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  • Hey. I meant to respond earlier, but, as you can tell, I've been busy with Comic Con images, among other things. I've not even begun to tag them yet, which I'll probably do tomorrow.

    To answer the other message... Yeah I've not really seen many 'spoilers' either. I already follow so many, and there's like only a couple from RD. Though most of it seems harmless of what they post

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    • I guess it depends on the plot for me. I'll see how it's described, but if it's anything like last time and gets me more frustrated than excited, the I'll not bother either.

      I feel like they don't have a story for Casey now with Cody's departure. I mean they went from finding each other and being open all in open episode to having Moose's dad being all psycho (which I guess it's not Riverdale if one or both of the parents are mentally insane) to now Kevin is a part of the Farm... smh. This show is irking my nerves and I feel like they just don't capture what they originally had in S1 - just a decline each season or in some instance this season, with each episode.

      I'm going to (sadly) assume that it won't be picked up. It's been roughly three months and the light has went out for hope for me. Shame, but not the first time good shows have been canceled early. Also, I some rant (drama) on IG from Bernardo (Chuy) about the treatment of his character and how ultimately he was killed off - if I can find it again, I'll share.

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    • I'm still rolling my eyes at Mason Sr being a closeted gay man. And watching that episode reminded me how Susie has two LGBT relatives too. Idk if that's a coincidence or they're implying that it's genetic.

      Yes, the only parent that was golden was Fred, and Luke Perry sadly passed away.

      That storyline was very random and rushed that both Chuy and Joe felt ooc to me. I suppose that they wanted to close with the decimation of the characters (even if turned into a vampire, Olivia is technically dead)

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