Now, what's a sweet, young thing like you doing out here all alone? It ain't safe.

Sexy Beast is the fourth episode of the first season of NBC's Midnight, Texas and the fourth episode of the series overall.


A MYSTERIOUS WOMAN WITH INSATIABLE APPETITE ARRIVES IN MIDNIGHTManfred's ability to see the dead leads him to uncover an ancient supernatural who seduces and feeds on men. To protect their town's supernatural anonymity, Manfred, with the help of Fiji, Lem, Joe and Creek, venture out of the safety of Midnight to a roadside bar to stop the supernatural killer. Meanwhile, Bobo must confront the dangerous bikers who threaten to expose his past. While carrying out a hit, Olivia discovers an unlikely link to her father.[2]


MTX 104-002-Ted

Ted in his vintage red Cadillac

While driving down the deserted Texas road in his vintage red Cadillac, Ted takes a call from his sister, who accuses him of stealing their father's Rolex, which he had stolen, and subsequently pawned for cash at a nearby pawn shop. As he holds an envelope filled with money, Ted voices his disdain in regard to the accusation. He then hangs up on his sister shortly before noticing an attractive blonde woman sitting on a picnic table across the road, at an abandoned rest stop. Ted pulls over to give her a hand. He tells her that it wasn't safe to be out in the middle of nowhere all by herself, so he offers her a ride to a destination of her choosing. Gina found it hard to believe that a place so beautiful could be dangerous. Initially hesitant, she agrees to ride along with the stranger.

Ted wonders what brought her to Texas. Gina explains that she felt a powerful pull. She had been drawn to a lot of spiritual places in the past; Sedona, Lily Dale, and Glastonbury, but Texas had a pull like no other she had ever experienced. The energy made her feel better than she had felt in a long time. The land was ancient and powerful. It made her feel things. Ted wonders what kind of things she was feeling. She suggests that he pull over so that she can show him. The two of them start kissing on the side of the road, however, their roadside romance takes an unexpected turn when Gina kills Ted, causing blood to splatter across the windshield of the vehicle.

MTX 104-009-Manfred-Creek

Creek inquiring about Manfred's wound

At Manfred's house, Creek inquires about the gunshot wound in his upper right shoulder as the two of them shower together. There wasn't much to tell. Xylda ran a scan on some guy. He got upset because of this and in response, shot Manfred. He was currently working on settling the debt, so Creek had no reason to worry. Creek is pleased to hear this because she would hate for her father to have been right about Manfred, in reference to Shawn's earlier comments of Manfred being a no-good con man that would inevitably break her heart. This was all brought on by the fact that Manfred is an online psychic with a questionable RV, who many perceive to be running from something. Looks can be deceiving, not in that case, however, Manfred said. Ultimately, Creek didn't care about what her father thought since she was only using Manfred for his body. Manfred figured that after saving the entire Lovell family from vampires, Shawn would cut him a break, but that seems to be the furthest thing from reality, which is exactly why her father could never learn of their sexual escapades. Before leaving, Creek gives him a goodbye kiss, telling him that she'll text him after her shift. Manfred then receives another call from Hightower, one of many.

Fiji enters the pawn shop with a fresh basket of vegetables from her garden, only to find Bobo under distress as he throws down the daily newspaper in disbelief. The front page entitled "Sheriff's Death Under Investigation". He knows that Peter Lowry is responsible for Sheriff Livingston's death, but he was furious that the police couldn't find him. Fortunately, Bobo knows for a fact that the Sons of Lucifer hang out in the back room of the Cartoon Saloon. Fiji warns him against provoking the bikers. She believes the best course of actions was to allow the cops to do their jobs, and for him to stay out their way. Fiji reminds Bobo that he just got out of jail on suspicion of murder. The Midnighters risked their lives to get him out, and going after Lowry would simply bring law enforcement back to Midnight. She demands that Bobo stays out of the investigation. He concedes, promising that he will steer clear of the case. Once the tension lightens, Fiji invites him over for dinner; she was making shepherd's pie, which he loves. A woman named Patsy then comes into the shop looking for a Rolex that may have previously been pawned by her brother. Bobo was in possession of the Rolex, he recalls that the man who brought in the watch was driving a vintage red Cadillac. Patsy tells Bobo that her brother is missing, and that their parents were worried about him. She asks if he happened to tell Bobo where he was headed. Unfortunately, he didn't. However, Bobo knew of someone who might be of assistance. He directs her to Manfred in hopes that he could locate Ted with his psychic abilities.

MTX 104-020-Xylda

Xylda and Manfred in the RV

Popping pills in his RV with Xylda sitting across from, Manfred questions just how smart of an idea it was for him to move to Midnight. Xylda was under the impression that he liked the move considering how often she had been seeing Creek stop by the house. The online psychic business was fine but he needed to make real money since Hightower was becoming a greater concern. Xylda suggests that he contact his old clients, the rich widows that would love a one-on-one with Manfred. However, he doubted that any of them would drive five hours to chat with their favorite dead husband in a beat-up RV. His A-list clients expect a certain level of pomp and circumstance; nice hotels and stocked mini bars. It made them feel as if they're getting their money's worth. Xylda told him not to fret. She had a feeling that his luck was going to change for the better real soon. He plays his grandmother Hightower's latest message; eerie music accompanied by a threat towards Manfred's life. Manfred believes that this was about more than just a debt to settle. Hightower was old school, and wanted Manfred's heart on a platter, but Xylda believes otherwise. Their discussion was put on hold by a knock at the door; it was Patsy. She didn't necessarily believe in Manfred's work, but with no other choice, she had to give it a try. Manfred explains that finding a missing person is tough but she was willing to pay him $5,000 if he located her brother, so he eagerly invites her into the RV.

While Olivia packs for a contract hit in El Paso, Fiji asks if she would like to join her for dinner. Olivia is under the impression that it was a girl's night, but she learns that Bobo would also be joining them. Olivia questions why she would invite a third wheel. This was Fiji's chance to finally get with Bobo, so Olivia had no desires of being in the middle. Fiji deflects the possibility of making a move on Bobo because he was still grieving, though Olivia says humiliated is more accurate, considering that Aubrey was married to a racist. Fiji was just the balm to soothe his broken heart. Admittedly, Fiji doesn't even know how to approach him in such a manner because she and Bobo were best friends. For one, Olivia advises her to lose the "peasant skirts". Fiji may like them, but men don't. Olivia retrieves a tight, black, sleeveless dress and high heels from her closet for Fiji to wear, asking if she wanted to be more than friends with Bobo. Fiji giggles, saying that she can knit a sweater with the heels but Olivia is quick to warn her against sweaters.

MTX 104-028-Ted-Patsy

Ted's ghost and Patsy

Back in the RV, Patsy tells Manfred that the only time Ted ever visited their parents was to beg for money or steal from them. But now that he was missing, they were beside themselves. Her assumption is that he is probably held up with a stripper again. Manfred requires something meaningful of her brother's to give him a psychic impression; a clue to where he was. She hands Manfred Ted's pinky ring. She took it as collateral the last time she loaned him money. With candles lit and Ted's pinky ring in hand, Manfred begins to search for him. Much to Manfred's surprise, Ted's ghost suddenly appears in the RV; his face is bloody and appears to have been ripped apart. Manfred asks Patsy if her brother worked with heavy equipment, but he didn't even have a job. Ted realizes that Manfred can see him. He approaches Patsy, and while she can't hear or see him, Ted tells her that she was right. He sucked as a brother and a son. He comments that he should have never picked up that hot blonde. Ted tells Manfred that she was at a rest stop. One minute they were driving, and the next thing he knows, something is eating him like a taco. She also stole his Cadillac.

Gina pulls over to another rest stop, pretending to have car troubles while awaiting the arrival of her next potential victim. A young man in a green and black muscle car pulls over to lend a hand. She asks if he could give her a jump, offering to make it worth his while, but she first wanted to "party". The two of them head into the restroom, where they proceed to kiss. She says that he's been very bad, but that she could be very bad too. Her eyes turn yellow and multiple rows of teeth sprout from her mouth just before attacking the young man.

MTX 104-036-Olivia-Mark

Olivia on a hit

While dressed head-to-toe in all black attire and a black bob cut wig, Olivia tails her target, Mark Finch, throughout the Isleta Resort & Casino in El Paso. She enters the mechanical room and shuts off power to the elevator shortly after he got on one of them. Olivia enters the halted elevator through the shaft above, pulling out a silver vein handle butterfly knife and holding it to Mark's throat. She was hired to kill him after he embezzled 401ks, pensions, and college funds. She was sent by a person whose life he ruined. Mark claims that it was just money but Olivia explains to him that to her client, the money represented a house, a marriage, and medical treatments. Mark destroyed a family's life because he thought he could cheat. Just before killing him, she tells Mark that the world was a better place without some people in it, and he was one of those people. She then exits the mechanical room in an entirely new disguise as Mark's body is discovered in the elevator.

Manfred heads to a strip club called the Boobie Trap, hoping to find the hot blonde that killed Ted. Unfortunately, the bartender wasn't of much help. Unbeknownst to Manfred at the time, he was being watched as he exited the strip club. After checking the Boobie Trap off his list, he re-enters the RV.

MTX 104-038-Olivia

Olivia's new disgiuse

As Olivia heads back to her car after exiting the resort and casino, she notices a man watching her from his vehicle. This is the same man that she noticed back in the lobby. Olivia comes around the man's car to address the fact that he was following her. He claims that he didn't know what she was talking about. It must have been a coincidence, he said. But unfortunately for him, Olivia says she doesn't believe in coincidences just before injecting him with an unknown substance, rendering him unconscious.

After accepting Olivia's clothing advice, Fiji prepares for her dinner with Bobo that evening. He calls to inform her that he was just going home to change his work clothes and that he'd be right over. He enters his home to discover that it had been vandalized. The vandals even spray-painted a Swastika on his wall, bringing Bobo to the conclusion that it was the Sons of Lucifer at the center of the break-in. He then runs out to the underground cellar, hidden beneath an old truck, to make sure it was still locked, which it was.

By nightfall, Lemuel greets Olivia as she returns from her hit in El Paso. The two of them share a kiss and she asks him to retrieve her belongings from the trunk. He opens the trunk to find a man tied in the back. Surprisingly unbothered by this, he comments that she's brought her work home.

MTX 104-054~Gina

Manfred walking in on Gina's mess

While driving the deserted Texas road, Manfred comes across a green muscle car and a red Cadillac, just as Ted described, at a rest stop. Further investigation of the Cadillac reveals blood stains on the seat and the trunk, where Ted's body has presumably been stored. Manfred hears singing coming from the restroom. He enters to find the Gina cleaning herself off, as well as her latest victim dead and lying on the floor. She was pleasantly surprised by Manfred's unexpected arrival. There were so many handsome and naughty men. She could feel that he been bad, causing her to transform right before him; her eyes changed color while several rows of sharp teeth grew in her mouth, which also widened beyond human capability. Gina went in to attack Manfred but a blow to the stomach from a baseball bat knocks her back, allowing Manfred to escape while using the bat to lock the door behind him. He jumps back in the RV and drives away. And while Gina manages to break free relatively easily, Manfred was too far gone for her to chase.

Further into the night, and Bobo has yet to arrive. She sits alone, saddened by his absence while snacking on some of the food she's prepared. Mr. Snuggly comments just how tragic the situation is. She has no desire to hear his thoughts on the matter, telling him to shut up, though he continues regardless, telling her that she's been stood up. When she finally decides to face reality, Snuggly would appreciate it if she put some of that shepherd's pie in his bowl. She gets a call from Bobo shortly thereafter; confirming Mr. Snuggly's suspicions that he would not be attending their dinner. Bobo tells her that he's sorry but he has to cancel. She's disappointed and hangs up the phone as someone comes knocking on the door. She answers to find Manfred on the other side. He needs her help, asking if she's busy, which she sadly wasn't anymore.

MTX 104-063-Creek-Manfred-Joe-Fiji-Lemuel-Chuy

The Midnighters discussing the succubus

Manfred, Fiji, Creek, Joe, Chuy, and Lemuel convene at Home Cookin', where Joe sketches a description of the unknown creature that attacked Manfred and killed at least two others. He describes it as having multiple rows of sharp teeth with a mouth that opened inhumanly wide, resembling a gaping hellhole. She also has a spider web tattoo on her shoulder. She was eating her victims, at least the two that Manfred knew of. Lemuel concludes that the mysterious creature they're looking for is a succubus; a rare species of ancient supernatural hunters. However, they were generally more discreet. This was especially odd because Lemuel hadn't seen one in Midnight in over a century. They have a perpetual glamour that allows them to appear beautiful to their prey; that being men who have caused pain. This peeks Chuy, Fiji, and Creek's interest, though Manfred asks who in the room hasn't caused anyone pain, and so the suspicions subside. Lemuel couldn't help but question why a succubus would show up in Midnight after all this time and behave so recklessly. Joe and Chuy exchange looks from across the table but neither say anything.

Much to Creek's surprise, Connor enters the restaurant, claiming that he was hungry. He immediately notices Creek's weird behavior, surmising that Manfred must have been in the Midnighter's room with her. Creek was being weird because Connor was supposed to be at home, and she was at work. He pulls her to the side, first acknowledging the fact that they owe Manfred because he saved them from vampires, but then pointing out that their father was right about him. He couldn't be trusted. Connor confesses that he followed Manfred earlier in the day, during which time, he witnesses Manfred exit a strip club called the Boobie Trap. However, this did not surprise Creek because she was aware that Manfred was looking for someone. She wasn't worried, telling Connor to order his food and go home. With the succubus leaving a trail of bodies that would most certainly lead law enforcement back to Midnight, they discuss how best to approach the situation. They needed to stop her before any further damage could be done. According to Joe and Chuy, whose sources were medieval folklore and Wikipedia, "Dragon's Breath" was the only known method of killing a succubus. Short of finding a dragon, they needed a more realistic way of bringing an end to the threat. Fiji has an idea that at the very least could slow down the succubus.

MTX 104-070-Ross

Ross being doused in water

Olivia has her prisoner handcuffed and hanging over the tub of her apartment while running the water from the shower hose over his head, making it extremely difficult to breathe. A look into his wallet revealed that the man's name was Ross Wheeler. He wasn't a cop, so she repeatedly asks why he's following her and who hired him. Ross insists that no one hired him but Olivia knew better than to take him on his word. She continues to douse him in water until he finally admits that he was hired by her father, which came as no surprise to Olivia.

At he inquiring mind, Fiji devises a tincture, which is essentially a potion, that would negate the succubus' glamour, thus preventing her from seducing any more men. Basic chemistry was at the center of the tincture. Considering that the succubus was on the hunt for men, Creek states that there's only one place to go on a Thursday night when looking for men; the Cartoon Saloon.

MTX 104-078-Lemuel-Olivia

Lemuel leeching Olivia's pain

Ross was undergoing severe back pains, he was hoping that Olivia would let him sit up, but she wasn't even sure if she was going to let him live, so his back wasn't of interest. Olivia proceeds with her interrogation. Ross began working for her father about a month ago. He was being paid well. She wondered why her father had sent someone after her. Ross asked that very same question before taking the job because he didn't want to get into a bad situation. Clearly, that didn't work out so well for him. Ross explains to Olivia that her father only wanted to make sure that she was okay. She wasn't returning his calls or letters. Lemuel enters the room to see if there's been any progress with the interrogation. Olivia tells Ross that if he makes a sound, she will drown him in the toilet. Lemuel asks if Olivia was alright but she was far from it. She heads into Lemuel's arms, allowing him to leech off her pain as tears run down her face and her skin briefly turns gray. Afterward, he invites her to accompany him to the Cartoon Saloon. It was ladies night, and they could use her skills in hunting down the succubus.

The Midnighters head into the bar, each of them with their own casing of Fiji's tincture. They only needed to get a drop of it in the succubus' mouth for the potion to take effect, though once this is accomplished, they needed to get her to a less populated area. Manfred suggests that they split up and blend in. Fiji almost immediately spots Bobo following a Sons of Lucifer member towards the back of the bar. Visibly upset by his dishonesty, she follows closely behind.

MTX 104-088-Fiji

Fiji telekinetically taking the pool stick

Bobo breaks into the back room, throwing one of the bikers over a table before confronting another biker named Calvin. Bobo requests to speak with Peter Lowry, however, Calvin claims to have no knowledge of such a person. He asks if Bobo enjoy the remodel, referring to his vandalized home. In retaliation, Bobo delivers a massive headbutt to Calvin before informing them all that he was aware of Lowry's involvement in Aubrey and the Sheriff's murders. But Bobo only desires left alone. Calvin was sickened by him. He calls Bobo a traitor to his family and his race. Bobo has so little pride, polluting himself by living with the Midnighters. Bobo punches Calvin in the face, knocking him onto the table before grabbing a pool stick and attempting to kill him with it. However, before he could complete the task, Fiji telekinetically takes the broken pool stick away. Bobo looks back at Fiji, who is clearly enraged, telling Bobo that they needed to go. Before leaving, he delivers a final warning to the gang, advising them to stay out of Midnight or else he would kill them.

In the hall, he immediately apologizes for his actions, though Fiji's not sure if it was for standing her up or almost killing a guy in front of her, not that his death wouldn't have been justified. She continues to chastise Bobo for coming down to the bar alone, in spite of the earlier conversation they had where he promised to stay out of it. Just as before, he admits that she's right and that it meant a lot to him that she came after him. He goes on to tell her that she looks pretty, giving her a warm smile. She's flattered by the compliment but quickly remembers why she was actually there; she and the other Midnighters were searching for a hot blonde succubus that was killing men.

MTX 104-095-Woman-Mustache Guy~Manfred

Manfred's sob story

As he sat at the bar, enjoying a beer alongside Creek, Manfred notices a man talking to a blonde woman, who he initially believes to be the succubus. However, he was mistaken as this particular hot blonde at the bar was not the succubus from the rest stop. This led to a confrontation between him and the man that the woman was having a conversation with. Manfred begins to spin a story about his supposed ex-girlfriend named Trisha. He saw her everywhere. When he wakes up, when he's driving, literally everywhere. She was gone for good after a five-year relationship. He gains the man's sympathy, who advises him to move on, thus bringing the situation to an end without incident. Creek was impressed. Avoiding conflict was one of Manfred's greatest skills. He needed it growing up in the Gypsy Caravan.

While monitoring the crowd, Olivia dances amongst the locals.

First vampires and now a succubus, at least Joe didn't expose himself, Chuy said. But he learns that this isn't exactly true as Joe had to expose himself in order to save their friends during the vampire attack. Joe couldn't keep taking the risk or else they would be found. Joe assures Chuy that no one was going to find them, and in that moment, they were dealing with a greater problem than someone finding them.

MTX 104-098-Lemuel-Bartender

Lemuel sitting at the bar

Under the impression that Lemuel was a customer, the bartender asks him what he wanted to drink. Lemuel replies that he gave up drinking a while back. Sometimes he indulges on special occasions, but once he gets a taste, it's hard to stop. It was a slippery slope. Unbeknownst to the bartender, Lemuel was referring to blood, not alcohol. It was then that he began to feel the hunger coming on, looking to the bartender's neck and hearing the blood pulse through his veins.

Manfred waits outside the ladies restroom as Creek checks for the succubus. There was no sign of the creature, but there were a lot of women wearing Go-Go butter body spray. Manfred addresses the possibility of the succubus hunting elsewhere, like the Boobie Trap, Creek asks. She reveals to Manfred that Connor followed him earlier that day because he was worried about her. However, she was more upset that Manfred didn't invite her along. Manfred reiterates that she truly is perfect just before going in for a kiss. But before their lips can meet, Creek catches Connor out the side of her eye, at the entrance door. Creek takes Connor's fake ID from the security guard as he was only seventeen.

MTX 104-104-Creek

Creek spraying the tincture

She is disappointed in him for following her. Creek lectures Connor on the importance of being an adult and being able to take risks because of it. Before she could continue, Creek notices a blonde woman a couple cars over with a spider web tattoo on her shoulder, talking to a man. Realizing that it was the succubus, she sends Connor home and then messages Manfred to inform him of her location. With the succubus moments away from leaving with another victim, Creek takes matters into her own hands. She sneaks up behind Gina and sprays her in the mouth with the tincture, resulting in uncontrollable coughing and choking. Needing to get her out of sight, Lemuel picks the succubus up on his shoulders and speeds off into the nearby woods, with the Midnighters not far behind him.

MTX 104-111-Gina-Hag Succubus

Gina's true succubus form

With flashlights out and guns drawn, they surround Gina as she rolls around on the ground in agonizing pain, brought on by the forceful transformation into her true succubus form; that being an elderly woman in ragged clothing with yellow eyes and multiple rows of teeth. Thanks to Fiji's tincture, without her glamour, Gina took on the appearance of an unsightly beast. Supernaturals lay low in Midnight. They also had no toleration for indiscriminate killing of humans, though Gina didn't seem to take to heart what she was being told as she lunges at Lemuel, however, he was far superior in strength, throwing her into a tree with very little effort. Gina recovers fairly quickly and runs off into the night on all fours.

MTX 104-118~Manfred~Gina

Manfred sets Gina on fire

Unaware that Connor had followed them into the woods, Gina began to hunt him down. It wasn't until he screamed out for help that the Midnighters became aware of the danger he was facing. They split off, searching the woods in different directions; Bobo and Olivia. Chuy and Joe. Lemuel on his own. Manfred and Creek search together but when they fail to find him, Manfred heads back to the RV. After locating Connor, who was in the succubus' grasp, Olivia demands that she let him go while Creek and Lemuel attempt to reason with her. Much like her, Lemuel also struggled to control his appetite. He offers to help her, but when that failed, he snatches Connor out of Gina's hands moments before Manfred incinerates her with an ignited propane tank from the RV. It was the closest thing to dragon's breath he could find. With nothing left of Gina's remains beside melted black gunk, Olivia comments that she was literally a hot mess.

Olivia and Lemuel return to the apartments to find Ross exactly where they left him, hanging over the tub. At Olivia's request, Lemuel takes off his chains, telling Ross that she was feeling generous today. She decides to tell him about his employer and her father. He wasn't there when she was a kid. He left Olivia with the woman he married. Unfortunately, she had an addiction to pills. But when her habit got out of control, Olivia's father cut his wife off. However, with her dad never being around, the wife found other ways to make an income in order to support her addiction; by using Olivia. There were a lot of twisted men in the world that would pay top dollar for a pretty girl. Olivia's father wasn't worried about her then, he does not get to worry about her now. If he sent anyone else after her, they will die. And if Olivia crosses paths with Ross again, he'd died too. With that being said, Ross apologizes, and Olivia gives him a minute to change. Lemuel comments that he also fetched top dollar in his day as well. Olivia sarcastically remarks that they have so much in common. She points out that all the pain she has within gives Lemuel plenty to leech. He was sorry for what Olivia had to endure, but she saw no reason for him to be sorry, he saved her. As for the men that abused her, Olivia executed each of them.

Back at Home Cookin', as he and Creek prepare to head home, Connor couldn't help but think about how frightened he was by the succubus. It serves him right for following Creek. Connor asks one thing of his sister, if she could keep the incident between the two of them. Coincidentally, she was going to ask the same thing of Connor.

MTX 104-126-Chuy~Joe

Chuy and Joe at Home Cookin'

At one of the booths, Chuy and Joe discuss the strange happenings in Midnight. Gina's hunger was insatiable. It was a result of the fraying veil. It was affecting supernaturals. Chuy was concerned with the possibility of them being unable to fight the pull. Joe joins him on the other side of the booth. They have plenty of time to be scared but that night they were secure and safe. He tells Chuy it is best if they only worry about tonight. Chuy likes the sound of that, and they share a kiss.

The next morning, Manfred expresses his condolences to Patsy and her family after the discovery of Ted's body, which they would never have found without him. As promised, Patsy rewards him with a check for $5,000 before taking off. Creek catches his attention just before he heads in, joining Manfred on his porch soon. Connor was grateful towards Manfred for saving his life, but Manfred claims it was no big deal. They start to kiss on the porch before moving into the house.

MTX 104-134-Fiji-Bobo

Fiji and Bobo kissing

Later that day, Bobo enters the inquiring mind, awkwardly greeting Fiji. He recounts both times that Fiji had his back; when she helped get him out of jail and the second time was as recently as the night before with the "skinheads". No matter what, she was always there for him. Of course, she was, she and Bobo were best friends. Bobo approaches Fiji, asking if that's all she wanted of their relationship, for them to be best friends. Sometimes he thinks his life has been better since she's been in it. As he prepares to further express his feelings towards her, Fiji kisses him and he reciprocates.



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