I'm a realist, and my realistic self knows there's only one thing we can do. Get out. [...] I'm saying we get Fiji somewhere safe, we regroup, rethink, come back with a plan to kill the wraiths and Colconnar.

Riders On The Storm is the ninth and penultimate episode of the first season of NBC's Midnight, Texas and the ninth episode of the series overall.


SECRETS FROM FIJI'S PAST RESURFACE AS A DEMONIC PRESENCE TAKES HOLD OF MIDNIGHT — An apocalyptic sandstorm engulfs Midnight concealing wraith-like demonic spirits heralding the arrival of a demon from Hell. Fiji knows this demon wants her and Bobo vows to protect her, while wondering why the demon has targeted Fiji and no one else. Manfred, Joe and the Rev dig for answers from the past, but when the storm gets too dangerous, Manfred leads the Midnighters to an unlikely hiding spot outside of town. Olivia confronts Lem about their relationship, and Creek helps Manfred when he needs it most.[3]



Grimoires litter the floor of the Inquiring Mind. After a long night of intense studying, Fiji crashes on her couch. Colconnar calls out to her as she sleeps. Moments later, Fiji finds herself walking into the street in a dream-like trance. She notices a man standing before her, though his face is covered by a mask and goggles. He claims that he and Fiji are familiar with one another, that this is not their first encounter, and that Colconnar sent him.

MTX 109-004-Joe~Manfred

Joe and Manfred in the studio

With Joe back in town, Manfred catches him up to speed on all that has occurred in his absence, everything from the Faceless Supernatural that came offering a truckload of dead bodies to the supposed demon rising that will usher in the beginning of the end. This comes as no surprise to Joe. Death and violence are precursors to the veil breaking. Manfred asks what it was like when the veil broke a millennium ago. Joe explains that he wasn't around for the initial breaking of the veil. He and Bowie came after the fact, and by then, it was a war zone. Demons were spreading death and suffering everywhere, comparable to the apocalypse. Joe states that it's the typical apocalyptic weather events, which is the world reacting to the fraying veil. Joe knows nothing of Colconnar. His mission was to kill as many demons as possible. Before he can finish his thought, he and Manfred hear Fiji screaming from the street below, shouting at the top of her lungs. They look out the window to discover that she is unaccompanied, leaving them to wonder who she is talking to.

MTX 109-007-Fiji

Fiji projecting fire

Colconnar's messenger tells Fiji that she will submit, and that she will go to him willingly. However, Fiji has no intentions of going anywhere. Manfred and Joe exit the shop to investigate. They slowly approach Fiji, telling her to wake up. Bobo joins them soon thereafter. The messenger knows the truth about Fiji. She brings death to those she loves. Angered by his words, Fiji projects fire from her hands, setting the messenger on fire. Fiji demands that he desist with the claims, though he repeats that she brings death to those she loves, while on fire. To Fiji, it appears as if she is killing Colconnar's messenger, but in actuality, she is projecting flames in Manfred, Bobo, and Joe's direction. Bobo yells at her to stop, but she is too deep in her slumber to hear him. Fortunately, Lemuel arrives to de-escalate the situation by leeching Fiji to a point of conciseness. Fiji awakens in Bobo's arms, and while it seemed as if she was sleepwalking, Fiji claims that it was real.

MTX 109-012-Fiji

Fiji recovering

Fiji informs Bobo, Creek, and Manfred that the man she saw was a messenger of Colconnar. Creek argues that it may have simply been a nightmare, but Bobo begs to differ. Manfred recalls Fiji's earlier statements, where she repeatedly said "stop saying that". This was in response to the messenger's repetitive message that Fiji would give herself over to Colconnar. While she has not the slightest clue as to why Colconnar has handpicked her, she doesn't want anybody getting hurt because of her. Creek reminds Fiji that she's the one hurting, and that as her friends, they're going to take care of her. Manfred looks to Fiji, asking if Colconnar's messenger said anything else to her, and while he did, Fiji lies to them, which Bobo seems to suspect.

MTX 109-013-Bobo-Joe-Manfred-Lemuel

Bobo, Joe, Lem, and Manfred discussing Fiji's condition

With Fiji in the house preparing tea for herself, Manfred and Bobo join Lem and Joe on the front porch, where Lem explains that Fiji had a lot of pain that ran deep. Bobo's not surprised by her emotional state considering she was being stalked by a demon. Manfred is still unsettled by that fact that she almost set them on fire. Colconnar wasn't the only threat to Fiji. That display of violence with the fire proves that she's not only a threat to herself, but a threat to others as well. They will need to keep an eye on her, which shouldn't be too difficult since Bobo has no plans on leaving. With Lem heading home before the sun rises, Manfred looks to Bobo for answers about Lem's relationship with Olivia. According to Bobo, they haven't talked since the fight, and he is sleeping in the back of the pawn shop. So, the two of them were at odds, to say the least.

Creek checks in on Fiji before heading to work. She offers to take the day off if necessary, but Fiji insists that she's fine, despite not sleeping. If there was anything that Fiji needed to talk about, Creek is there for her, but Fiji restates that she fine.

*Flashback Sequence*

Fiji arrived in Midnight ten years ago. Still no Starbucks, she comments. She then briefly made eye contact with one of the local boys, before gathering her luggage from the taxi, and heading towards the Inquiring Mind, where she was greeted by her Aunt Mildred. It had been too long since the last time Fiji visited. Mildred was amazed at how much her niece had grown. Aunt Mildred then reintroduced Fiji to Mr. Snuggly, who wasn't as happy to see Fiji as his owner was. Fiji isn't too concerned with Snuggly's hissing and distaste for her, especially considering that she's more of a dog person.

MTX 109-018-Fiji

Fiji arriving at Midnight 10 years ago

They entered the shop, where Fiji made it known that she has no intent on staying long. She was turning over a new leaf. She wanted to figure out what she was going to do next with her life, for instance, finishing college and getting a job. Mildred learned from Fiji's mother that she set fire to her hospital room, which Fiji claimed was a result of not taking her pills, though she doesn't have the best memory of the incident. However, this wasn't the only alarming incident in recent months. Fiji also broke the windows in her college dorm because she was mad over a break up with her boyfriend. She lost control, which her therapist often refers to rage blackouts. Aunt Mildred concludes that Fiji is the same as her. They both have abilities, allowing them to change the physical world around them with their intentions or their emotions. They were witches, Aunt Mildred explained.

*Flashback Sequence Concluded*

MTX 109-032-Sandstorm

Approaching sandstorm

Joe and Manfred reconvene at the studio, where they discuss Manfred's destiny and read over his ancestors' demon killing journals. Manfred is destined to save them all; a man with vision that can bridge the worlds between the living and the dead. The veil was last sealed by a shaman named Catori. Weird guy, Joe describes. He was tall and covered in bands and tattoos. Unfortunately, he never got the chance to tell anyone how he managed to seal the veil because he didn't survive the battle. He went out to the crossroads alone, where they found his body a day later, in pieces, broken and burned. His remains were buried in sanctified ground, underneath the Rev's church. With his ability to communicate with the dead, their best chance is for Manfred to dig his body up. They will have work fast because the veil is opening, causing a sandstorm to hit Midnight.

MTX 109-033-Manfred-Creek

Manfred warning Creek to evacuate

Manfred stops by the restaurant to warn Creek. She and the locals need to evacuate because of the sandstorm headed their way. While they had a storm cellar, it would do very little to shield them from the damage created by the storm that is being influenced by the veil. Rev and Joe were already warning everyone else to leave. Creek's upset that he wants her to leave as well. He just got back to town, and they haven't even had time to talk about their relationship. However, with demons from Hell on their way, getting everyone to safety should be top priority. Lem, Fiji, Rev, and Joe are supernaturals. Olivia and Bobo could be just as dangerous, but Creek, on the other hand, has neither the power nor the skill to protect yourself. Manfred doesn't want to see her hurt, nor does she want to see him hurt. Manfred agrees that they have unfinished business, but this will have to wait until after the sandstorm. Creek agrees to evacuate, but not before telling him to call her after everything is done.

MTX 109-040-Creek

Creek crashing her car

Rev, Joe, and Manfred head into the cellar of the church to dig up the shaman's body. Joe asks about Creek, who Manfred had already asked to evacuate. Rev believes that she's strong enough to deal with the pressure of Midnight, she'll survive more than most. Manfred was merely complicating the situation. If he loves her, then he should be with her. Manfred thanks Rev for the advice as the three of them proceed to dig up Catori's grave.

As promised, Creek evacuates Midnight, but she only makes it five miles outside of town before crashing her car, leaving her unconscious, and at a dead stop. Within the sandstorm arriving to Midnight was Colconnar's messenger, previously seen in Fiji's dream. Creek wakes to the pain of a bleeding scar on her head. To make matters worse, her car will not start. She wraps her scarf around her face before exiting the vehicle to check under the hood.

MTX 109-044-Fiji-Bobo

Fiji trying to get rid of Bobo

Olivia and Bobo eagerly wait by the window of Fiji's place for Manfred's return with answers from the dead shaman. She angrily shoves Bobo for not calling her after the incident with Fiji the prior night. Bobo explains that with Lem at Fiji's place as well, he wasn't too sure that Olivia would want to be around him, given recent events. Olivia says that she can be in the same room as Lem, just not give him the keys, Bobo comments. This is not without reason of course. Olivia is covered in silver, out of fear that Lem may attack again. Despite all their troubles, Bobo wishes them the best. Olivia and Lem have always made sense to him. He then joins Fiji in the other room, asking her how she's doing. Fiji replies that she's fine, and that she doesn't need both him and Olivia to watch over her. With no plans for either Olivia or Bobo to leave, Fiji rephrases her previous statement. What she actually meant is that she didn't want Bobo there. Maybe he should have taken the hint when he told her that he loves her, and she didn't say it back. Bobo quickly realizes what Fiji is trying to accomplish by acting so cruelly. With a grin on his face, he says it's not going to work. As long as she's in danger, he isn't going anywhere. Fiji glances over to an old chest in her shop, though she does not open it.

*Flashback Sequence*

After a stealing a key that belonged to her Aunt Mildred, Fiji opened an old chest that laid in the corner of the shop. Inside, was a container covered in strange symbols. Aunt Mildred returned and confiscated the key. What Fiji was looking at was dark magic, something that she wasn't quite ready for. It was only to be done when you know what you're doing.

MTX 109-054-Fiji-Mildred

Fiji making flowers grow

Afterward, the two of them headed to the greenhouse, where Aunt Mildred taught Fiji how to use her abilities responsibly. While holding a pot of soil, Mildred explains that bulbs are dormant in the winter. That's natural. But, when you are a witch, you can change the natural. She gestures her hand in an upward motion, causing a tulip to instantly blossom from the soil. Their powers come from their emotions. They can make their feelings into intentions. She handed Fiji a pot of soil of her own, telling her to do what she did, think spring and rebirth. Fiji awkwardly attempts to make the flower grow, by reciting spring related words, such as flowers, trees and Easter. She even tried to mimic her aunt's hand motions, though she fails. Fiji needed more than words for the flower to grow, Aunt Mildred said. She needed to feel it. As the young man from before passed the greenhouse, Fiji smiles. She then closed her eyes, and gave another attempt, but this time with success. However, with so little control over her abilities, Fiji unintentionally caused all the potted plants to grow uncontrollably. Aunt Mildred urged her to keep her emotions in check, otherwise a lot worse can happen than a few wild growing plants.

*Flashback Sequence Concluded*

Fiji looks outside her window to see Colconnar's messenger pointing to her from within the sandstorm. She retrieves Bobo and Olivia, so that the two of them can see him for themselves. However, by the time she returns to the window, he is gone. Bobo and Olivia pull out their weapons, and head into the storm. Through all the dust and debris, they see an incredibly tall and inhumanly like creature walking past Home Cookin'.

MTX 109-059~Joe-Rev. Sheehan-Manfred

Joe, Rev, and Manfred digging up Catori's coffin

Joe, rev, and Manfred continue to dig up the shaman's body. Manfred points out the miniature sizing of the casket, as he recalls Joe mentioning that Catori was tall. There wasn't much left of him after the battle, Joe explains. They remove the top of the casket only to discover that it was completely empty. After one thousand years, any traces of the shaman has disintegrated. They lost their only shot at stopping the veil from breaking. As gunshots ring throughout the streets of Midnight, the three of them head up to investigate. However, they are cut off by the tall and demonic looking creatures from before.

MTX 109-063~Fiji-Bobo

Wraith hand print

Rev, Joe, and Manfred seek refuge in Fiji's shop, where Joe explains that the creatures are known as wraiths. Evil spirits heralding the arrival of a demon. Bobo appears to have suffered severe damage to his left shoulder during the attack, which left a large searing hand imprint. He had been shot twice and stabbed, but nothing compares to the burning sensation he feels. Fiji applies her very own herbal ointment to Bobo's wounds in order to ease the pain. She's worked on it for years. Bobo could have died defending her, and she's sorry for that. But there is nowhere that Bobo would rather be.

MTX 109-066-Manfred

Manfred devising a plan to leave Midnight

Rev attempts to ease everyone's worries by reminding them that the wraiths are spirits, meaning they can't enter Fiji's home because it had been cleansed, making it inhospitable to the dead. However, as Olivia and Joe point out, Colconnar isn't a spirit. He's very much alive, and nothing can prevent him from walking right through the door. They were screwed, Olivia says. Manfred agrees. They have no way to stop the wraiths or Colconnar, essentially making them sitting ducks. Olivia sarcastically remarks that he's quite the motivational speaker. Manfred's a realist. His realistic self-knows that there's only one thing they can do, and that's to get out. Olivia is confused by the fact that he bailed, just to return, only to tell them to bail too. Olivia misunderstands his intent. Manfred believes the safest bet is to get Fiji out of Midnight, regroup, rethink, and come back with a plan to kill the wraiths and Colconnar. With the Midnighters in agreement, Rev and Joe head to the garage while Manfred and Olivia head to the pawn shop for Lem.

After getting the car started back up, Creek heads back to Midnight.

Fiji frantically calls out for Mr. Snuggly as the Midnighters prepare to leave Midnight. Fiji tells Bobo that he hides during storms. Bobo attempts to calm her down, volunteering to look out back for Snuggly.

*Flashback Sequence*
MTX 109-070-Fiji

Fiji outside the greenhouse

After kicking Mr. Snuggly out the greenhouse, Fiji is approached by the young man from before. He noticed that she doesn't like cats, however, it was the cat that didn't like her first, Fiji explains. He's fascinated with Fiji's ability to make the flowers bloom as she did. He knows that Mildred is a witch, and that Fiji is likely witch as well. Fiji turned defensive, but he meant no harm with his comment. He was a Midnighter, they're good with weird. He thought the fact that Fiji is a witch was cool. The young man then introduced himself as Jeremy. Fiji returned the pleasantry by introducing herself as well. He was intrigued by her name. Fiji, like the island, he asked. Her parents liked to travel, but they didn't have any money, so they named their children after places they wanted to go.

*Flashback Sequence Concluded*

MTX 109-075-Lemuel-Olivia

Lemuel and Olivia in the sandstorm

Per Olivia's request, Manfred awakens Lemuel. Before exiting the shop, he covers himself from head to toe in clothing in order to protect himself from the sun, including black leather gloves, a long black trench coat, and a stretching turtleneck to cover his face. He suspects that Olivia is enjoying this, but she says that if this was payback, he would be naked, and they wouldn't be heading for vampire bus, which can protect him against harmful UV sunlight rays. As Fiji and Bobo head to the bus, Fiji comes to a stop. She refuses to leave without Mr. Snuggly. Manfred offers to find him. She hands Manfred her keys, and tells him that the cat carrier is by the door. After retrieving the carrier, Manfred enters the greenhouse, where he finds Mr. Snuggly hiding under a desk. After securing Mr. Snuggly in the carrier, his path to Fiji's car is cut off by a wraith. Luckily, Creek pulls up right in front of him, and they drive off without incident.

MTX 109-080-Mr. Snuggly

Mr. Snuggly exposing himself to Manfred and Creek

Rev, Olivia, Lem, Bobo, and Joe listen to the radio as a state of emergency is being issued for Roca Fria County. Dust storms have been reported throughout the county. They are advised by the local radio station to pull aside should they get caught in the storm, which is not an option as far as the Rev is concerned. Creek and Manfred manage to catch up to the others, tailgating the vampire bus. Manfred wishes that Creek hadn't returned, but she reminds him that he stayed behind to save a cat, which isn't exactly true. He corrects her. He stayed behind to ensure that Fiji would go. Nevertheless, had Creek not shown up when she did, Manfred and Mr. Snuggly would be dead. Manfred notices the cut on her head, asking how it happened. She explains that she crashed the car. It wouldn't start because the fuel pump inertia switch got tripped. After fixing it, she started to worry about the Midnighters, Manfred in particular. As the storm was moving in, her concern grew. Sick of hearing their voices, Mr. Snuggly encourages them to get a room. However, this comes as a surprise to both Manfred and Creek as neither were aware of his ability to speak.

Bobo tells Fiji that Olivia talked to Manfred. Everyone made it out safely. He then notices a strange look on her face, asking if there was something that she isn't telling him, but Fiji insists that she's being truthful.

*Flashback Sequence*
MTX 109-084-Jeremy-Fiji

Jeremy and Fiji kissing

Fiji and Jeremy sat on the swings, where they drank and exchanged stories. Fiji recounts her time spent in the hospital. During this time, they brought her little cups of pills, which she would have to swallow, followed by a mouth check by a very angry nurse. As soon as they left the room, she would spit out the pills. She got really good at keeping them between her gums and her cheek. However, at some point, they changed Fiji's medication. They gave her a horse pill, making it too difficult for Fiji to hide in her mouth, and she was busted. Because of this, she was placed in solitary until she set her bed on fire. She doesn't know how she did it. All she knows is that she was angry, and the next thing she knew, the room was in flames. They told her that she was so terrified that she blacked out. At least now she knows that she isn't crazy. It wasn't long before they shared their first kiss, all the while, Aunt Mildred watched from the house.

The next morning, she warns Fiji against her relationship with Jeremy. She needed to guard her emotions Mildred didn't know Jeremy that well, and Fiji didn't know him at all. She needed to proceed with caution, and guard her emotions.

*Flashback Sequence Concluded*

MTX 109-090-Wraith

Colconnar's messenger outside the Cartoon Saloon

With clear roads ahead, the Midnighters believe that they've outrun the storm. Olivia has booked them a row of rooms at the Knights Inn in Waco, which was a couple hours away. Just when it seemed like the coast was clear, Manfred, Rev, and Olivia look back to discover that the sandstorm is following them. They needed to get some distance, but as Olivia points out, that's not going to happen in a tour bus. Bobo suggests that they hold up somewhere nearby without windows. He tells Rev to take the next right, off-road. They pull up to the Cartoon Saloon, last seem when they were searching for the Succubus. The Midnighters rush into the bar, all except Fiji, who seems to stall at the sight of Colconnar's messenger.

MTX 109-092~Bobo-Manfred-Fiji-Creek-Olivia

The Midnighters questioning Fiji

Manfred pulls Fiji inside the bar and shuts the door behind them. Lem removes his protective gear. He addresses the fact that the storm is following them. However, it's actually following Fiji. They all begin to suspect that she's holding back valuable information. Fiji claims that she doesn't know why Colconnar's after her, but Manfred recalls their first encounter with the demon. He threw Manfred out and went directly after Fiji. He's been talking to her ever since. Manfred questions why he's after Fiji, but no one else. She screams out that she doesn't know, causing one of the light fixtures above to pop. Olivia demands that she start being truthful with them.While they were all there to protect her, Bobo urges Fiji to confess whatever secret she's hiding. Under all the pressure being brought down by the Midnighters, Fiji shouts out that she's a virgin, which comes as a surprise to everyone in the room. She's a powerful virgin witch, and that is why Colconnar desires her. Manfred and Joe thank her for being honest, they were glad to know the truth, but Lem would have rathered that been kept a secret. Creek wonders what difference does it make. Fiji explains that older virgin witches are rare and powerful. Bobo tries to comfort her, but there is little he can do with this being the most embarrassing moment of her life. She needs a moment alone, taking Mr. Snuggly with her as she heads towards the back. Mr. Snuggly comments that she left out the best part, but they don't need to know that, Fiji says.

*Flashback Sequence*
MTX 109-097-Jeremy

Jeremy being incinerated from the inside

After three months of dating, Jeremy gifted Fiji a candy bracelet for their anniversary. They shared a kiss, and he tells Fiji that he loves her. She loves him as well. A lot of heavy kissing and groping began. They undressed and moved onto the floor. Fiji tells him that she's never had sex before, but she would like to. They resume kissing, that is until Jeremy's body started to become unnaturally hot, bringing him immense pain. Fiji recites what her Aunt Mildred previously told her, that feelings become intentions. She places a blanket over Jeremy, though he is far past saving. She tries a rebirthing spell to heal him of his wounds, but when Aunt Mildred returned, they removed the blanket covering Jeremy's face to the sight of his internally incinerated body.

*Flashback Sequence Concluded*

MTX 109-103~Lemuel-Olivia

Olivia saying goodbye to Lem

As the lights of the Cartoon Saloon flicker on and off, Olivia approaches Lem at the bar. Having learned Fiji's story, it certainly explains why she often wear sweaters. Lem is surprised that Olivia came for him. Despite what happened, she still loves him. She remembers Lemuel asking for a heads-up, so this is her fulfilling that request. As soon as Fiji is safe, Olivia is leaving Midnight. Because of me? Lem asks. Because of a lot of reasons, Olivia replies. She didn't feel safe. She never stays in one place too long. She doesn't want her father to track her down. And she stayed in Midnight a lot longer than she ever expected, and that was because of Lem. With that being said, he considers himself fortunate. He's never known anyone like Olivia, so he was grateful for getting to spend the last few years with her. The feeling was mutual. With Olivia wiping away her tears, Lem asks if she wants him to leech from her for old times sake, but she was going to have to get used to dealing with her pain and grief without him.

She doesn't mean to apply pressure, but Creek is looking to Manfred for answers on how to stop Colconnar and the wraiths, yet he has no idea what to do next. Creek tells him not to lose faith, but as Manfred explains, it's not faith, its fact. Fiji is a lot more powerful than himself. After coming to this realization, he understands that leading sometimes means knowing when to delegate.

MTX 109-107-Fiji-Manfred

Fiji and Manfred combining dark witchcraft and gypsy magic

Manfred finds Fiji in the pool room going over her grimoires. Manfred shows Fiji a journal belonging to his ancestors, which contained spells on how to vanquish demons. He translated what he could to English. Upon further analysis of the journal, she realizes that it's dark magic, meaning very dangerous, but then again so is Colconnar. Fiji retrieves the container that was initially inside the chest at her shop. She opens it up, and says "Gypsy dark magic, meet witchcraft dark magic." As the flickering lights persist, the two of them head into the main room, where they announce that they combined a curse with an ancient witch's spell to get answers. The problem is that it requires a sacrifice. Olivia is first to ask what the sacrifice requires, and eye, a finger, etc. But Fiji explains that it's something far more valuable. To gain the answer that they need, the sacrifice requires a life. Rev volunteers to be the needed sacrifice. He's taken many lives, but saving Midnight can be his way of making amends. Mr. Snuggly gets on stage, telling them to shut up, outing himself to everyone in the room, who was still unaware of his ability to talk, which includes Olivia, Joe, Rev, and Lem. Mr. Snuggly volunteers to be the sacrifice. He was really old, his bones were aching, and he spent the last seven years without Aunt Mildred. He wanted to see her again. Despite being at Fiji's side for so long, he never liked her.

MTX 109-110-Fiji-Mr. Snuggly

The Midnighters performing the sacrifice

Fiji Begins the ritual, cutting her palm with a blade, and dripping her blood around Mr. Snuggly. She whispers in his ear to give Aunt Mildred a kiss for her. They offer Snuggly's life for an answer. A cloud of black smoke comes out of Fiji's mouth, and surrounds Mr. Snuggly, but it does not kill him as plan. Somehow, Manfred ends up being the necessary sacrifice. Creek is the first to spot the discoloring of his skin just moments before his lifeless body drops to the ground. Olivia attempts to perform CPR, but she fails to resuscitate him. Despite the freezing temperature of his body and paleness of his skin, Creek refuses to believe that he's dead. She lays her head on his chest, confident that he will soon awaken. His "death" was magic related, so she believes that he can be brought back, but the rest of the Midnighters aren't so sure. Manfred told her to give him the word when she was ready to pick up where they left off. She says that she is ready now, but she needs him to come back to her.

MTX 109-119-Catori

The dead Shaman; Catori

Manfred awakens in death, which brought him back to Midnight, where the shaman's body is buried. He meets face-to-face with Catori, the Shaman that closed the veil over a thousand years ago. Manfred expresses the comfort he finds death. It is peaceful. A lot more peaceful than midnight is at the moment. He asks if his grandmother, Xylda is around, but Catori neglect answer this question since he knows that Manfred is there over more pressing matters. Manfred seeks information on how to close the veil, as the shaman did so many years before. Catori whispers in his ear the answer he desires.

MTX 109-124-Wraith-Jeremy

Jeremy is Colconnar's messenger

Fiji exits the bar to find Colconnar's messenger waiting for her to join him. She wants to know how he knows so much about her. The messenger removes his goggles and masks, revealing his true identity. It's "Jeremy", her former lover. Colconnar sent Jeremy because he knew that Fiji would listen to him. While Fiji's intentions were good, and she never meant to hurt Jeremy, in the end, that's exactly what she did. If she comes with him, she would never have to worry about hurting anyone now she cares about. Neither will Colconnar. Go to him willingly, and he'll spare the others, but if she refuses, they will all die. With this in mind, Fiji agrees to leave with Jeremy.

MTX 109-129-Rev. Sheehan-Bobo-Manfred-Creek

The Midnighters in the parking lot

Manfred returns to the land of the living, frightening Creek with his sudden revival, as well as leaving the rest of them shocked. The first thing he sees is the Midnighters gathered around him. Joe informs Manfred that his heart stopped. Manfred tells them that Fiji spell worked, he met the shaman and got the answer he sought. However, by then it was too late. Fiji had already exited the bar unnoticed. They head into the parking lot, but Fiji is already on her way back to Midnight with Jeremy.



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