To live in Midnight, you need to know how to protect yourself and the people that you love.
— Madonna to Manfred Bernardo

Madonna Reed, real name Simone Davis, is a human in Midnight, Texas.

Madonna is highly skilled and trained in Special Ops and was hired by Philip Charity at Charity Private Securities as surveillance to watch over his daughter, Olivia


Little to nothing is known about Madonna's past, though she's been in Midnight long enough to know that bad things can happen during the full moon. Like most Midnighters, Madonna has a few secrets of her own. According to Bowie, Madonna acquired the money to purchase Home Cookin' from a less than reputable source. While this source remains to be unknown, Madonna did hold a secret call with a yet-to-be identified individual after a near fatal attack on Olivia. She told the caller that his or her little girl is going to be fine. Whether or not the two incidents are related has not yet been revealed.

Throughout Midnight, TexasEdit

Season OneEdit

Midnight, Texas Screencap Promo 40~Madonna and Creek

In Pilot, Madonna watched from the outside dinning area of Home Cookin' as Manfred Bernardo arrived to Midnight in his beat up blue RV. The two of them momentarily made eye contact as he drove past. Later that night, as she waited on patrons, she was a bit rude when a customer asked if they provided crayons, to which they didn't. Madonna sarcastically remarked that they weren't a Walmart, and that the parents should amuse their own children. At the counter, Madonna and Creek briefly discussed Manfred and his sudden arrival. He had no friends or family, so Madonna presumed that he was running from something.

The following day during the annual fall picnic, Madonna, Bobo, and Chuy chatted at the grill, while the food cooked. It was a relatively fun time up until the body of Aubrey Hamilton, Bobo's fiancé, was discovered down by the river. A couple nights later, Madonna, with a bat in hand, came together in the street with the rest of the Midnighters as the Sheriff and Tina Gomez charged Bobo Winthrop for the murder of his fiancé, Aubrey Hamilton. The Midnighters surrounded the police vehicle as they attempted to leave with Bobo in the back. Fiji Cavanaugh, the town witch made the car levitate but after some convincing, placed the car back on the ground, and allowed them to leave.

MTX 102-058-Madonna

In Bad Moon Rising, Madonna is cleaning and gearing down to close the restaurant, telling the patrons they had 15 minutes or they could take it with them. Manfred storms in and she coldly told him that she was closed, though that didn't concern him. In fact he tells her the opposite, that she can't let anyone leave. She's confused and he elaborates, telling her that something was out there prowling around Midnight with enough strength to hoist a women up a tree. Madonna collects herself, mentioning the full moon, and informs the patrons that they can stay as long as they need. Manfred looks around and asks about Creek though, she tells him that she was working her other job at the Gas N Go.

MTX 102-073-Madonna~Manfred

After Manfred was injured by the Weretiger, Creek takes him back to Home Cookin' and Madonna sews up his wounds. While finishing up, Manfred asks her how she knows to do this and she tells him that in order for you to live in Midnight, you need to know how to protect yourself. She looks over at Creek, who's in the Midnighter's room, and she continues to tell him "and the people that you love", pointing out Creek. She's noticed her feelings towards Manfred and also states that since he's been in town, he's brought nothing but trouble and tells him not to make her regret sowing him up. He's grateful and she sends him off.

MTX 107-015~Rev. Sheehan-Madonna-Fiji

Rev, Madonna, and Fiji in Midnighter's room

In Angel Heart, Madonna greets Creek with a hug as she enters Home Cookin just days after the death of Connor. Her only desire was for Creek to tell her what she needs, though Creek merely wanted to work. Madonna offers her the Midnighter's room, if she wanted to be around friends, and inventory in the back, if she wanted the opposite. Creek chooses the latter. Madonna joins Rev and Fiji in the Midnighter's room, where they discuss Creek's feeling of urgency to return to work. Both she and the Rev were concerned, but Fiji on the other hand believes that it could be good for Creek to get out of the house. Being out in the world could provide a needed distraction, though Madonna retorts that Creek isn't out in the world, she's in inventory.

MTX 107-084~Bowie-Madonna-Creek-Rev. Sheehan

Bowie reading Madonna's mind

Having wiped down the same counter-top five times that night, Creek calls Madonna out for hovering over her. Madonna was concerned with Creek's well-being, she was working a double-shift on her first day back, and going on eight hours with no break. With that being said, Creek agrees to go on break, heading out front while Madonna stays inside to watch over the restaurant. It was some point after this discussion that an angel named Bowie enters the restaurant in search of Joe. Bowie places her hand over Madonna's forehead as a bright white light emits from Bowie's palm. This is the process of reading one's mind. Madonna was helpless in defending herself. As Creek returns from her break with a bloody and battered Rev, Bowie releases Madonna, turning her attention towards them.

MTX 107-126~Creek-Madonna

Madonna giving Creek the day off

Bowie captures everyone in the restaurant and holds them captive, before calling Manfred to tell him that she was going to start killing people should he fail to bring her Joe. Bowie sends Creek to get her a drink, but Madonna volunteers to fetch the drink herself, telling Bowie to leave Creek alone. However, Bowie reveals that she knows where Madonna got the money to pay for Home Cookin', so her she recommends that Madonna sit down and shut up. Visibly terrified, she sits back down.

After Chuy reveals that he's half-demon, which granted him the strength to kill Bowie, the hostages are released, leaving Madonna to clean up the mess. As Creek heads out, Madonna tells her to take tomorrow off. As Chuy and Joe proceed to exit as well, Chuy first stops to apologize for deceiving them all.

MTX 110-132-Madonna

Madonna on the phone with an anonymous caller

In The Virgin Sacrifice, Madonna joins Creek at the hospital after Olivia is severely wounded during a fight with a wraith, spirit manifestations of evil. With everything going on, Creek didn't know who else to call. Madonna asks about Olivia's injuries. Creek explains that Olivia has burn sepsis, and she's not responding to the antibiotics. The doctors say she might not make it through the night. Madonna holds Creek close, attempting to comfort her as the two of them await the arrival of Manfred and Lemuel. After Lemuel heals Olivia of her wounds with his vampire blood, which holds healing properties, Madonna makes a call to a yet-to-be identified individual. She didn't mean to worry the caller, but Olivia's condition was touch and go for a while, but she's strong. Madonna tells the caller that his/her little girl is going to be just fine. She then warns them against stepping foot in Midnight. Should that happen, things will get ugly real fast. Madonna tells the caller to just trust her. She has her eyes on Olivia.

A week later, Madonna attends Olivia and Lemuel's wedding at the chapel, alongside the Midnighters and many locals.


Madonna has a very blunt and straight forward personality that comes off as cold and, to an extent, rude. However, as a Midnighter, she will do what's necessary to protect her town.


She has above basic medic knowledge, able to clean and stitch up wounds, such as those made from 'large animal' claw marks.


Season One Appearances: 4/10
Bad Moon Rising:
Lemuel, Unchained:
Sexy Beast:
Blinded by the Light:
Angel Heart:
Last Temptation of Midnight:
Riders On The Storm:
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Season Two Appearances: 2/9
Head Games:
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To Witch Hell and Back:
I Put a Spell On You:
Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay:
No More Mr. Nice Kai:
Resting Witch Face:
Patience is a Virtue:
Yasss, Queen:



Season One Promotional

Pilot (1x01)

Bad Moon Rising (1x02)

Angel Heart (1x07)

The Virgin Sacrifice (1x10)

Season Two Promotional

To Witch Hell and Back (2x03)

Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay (2x05)


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