I never said that. But I think life should end. It means pain ends. Memories end. It's the natural order of things. Doesn't mean my feelings for you are any different.
— Olivia to Lemuel

Olivia Charity is an assassin in Midnight, Texas. She is a freelance hitwoman and assassin with a mysterious, yet really dark past. She's a vital part of the community and like other residents of Midnight, TX, she's incredibly dangerous.

Throughout the series, we will learn her backstory, how she came to be a hitwoman and why it’s important to her to protect the town of Midnight. There is also a really odd and sweet relationship between her and Lemuel and they feed off each other in a symbiotic, yet emotionally intense relationship. As of The Virgin Sacrifice, Lemuel and Olivia are married by Rev. Sheehan.

Character DescriptionEdit

Olivia is an assassin trained in hand-to-hand combat and has a weapon for every occasion. She has a passionate and deeply emotional connection to Lemuel Bridger.[1]

Olivia is an assassin trained in hand-to-hand combat and has a weapon for every occasion. She has a passionate and deeply emotional connection to her husband, and resident vampire, Lemuel Bridger.[2]


While much of Olivia's past is still unknown, she does have severe unresolved issues with her father, who abandoned her as a child. He wasn't there for her when she was a kid. He left Olivia with the woman he married, who happened to have an addiction to pills. But when her habit got out of control, Olivia's father cut his wife off. However, since her father was never around, the wife found other ways to make her income, in order to support her habit. She used Olivia. There are a lot of twisted men in the world, most of whom would pay top dollar for a pretty young girl. She was sexually abused repeatedly as a result of her father's abandonment and his wife's addiction. However, Olivia made sure that the men responsible would never repeat such a heinous act as she executed each of them.[3]

Throughout Midnight, TexasEdit

Season OneEdit

MTX 101-038-Fiji-Olivia

Fiji and Olivia at Annual Fall Picnic

In Pilot, Olivia returns to Midnight, just seconds behind the newcomer, Manfred Bernardo, nearly taking his van door off as she came speeding into the parking lot of the pawn shop. With an instrument case in hand, Manfred assumed that she was a musician who was pawning a trumpet. Olivia sarcastically remarked that he nailed it as she entered her apartment, and shut the door behind her while removing the red wig to reveal a full head of blonde hair. Later that night, she and Lemuel were joined for dinner at Home Cookin' by Manfred, however, Olivia didn't stay too long after his arrival. The following day, she attended the annual fall picnic, where she noticed how passionately Fiji watched Bobo from afar, suggesting that Fiji should go ahead and make her move.

Moments later, she couldn't help but wonder why Creek would invite Manfred to the picnic. Fiji explained that Manfred was no threat to them considering that she had baked him cookies, which he would have been throwing up at that very moment if he had poisonous intentions. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a fun outing quickly turned into a murder mystery as the body of Aubrey Hamilton, Bobo's fiancé, turned up at the river's side. As law enforcement arrived, Olivia stated that "even dead, the bitch is trouble". The following evening, after watching from her window as Manfred exited a police vehicle, Olivia grew increasingly suspicious of him. In an effort to discover why Manfred was truly in Midnight, she knocked him unconscious using a pair of brass knuckles, stripped him down, and tied him up in her apartment.

MTX 101-079~Manfred-Lemuel-Olivia-Fiji

Lemuel, Olivia, and Fiji interrogating Manfred

It wasn't long before she was interrupted by Fiji, and then joined soon thereafter by Lemuel. She wonders why Manfred chose their town, asking if he worked for the police or if her dad sent him. Manfred insisted that he was sent by his psychic grandmother, Xylda, who Lemuel was quite familiar with. After releasing Manfred and sending him home, two members of the Sons of Lucifer biker gang came into the pawn shop looking to cause trouble, which they found in the form of Olivia and Lemuel. She shot one of the bikers in the shoulder with an arrow and then disposed of the bodies after Lemuel killed them.

After turning down a hit, which would have been a nice payday, Olivia accessed her arsenal and began cleaning her gun, before being interrupted by Lemuel, who noticed how angry she was, and offered to take some of that anger away. Olivia agreed, and so Lemuel leeched off the energy provided by Olivia's anger, doing so caused her skin to briefly lose color. Afterward, she and Lemuel joined the other Midnighters in the street as Sheriff Livingston and Officer Gomez arrested Bobo for the murder of Aubrey. Angered by recent events, Fiji began to take matters into her own hands by levitating the police car, but she and Rev were able to talk her down due to the fact that they needed to take a smarter approach.

In Bad Moon Rising, Olivia, Lemuel, Fiji, Rev, and Joe regrouped at the pawn shop following Bobo's arrest. Olivia regretted her decision in stopping Fiji from crushing the car when she had the chance. They scared the police, so that likely wouldn't end well for the Midnighters unless they got back off of law enforcement's radar. Manfred joins them at the shop, only to tell them that his house was haunted by ghosts and what was possibly a demonic entity. She questioned if this was simply a ploy for Manfred to weasel his way out of his prior agreement to help vindicate Bobo. Manfred insisted that he too wanted answers, but doing so would be rather difficult with the haunting taking place.

Afterward, she and Rev headed to the cellar beneath the Chapel in preparation for the full moon. The sun had just risen. The moon wouldn't be up for many hours, but Rev insisted on getting an early start. Too many variables and strangers, he claimed. They prepared for the full moon every month. Olivia assured him that there was no reason to worry, and that she would see him in the morning. As Rev proceeded further into the cellar, she chained the doors behind him.

MTX 102-069-Olivia

Olivia 'Gunz blazin'

That night, as she cleaned her blade while looking over the shop, Lemuel entered for his shift, however, he was late, and after having to take the day shift, Olivia was in no mood for leeching. With the smell of blood in the air, she and Lemuel hit the streets of Midnight, prepared for a fight. With a gun in each hand, Olivia fired several rounds at Rev, who had turned into a weretiger, and was in the middle of attacking Manfred and Creek. As he ran off into the night, Olivia instantly assumed that Manfred was responsible for releasing him, but as Manfred would come to explain, it was actually Officer Gomez, who Rev had killed and hoisted up in a tree. He had been scratched during the attack, leading Manfred to wonder if he too would become a weretiger. Olivia informed him that "weres" are born, not turned.

MTX 102-095-Olivia

Olivia's sights set on the weretiger

Olivia and Lemuel headed back to their apartment, where she checked her arsenal for more efficient weretiger hunting ammo, silver bullets to be exact, which the slightest graze of could kill a weretiger. Olivia repeatedly referred to the creature as "it", saying that it had to be stopped, as she loaded her rifle. The creature they saw before them wasn't the Rev anymore, she claimed. Olivia began her hunt for the beast just outside Davy. She, Lemuel, Fiji, and Manfred tracked it down to the woods located near the ranches. Hesitant, Olivia had her sights set on the weretiger through the scope of her rifle. It's not the Rev, she said, as it proceeded to attack Lemuel. She repeated that it needed to end because that's what Rev would want but Lemuel and Fiji convinced her to hold off. Thankfully, Lemuel managed to wrestle it to the ground, and leech it's energy, thus rendering the creature unconscious.

The following morning, as the sun rose, Olivia, Fiji, and Manfred stood above Rev as he transformed back into his human form. She approached Rev and told him that it was okay. However, he disagreed, having remembered killing officer Gomez. Later that day, she joined him as he laid Officer Gomez to rest. She reminded Rev that Gomez's death wasn't his fault. He explained that it was hard to reconcile with both sides. Olivia wondered if he had luck with finding meaning in his duality, which he did. He then went on to tell her that last night was different. Usually, a bull is enough to sate him, but that time it wasn't. Something was different, and it scared them both.

In Lemuel, Unchained, Olivia enters the shop to find Lemuel conversing with an old friend of his named Zachariah. Upon shaking his hand, Olivia immediately determines that he's a vampire. Apparently, Zach and Lemuel go way back, which Olivia found to be strange considering that Lemuel had never mentioned him before. They had a falling out, but Zach was back to heal old wounds while passing through Midnight. They proceeded to inform their guest that both Midnighters and locals were off limits. There was to be no bloodshed within the county. As Zach exited the shop, Olivia asked if Lemuel trusted him. Lemuel explained that Zach was like a brother and he deserved the benefit of the doubt.

She and Lemuel joined Zach at Home Cookin' soon thereafter, where Lemuel was ambushed by Pia, another old vampire friend who gave him a kiss. They all had a lot of catching up to do, and with a supposed migraine catching on, Olivia decided to leave. Before kissing him goodbye, she tells Lemuel to have fun, and that she'll see him later. She then looks to Zach and Pia, sarcastically commenting that she'll see them in the morning, which she actually wouldn't considering that vampires die when exposed to the sun.

MTX 103-037-Olivia-Manfred

Olivia and Manfred breaking into the bus

With doubts of her own that the vampires' intentions were as pure as they claimed, Olivia joined Manfred in sneaking onto Zach's bus to see if there were any ghosts who could tell them what the vampires were up to. In the back room, they found a nearly dead girl, hooked up to an IV that was drawing large amounts of her blood, leaving the girl severely weakened. They sought to get her off the bus but as the girl explained, she volunteered to be the vampires' personal blood bag, having hitched a ride with them in Tulsa.

Olivia and Manfred brought this to Lemuel's attention, while at the same time, confronting Zach. Pia was upset but Zach didn't blame them for being suspicious. The girl's name was Tiffany, she was a vampire groupie and a willing food supply. It was a hard thing to understand since Olivia wasn't one of them. Olivia admittedly hated his vampire friends but Lemuel had been a creature of the night for a long time, and Zach was right by his side for a lot of it.

MTX 103-074-Lemuel-Olivia-Pia-Zachariah

Lemuel, Olivia, Pia, and Zach

After hearing Pia's story of how she became a vampire and was brought into the family, they wondered if Lemuel was ever going to turn Olivia, to which Olivia replied that she had no desire to be a vampire. She and Pia then headed to the bar, providing Lemuel and Zach with some time to converse in private. Olivia watches as Lemuel collapses from having been poisoned with silver, resulting in a fight between her and Pia as she attempted to intervene. However, Olivia was clearly the more skilled combatant of the two, punching Pia in the face, sweeping her legs, and then staking her with the heel to her shoe. Olivia then shoots Zach with a silver bullet before exiting the restaurant.

Unable to make it to the Chapel as there were too many vampires, Olivia headed to Fiji's house, where she knew it would be safe. They were going to kill Lemuel as he was completely defenseless until the poisoning wore off. She was scared for him. Luckily, Fiji and Bobo had constructed a weapon that could emulate sunlight. Bobo suggested that they lure them to one spot but in order for that to work, they needed a bigger light to place behind the crystal. In search of a bigger light, Olivia headed to the pawn shop, where she was jumped by a vampire, and while she held her own, she suffered a leg injury during the altercation. Fortunately, she had the UV light projection device with her, and as theorized, it set the vampire ablaze, killing it instantly. Olivia then calls Fiji to tell her that she's hurt and won't be able to get them the light.

MTX 103-131-Lemuel-Olivia

Olivia feeding Lemuel

After securing her leg, Olivia managed to make her way to Lemuel, who was chained to the floor and facing the window, which would result in his immediate death the moment the sun rises. She attempts to break the chains but to no avail, and Lemuel was too weak to break it on his own. With no other option, Olivia breaks the window, cuts herself with a shard of glass, and feeds Lemuel her blood, providing him with the strength to break free. As the sun rose, Lemuel managed to get home safely, and Olivia reunited with her fellow Midnighters in the streets. She then joined Lemuel at their apartment. He never intended to taste her blood, but she wasn't going to allow him to die, even after all she had heard, especially considering most Midnighters had a dark past. Then they kissed.

Editor's Note: The following summary is from a deleted scene released by NBC after the initial airing of the episode.[4]
Manfred stops by the apartment to check in on Lemuel after what was undoubtedly a rough day. He was sorry that Lemuel had to lose an old friend but as Olivia explained, Zach wasn't a friend. As he headed out, Olivia says she owes him one, which was her first kind gesture to Manfred since his arrival to Midnight, which didn't go unnoticed by Lemuel. She claimed it was the painkillers that were making her so nice.

In Sexy Beast, Olivia packs up her belongings in preparation to leave for a contract hit in El Paso. Fiji invites her over for what Olivia initially assumed was girl's night. However, Fiji had also invited Bobo, leaving Olivia to question why Fiji would attempt to ruin her chance with Bobo by having a third-wheel. Fiji didn't believe the timing was right considering Bobo was grieving, but as Olivia explained, he wasn't grieving, he was humiliated since Aubrey was married to a racist. Fiji was just the balm to soothe his broken heart. Olivia advised her to stop wearing the "peasant skirts" as men didn't find them attractive. She then retrieved a black dress and heels for Fiji to wear for her dinner with Bobo.

MTX 104-036-Olivia-Mark

Olivia on a contract hit

In a straight black bob cut wig and all black attire, Olivia tailed her target, Mark Finch, throughout the lobby of the Isleta Resort & Casino in El Paso. She entered the mechanical room, shutting off the power to the elevators shortly after he got on it. Olivia entered the halted elevator through the shaft above, pulling out a silver vein handle butterfly knife and holding it to Mark's throat. A hit had been put on Mark by a person whose life he had ruined after he embezzled 401ks, pensions, and college funds. He claimed it was just money but for others, that money represented a house, a marriage, and medical treatment. He destroyed a family's life all because he thought he could cheat. Just before executing Mark, Olivia tells him that the world is a better place without certain people in it, and he was one of those people. She then exits the mechanical closet in a completely different disguise than before as Mark's body is discovered on the elevator.

While leaving the resort, she notices a man watching her from a car. It was the same man that she noticed watching her inside. She approaches the man at his car to ask why he was following her, but he claimed that it must have been a coincidence. The problem with that is that Olivia didn't believe in coincidences, so she injects him with an unknown substance, rendering him unconscious as she got in his vehicle. By nightfall, Olivia makes it back to Midnight, where she is greeted by Lemuel outside the pawn shop. She asks him to retrieve her things from the trunk, including the man from the resort, who had been following her.

MTX 104-078-Lemuel-Olivia

Lemuel leeching from Olivia

Olivia has the man handcuffed and hanging over the tub in her apartment whilst having the shower hose run over his head, thus making it difficult for him to breathe. She goes through his wallet, discovering that his name is Ross Wheeler. She repeatedly asks why he's following her and who hired him. Ross swore that no one hired him but after applying a little more pressure, he admitted to having been hired by Olivia's father. From there, Olivia began to further interrogate Ross, asking how much he was being paid and how long he had been employed. Ross tells her that he had been working for her father for a month and that he was being paid well. She asked why her father would send someone to follow her. Ross said that Olivia's father just wanted to check in on her. He knows that she left and that she won't return his calls or letters. Lemuel then enters the room, asking how the interrogation was going. After threatening to drown Ross in the toilet if he made a sound, Olivia rushed into Lem's arms, asking if he could leech her energy as tears ran down her face. Olivia skin briefly turns grey. Afterward, she dries her eyes and joins Lemuel as he headed out to the Cartoon Saloon to find a Succubus.

Upon arriving at the bar, each Midnighter had their own casing of Fiji's tincture, which was designed to negate the Succubus' glamour. They only needed to get a drop of it in its mouth for the potion to take effect. The group split up, each Midnighter taking a separate section of the bar. Olivia square danced with the locals while also keeping an eye on the crowd. The Midnighters then head out into the parking lot after Creek sent out a text, telling them that she spotted the Succubus. With Creek having already sprayed her with the tincture, Lemuel picked Gina up and took her to the nearby woods, where she would be out of sight. The Midnighters hopped in Manfred's RV, joining Lemuel soon thereafter.

MTX 104-113-Chuy-Manfred-Creek-Lemuel-Olivia

The Midnighters surrounding the Succubus

With her gun drawn, Olivia and the Midnighters surrounded Gina as she dropped down to the ground, undergoing agonizing pain brought on by the transformation into her true monstrous form, revealing a truly hideous creature beneath the glamour. After a brief altercation with Lemuel, Gina gets back to her feet and runs off into the night. However, her departure was followed by Connor's cry for help as he had followed them into the woods. They manage to catch up to Connor only to find him in the Succubus' grasp. Olivia demands that she let him go, while Creek and Lemuel attempt to reason with her, but when this fails, Manfred sets her on fire using a propane tank. Olivia comments that she's literally a hot mess.

She and Lemuel return to their apartment to find that Ross is right where she left him. She pondered on what to do with him, then deciding to release him. Olivia decided not to kill the messenger... this time. She goes on to tell Ross about his employer and her father. He wasn't around when she was a kid. He left Olivia with the woman he married. She liked pills. But he cut her off once her habit got out of control. Unfortunately, with Olivia's father never being around, the woman that her father married found other ways to gain her income, which was by using Olivia. There were a lot of sick men who would pay top dollar for a pretty girl. Her father didn't worry about her then, he did not get to worry about her now. If he sent anyone else, Olivia would kill them, as she would Ross should they meet again.

Lemuel playfully commented that he fetched top dollar in his day as well. Olivia sarcastically remarks that they have so much in common. All that pain she had inside gave Lemuel plenty to leech on though. He was sorry for what she had to endure, but Olivia told him not to be. Lem saved her. And as for the men that abused her, they were all dead.

MTX 105-015-Olivia~Bobo

Olivia exiting Midnight Pawn

In Unearthed, Olivia finds herself trapped in the pawn shop because of a fire set by the Sons of Lucifer. Her only hope was Bobo and Manfred, both of whom were just outside the shop, putting out the fire. After dousing the flames, Bobo enters the shop, calling out to her. Though it was difficult to breathe, she emerges from the smoke, coughing but otherwise unharmed. Lemuel was fine too, he slept through the entire incident. And while he didn't need to breathe to survive, she did. Olivia hastily exits the shop.

That night, fully equipped with high power weaponry, should the bikers return, Olivia answers the door to find Creek in need of assistance. Having asked Olivia once before what she did for a living, Creek recalls being told that when people have problems, they hire Olivia in order to get rid of those problems. Creek tells her that Manfred had problems of his own that needed handling.

After agreeing to assist Manfred with his troubles, Olivia headed to his RV, where she discovered the note telling Manfred to go to the old train station. She follows this note, leading her straight to Manfred, who was quite surprised to see her, even pointing a gun in Olivia's direction out of fear that she was Hightower. But Olivia was unfazed by the weapon being pointed in her face considering the safety was on. He claims to have the situation under control, but Olivia has her doubts. She was a professional, he wasn't. She also still owed Manfred for rescuing Lemuel from the vampires, however, she didn't like owing people. Manfred's grandmother, Xylda, conned Hightower out of $100,000, but Manfred only had $78,000 to return. Fortunately, Olivia was willing to front him the rest. She takes Manfred's gun off safety, and the two of them proceed further into the abandoned station.

MTX 105-051-Olivia

Olivia at the train station

It wasn't long before they stumbled upon who they initially believed to be Hightower, only for them to discover that it was his deceased daughter, Violet, who Manfred was engaged to but left at the altar. Admittedly, this was unpleasant, but it wasn't why she was there. She offers Hightower the $100,000 he's owed plus interest. Hightower was dissatisfied with this offer, opting to take Manfred and Olivia's guns via telekinesis, and shoot at them as they hid behind steel barrels. In the midst of the shootout, Olivia tells Manfred that it would've been nice to know about the telekinesis and black magic that Hightower possessed. Once Hightower empties both clips, she and Manfred take advantage of the opportunity and retreat, just barely escaping the shards of glass he was levitating and throwing their way.

Olivia and Manfred pull up outside Home Cookin', where Creek awaits their arrival, asking if the debt was settled. However, they weren't even in the vicinity of settled. Back at the RV, Manfred explains to Olivia and Creek that it wasn't only his grandmother that stole from Hightower, they ran a grift on him together. The rivalry was personal. psychic and mediums run in Manfred's family; power passed on through the blood. Hightower was a gypsy with no abilities, except that glass trick that nearly shredded them, Olivia remarks. Hightower had to give up an eye for that ability. He was also old world. He wanted to be the patriarch of a powerful and magical family. Xylda made Hightower an offer for Manfred to marry Violet in order to place magic into his family. Olivia informs Creek that Violet was dead, and that her father was carting her corpse around. Hightower paid Xylda right before the ceremony, leaving Xylda and Manfred just enough time to take off.

MTX 105-066-Olivia-Hightower

Olivia and Hightower outside Home Cookin'

With Fiji failing to answer her door and Lem failing to answer his phone, Olivia heads back to Home Cookin', where she is ambushed by Hightower, who grabs her gun from behind and threatens to kill the locals, should she fail to cooperate by telling him where Manfred was. She takes him up into one of the hotel rooms, leading Hightower in before disarming him and delivering a massive roundhouse kick, knocking Hightower to the ground as she and Manfred chain him up and exit the room.

A little later, Manfred prepares to re-enter the room in hopes that he and Hightower could civilly settle the debt. Olivia reminds him that it would be simpler and less time consuming if he would just allow her to end it. Manfred declines her offer because he and Xylda started all of it when they wrongfully stole from him, which resulted in Violet's death. Olivia realizes that Manfred's sudden urge to face his problems was about Creek, who she is joined by soon thereafter. The two of them listen to Manfred and Hightower from outside the door.

MTX 105-134-Lemuel-Olivia

Olivia patching up Lemuel

The very next morning, after patching Lemuel's wounds up, that he suffered during his fight with the Sons of Lucifer, Olivia confronts him over his reckless behavior and neglectfulness to tell her that Fiji had been taken hostage. Lemuel explains that Bobo made that call, so if her rage is to be directed at anyone, it was him. She then gets on top of Lemuel, threatening to stake him before being interrupted. Lemuel notices how worried about his well-being she truly was. He then expresses his love for her. Olivia then lays her head on Lem's chest, and tells him that she needs him to stop putting himself in predicaments that could get him killed, but he jokes that he's already dead, causing her to laugh.

MTX 106-034~Olivia-Fiji-Manfred-Creek-Bobo

The Midnighters at the chapel

In Blinded by the Light, Olivia and the Midnighters convene at the chapel after learning of another missing girl. They seek to determine how best to address the situation. Hopefully, she's not laying in a ditch somewhere, Olivia says. Fiji suggests that something supernatural maybe going on, especially considering the uptick in ghost by Manfred's account, and the dead insects and rodents that the Rev has been finding down Witch Light Road. Joe wants to refocus on finding the missing girl. As he heads out to the ranch, Manfred and Creek will take the backwoods, leaving Olivia, Rev, Fiji, and Bobo to figure out the rest. Normally, Bobo and Fiji would partner up during such a time, but due to the strain on their relationship, Olivia tells Bobo that he will be with her, hoping to cut out any tension or awkwardness.

She and Bobo join Manfred and Creek in the Backwoods after the discovery of another body. She and Manfred recognize the girl as Tiffany, the willing food source and vampire groupie from Zach's bus. Manfred attempts to make contact with her but she does not respond. Olivia remarks that she survived the vampire bus only to end up dead in the woods. Tiffany's spirit was gone, which is the natural order. Spirits that stay behind are unsettled and unhappy. Bobo believes that Tiffany's killer is also responsible for killing Aubrey, though Olivia disagrees as they didn't know this for sure. However, Bobo was sure of it since neither he nor Peter Lowry killed Aubrey, and just like her body, Tiffany's was dragged into the wilderness and left for trash. Creek asks if they should call the authorities, but Olivia warns her against it. Tiffany fell off the grid long before she arrived at Midnight. They needed to find whoever was responsible and deal with it themselves. They would decide the punishment when they found their killer. For the time being, they needed to continue looking for the other girl.

MTX 106-055-Bobo-Olivia

Bobo and Olivia searching for the missing girl

Olivia checks the chamber of her gun, making sure that it is loaded as her and Bobo proceed throughout the Backwoods. She was aggravated that they didn't know whether the killer was human or supernatural, not that it made a difference to the victims. She recalls Lemuel's old nest saying that Midnight called to them, and Bobo states that the succubus essentially said the same thing. It started to feel like every day they were dealing with a new supernatural threat coming to town to cause trouble. Bobo notes that men could be just as evil, but Olivia states that they can be worse. Bobo asks Olivia if she has talked to Fiji because he was wondering if she hated him. Olivia sarcastically remarks that she talks to Fiji all the time. On a more serious note, she informs Bobo that Fiji thought he was perfect. She put him on a pedestal, one which he fell off of. But on the bright side, there was nowhere to go but up. Fiji know that Olivia is an assassin and that she kills people for a living, she doesn't like it, but she doesn't judge. She tells him not to sweat it and that there was still hope, before playfully nudging him.

After a failed search for the missing girl, they meet back up in the Midnighters room, where Fiji tell them that she believes there's a demon in Midnight. She has been hearing it in her house, and Manfred saw it as well when she was cleansing his house. They managed to get it back to the other side of hell, but Fiji wasn't so sure. She suspects that the demon is what's killing people, but as Lem explains, demons are malevolent beings. The attack on Conner was too sloppy, meaning a human was responsible. With that being said, the situation was very much solvable, Olivia states as she flashes her holstered gun. However, this doesn't explain why Manfred is seeing ghosts and Fiji is seeing demons. The Rev enters the room, but not as a man of God, as Emilio, a Midnighter and a friend. He reveals that the veil between hell and midnight is fraying. The evil energy was seeping out and affecting each of them in dark ways, as well as drawing evil to Midnight. They were only just hearing of this because Rev was protecting his source.

MTX 106-092-Olivia-Shawn

Olivia threatening Shawn's life

The Midnighters tie up and surround Shawn Lovell in the center of the pawn shop after finding him in the woods with the missing girl. Olivia threatens to stab him with a knife as Lemuel threatens to drain him, should he continue to refuse to tell them the truth about how many people he has killed. Manfred enters the shop and brings the hostile nature of their interrogation to an abrupt stop. They weren't going to torture Creek's dad, in spite of the fact that he did worse to his victims and to his own son, Olivia mentions. Rev states that none of this allows them to act as judge, jury, and executioner, but Olivia disagrees. They were going to handle the situation the "Midnighter's way", which was swift and simple. She says that's all the while holding a blade to Shawn's throat.

After finding a shoe box filled with memorabilia from the dead victims, the Midnighters realize that Shawn was only protecting the actual killer, Connor. With Creek not only with Connor but unaware that he's the killer, the Midnighters grow increasingly concerned with her well-being. Shawn explains that Connor has always been sick. He took pleasure in killing animals. The doctors they took him to wanted to lock him up, but Shawn refused. Because of this, he's put Midnight in risk. He brought Connor to Midnight because it was isolated and each of them could protect themselves. Shawn says that Connor would never hurt Creek, but Olivia isn't so sure. As he repeats this, she pulls back out her knife, telling him to shut up as she holds it to his throat. He's lied to them for years, there was nothing he could say that she wanted to hear. They began to wonder what would happen to Creek once she figures out that Connor is the killer, and he feels cornered.

MTX 106-131-Manfred-Bobo-Fiji-Rev. Sheehan-Olivia

The Midnighters awaiting Joe, Lem, and Creek's return

Manfred rushes out the shop, with the Midnighters shortly behind him. Olivia questions the illogical thinking in Manfred just hopping in his RV and driving aimlessly to find Creek. With the Midnighters in a race against time, Joe takes off his jacket and his shirt, revealing his angel wings to them as he could cover more ground than anyone else. Joe flies off, with each Midnighter shock stricken. Olivia, Manfred, Bobo, Fiji, and the Rev await Joe and Lemuel's safe return with Creek. Unfortunately, Connor did not make it out alive; Lemuel was forced to kill him. Realizing this, Olivia hugs and provides comfort for Lem.

The following morning, the Midnighters join outside the chapel, where Fiji destroys Conner's memorabilia that belonged to his victims. They were honoring the spirits that were torn from their lives too early. She also cleanses the pain and suffering from the experience. From that violence, should peace emerge.

MTX 107-042~Chuy-Olivia

Olivia letting Chuy out the closet

In Angel Heart, Olivia allows Joe and Chuy to hide in her reinforced closet from the latest supernatural threat facing Midnight. Once the coast is clear, Chuy tells her to late them out, and so she does, but not without asking if Chuy went through her stuff, to which he replies "not all of it". Olivia calls Bobo to tell him to lock up the shop, and join them in the apartment. The pawn shop was as secure as the apartment, which Olivia had upgraded after the bombing by the Sons of Lucifer. Essentially, her closet was a panic room inside an apartment that's one big panic room. Olivia opens the door for Bobo, letting him and Fiji in as she was just seconds behind him. Although they were ready to begin, Manfred and Rev had not yet made it to the apartment.

Before long, Manfred arrives at the apartment, though the Rev is still missing. Despite being short one Midnighter, they decide to proceed without him. Joe and Chuy request their help. There was an angel named Bowie in Midnight, and she was hunting Joe. Olivia questions why they should be afraid of an angel. Joe explains that angels not only guard humans, but they kill demons as well. Unlike most angels, Bowie enjoyed the killing above all else. Joe walked away from that life long ago, which left her angry and upset. However, this isn't why she wanted Joe dead. She wanted to kill him because he fell in love with Chuy, who is a demon. This shocking revelation left the Midnighters speechless, none of them suspected this.

MTX 107-066-Lemuel-Olivia-Fiji-Bobo

The Midnighters gathered around the apartment

Joe and Chuy met a long time ago in a marketplace, where Joe saved Chuy from an attack. Seeing how kind Chuy was, this changed everything for Joe. Chuy disproved everything he had known about demons, though he was only a half demon. Chuy's mother was human, and she taught him how to control his demonic side. Fiji interrupts, as both she and Lemuel were upset that this was the first they were hearing of any of this, however, Olivia would like to acknowledge the fact that they were told at all. The Midnighters are willing to help, but they first need to know how one goes about handling an angel. First and foremost, angels are tough. They can read minds, and use your secrets against you, not to mention they were practically immortal. Humans can't kill an angel, and Joe wasn't nearly powerful enough to take on Bowie. While demons are capable of killing angels, Chuy taking up that task is not an option. The last time he changed, it took three years to get him back. They would all be in danger if Chuy turned. Short of killing Bowie, the only other way was to trap her. Manfred suggests sending her to hell, where the demons can take care of her. He recalls the mirror during the exorcisms of his house acting as a portal to the other side of the veil. If they recreated that portal, they could trap Bowie in hell.

Olivia grabs her taser, though Lem wasn't so sure that electricity was going to stop them. Regardless, Olivia had to do something having felt so helpless. Lem was growing tired of all the secrets in town. Olivia comments that she had a hidden armory, so she's good with secrets. Lem asks if there were any that she wanted to tell him. There was one thing that she wanted to get off her chest, but it wasn't exactly a secret. Their relationship has an expiration date. He'll stay that way he is, while she will inevitably grow old, and that can't work indefinitely. So, when the time comes, Olivia will leave. Not anytime soon, but eventually. Lem reminds her that there are other options, he could turn her, but Olivia doesn't want to become a vampire. She then kisses Lem, and say that they can at least enjoy what they have while it lasts.

MTX 107-102-Olivia-Creek-Bobo

Olivia, Creek, and Bobo outside Home Cookin'

With Bowie holding Home Cookin customers hostage, including Creek, Rev, and Madonna, the Midnighters make the necessary steps to enact their plan. With their guns drawn, Olivia and Bobo stand just outside the doors of the Home Cookin as Bowie exits with Creek. She throws Creek to the ground before focusing her attention on Joe, which allows Olivia and Bobo to get Creek out of the way. The plan consists of Joe distracting Bowie long enough for Fiji to open the portal, and Lem would push her in. Unfortunately, after Fiji got the portal open and Lem pushed her towards it, Bowie destroys the portal, leaving Joe to take Bowie on himself, as the Midnighters watch. Clearly, Joe is the weaker of the two. However, before Bowie can succeed in killing him, Chuy intervenes after transforming into his demonic form. With Chuy on an uncontrollable rampage, Olivia, Bobo and Creek seek cover as he kills Bowie, resulting in a bright purple explosion.

With Bowie dead, the Midnighters return to Home Cookin, where Olivia jokes that she and Lem aren't the only mixed couple in Midnight. Lem remarks that he knows a lot of new things after today.

MTX 108-010-Olivia-Lemuel

Olivia and Lem laying in bed

In Last Temptation of Midnight, Olivia and Lem lay in bed while he leeches from her. She tells him that he can stop, though he continues, initially. Only after repeating herself does the leeching end. With so much going on in Midnight, like the fraying veil, and Manfred taking off, Lemuel notes that there was a lot of negative energy to be leeched from Olivia. Unlike some, she was not the slightest bit surprised that Manfred left town, especially since she never trusted him. She never trusts anyone, which is what Lem loves about her. She kisses him before taking off.

MTX 108-015-Rev. Sheehan-Olivia

Olivia and Rev in the Midnighter's room

She stops by Home Cookin' to check on Creek. Despite knowing that it was a stupid question prior to asking it, Olivia still felt compelled to ask Creek how she was doing, to which Creek's stupid answer was that she's hanging in. Olivia was sorry about the abrupt end to her and Manfred's relationship, though Creek tells her not to worry about it as it was her decision to end it. Olivia suspects that Creek may be isolating herself, so she warns her against it. Creek explains that this is not that case, and that she's staying with Fiji. With that being said, if Creek needs anything, Olivia says to find her. She then joins the Rev in the Midnighter's room as he prepares to eat his steak, which was suspiciously out of character considering that the Rev is a vegetarian. He claims that he's been feeling anemic. Olivia questions if the veil could be the cause of his sudden change in diet, but neither is sure. Rev asks about Lem, who ironically was undergoing a similar surge of insatiable hunger.

MTX 108-041-Olivia

Olivia in the church

After an attempted suicide by Janice, one of the locals, the Midnighters gather in the church, where they discover that Fiji and Janice have been hearing the same demonic voice. The voice was telling Janice that it needs her to die, and that everything will be better once she does. Fiji suggests that Janice leave Midnight until it was safe for her to return. Joe told them that as the veil frays, evil energy will seep out; energy that will tap into their dark impulses, but Fiji believes that they are being targeted by a specific demon. And while it has never asked Fiji to end her life, it was getting louder and stronger, and it was likely feeding on death to do so. The demon selected Janice because she was vulnerable due to the fact that she's been depressed ever since her son moved away, and her mother died. Olivia recounts the current obstacles they were facing; that being a demon with an affection for death and Fiji. Not to mention the veil to hell, which could just as easily affect any of them.

She joins Bobo in the pawn shop. His collection of weaponry was almost as exceptional as her own, though much of what he had was practically useless in a supernatural fight, which is why she brought him silver bullets, efficient in taking down vampires and weretigers. Joe got Chuy out of town because the veil's effects were bearing down on him. Chuy wasn't the only one feeling its effects. She informs Bobo that she saw the Rev eating meat earlier that morning, despite his vegetarian diet. Olivia can't believe that she's saying it, but she was thinking that Manfred may have had the right idea by leaving town. However, Bobo has no intentions in abandoning Midnight.

MTX 108-057-Olivia-Creek-Lemuel

Creek asking a favor of Olivia and Lem

With a job offer in San Diego, Olivia asks Lem if he would like to join her for the trip. He passes due to the often sunny skies attributed to the city. Creek brings them their order, a salad for Olivia, and for appearances only, a drink for Lem. Creek was having a hard time being back at work. She thought that working would take her mind off of everything with her family, but she was wrong. Creek looks to Olivia and Lem, both of whom are sorry for the pain that Creek is enduring, and are willing to help in any way they can. However, when Creek asks Lem if he could leech away her pain, Olivia answers for him, telling Creek that it doesn't work that way because it is more complicated than it seems. Lem was furious at Olivia, as this was not her offer to turn down. This leads to an argument, in which they discuss the complexity of their relationship, and the intimate nature of Lem's leeching. Olivia believes that its something specials that should only be shared between the two of them. Lemuel was still upset after learning that Olivia would be leaving him eventually. She reminds him that this wouldn't be happening anytime soon. Lem asks a favor of her. When Olivia unilaterally decides that their relationship is over, he wants her to do more than just leave a note before taking off.

At the pawn shop, Olivia begins to worry after Lem disposes of the fifth dead crow of the day. She admits that she's scared, and she would be stupid not to be. As mean and cruel as humans were, she was experienced, giving her the upper hand, but the same could not be said with supernaturals. Lem comments that's why she has him. He holds Olivia from behind and leeches away the negative energy, but she burns him with her silver bracelet having felt his fangs nearing her neck.

MTX 108-087-Olivia-Lemuel

Lemuel attacking Olivia

Olivia was on her toes following this latest incident. She watches over Lem, pacing back and forth throughout the shop. She suspects that the evil energy is tapping into Lem's dark impulses, as previously stated by Rev. Olivia could still practically feel Lem's fangs at her neck, and while he admits to being hungrier than usual, he questions if it is only supernaturals being affected by the veil. Olivia reminds him that humans don't scare her, while Lem, on the other hand, was starting to frighten her with his odd behavior. He explains that he's angry and hurt. Is his vampiric nature so distasteful that she would rather die than be like him. Olivia never said this, but she believes that life should end. It means pain and memories end. It's the natural order of things, but in no way does this change her feelings for Lemuel. With Olivia sharing no desires in becoming a vampire, Lemuel grows angry. He begins to wonder why she is actually with him. She attempts to leave as the situation escalates, but Lem grabs her by her hair. Unable to break free, she retaliates by stabbing him with a wooden stake. The stake was an inch away from his heart, it was simply a warning shot. The next time she'll go for the kill. Olivia runs up into the apartment, locking and barricading the doors. She heads to the back, grabbing a pair of scissors while doing so.

MTX 108-098-Olivia

Olivia fighting back against Lem

She lies in wait for her target to approach. Olivia swings down, kicking Lem in the chest as he opens the hidden armory closet. She pulls out a gun. Lem comments on the haircut she has given herself in between the time it took him to get upstairs. She says its safe in the sense that it will prevent her opponent from grabbing onto her. She wants Lem out the apartment, but he doesn't comply. Olivia fires several rounds of silver bullets at Lem, hitting him at least once. She then flips him over her shoulder, and proceeds to pull out a knife, and go on the attack. He disarms her, but she manages to hold her own, scaling the wall, fighting him off with a silver platter, and delivering a massive drop kick, though it does little to subdue him. Olivia grabs two large silver batons from under the bed, and goes back on the attack. Despite her best effort, she can't seem to bring Lem down. He says that he only wants to turn her, and that'll she'll enjoy it once he does. Olivia pleads with him not to, but with the veil's influence weighing heavy on Lem, he doesn't show much concern with her desires. She falls in the tub after Lem knocks her against the wall. All out of resources, Olivia seems cornered, but as luck would have it, Manfred enters the apartment with a mixture created by Fiji to cure all those under the veil's influence. Lem swallows the mixture, which instantly restores him to his true self. He attempts to apologize, but Olivia isn't willing to hear him out, screaming at him to back off. Although she and Lem clearly have issues to work out, Manfred suggests that they table them for the moment.

MTX 108-112-Rev. Sheehan-Fiji-Manfred-Olivia-Bobo

The Midnighters gathered in the street

There was a new threat in Midnight. A faceless supernatural looking to make an offering in order for a powerful demon to rise. The Midnighters approach the faceless being in the street, as it prepares to make what appears to be a human sacrifice. Before he can light the pile of dead bodies, Bobo and Lem hold him down while Olivia disarms him of his lighter. They learn from faceless that the demon's name is Colconnar, and that he has chosen Fiji. The ground beneath their feet begins to crack as the flames of hell begin to seep out, and engulf the offering. The faceless supernatural escapes the Midnighters' grasp, and gains hold of Fiji. However, the Midnighters are taken by surprise when Manfred commands the ghosts of the humans that were sacrificed to drag faceless back to hell, thus saving Fiji in the process. Olivia wonders how he managed to do this. He explains that it was an old trick he used to do, but it didn't stop the sacrifice from being made.


Known for her aggression and hostile nature, Olivia's profession as an assassin fits her badass persona perfectly. She's generally rude and unapologetic of her actions; e.g. knocking Manfred out with a pair of brass knuckles and holding him hostage in order to discover his motives for moving to Midnight. However, she does have a more kind and playful side, but only around close friends such as Lemuel and Fiji.


Not only is she notably skilled with a bow and firearms[5], Olivia is quite a talented combatant, possessing the fighting skills necessary to hold her own against vampires, who are significantly faster and stronger than herself. Having been the more skilled of the two, Olivia made quick work of Pia, a vampire of 129 years.[6]


Season One Appearances: 10/10
Bad Moon Rising:
Lemuel, Unchained:
Sexy Beast:
Blinded by the Light:
Angel Heart:
Last Temptation of Midnight:
Riders On The Storm:
The Virgin Sacrifice:
Season Two Appearances: 9/9
Head Games:
The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy:
To Witch Hell and Back:
I Put a Spell On You:
Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay:
No More Mr. Nice Kai:
Resting Witch Face:
Patience is a Virtue:
Yasss, Queen:


  • Olivia is so far the only main character to be a known hitwoman.
    • She also has a clandestine closet in her apartment with weapons to suit any occasion, including the monthly job she does for the reverend.
  • In the novels, Olivia Charity is not her real name, whether or not this applies to the character appearing in the television series is currently unknown.
  • Lemuel helps her with her anger management issues.


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