Family isn't always about blood. Family are the people that accept you as you are, without judgment. The people that stand with you in joy and agony. With family, love doesn't come with conditions. Sacrifices are made willingly, if only to spare your loved ones pain. And if you're exceptionally lucky, you're born into that. But sometimes not. Sometimes it takes a long time to find that family. Most of us know what it's like to be alone, solitary. But because we know loneliness, we recognize the miracle, the magic, committing to that family, for good or bad, sickness or health, aging and not.

The Virgin Sacrifice is the tenth episode of the first season of NBC's Midnight, Texas and the tenth episode of the series overall. It is also the season finale.


THE GATES OF HELL HAVE OPENED IN MIDNIGHT - With Hell literally about to erupt onto Witch Light Road, and Fiji about to be claimed by the Demon who has been tormenting her, Manfred leads the Midnighters to take back their home from the evil forces that occupy it. As Bobo turns his attention to saving Fiji, Olivia and Creek confront the wraiths. Manfred focuses on killing the demon and closing the veil with the help of Lem, Joe, and the Rev. Manfred takes a desperate gamble and risks his life by asking for help from an unlikely source.[2]


MTX 110-001-Fiji-Jeremy

Fiji and Jeremy returning to Midnight on foot

The sandstorm has passed, leaving a demolished Midnight in its wake. Tossed furniture, destroyed shops, and dead animals were all reoccurring sites within the town. Fiji and Wraith-Jeremy return to Midnight on foot, with the Midnighters not far behind on the vampire bus. Joe explains that Colconnar plans to use Fiji for procreation purposes. When the demons came through the veil a millennia ago, they used woman to come forth and multiply. While most of the Midnighters were disgusted, Lem wasn't the slightest bit surprised. Fiji is as powerful of a natural witch as he has ever seen. All the more powerful because she is a virgin. Bobo isn't too concerned with the reasoning behind the demon's need for Fiji, all he knows is that its not going to lay a finger on her so long. Olivia reassure him that they're going to bring a stop to Colconnar.

Fiji is upset after seeing what is left of Midnight. She can feel Colconnar getting closer and stronger. The ground begins to shake, then it cracks right beneath their feet. Fiji worries that this is a sign of Colconnar's arrival, though it was merely a quake. Although, Colconnar does call out for Fiji from hell. He is very eager to meet her.

MTX 110-003-Joe-Creek-Manfred-Rev. Sheehan

The Midnighters on the vampire bus to Midnight

When Manfred died, the shaman told him that the first demon was going to rise on the night of the blood moon. That's tonight. They're incredibly dangerous. Manfred and Xylda would avoid doing readings on those very nights because of the potent psychic environment they create. It can act as a conduit for evil. To make matters worse, it's also a full moon, meaning that have the Rev's weretiger transformation to take into consideration. With so much working against them, they at least had one thing going for them, Fiji's spell worked. Manfred knows how to kill Colconnar.

As Fiji and Wraith-Jeremy proceed further into town, they are joined by at least half a dozen wraiths, all of which were sent by Colconnar to guard Fiji.

MTX 110-017-Rev. Sheehan-Joe-Manfred-Lemuel-Olivia

Midnighters taking weapons inventory

Nearing their arrival to Midnight, Manfred instructs Bobo, Olivia, and Creek to locate Fiji, and keep her safe until Colconnar has been dealt with. Creek asks Manfred how he's going to kill the demon. All he gives in response is that details aren't important, though Creek begs to differ. Before they can even consider killing Colconnar, they first need to find an efficient method in combating the wraiths. It barely touched Bobo, yet that's all it took to burn through his clothes and skin. They take inventory of the weapons they managed to gather on the bus, which consists of an impressive collection of guns, blades, and ammunition. However, wraiths are spirit manifestations of evil, meaning hatchets and knives weren't going to be of much use. Manfred is thinking they go old school. Wraiths are evil, and as everyone knows, evil has a long withstanding weakness to holy water. It burns them to the touch. They'll recoil, clearing a path to Fiji, thus allowing the Midnighters to get to her. Creek hands Rev a bottle of water, which he can sanctify, and use to bless the weapons. While Bobo, Olivia, and Creek are with Fiji, Manfred, Lem, Joe, and Rev will be at the pawn shop. There were items there that he requires, but he fails to specify on the items needed.

MTX 110-021-Olivia-Lemuel

Olivia checking in on Lemuel

Unsure if he is capable of using the consecrated weapons, Olivia enters the back room of the bus to check in on Lemuel. There was no need for Olivia to worry as he will be fine with the weapons. Over the years, Lem has developed a tolerance for holy water. At most, it stings. Olivia jokes that the reason for this is that he's not that evil. Lem knows that it can't be easy for her knowing what Colconnar has planned for Fiji, but his plans were no concern of Olivia's as she's positive that they're going to bring Fiji back safe and sound. Lem looks tired, so Olivia asks if he needed energy, however, Lem sees this for what it truly is; a ploy for him to leech away her fear. All in all, this wasn't the best idea considering they were broken up.

MTX 110-024-Manfred-Creek

Manfred sparing Creek of the details to his plan

Creek confronts Manfred on the secret he's keeping from her. He's yet to explain how he'll kill Colconnar. He repeats his earlier statement of the details being unimportant. She knows that he's try to spare her from whatever truth that he's too afraid to reveal. Whatever the risks may be, they're going through with the plan regardless, which will be easier to accomplish without Creek knowing the entirety of his plan. Creek agrees to drop the questions over Manfred's dangerous plan to stop Colconnar, but she asks of him not to die, as he did before.

MTX 110-031-Wraith-Jeremy

Jeremy and the wraiths

Fiji looks unworthy of Colconnar's presence. Wraith-Jeremy requests that she prepare herself for his arrival. Fiji attempts to get through to her former lover, pleading with whatever humanity he may still have intact. Unfortunately for Fiji, she learns after being burned by his touch that the man standing before her isn't Jeremy. It is actually a wraith that has taken on his appearance. Colconnar has been in Fiji's mind, granting him access to her memories and thoughts. Its how he and the wraiths know everything about her. The wraiths standing behind Wraith-Jeremy, take on his appearance as well. They all serve as a single reminder, that Fiji's power destroys and kills, much like Colconnar. Fiji runs into her house, locking the door behind her, and whimpering as she attempts to grab hold of the situation.

MTX 110-034-Rev. Sheehan-Manfred-Creek-Joe-Olivia-Lemuel-Bobo

The Midnighters heading to Midnight

With their sanctified weapons in hand, the Midnighters approach Midnight on foot. Save Fiji. Kill a demon. Close the portal to hell. And most importantly, stay alive. With Lem's flesh burning with every passing second due to the sun, the Midnighters continue on their path into Midnight. Over the phone, Joe tells Creek that the wraiths are down on her, Bobo, and Olivia's end. They look different from the last time she saw them, more solid, Creek comments. But it doesn't matter, they're still spirit manifestations, meaning they can take any shape. All things considered, they're still evil, and consecrated weapons are still effective in stopping them. Bobo peeks around the corner to see what they are doing with the collected animals corpses, but he decides that he would rather not know.

MTX 110-044-Wraiths~Joe-Manfred

Joe and Manfred fighting the wraiths

Manfred, Rev, Joe, and Lem plan to distract the wraiths long enough for Olivia, Bobo, and Creek to get to Fiji's shop. Joe whistles to catch their attention, which opens up the opportunity for Lem to shoot one of them with a crossbow. And while the sanctified weapons proved useful, the effects were short-lived. The wraiths quickly re-materialize. Guns, spears, and knives, all weapons used by Manfred, Joe, Rev, and Lem to hold off the wraiths long enough for the others to to make it over to Fiji's. However, with the wraiths blocking off their path, Olivia stays behind to cover Bobo and Creek. In which case, Manfred, Joe, Rev, and Lem take cover in the pawn shop. Face to face with two wraiths, Bobo and Creek charge in their direction, but as previously stated, Olivia was covering them from the roof of the chapel with a rifle. She takes out multiple wraiths, clearing the way for Bobo and Creek, both of whom eventually make it inside of Fiji's place.

MTX 110-050-Olivia

Olivia getting burned by a wraith's touch

Fiji explains that they shouldn't have come for her. She left them at the bar because they would be safe there. Her agreement to leave with Wraith-Jeremy was to prevent anyone else from dying, like Manfred had. However, Creek informs her that Manfred is alive. Fiji is thankful to learn that Manfred not only survived the spell but that her spell was successful in learning how to kill Colconnar. Nevertheless, Fiji does not want anyone else getting hurt because of her. Bobo has no intentions on leaving, but this doesn't mean that Fiji doesn't want him to. She can't deal with the thought of Bobo dying for her. With Bobo and Creek having secured Fiji, Olivia runs over from the church, hoping to make it inside before the wraiths return. While running through Fiji's garden, Olivia is grabbed from behind by Wraith-Jeremy, whose fiery touch leaves Olivia in burned and in immense pain. She lays on the ground, unable to move as a result of her scorched abdomen. Fiji hits Wraith-Jeremy with a sanctified hatchet, providing Bobo with enough time to get Olivia inside. He gently places Olivia on the couch, telling her that Fiji is going to take care of her.

MTX 110-053-Manfred

Manfred hearing dead voices in the pawn shop

Inside the pawn shop, Manfred struggles to stay focused due to all the voices of the dead inside his head. Their spirits are attached to various objects within the shop. Joe calls out to Manfred several times, asking what it is that he's looking for. The shaman said that to fight evil, he needs to know evil. There were spirits tethered to specific items in the shop, some of them were evil, possibly demonic. Given some of the folks, supernatural or otherwise, who have pawned items over the years, there logically had to be at least a couple of demonic possessed items.

Fiji creates her very own salve to apply to Olivia's wounds, as she continues to lie on the couch, thriving in agonizing pain. While Fiji's salve was capable of healing her own wounds, as well as Bobo's, Olivia's wounds were much deeper, meaning there's no guarantee it will work. Olivia's injuries only further proves Fiji's point, that the Midnighters would have been safer had they not come for her.

MTX 110-059~Olivia-Bobo-Fiji

Fiji trying to heal Olivia with her salve

Fiji reenters the room. She warns Olivia that the salve is going to be slightly gritty, and it'll make her sleepy, but at least it will ease the pain, possibly giving her a fun dream or two. Olivia says that it tastes awful. Fiji then takes a closer look at her wounds, which were devastating, but with Olivia being an assassin, Fiji is sure that she's endured worst pains. Creek receives a call from a Manfred. Olivia advises her against telling the others about her condition. It will only distract them in a time that they needed to be the most focused. Creek answers the phone. She complies with Olivia's request by not telling them of her severe injuries. Instead, Creek tells Manfred that everything is okay, and that he need only concern himself with Colconnar. Olivia thanks Creek for agreeing to her request. Before hanging up, Manfred tells Creek that he loves her, which was a first for him. She questions if he's only saying this because he doesn't think he's going to survive the battle with Colconnar. Does it matter, Manfred asks. It didn't matter. At least not to Creek. She reciprocates these feelings, telling Manfred that she loves him as well.

MTX 110-065-Manfred-Lemuel

Manfred and Lem going over the demonic possessed items

Lem returns to the front of the shop after collecting the various demonic possessed objects. The first item was a discovered by a happy and successful family man while on a hike. That afternoon, he beat his wife and six children to death. He claims that a demon made him do it. Moving on to the next item, the Iron Spider, which are shackles that were used to torture witches during the Inquisition. And finally, a voodoo hoof rattle. Manfred's headache worsens as Lem continuously shakes the rattle. He compares the pain to that of an eye pick being stuck behind his eye. Lem hands him a flask, hoping it will help subside the pain. Any port in a storm, Manfred says. Lem reflects on Manfred's previous statement of getting top know evil in order to stop Colconnar. He wonders what it means to know evil, and what Manfred hopes to accomplish by this. Manfred plans on allowing the demonic spirits to hijack him, despite the danger he would be facing. These are ancient, malevolent, and demonic spirits. This is far too risky of a plan for Lem to be okay with. Manfred could lose his life, so Lem offers Manfred a sip of his blood, though Manfred declines. Vampires aren't exactly efficient against demons. While this is true, Lem explains that his intentions aren't to turn Manfred. Lem would have to feed on him for that to occur. Vampire blood makes human stronger, and allows them to heal faster. Of course, there are side effects, but being possessed by demons can also have side effects. With that being said, Manfred decides to stick with the flask.

Olivia is burning up. Her wounds are beginning to take a toll on her, leaving Fiji worried over the possibility of an infection. She suggests that Bobo and Creek take Olivia to the hospital. She can't join them because the last time she left, Colconnar sent the wraiths to retrieve her. Fiji refuses to put Olivia or anyone else in danger. Creek offers to take Olivia on her own, while Bobo stays back with Fiji. Bobo sets out to bring the car around, telling Creek and Fiji to get Olivia ready.

MTX 110-070-Joe

Joe finding a sword

As Manfred tends to the plan, Joe browses throughout the shop, where he finds a well crafted Medieval sword. He's then approached by the Rev, who realizes that the veil fraying once more must bring back old memories for Joe, not good ones, Joe comments. He hated being a soldier of war. Bowie told him that they were fighting to exterminate those inferior to them, but to Joe, the constant war never seemed worth the bloodshed. This time around, it was different, it was worth fighting for because Midnight was his home. Rev takes the sword, offering to consecrate the weapon, providing it with use while in combat the wraiths.

Bobo pulls up to the front steps of the shop as Creek and Fiji help Olivia down the steps and into the car. Creek gets in, and pulls off without incident, as Bobo and Fiji head back into the shop.

MTX 110-071-Lemuel

Lemuel worried about losing everything

Lem has a feeling that they are about to lose everything, though the Rev writes it off as blatant pessimism. However, unlike the Rev, Lem is familiar with the level of demonic evil that Manfred is preparing to unleash, but with it being desperate times, desperate measures were being taken. Rev notes that desperate times can also bring out the best in people, similar to his relationship with Lemuel. It wasn't that long ago that he kept his distance from his fellow Midnighters, not to say that he wasn't cordial, but he still preferred to be alone. That is until the night that his wereself escaped. They searched for him, Lemuel included, and after finding him, he was given the opportunity to kill the Rev, yet he chose to save him from the darkness within himself instead. The Rev is one of them, which he didn't know at the time, but he knows now. They can use the church as sanctuary in case Colconnar can't be stopped. Unfortunately, that doesn't do Lem much good considering that vampires can't pass the church's threshold, though Rev seemingly has a solution to this dilemma.

MTX 110-075-Bobo-Fiji

Fiji burning a healing candle for Olivia

Fiji burns a healing candle for Olivia. While Bobo has his doubts that it will do much good, Fiji is willing it so. Like her Aunt Mildred would say, intentions can change reality. Bobo addresses Fiji's previous statement of being able to stop Colconnar on her own. He asks her to elaborate. Fiji's powers can be destructive, so she's going to use that to her benefit. She's going to do everything she can to protect Midnight. She may not be strong enough, but she has to try. Colconnar has been after her for a long time, and he's not going to stop, so Fiji has to be the one to stop him. By this, she means that she's going to give herself to him, and in the process, she's going to try to kill him. Bobo points out just how insane this plan is, but he has no idea what Fiji's magic is capable of. She's killed someone before, and she's willing to do it again in order to protect her friends. She tells Bobo about her relationship with Jeremy, and how their moment of intimacy ended in his demise.

MTX 110-080-Rev. Sheehan

Rev heading to the basement for his transformation

Back at the pawn shop, Rev wonders if Manfred has ever been possessed by a demonic spirits before. Manfred admits to being possessed by an angry ex husband, but never a demon, which makes they're plan to stop Colconnar even more dangerous than previously thought to be. Despite never being possessed by a demon before, Manfred intends to take on multiple demonic spirits on the night of a blood moon. What happens if Manfred can no longer control those spirits once they're inside of him? They're all screwed. Manfred's not even sure if he wants to go through with the plan, but the prophecy foretold a man of vision who can bridge the worlds of the living and the dead. It never specified what kind dead. This was the only plan that makes sense in the moment, and with no one else coming up with a plan of their own, it's all they have. What do you need from us, Joe ask. Manfred request that Joe and Lem stay nearby in case he can't control the demons. As for the Rev, it is almost night fall, meaning the moon is close to rising, and he needed to lock himself up in preparation for his transformation. Rev heads into the basement of the pawn shop with intentions on praying for Manfred until he turns.

MTX 110-083-Olivia-Creek

Olivia and Olivia headed to the hospital

In fear that she may not survive her extensive injuries, Olivia asks Creek to deliver a message to Lem for her. Creek refuses to deliver the message, as it would mean losing her optimism, and acknowledging Olivia's condition. She tells Olivia that she can deliver what messages she wants to Lem once she's better. Sadly, this may not have the happy ending that the two of them are hoping for. Creek has a change of heart after looking at Olivia's burns. In case it doesn't end well, she's willing to deliver Olivia's message, in which she reveals that she would have come back to Lem.

MTX 110-082-Demonic Spirits-Manfred

Manfred surrounded by 4 demonic spirits

Manfred calls out to the demonic spirits that are tethered to the various objects. He offers to release them from their binds to the world. He asks for a sign if they can hear him. He invites the spirits to cross over, so that he can see them. With four demonic spirits appearing before him at once, Manfred gets another one if his headaches, but he powers through it. And while Lem and Joe can't see the spirits for themselves, Manfred assures them that the spirits have answered his call. Surrounded by four demonic spirits, Manfred offers them a way out if they agree to first help him kill Colconnar. They wouldn't have to be tethered to the world any longer, allowing them to move on. After some contemplation, the demons agree to the deal, all four of them enter his body, one after the other, causing a transformation of sorts. Lem questions if they should intervene, but Joe advises him against it.

MTX 110-091-Fiji-Bobo

Fiji and Bobo kissing

As the wraiths gather up all the dead animals, and stack them in a pile, Bobo and Fiji review her plan to take down Colconnar. She intends to take all her anger and hurt, and do to Colconnar what she did to Jeremy. However, Bobo raises a valid point. Jeremy was human, while Colconnar is a demon from hell. There's no guarantee that Fiji's plan will work. He has a better idea. Colconnar desires her because she's a virgin witch, so instead of giving him what he wants, Bobo suggest that they do the opposite. If he and Fiji have sex, she is no longer of use to him. Fiji is in disbelief that Bobo is suggesting they have sex while in the midst of the Apocalypse. It's something he's been thinking about for a long time, since the first day she walked into the pawn shop with a plate of sand tarts. Fiji was so beautiful, kind, and funny, so he thought she was out of his league. As much as he has thought about the two of them being together, he knows that Fiji has as well. While she does admit that he's right , she never imagined it would happen like this. Bobo asks what she imagined, as he places his hand on her hips. She thought she would make him dinner, a roast with twice-baked potatoes, maybe. Then, they'd watch a scary movie, so that he would put his arms around her. Before she can finish her thought, Bobo pulls her close, and they begin to kiss.

As night falls, the wraiths finish gathering the last of the dead animals. Meanwhile, Fiji and Bobo continue kissing, though she can't help but worry that she will do the same to Bobo as she did Jeremy. Bobo on the other hand isn't the slightest bit concerned. Fiji isn't the same girl that she was back then, and so they resume kissing.

MTX 110-095-Colconnar

Colconnar rising

The rise of Colconnar is upon them. He enters Midnight from hell, telling the wraiths to bring the virgin witch to him. However, he would first have to get past Mnafred, who has undergone some kind of transformation after having allowed multiple demonic spirits to possess him. His voice has deepened and his eyes glow red. Colconnar recognizes that evil is making Manfred powerful. He extends Manfred an offer to join them, but he declines the offer by shooting a fireball at Colconnar, though this does little to no damage. Colconnar fires back, knocking Manfred to the ground.

MTX 110-101~Wraiths~Joe

Joe and the wave of energy that took out the wraiths

As the wraiths set out to retrieve Fiji, Joe flies down, and blocks their path to the Inquiring Mind. He uses his recently consecrated sword to fend them off, all the while Bobo and Fiji have sex just within the shop. Fiji doesn't want to hurt Bobo, which he doesn't believe she will, but if she does, he'll die a happy man. This isn't a joke, Fiji says. She loves him too much to hurt him. Bobo's confident in Fiji's ability to control her powers. Her magic is strong because she is strong. Her love is also strong, and because of this, he trust her completely. They proceed to have sex, as Joe continues to fight off the wraiths from just outside the door.

MTX 110-103-Demonic Spirits-Manfred

Manfred looking at Colconnar

While doing so, a huge surge of energy is released upon consummation. This surge of energy sends a ripple effect throughout Midnight, dissipating the wraiths, while also alerting Colconnar of her loss in virginity. He yells out in frustration, looking to Manfred, and telling him that everyone will die. Explosion after explosion, Colconnar seems determined to destroy Midnight, and everyone in it. Manfred takes cover behind a car as he is too weak in his current state to defeat Colconnar. Lem goes back in the shop to retrieve another demonic possessed item in hopes that it'll increase Manfred's power, and level the playing field. However, he seems to have forgotten that the Rev is also in the basement, and that he has turned into his wereself.

MTX 110-113-Demonic Spirits-Colconnar

Manfred vs Colconnar

Joe stabs Colconnar from behind with his sword, but it does little to no good. The sword breaks in two. Joe then attempts to use his light to defeat the demon, but Colconnar appears to be much stronger as he knocks Joe out of sight. Luckily for Lemuel, he manages to escape the Rev's grasp, and return to Manfred with an item that was sold to the pawn shop by a man that believed he was the Devil himself. Just like before, Manfred allows the demon from within the object to possess him, which causes his eyes to blacken, as well as his his mouth and nose to ooze an unfamiliar black substance. The demons within him have granted Manfred great power, so much so that he is capable of shooting a bright yellow ray of energy from his hands. However, Colconnar is able to do the same, and so commences a struggle of power between the two, though Manfred manages to gain the upper hand, and vanquish Colconnar. After doing so, he releases the demons inside him as promised, sending them to hell, where they belong. Joe, Lem, Bobo, and Fiji gather around Manfred to thank him for his bravery in defeating Colconnar. Although, the worst is behind them, Olivia's injuries still remain, and she is in critical condition.

MTX 110-131~Lemuel-Olivia

Lemuel feeding Olivia his blood

Madonna joins Creek at the hospital as she waits in the hallway outside of Olivia's room. With everything going on, Creek didn't know who else to call. The doctors say that she has burns sepsis, and she's not responding to the antibiotics. Because of this, she may not make it through the night. Madonna and Creek look to comfort one another by hugging. Manfred and Lemuel arrive soon thereafter. While Olivia was hanging on, there was nothing much the doctors could do. She didn't have much time left, but she did give Creek a message to relay. However, Lem would much rather hear it from Olivia herself. The sun catches the side of his face as he walks towards Olivia's room, however, this does very little to deter him from reaching her. He enters Olivia's room, where she lays unconscious, and protected by plastic curtains. Lem waste little time, he bites his wrist, and then force-feeds Olivia his blood. She is healed of her wounds within seconds. Admittedly, vampire blood is not good for humans, but he can't stand the thought of losing her.

MTX 110-132-Madonna

Madonna on the phone with an anonymous caller

After Olivia is healed, Madonna makes a private call two an unknown individual. She didn't mean to worry the caller, but Olivia's condition was initially unstable. For a moment, it was touch and go, but she's strong, Madonna expresses. While the identity of the caller has yet to be revealed, Madonna tells them that Olivia, their little girl, is going to be just fine. Although, she makes it a point to warn the caller against stepping foot in Midnight. Should he or she do so, the situation will turn bad. Madonna has her eyes on Olivia, there is no need to worry.

Manfred watches longingly as a nurse with a cart full of medication pills passes through the hallway. He admits to being tempted. Creek asks him if he's finally ready to tell her what he was sparing her from earlier. Manfred confesses that he allowed multiple demon spirits to hijack his body, six to be exact. While sending Colconnar back to Hell, Manfred saw what they saw and felt with they felt. It was a terrible experience. Creek begins to ask him a question, but before she can finish, Manfred ambushes her with a kiss.

MTX 110-142-Olivia-Lemuel

Olivia and Lemuel's wedding

One week later, Bobo, Fiji, Manfred, Creek, Joe, and Chuy attend Olivia and Lemuel's wedding in the chapel, which the Rev presides over. Family isn't always about blood. Family are the people that accept you for who you are, without judgement. The people that stand with you both in joy and agony. With family, love doesn't come with conditions. Sacrifices are made willingly, if only to spare your loved ones pain. And if you're exceptionally lucky, you are born into that family. However, sometimes, it takes a long time to find that family. Most of them know what it's like to be alone, in solitary. Because they're so familiar with that feeling of loneliness, they recognize the miracle and magic of committing to that family for good or bad, sickness or help, aging and not. It's now time to exchange the rings, Rev says. Olivia comments that the ring in question is platinum, instead of the traditional silver, which would burn Lem. Afterward, the two of them dance alongside the locals and Midnighters just outside Home Cookin'. In over a century, Lem had never married, which suggests just how special Olivia is to him. She is an adventure of her own. Most men, her father included, they're the reason that Olivia does what she does for a living. They made her angry, violent, and cold, but Lem came along, and made her human again. He says that it is his pleasure, just before kissing her.

MTX 110-145-Joe-Chuy

Joe and Chuy dancing

Not surprisingly, Chuy no longer feels the veil's influence. He wonders if Manfred possibly sealed the veil permanently, though Joe isn't too sure. Maybe Manfred simply closed it for another millennia, which was also fine with Chuy considering just how long away that is. He and Joe smile, and than they kiss. Meanwhile, Bobo and Fiji set out to leave the wedding early. Bobo worries that doing so will come off as rude, but as long as they return before the cake, everything should be fine. As they head back to the house, Mr. Snuggly, with a hint of jealousy in his voice, comments on the frequency in which they have sex, and how fortunate Bobo is.

Manfred decides to take a break from the wedding, heading out into the street, and looking out into the night. Creek joins him soon thereafter. She believes that if it wasn't for him, none of this could have ever happened. By extension, Midnight's survival could be credited to Creek because Manfred only came back for her. Creek pulls Manfred closer, asking him to dance with her. While it wasn't one of his favorite things to do, it was one of her's.

MTX 110-152-Crew-Melanie

Construction of the hotel

The next morning, Manfred pops a couple of fast acting pain relievers. It was then that he notices blood dripping from his right ear. While cleaning himself up, the entire house begins to shake. Creek feels the rumbling as well. It would seem that they aren't the only Midnighters who were disturbed by the early morning ruckus. As Manfred and Creek exit the house to investigate all the commotion, they are met by Olivia, Joe, Chuy, Fiji, and Bobo. The Midnighters gather just outside Home Cookin', where a construction crew has convened. Melanie Pratt, an employee of Albany World wide, introduces herself, and apologizes for the disturbance. The trucks weren't suppose to arrive for another day. They are a hospitality company, and the new owners of the hotel. Bobo questions why anyone would want to buy it. Melanie explains that they're renovating. It's a historic property. Rev doesn't believe their decision to renovate is a wise one. But their plan is to completely revitalize Midnight, making it a destination for tourism. Midnight has a very colorful history, Melanie comments. In that moment, Manfred looks up to one of the windows of the hotel, noticing a spirit banging on the window.



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