a "lazy" editor, but that's so much easier to update versus an ever growing number of issues XD. It also looks better, too, I guess.

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    • it's something I don't understand very well either :/ And all those underused characters have much potential. Like we got it, Betty is fascinated by her dark side and Veronica is torn between being nice and being loyal to Daddy Satan. Instead of showing that each episode, they could give some space to Josie, Cheryl, Kevin, and Reggie. Like that episode with the three stories.

      Yes, for continuity with episode pages it looks better and can be quickly updated.

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    • I would prefer more of those episodes. Imo, they put too much focus on the "core four" and it's annoying. Why have so many "main characters" and do nothing with so many of them. Like Cheryl wasn't even in the last episode. Kevin had no point, he was just there. I actually don't even recall him speaking. lol. Josie was there, but again, it didn't even really matter because Veronica wanted to sing her solo, so... didn't really see the point for a duet. Idk maybe all shows do this but it's starting to annoy me how underused some characters are.

      Good. I'm glad one was used. Templates do make things much easier to use and update episode for navigation purposes!

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    • Agreed! I think if they focus too much on one character in an episode, next one they should shift to someone else or they'll stretch that character (ie. Jughead or Betty) to become annoying imo. Yeah, Kevin pretty much asked about the dress code for Veronica's confirmation ceremony :/ I'm also interested in Fred, Alice, Penelope and what the hell is going on with Hermione who now it's just the mobster wife drinking wine all day long.

      I'm seriously waiting for a serious catfight between Josie and Ronnie now. She practically stole her band (yeah, technically Josie left to pursue a solo career but still...) acting like a saint wanting to protect her "innocent" friends... Also, weren't they supposed to show us Cheryl stalking Josie?

      Yup, a really good thought! ;)

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    • No I agree. Right now Archie is just kinda "blah" for me. Jughead is annoying, imo, this season and all about the Serpents having went from 0 to 60 not wanting to be one to whining about every little thing gone wrong. I just don't evenom know about Betty and her "darkness". I'd like to see more Cheryl and Hermione personally.

      What Veronica did in taking over the pussycats was a bit dirty, but then again Josie wanted a solo career so I can't blame them. I thought they would focus a bit more on that story but i guess that is down the road, idk.

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    • I agree, they are giving too much space to the same characters it's getting annoying, running out of storylines too soon while there are others without a single line across several episodes. Cheryl wasn't even in the last episode :/

      Exactly. And I would also like to know something about Valerie and Melody instead of having them there like nameless extras watching silently.

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    • Lol Cheryl's getting the Bennett treatment too. Disappearing for a whole episode. That wouldn't happen to Betty or Veronica. Next episode it to focus more on her so I hope it will be such a good one.

      I'm really surprised they're credited as Guest Stars. I don't get it. They're treated more like minor characters, which I frequently think they are. Given what they are used as in the plot, I highly doubt they will expand on them, at all. They could use some fleshing out though.

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    • It's really odd. Just stumbled upon this article [1]

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    • Thank you!! That article speaks VOLUMES!

      As much as I love Cheryl, and it's not the actors/characters fault, it's the writers, Josie is typically replaced with Cheryl or over shadowed with Veronica, i.e. Most recently when Veronica wouldn't let Josie sing solo at her confirmation, she just had to do a duet. Smh. While I like Josie, I can't help but to think I'd like her a lot more if she actually was treated like a main and really developed. At this point I do like Cheryl more because out of the two, she's more developed.

      RAS should read this article post haste and maybe, just maybe, be able to save Josie (and Cheryl for that fact) if they get a season three.

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    • You're welcome :) Totally agree with everything you said.

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    • Sadly, I can't help to think that it won't really change with her development though. They've just introduced Chic and now a murder mystery with him, Alice and Betty and that whole mess. The Lodges/Andrews stuff. Jones and his Serpent crusade (smh, so annoyed with that). The whole is he or isn't he dead with the BH. I think I got all the main plots going on, where does Josie's solo career fit into this.... I don't see it being a main thing to include.

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    • They could still fit in Kevin, Josie, Reggie and Cheryl in the main plot instead of focusing solely on the core four like Betty could start doing her researches together with Kevin, Josie could do something against Veronica helped by Cheryl or something like that. It's becoming annoying watching repetitive scenes and dialogues... Last episode I really wanted for them to kick Jughead out lol

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    • I think I would have rather had seen how Kevin would have reacted to Betty (and Alice's) situation more so than the Jones'. I mean, having the Sheriff back you would have been better move imo. Cheryl and Josie facing off Veronica... hmm. I think I'd enjoy watching that. Veronica has fallen off my list of liked characters, not that I hate her but I really like Hermione more now.

      OH I was so hoping that would have happened along with the removal of his tattoo. Blood for blood kinda thing, but no, it's just "probation" UGH -.- but I guest without the serpents, he no longer has a plot. Lol one can hope. Smh he's so annoying me the last few episodes. Of course now he's involved with the coopers situation.

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    • Exactly! I don't hate her either, but like you, it's becoming kinda boring having the same characters doing the same things over and over... Yeah, I'd like to see Josie and Cheryl team up. I think in season 1 Josie said she'll do anything for her girl or something along the line but they never truly show their friendship, how it started and things like this. And I find a bit OOC that Cheryl is doing nothing while Veronica steals the spotlight of her BFF.

      Spill his blood on Greendale soil lol Sure, he always has to be involved -.- I'd liked him more when he was just the outsider narrator but I'm ok with him being involved only because that means more FP on my screen. And I'm kind of disappointed that Kevin appreciated "Daddy" Lodge but never daddy Jones :P And he has a thing for serpents so go on boy! say something nice about him.

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    • I know. Cheryl was involved a lot with season one, mainly because it was centered around her borther's death. Now, it's kinda like they don't know what to do with her. She's in and out of scenes/episodes with no real purpose. Like she probably could have done a bit more when the serpents arrived at Riverdale, other than march down a bunch of stairs. Seems rather anticlimactic that she's not doing much of anything. I do like how she's taken an active role in standing up for herself and against her mother and recently Hal. Her teaming with Josie would make the most sense given that their characters aren't really doing anything right now.

      Sacrifice! XD Mwahahah but really. He sticks his nose into everything it seems, especially with the serpents. I like FP but what are they doing with his character!? Or the Serpents for that fact. They are they one minute and then... nothing only used to push the plot. Whatever the Lodges are planning, I hope they get it finished quick! Maybe it will push along that narrative, idk. Has Kevin met FP? He's had to right? The only thing that comes to mind is maybe Jughead b-day party? Lol I so don't remember, but I can see it happening! XD

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    • Yup they should do something with them because it's such a waste of interesting characters.

      The serpents only serve to have some to blame and give Jughead relevance in the show. I could be wrong but he saw him at the birthday party, but can't remember if he said something about him.

      Agree. This Lodge mafia plot is cool but let's do something with it not just this mysterious who-knows-what lol

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    • It's a shame. One would hope that with more episodes, it would be able to give characters more development, but ironically, it seems like they are doing right the opposite. Smh.

      I would stand to reason that as well. There was this post in Discussion on RD about North v. Southside(s) (basically Lodges v. FP/Jughead & Serpents) and a lot of people are all for the Serpents. Myself, however, and I'd probably get hate for saying it there because of all the fangirls and crap, but I'm rooting for the Lodges, Hermione specifically, because I'm so over the Jones/Serpent storyline. They are dragging it and stretching it out so much just to make Jughead relevant and have a "separate" story. In their own way, I do think the Lodges are trying to build something better for Riverdale. And while the tactics may wrong/harsh or (possibly) "illegal" (we still don't know what they ARE doing, lol)... people seem to forget that the Serpents are a "gang". They traffic drugs and they are know for their petty crime. Just look at the reputation that the southside has. For a gang that was founded to promote "family" and stuff they sure don't do anything to better themselves.

      Eh. I agree. They are just taking way to long with it. Introducing Archie "into the family" though is annoying. Because are they really going to corrupt him. I eye-rolled so hard why typing that XD. Also, between Serpents V. Lodges, for some reason in the back of my mind, it really makes me question whether or not the Lodges will "win" because God-forbid something happen to Jughead (more eyeroll). Just like with the last episode, Hiram was/is going to paid the trailer parks back rent. I just don't understand sometimes. RD frustrates me sometimes.

      I assume as much as well. It's been a while since I've watched S1, but the b-day party would be what I assume as well.

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    • When I discovered there were more episodes this season, I thought that as well!

      I missed that conversation and may join it or at least read it after dinner, although don't really know what to say lol Yeah, I remember past conversation with people shocked at the Serpents doing hardcore stuff and I was like "but they are a gang, they are criminal, what are they supposed to do?" I don't know what side I'd pick because I like both FP and Hermione and would really like to know more about the parents than these ship nonsense thrown in every conversation like "whatever happened i don't care, Bughead is life!". Surely Jughead is getting on my nerves whit his hero complex. And he used to be a favorite of mine. He needs to chill out because he's doing more wrong than good to his own cause.

      They really don't know what to do with Clueless Archie :( I would've liked a subplot with him, Reggie and Kevin and the three of them investigating stuff like rot politics, clashing with Southsiders (Red Circle?) or joining forces against Lodges buying any soul and soil in Riverdale lol Or even going full Scooby Gang heading to Greendale. Reggie is a proud Northsider and presumably Bulldogs leader, Kevin is the Sheriff' son. Let them do something other than being these hot dudes in the background.

      I'd also like to know where are they going with Archie's thoughts on catching the wrong Black Hood. We know that Adams was a fake agent, but that doubt was legit.

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    • I guess for that to happen, they would end up make it too slow of a pace for tv or the episode would ultimately fill like more of a filler episode without moving the plot. I've considered being the odd man out and respond to it, but I think I won't at this point. Lol right. Like they've been mostly talk though the drugs and the bomb thing was hardcore, yet when they get into a fight, NOBODY has weapons except for Archie... -.- sometimes they have random plot moments. Like You'd think it would have been the other way around or something different.

      Shippers, as we know get on my nerves. They use the app for pointless drama and literally do just what you wrote - "whatever happened i don't care, Bughead is life!". That or they will make posts with no dicussion, just #Bughead and other random crap. It's annoying so I hardly ever go there. I agree. I feel like they took this Serpent thing from 20 to 100 in all of an episode. Now Jughead has a "hero" complex to "save the gang" or whatever he wants to do.

      Lol they are being so extra with his character this year. Like he's in and out of plots. BH, wrestling, Lodge apprentice. Like they are making huge strides with barely any development and, for me, it seems all over the place. They won't touch much more with Greendale imo. They have Sabrina for that, and besides the idle comment, I doubt we'll even be back there for many more scenes, if any. But yeah, doing something like that would have really utilize their characters, but we get a "Confirmation", that if you remove that from the plot, could have still worked to have Hiram's buddies come to town. Shockingly, Hiram holds a "business meeting" over dinner with partners, lol.

      Lol right. His concern is real, and if I'm not mistaken, the BH may make an appearance in the next episode? Convenient right? Idk they should have laid it to rest and not this is he or isn't he the BH/is he dead.

        Loading editor
    • Yup should definitely choose a different angle for the Serpents because right now looks more just Jughead's school gang (a bit like was in the comics with little Fangs and little Penny causing troubles to Archie and the gang). Also where are Toni, Sweet pea and Fangs? The ghoulies? Or the difference between the kids and the grown up.

      I decided not to. I've no interest in getting sucked into those pointless conversations you mentioned. And speaking of, I got the impression we were moving toward interesting post for once on TVD but was harshly brought back to the fact that comments are just rants. So sad.

      I would've liked that only if would make sense. Right now seems just tossed in for no reason than creating drama. Just like Archie welcomed into the mafia family.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, the do need a new angle. It's a little contradicting to their story. They were all for getting out of Southside, yet they are now happy to be at Northside, because of functioning toilets. Maybe if you didn't do gang activities and work on image and get the Ghoulies out, then maybe you'd have a better school. It's like they are saying and doing two different things. Lol good question. They are just part time students anyways, Plot can't revolve around single serpent memeber, except Jughead. Lol I mentioned this to Kev in another message, but I highly doubt the Ghoulies will ever be mentioned or seen again. They "served" their purpose to intimidate Jughead to push him to the Serpents. The whole rival gangs things are no longer needed for plot, unless they tie it back to Penny and the drug lady in Greendale.

      I've done the same. One I don't have the time to deal with their (not specifically all the users from that one convo -just the crazy shippers) childish behaviors. Some users can actually hold very intelligent and meaningful convos. When is it ever not. Rants and Shipping is apparently the reality.

      If they do in up bringing him back, and that the other guy just took the fall, for me, it will feel like wasted time/plot. Talk about drama, lol Veronica specifically wanted to keep Archie out and Hiram/Hermione brought him in. <cough> "Mistake" <cough> I feel like rooting for Hermione will be a bad choice because they can't ever tarnish the reputation of Archie and co. Smh. We'll see.

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    • this is amazing news! I had almost completely lost hope.

        Loading editor
    • Just saw that I didn't answer your previous comment!

      Yeah I was expecting something more sinister/dangerous and they even let Jughead harming Penny so I thought that keeping the Serpent vs Ghoulies vs Northsiders would have lasted longer. Atm there isn't much about the serpents other than Jughead's pride and showing him and FP with the jackets. Hope this while burying bodies will lead to know a bit more about Alice's past or something. I'm also super interested in Chic and his plan to get rid of annoying Hal. Too bad he seems to want to keep Polly the crazy sister in the family lol I wonder what she's doing in that barn with the cult.

      I'm sure many of them are really cool people but when I see that the entire conversation is just "in my mind I'm engaged to Cole Sprouse/Jughead/Archie etc" I'm a bit scared lol

      Of course they can't make Archie do anything bad. Just wish to see the Hiram industries next level because right now I'm annoyed by the repetitive scenes between Archie, Veronica and Hiram with Hermione drinking all the wine on earth from huge glasses... At this point I wonder if she really cared for Fred or was just a farse and was always loyal to Hiram and this plan to buy all Riverdale.

      And what about Penelope and her new charitable plans? I really want to know what Grandma Blossom have to say about it lol

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