I'm not here as a man of God. I'm a Midnighter and a friend. I'm doing something wrong for reasons I believe to be right, and I hope you will forgive me, but my conscience will not allow me to remain silent anymore.
— Rev to the Midnighters in Blinded by the Light

The "Rev", also known under the assumed identity of the deceased Cowboy Reverend Emilio Sheehan, is a weretiger in Midnight, Texas. He is described as a grizzled Mexican cowboy who always wears his Stetson boots, and takes a cue for clothing style from Johnny Cash. He also presides over the Wedding Chapel and Pet Cemetery. He's a quiet man and spends his time reading his Bible when he's not caring for the church's pet cemetery. He employs Olivia and her particular set of skills for a monthly job.

Character DescriptionEdit

Emilio is a quiet, contemplative man who presides over the Midnight Chapel and Pet Cemetery. Every month he mysteriously disappears under the pull of the full moon.[1]


Not much is known about the Rev's past other than, he's on a path of repentance. On November 4th, 2008, under the light of a full moon, the Rev attacked a Cowboy who had broke down on the side of the road. The following morning, he asked the man for forgiveness and with his dying breathe, the cowboy asked God to save him. Climbing into the cab of the truck, the Rev found a Bible inscribed with "Reverend Emilio Sheehan" and assumed the cowboy's identity. "Emilio" then made his way to Midnight, TX where he read the Bible and taught others in accordance to scripture to repent for the horror he's committed and the lives he's ruined.[2]

Throughout Midnight, TexasEdit

Season OneEdit

In Pilot, Rev exits the Chapel just as Manfred Bernardo arrives into town, momentarily staring at him as he passed by. Later that night, Rev made brief eye contact with the newcomer once more as he ate his dinner at Home Cookin'. The following night, Rev catches Manfred in the Chapel as he was filling up a flask with holy water. He didn't bother to ask Manfred what he intended to use the holy water for but Rev did fill it up for him just before informing Manfred that Sunday service began at 8:00. The next day, as Rev was replacing the flowers on a grave, he received a visit from Sheriff Livingston, who questioned him about his involvement with Aubrey Hamilton. According to Rev, she would come to pray to God every so often but he didn't know her personally. The sheriff then mentioned the ritualistic nature of the crime scene, from which animal remains were recovered. Rev noted this as being wicked and sad.

MTX 101-064-Rev Sheehan

Rev answering the Sheriff's questions

Much like before, Rev had another brief exchange with Manfred, who noticed what was presumably a large dead animal hidden under a sheet in the back of Rev's pick-up truck as blood dripped out. That night, after dragging off the corpse of a fairly large bull, Rev took to the streets, along with the rest of the Midnighters as the Sheriff and Officer Gomez placed Bobo Winthrop under arrest for the murder of Aubrey Hamilton. Amongst the Midnighters was Fiji Cavanaugh, the local witch and best friend of Bobo. She refused to allow them to leave with him in custody, so Fiji stood in front of the police cruiser and levitated it off the ground. Rev stood by her side, hoping to calm her down as violence wasn't the answer. Not to mention that the following day would be a full moon, meaning that he wouldn't be around to help for a couple days.

In Bad Moon Rising, after being forced to stand idly by as Bobo was hauled off to the Roca Fria County Sheriff's department, the Midnighters regrouped at Midnight Pawn to discuss their next course of action. Outrage and disappointment filled the room. Fiji blamed herself for making matters worse by crushing the police car. However, as Rev explained, she didn't show them anything that they didn't already suspect.

In the early hours of the morning, Rev and Olivia prepared for the upcoming full moon, which as Olivia noted, they had plenty of time for as it was hours away. With so many variables and strangers in town, Rev would rather be safe than sorry, so he was locking himself up in the cellar earlier than he usually would. It took him a lot of time to find a home where he would be accepted for who he is, so the thought of losing control and hurting someone is quite worrisome. Should anything happen, he didn't want Olivia to hesitate in putting him down. As he headed further down into the cellar, he commented that he felt dread. Something was different about that full moon. He and Olivia prepare every month for the full moon. She assured him that they'd be seeing each other in the morning.

MTX 102-046-Rev. Sheehan

Rev during his transformation

That night, with the full moon quickly approaching, a naked and kneeling Rev read from the bible as he awaited the transformation to begin. His bones began to break and shift as he completed his transformation into a weretiger. Once fully transformed, the Rev no longer existed for that period of time. There was only an instinctual animal left, with an insatiable taste for blood. In spite of his best efforts to avoid killing anyone, he did just that as Officer Gomez broke the chain on the cellar door and entered. Inside, she discovered Rev feeding upon the corpse of a large bull. Officer Gomez fires several direct shots at him but they had very little effects. He lunges at Officer Gomez, and despite her best attempt to get away, he drags her back down into the cellar.

After killing Gomez, it dragged her up into the tree to hang, where Manfred would soon find her. Rev then made his way down to the Gas N Go, where Creek was working the night shift. However, before he could go in for the kill, Manfred arrived, calling out to Creek, which caught its attention. With his sights set on the newcomer, he took a quick swipe at him in passing, leaving deep claw marks on Manfred's side. It then circles around, chasing them through the garage before Creek cuts a hydraulic line, thus dropping a car on top of Rev. However, this does very little to slow him down.

MTX 102-097-Rev. Sheehan-Weretiger

Weretiger about to punce

He proceeds to chase them throughout the streets of Midnight until catching up with Manfred and Creek at the RV. He claws at the roof of the vehicle, but continuously fails to gain access. Olivia and Lemuel showed up soon thereafter, guns blazing. She fires several rounds at the weretiger, scaring it off into the darkness. They track it down to the woods just outside the ranches, where it had killed another large animal. Olivia has her rifle loaded with silver bullets, and locked on target. However, she is hesitant to fire due to the fact that deep down, the creature is still Rev. Lemuel attempts to talk it down, in hopes that he can reach through, calling out to him by his first name, Emilio. Unfortunately, this does little to calm the beast as it lunges at Lemuel, taking a bite of him, before being tossed aside. It quickly recovers and makes another attempt at Lemuel, who forces it to the ground, and leeches off its energy, resulting in the tiger being put to sleep.

At sunrise, as he lied on the ground outside the cellar, Rev reverted back to his human form. Naked, due to being a weretiger the previous night, Manfred covers him with his jacket. Olivia approaches Rev, happily telling him it's okay, but he disagrees, having been cognizant to some degree during his transformation, he was fully aware of killing Officer Gomez.

Later that day, as he lays Officer Gomez to rest just outside the pet cemetery, he says a prayer. It had been a long time since he last killed someone, but Olivia refused to accept that it was his fault. Rev explained that he is the weretiger. Tigers are solitary. So, before coming to Midnight, he spent a lot of time alone. Reconciling both sides was difficult for him. It was precisely why he was a reverend. He was hoping to find meaning in his duality. Being a reverend led him to Midnight, which was his home and purpose, so he'd do anything to maintain it. He goes on to tell Olivia that last night was different. A bull is typically enough to sate him, yet that time it wasn't. Something was different, and that scared him.

In Lemuel, Unchained, as a nest of vampires arrive in Midnight, Rev, Lemuel, Manfred, Bobo, and Fiji rush to Creek's aid as her screams can be heard throughout town. They discover that Lemuel formerly belonged to the nest and that the vampires were old friends of his.

MTX 103-028~Manfred~Creek~Rev. Sheehan~Fiji~Bobo

The Midnighters discussing the Nest

At the Chapel, Rev explains to the Midnighters that vampires generally avoid Midnight due to Lemuel's energy leeching nature. He's capable of killing them, which is why they stay away. The vampires claimed they would be gone by sunrise, however, if anything happened, Rev planned for them to all gather at the Church, which was a sanctuary. Should a problem arise, he informed Manfred that silver poisons vampires but killing them can only be done through sun or a wooden stake through the heart.

Later that night, he reentered the Chapel to find Joe awaiting his arrival. No one came to the church for company, so he assumed that Joe was there to confess. Joe confesses that the reason the Rev had never seen him in the church before was due to the fact that he was a fallen angel. Not only did the vampires threaten the life that he had built for himself, they were only the beginning. When an angel comes heralding a message, Rev knew to listen. From Joe, he learned that the veil that Midnight sits upon is fraying and that it would draw evil to Midnight. Rev felt that evil during the last full moon. The hunger was insatiable. Joe and Chuy weren't going to be around much longer, and when they're gone, someone needed to know the truth, which is the reason for his confession.

Manfred then enters the church in a rush and out of breath. The vampires had killed Henry, the hardware store owner. He was a good man. The nest killed him and anyone in town could be next. Waiting them out until the morning was no longer an option, so they began to warn their fellow Midnighters. It was the first time they had gathered the town for Mass in a long while, but they were still waiting on Manfred to return with the Lovells.

MTX 103-133-Rev. Sheehan

Rev releasing the Midnigters

He then receives a call from Manfred, who needed the UV sunlight projecting crystal created by Fiji and Bobo. Manfred was willing to risk his life to save Lemuel, but in order for the plan to work, they needed divine intervention, Rev told Joe, hoping that he would intervene. From behind the closed doors of the church, Rev says a prayer for Manfred, who finds himself surrounded by vampires, "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil". Thankfully, Joe makes it to the top of the bell tower in time to shine down the UV sunlight projecting crystal, killing all the vampires in sight. The next morning, as the sun rose, Rev opened the doors of the chapel, sending home all the Midnighters inside.

MTX 106-015-Rev. Sheehan

Rev cleaning up the dead insects and rodents

In Blinded by the Light, with the full moon at its peak, Rev transforms into a weretiger. He growls and bangs up against the cellar door as a group of mischievous Davy teens vandalize the cemetery. The following morning, he is left to clean up the remains of dead insects and rodents all along the church.

The Rev joins Manfred in the Midnighter's room at Home Cookin' to discuss the varying ways in which each are being affected by the fraying veil, though Manfred is unaware that this is the cause. Rev's were-self was becoming hungrier, to the point where the appetite was insatiable. Manfred, on the other hand, was seeing more and more spirits with each passing day.

MTX 106-025-Rev. Sheehan-Manfred

Rev and Manfred at Home Cookin'

The two of them are joined by Ryan, one of the trouble-making teens from the previous night. He came by looking for his friend, Aerin. Her mother said that she never made it home, so he was hoping that maybe Rev or Manfred may have seen her, however, neither one of them recognizes her. Although, Rev does point out that his cemetery was vandalized, looking to the teen for answers. Ryan claims to have no knowledge of any vandalizing taking place. With that out of the way, Rev volunteers Manfred to assist in finding the missing girl since he was intuitive. Having said that, Ryan ends the discussion abruptly and exits the room as he wanted no involvement with their "witchy crap". He was inconsequential, Rev says. But now they had a problem on their hands with another missing girl because that would bring law enforcement right back to Midnight.

The Midnighters convene in the chapel, where they assess the situation to determine how best to handle it. Fiji suggests that they may be dealing with a supernatural entity. Creek notes the sudden increase in ghost sightings for Manfred, not to mention the dead insects and rodents that the Rev has been finding at the cemetery and Witch Light Road. Joe quickly changes the subject back to the missing girl; he heads out to the ranches, while Manfred and Creek check the woods, and Rev and Fiji look around town, leaving Olivia and Bobo to search the outskirts. As planned, he and Fiji search Midnight. They've known each other for a long time, he's always known her to be optimistic, able to see the light in the darkness, and the that she has a flair for prints. But lately, Fiji has been failing to hold this optimism and lightheartedness. She explains that she hasn't been sleeping and that she hears a voice calling to her and touching her. Fiji has a feeling that it's not going to stop until it takes her. Rev initially chalks this up to the fact that she had recently been kidnapped but Fiji was confident that a demon was after her. He assures Fiji that she's not going crazy before giving her a hug.

MTX 106-051-Rev. Sheehan-Davy Deputy

Rev and Davy deputies

Rev answers the Davy deputy's questions as he cleans off the vandalism that was spray-painted onto the headstones of the cemetery. He didn't see anything but then again he was down for the night, before sunset or so he claims. In actuality, Rev was in the cellar turning into a weretiger, though he couldn't exactly tell the deputies this. So instead he tells the deputy that Midnight is a sleepy town, and that he didn't understand why people had to be so disrespectful, as he looks to the vandalized headstone. The deputy recalls that it wasn't too long ago that Aubrey Lowry went missing, and was later found dead by the river's edge. She was killed by her husband, as far as Rev understood, but this was still an open case until they found him. The missing girl's mother was a judge in Davy, and she was scared, so the deputies came to Midnight just to search around, but they warned Rev that in 24 hours, a full-on investigation will be underway.

Joe returns from the ranches with no luck in finding the girl. Rev informs Joe that Fiji believes she's going mad because she's hearing demons. Manfred is self-medicating because he's seeing spirits everywhere he turns. He promised to keep Joe's secret, but the others deserve to know that they aren't going crazy. Nothing Joe says is going to stop what's coming, eventually, the Midnighters will know the truth, but Rev believes it will be too late by then, as demons could be crawling out the veil. He understood that Joe was protecting his family, but it came at the risk of everyone else. He knows that Joe sent Chuy away, presumably because the veil was too dangerous for him to be in town. Joe says that it's an impossible choice, and that he wants to help, but the repercussions of his actions would do a lot more bad than good, then leaving to continue his search for Aerin.

MTX 106-066-Creek-Manfred-Rev. Sheehan

Creek, Manfred, and Rev at the intersection

Rev approaches Manfred and Creek at the intersection to see if they had any luck in finding the missing girl, which they didn't. Creek wonders if they should check the road to Davy, but she is interrupted by Manfred, who sees someone in a barren field leading into town. Initially unsure whether it's a ghost or an actual person, they soon discover that it is Connor, who is beaten up and collapses right before them.

Later that night, Rev joins the Midnighters in the Midnighter's room. However, he did not come as a man of God, he came as Emilio, a Midnighter and a friend. He's doing something wrong for reasons he believes to be right. He hopes that they will forgive him, but his conscience will not allow him to remain silent any further. He explains to them that the veil between hell and Midnight is fraying. Evil energy was seeping out of the veil and affecting each of them, and bringing out the darkness in them, as well as drawing evil to town. Fiji wonders why he didn't mention any of this earlier when she told him about the demon that was haunting her. Rev was protecting his source.

MTX 106-086~Rev. Sheehan-Olivia-Lemuel-Shawn~Bobo

The Midnighters surrounding Shawn Lovell

The Midnighters tie Shawn Lovell to a chair and surround him in the pawn shop upon discovering him with the missing girl in the woods Despite the fact that he killed those girls, attacked his own son, and brought law enforcement back to Midnight, Rev agrees with Manfred that they have no right to play judge, jury, and executioner, though Olivia and Lemuel would rather do it the "Midnighter's way" - swift and simple. However, there was nothing simple about the predicament they were in. Rev believes that Shawn should be locked away. Manfred wonders if it's the veil that caused Shawn to begin killing, but Rev informs him that the veil is incapable of making someone evil, so if he gave into the darkness, it was already there.

The Midnighters stand around the pawn shop helpless after discovering that Shawn was only covering for Connor, who was the actual killer. He also had Creek with him, meaning her life could be in danger as well. They learn that Connor is sick and that he always has been, though Shawn refused to lock him up when given the opportunity, thus putting Midnight in danger. Shawn came to Midnight because it was isolated and everyone there could protect themselves. Shawn repeats over and over that Connor would never hurt Creek, but the Midnighters weren't so sure. Rev states that it's in his nature to be a killer. Wondering what's to follow after Creek realizes that Connor is the killer, and he begins to feel cornered, the Midnighters exit the pawn shop in a rush. Manfred and Bobo want to search for Creek, despite the fact that there's too much ground to cover, Rev says. Joe takes off his jacket and shirt, then sprouting his wings, revealing to rest of the Midnighters what the Rev already knew, that Joe was an angel. He flies off into the night as he can cover more distance than any of them.

MTX 106-141-Olivia-Rev. Sheehan-Fiji-Joe-Bobo-Creek-Manfred

The Midnighters at the cleansing and honoring of the death ceremony

Rev, Manfred, Olivia, Fiji, and Bobo, await Joe, Lemuel, and Creek's safe return. They discover that Connor was dead; Lemuel killed him as he was given no other choice. Rev hangs his head in sorrow. The following day, The Midnighters gather outside the church as Fiji performs a cleansing while at the same time honoring the spirits that were killed by Connor. After the ceremony, Rev meets up with Joe, who he assumes must be angry with him for exposing his secret about the veil, though Joe is grateful for what Rev did. Had he not, Joe might not have went to save Creek, but Rev likes to think he would. Joe explains that he used his light to save Creek, meaning that they would be coming to Midnight. Rev thanks Joe before telling him that if he needed anything, they would be there to help.

MTX 107-018-Rev. Sheehan-Fiji

Rev talking to Fiji at Home Cookin

In Angel Heart, Rev and Fiji watch from the Midnighter's room as Creek returns to work just days after the death of Connor. It didn't sit right with him that Creek had returned so soon. While Madonna agrees with him, she explains that it was Creek's decision to come in. Fiji suggests that this may be precisely what Creek lacked; sometimes getting out in the world can provide a needed distraction. The Rev sits next to Fiji, aware that Fiji was referring to herself as much as she was Creek, in relation to troubling times at home. The Inquiring Mind was an unpleasant living environment for Fiji given the fact that she was still hearing that demon. Sometimes it laughs and calls her name. When she doesn't hear it, she finds herself waiting for the moment that she does. Fiji preferred her situation back when she thought she was going crazy.

MTX 107-035-Rev. Sheehan-Bowie

Bowie reading Rev's mind

While gathering up the bibles within the chapel, Rev is approached by a mysterious woman, later to be identified as Bowie. She was looking for a man, who she believes to be hiding out in Midnight, Joseph, she calls him. Rev immediately realizes that Bowie is apart of "they", the people that Joe referred to during their previous discussion. Joe said "they" would come for him, and so they did. Rev tells Bowie that if he did know someone named Joseph, he would be a parishioner, meaning that he couldn't disclose any information. Bowie says that once a man realizes what she is, that being an angel, they co-operate without much fuss. As Bowie moves closer, Rev growls as he grabs the wooden speech podium, smashing it into pieces as it collides with Bowie, though this does very little to slow her down, let alone stop her. Bowie shoves him against a wall, placing her hand to his forehead and reading his mind as her palm emits a bright white light. Rev is neither man nor animal, she says he's nothing before throwing him into the window with great force, knocking him unconscious.

MTX 107-083-Rev. Sheehan

Rev waking up in the church

Later that night, he is found by Creek, bloody and bruised. She helps him to Home Cookin', where the two of them walk in on Bowie reading Madonna's mind. Rev pushes Creek aside, telling her not to let Bowie touch her. He seems as if he's ready for another round, however, Bowie is by far the faster of the two, appearing on the other side of the room. She passes Rev in order to get to Creek. Bowie holds everyone in the restaurant hostage until the Midnighters bring Joe to her. Rev interrupts Bowie as she taunts Creek over fall of her family. He tells her to stop, and that Creek has been through enough, so Bowie turns her attention to Rev. She places her hands around his neck, asking Creek if she wanted to know what it sounded like when Connor's neck snapped. Bowie gestures as if she's actually going to snap the Rev's neck, but she decides against it, though the Rev does not flinch nor does he show any signs of fear despite facing death. He comments that like Joe, Bowie is also a fallen angel. She admits that she has trouble controlling her anger, some of which Joe was responsible for. However, the wait was over as Joe calls for her from outside the restaurant.

After the Midnighters kill Bowie, the hostages are released. Fiji brings Rev an ice pack to sooth his injuries. She advises him to go to the ER in case that his ribs are broken. If they were broken, Rev would be fine. They'll reset the next full moon. The transformation can fix such injuries.

MTX 108-015-Rev. Sheehan-Olivia

Rev and Olivia in the Midnighter's room

In Last Temptation of Midnight, Rev is joined by Olivia while enjoying his meal at Home Cookin'. He expresses his disappointment in Manfred after learning that he left Midnight. He thought more of the newcomer. Olivia notes that Rev is a vegetarian, though he is eating a fairly bloody steak. His anemia is the reason for his sudden change in diet. Whether or not the fraying veil has any involvement in his unexpected selection of food has yet to be determined. He asks Olivia how Lemuel was doing, who ironically is suffering from a similar condition in the diet as the Rev.

The Midnighters gather in the chapel after the suicide attempt of Janice, one of the locals. They learn that the same demonic voice that Fiji had been hearing is also responsible for Janice nearly taking her own life. The voice has been telling her that she needs to die, and that everything will be better once she does. Rev recalls Joe telling him that as the veil frays, evil energy will seep out; energy that will tap into their dark impulses. However, Fiji rejects the notion that dark energy was at the root of Janice's problem. They were being targeted by a specific demonic voice. It was getting louder and stronger, and it was likely gaining the means to do this by feeding on death. This would explain all the deceased animals Rev has been encountering. The demon was preying on the weak and the vulnerable, which Fiji plans to put a stop to.

MTX 108-112-Rev. Sheehan-Fiji-Manfred-Olivia-Bobo

The Midnighters gathered in the street

As Fiji devises a mixture that'll cure the targeted of the demon's influence, Manfred returns to town with news of a new supernatural threat looking to make an offering of the dead, so that a demon can rise. The Midnighters approach the faceless supernatural as he prepares to send-forth the offering by lighting a group of dead bodies on fire, as some sort of human sacrifice. "Protect this town from his wickedness", Rev says. Despite their best effort at detaining the faceless supernatural, the offering is accepted regardless. They discover that the demon's name is Colconnar, and that he has chosen Fiji. The ground begins to crack beneath their feet as the flames of hell start to seep out, and engulf the offering. After escaping the Midnighters' hold, the faceless supernatural grabs Fiji. Fortunately, Manfred surprises them all when he commands the ghosts of the human sacrifice to drag faceless back to hell, saving Fiji in the process.

In Riders On The Storm, a sandstorm hits Midnight as the veil grows closer to breaking. Rev, Joe, and Manfred head into the cellar of the church to dig up the remains of the shaman responsible for sealing the veil a millennium ago. Hopefully, Manfred can acquire the answers that he seeks in order to seal the veil once again. Upon learning that Manfred sent Creek to evacuate along with the locals, Rev informs him that she is strong, and she'll survive more than most. Manfred was merely further complicating the situation. If Manfred loves Creek, then the Rev would advise him to be with her.

MTX 109-060-Joe-Rev. Sheehan-Manfred

Joe, Rev, and Manfred digging up the shaman's grave

Unfortunately, after digging up the grave, they discover that the shaman's remains have disintegrated. Rev double-checks the grave for bones or clothes, but it appears that all traces of the shaman are lost. Without a plan or a way to contact the shaman, the Midnighters have lost their only chance at stopping the veil from breaking. Gunshots echo from above. The three of them head up from the cellar to investigate, when they are nearly attacked by a number of wraiths; evil spirits heralding the arrival of a demon. Rev, Joe, and Manfred take refuge in Fiji's shop, where they would be safe from the attacking spirits, considering Fiji's house was inhospitable to the dead. However, this will do very little to stop Colconnar, who unlike the wraiths, is very much alive, and can enter Fiji's home at will. With no way to stop Colconnar or the wraiths, the only option was to leave Midnight, at least for the time being. They need to get Fiji someplace safe, regroup, rethink, and come back with the plan to kill the wraiths and Colconnar. With a plan in motion, Rev and Joe head to the garage to prepare.

As the sandstorm worsens, the Midnighters gather onto the vampire bus, and leave Midnight as planned. An emergency broadcast plays on the radio as Rev drives through the storm. A state of emergency is being issued for Roca Fria County. The storms have been reported throughout the county. Should they get caught up in the storm, they are advised by the local radio station to pull aside, though this is not an option as far as Rev is concerned.

Rev passes the final dust storm cloud, with nothing but clear roads ahead of them. Olivia manages to book them a row of rooms at the Knights Inn in Waco, which was a couple hours away. Although, it doesn't seem like they're going to make it that far with the sandstorm just behind them. For reasons unknown at the time, the sandstorm is following them, and with no way to outrun it in a tour bus, they are forced to take refuge until the storm passes. Bobo tells Rev that they need to hold up somewhere without windows, and he knew just the place; the Cartoon Saloon. The Midnighters pull up to the vacant bar, going inside, and closing the door behind them.

After settling in, and learning that the storm was chasing Fiji, the Midnighters begin to suspect that she's keeping secrets from them, but she insists that she doesn't know why Colconnar's after her. Just then, Manfred recalls their very first encounter with the demon, in which he went directly for Fiji after tossing Manfred aside. He's been talking to her ever since. The fact that he's targeting Fiji, and no one else worries the Midnighters, causing them to grow more suspicious of Fiji. After repeatedly saying that she doesn't know why Colconnar's interested in her alone, Fiji confesses that she's a powerful virgin witch, and this is why she is sought after. Older virgin witches are rare and powerful. Colconnar wants her magic.

MTX 109-116-Bobo-Joe-Olivia-Manfred-Rev. Sheehan~Fiji-Creek-Lemuel

The Midnighters standing around Manfred's body

Later that evening, Manfred and Fiji announce that they combined an ancient witches' spell and a gypsy curse in order to acquire answers from the dead shaman who was initially responsible for sealing the veil. The problem is that their combined curse/spell is dark magic, meaning it requires a sacrifice of life. Rev volunteers to be the needed sacrifice. He has taken many lives, saving Midnight could be his way of making amends, though the Midnighters are against it. Much to Rev's surprise, Fiji's cat, Mr. Snuggly, interjects. He volunteers himself to be the sacrifice. He's really old. His bones ache, and he misses Fiji's Aunt Mildred. With that being said, Fiji begins the ritual. However, instead of taking Mr. Snuggly's life in return for an answer, the spell takes Manfred's. His skin turns grey just moments before his lifeless body falls to the ground. The Midnighters stand around Manfred's frozen corpse, saddened by his death. Little did they know that his death is only temporary. It is simply providing him with the opportunity to speak with the shaman. Manfred awakens before them, leaving the Midnighters shocked by his revival. He explains that Fiji's spell worked, and that he knows how to stop Colconnar. However, by then, Fiji had already left spare all of them any further deaths. The Midnighters rush into the parking lot, calling out to her, but she is long gone.

MTX 110-020-Rev. Sheehan-Creek-Manfred~Lemuel-Olivia~Joe

Rev preparing to bless the weapons

In The Virgin Sacrifice, on the vampire bus back to Midnight, the Midnighters discuss Colconnar, and his use for Fiji, in which he would have sex with her in order to come forth and multiply. When Manfred died, the shaman told him that the first demon was going to rise on the night of the blood moon, which is that very same night and also happened to be a full moon. Before they can even consider killing Colconnar, they first need to deal with the wraiths, who were of greater concern at the moment. They take inventory of the weapons on the bus, which consists of guns, blades, axes, and ammunition. However, their collection of weapons, in the current state that they're in, won't be of much use against wraiths due to the fact that they're spirit manifestations of evil. With that in mind, the Midnighters decide to go old school. Wraiths are evil, and as everyone knows, evil has a long withstanding weakness to holy water. It burns them to the touch, which will clear a path to Fiji. With a sanctified bottle of water, Rev can bless the weapons, thus giving them a fighting chance. While Bobo, Olivia, and Creek are with Fiji, Rev will join Manfred, Lem, and Joe at the pawn shop.

MTX 110-034-Rev. Sheehan-Manfred-Creek-Joe-Olivia-Lemuel-Bobo

The Midnighters heading to Midnight

The Midnighters park the bus off road, and head to Midnight on foot, allowing them to enter the town unnoticed. Rev, Manfred, Lem, and Joe gather on the side of a building while the wraiths move closer towards the church, in Bobo, Olivia, and Creek's direction. The four of them set out to distract the wraiths long enough for the others to rescue Fiji. Joe whistles to catch their attention and Lem starts to battle off by firing an arrow into one of the wraiths. While their consecrated weapons are effective, the effects aren't long-lasting. With a pistol in each hand, Rev manages to hold his own against the wraiths, as does Lem, Manfred, and Joe, all of whom retreat to the pawn shop after Bobo and Creek make it over to Fiji's.

Rev, Joe, and Lem question what it is that Manfred is searching for that he expects to find in the pawn shop. The shaman said that for Manfred to fight evil, he first needed to know evil, and with there being evil spirits attached to objects within the pawn shop, he is hoping that some of them may be demonic. Lem confirms this suspicion, given some of the people who have entered the shop over the years, both natural and supernatural, it is very likely that demonic spirits were tethered to various objects.

MTX 110-069-Rev. Sheehan

Rev in the pawn shop

With Manfred planning to allow multiple demonic spirits to possess him in order to defeat Colconnar, the Rev approaches Joe after realizing that the veil fraying as it did millennia ago, must bring back old memories for him, but not good ones, Joe adds. He hated being a soldier of war. Bowie told him that they were fighting to exterminate those inferior to them (demons), but to Joe, none of it ever seemed worth the bloodshed. Admittedly, it was different this time around, it was worth fighting for because Midnight was his home. Rev reaches for the medieval sword that Joe had just recently found in the shop, and offers to consecrate the weapon, bestowing onto it the necessary sanctification to combat wraiths.

Rev enters the back room to check on Lem, who has a feeling that they are about to lose everything. The Rev writes it off as blatant pessimism. Rev states that desperate times can bring out the best in people, much like Lem. It wasn't that long ago that he kept his distance from his the Midnighters. He was cordial, but he still preferred the solitary and loneliness, until the night that his wereself escaped. They searched for him, and after finding him, they could've killed the Rev, especially in the dangerous state that he was in. It would've been safer for everyone had they done that, yet they chose to save him from the darkness within himself instead. The Rev is one of them, which he knows now. They can use the church as sanctuary in case Colconnar can't be stopped. Unfortunately, that doesn't do Lem much good considering that vampires can't pass the church's threshold. Although, Rev seemingly has a solution to this.

MTX 110-080-Rev. Sheehan

Rev heading to the basement for his transformation

Rev wonders if Manfred has ever been possessed by demonic spirits before. Manfred admits to being possessed by an angry ex-husband, but never a demon, which makes their plan to stop Colconnar all the more risky. Despite never being possessed by a demon, Manfred is content on taking on multiple demonic spirits. Rev asks if he's sure that he wants to continue with the plan given the risks. Manfred's not sure but the prophecy foretold a man of vision who can bridge the worlds of the living and the dead. This is the only plan that makes sense given what little time and resources they have, and with no one else coming up with a plan to combat Colconnar, it's all they have to go with. As nightfall approaches, the moon is closer to rising. Having said that, Rev needs to lock himself up somewhere safe in preparation for his transformation. Lem allows him to use the basement of the shop. Before heading down, Rev says that he will pray for Manfred until he turns. During his transformation, he attacks Lem, who came into the basement looking for more demonic possessed objects to empower Manfred.

MTX 110-143~Lemuel-Rev. Sheehan~Olivia

Rev marrying Lemuel and Olivia

One week later, Rev presides over Olivia and Lem's wedding in his chapel. Family isn't always about blood. Family are the people that accept you for who you are, without judgment. The people that stand with you both in joy and agony. Rev goes on to say that with family, love doesn't come with conditions. Sacrifices are made willingly, if only to spare your loved ones pain. And if you're exceptionally lucky, you are born into that family. However, sometimes, it takes a long time to find that family. Most of them know what it's like to be alone, in solitary. Because they're so familiar with that feeling of loneliness, they recognize the miracle and magic of committing to that family for good or bad, sickness or help, aging and not. He then hands Olivia and Lemuel their rings.

MTX 110-154~Melanie-Rev. Sheehan-Bobo-Fiji-Manfred

Rev, Bobo, Fiji, and Manfred meet Melanie

The next morning, the Rev exits the church to the sound of loud noise and rumbling. He was not the only one as Manfred, Creek, Olivia, Bobo, Joe, and Chuy also made their way out that morning due to all the commotion. The Midnighters gather just outside Home Cookin', where a construction crew has assembled. They are greeted by Melanie Pratt, an employee of Albany World wide. She apologizes for the disturbance. The trucks weren't supposed to arrive for another day. They are a hospitality company, and the new owners of the hotel. Melanie explains that they're renovating. It's a historic property, though Rev doesn't believe their decision to renovate is a wise one. Her company plans to completely revitalize Midnight, making it a destination for tourism. Midnight has a very colorful history, Melanie adds.


Much like tigers, the Rev is a man of solitude, generally keeping to himself. This is evident by his desire to eat alone despite the Midnigter's room in Home Cookin', which is specifically in place for residents such as himself to eat together. While the Rev surely prefers his privacy, this is not to say that he doesn't engage in the town's affairs when required to. He's fairly involved in keeping Midnight safe from threats of all kinds.

Rev often struggles to find meaning in his duality; that being man and tiger. It's what led him to become a Reverend. Despite his God-fearing beliefs, he has taken multiple lives, one of which being, though unintentional, Officer Gomez. It is unknown who he killed prior to her, but he did make a point of noting that it had been a long time since the last time he had killed. Although he had no control of his actions, Rev assumed responsibility, also showing remorse for the life he had taken.


Rev possess all the standard abilities of a weretiger in relation to Midnight, Texas mythology, including but not limited to super strength (both in human and weretiger form), speed, agility, and healing. According to Creek Lovell, she witnessed him pull a gravestone out the ground with one hand. Further proof of his power was demonstrated after being shot multiple times at point-blank range by Officer Gomez and Olivia. However, by sunrise, he had completely healed of any wounds.


Season One Appearances: 8/10
Bad Moon Rising:
Lemuel, Unchained:
Sexy Beast:
Blinded by the Light:
Angel Heart:
Last Temptation of Midnight:
Riders On The Storm:
The Virgin Sacrifice:
Season Two Appearances: 2/9
Head Games:
The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy:
To Witch Hell and Back:
I Put a Spell On You:
Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay:
No More Mr. Nice Kai:
Resting Witch Face:
Patience is a Virtue:
Yasss, Queen:


  • Rev is a vegetarian.


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