Everyone dies eventually. It's how you live. That's the only thing you got a say over. You live for the folks you love.

Last Temptation of Midnight is the eighth episode of the first season of NBC's Midnight, Texas and the eighth episode of the series overall.


AN EVIL FOE FORCES THE MIDNIGHTERS TO FACE THEIR OWN DEMONS — A faceless supernatural makes a pilgrimage to Midnight to usher in the arrival of a demon from the veil to Hell - the same demon that has been plaguing Fiji. Meanwhile, the Midnighters struggle to fight the effects of the veil to Hell opening in their town, especially Lem and the Rev, whose hunger increases to dangerous levels. Olivia and Bobo make plans of their own to protect the town. Elsewhere, Creek struggles in the face of great loss as Manfred confronts his constant self-medicating.[2]


MTX 108-004-Faceless Supernatural~Father Otero

Faceless Supernatural killing Father Otero

In a deserted cemetery along Texas, Father Otero approaches a worshiping man in a black hoodie with his face covered. Near a large white crucifix, the man repeats "I will be your faithful servant until you rise". Father Otero offers his services, unaware that he is in the presence of a man only known as Faceless Supernatural. With a sharp claw protruding from his wrist, Faceless carves off Father Otero's face, and takes it as his own, though the priest's death would not be in vain. His sacrifice will give life to the master of the faceless supernatural. The gates of hell will open, and he will rise in Midnight. Having taken Father Otero's physical form, he loads the body of the real Father into the back of a church van.

MTX 108-006-Xylda-Manfred

Xylda and Manfred leaving Midnight

Xylda expresses her disappointment in Manfred's decision to leave Midnight. However, she was dead, so as far as Manfred is concerned, her vote is invalid. She reminds him that the Midnighters were counting on him to lead them. Manfred claims that he's leading by example in running away from Midnight. As for Creek, she didn't want him there, and she deserves better. Manfred finishes off the undisclosed medicated pills that he has been relying on to subside his headaches. So long as the ghost sightings weren't as frequent as they were in Midnight, he'll be fine, but Xylda disagrees. It was his destiny to lead the fight in Midnight. She had a vision before she died. She was too scared to tell him the truth when it initially occurred. She was going to tell him eventually, but then Joe beat her to it. Xylda's advice of moving to Midnight because it would be safe was merely a ploy to get Manfred were he needs to be in order to fulfill his destiny. Manfred is frustrated with her deceitfulness. He would kick Xylda out the RV if she wasn't tethered to it.

MTX 108-010-Olivia-Lemuel

Lem leeching from Olivia

Lemuel leeches from Olivia as the two of them lay in bed. She tells him that he can stop now, though he unintentionally continues. Lem is distracted by Olivia's beating pulse and the sound of her blood rushing through her veins. With his hunger growing to dangerous levels, Lem is finding it to be more difficult to control his urges. Only after repeating herself does Lem stop leeching. With so much occurring in Midnight, from the veil fraying, to Joe and Chuy being supernaturals, to Manfred taking off, there was a lot of negative energy to be leeched. However, unlike most of the Midnighters, Olivia was not the least bit surprised by Manfred's departure, while Lemuel, on the other hand, was under the impression that he would be sticking around. She never trusted Manfred, but then again Olivia never trusts anyone, which is what Lem loves about her. They share one last kiss before she takes off for the evening.

MTX 108-015-Rev. Sheehan-Olivia

Rev and Olivia in the Midnighter's room

While serving customers at Home Cookin', Creek is joined by Olivia. Despite knowing that it was stupid prior to asking it, Olivia feels compelled to ask Creek how she is handling the entire ordeal with her family, as it was still fresh on everyone's minds. In response to Olivia's stupid question, Creek gives her an equally stupid answer, which is that she's hanging in. On top of everything else, Olivia was sorry to hear that Creek and Manfred had broken up. However, Creek explains that it was her decision to end it, and that Manfred was simply following her lead. Olivia advises Creek against isolating herself, to which Creek insists is not her intent. She's even staying with Fiji. With that being said, if Creek needs anything, she can always find Olivia. Olivia then joins the Rev in the Midnighter's room, asking if he's heard about Manfred, which he has. It was a shame. Rev thought more of the newcomer. The waitress brings over a fairly rare cooked steak for the Rev, which Olivia notes as being suspiciously out of character considering that the Rev is a vegetarian. He claims that he's been anemic. Olivia wonders if this could be the veil's influence. While the Rev isn't entirely sure, he doesn't deny the possibility. Rev then asks about Lem, who ironically was suffering from a similar insatiable appetite.

MTX 108-020-Janice-Fiji

Fiji welcoming Janice

The demonic voice that has been calling out to Fiji in the Inquiring Mind persists. She answers the call out of frustration, asking the demon to reveals its identity. It replies "soon". Fiji only desires to be left alone. She was growing irritable due to the constant touching and calling out to her by the demon. One of the locals and a regular customer of the Inquiring Mind, named Janice, enters the shop. She apologizes for coming unannounced. Fiji greets her with a hug before asking Janice how Martin, her husband, was doing. Janice says that he was getting a little sick of her. She's been depressed lately, resulting in dark thoughts. First things first, Fiji wants to calm her mind. Janice was grateful, as was Fiji. She's been out of sorts lately, and seeing Janice reminds her that the only way to find true peace of mind was helping others. With so much darkness going on in Midnight, Fiji had forgotten this. She prepares a cup of special tea (Ashwagandha, warm milk, and honey) for Janice, which will treat her depression.

The further Manfred ventures from Midnight, the worse his condition seems to become. He was looking ill. Xylda insists that he go back because it was destined. Manfred says in response that his destiny was Vegas. Some in-person consults and drinking. Lots of drinking, he says. What more could Xylda expect. This is exactly who she raised Manfred to be.

*Flashback Sequence*
MTX 108-029-Young Manfred

Young Manfred

Many years ago at the children's park, Manfred played all by himself as a young boy, or so it seemed to most. Even as a child, his ability to see the dead was powerful. He played with the spirits of children that no one could see but him and Xylda. Because of this, he was subject to name calling and cruelty by the other children at the park. Xylda came to his defense. She told the children about an old Gypsy curse pertaining to people with cruel tongues. A few choice words, and their tongues would shrivel like a black wad of gum. This sends the kids running off in fear. Xylda brings Manfred into the RV, and warns him against playing with spirits. He was too strong and too little. She tells him to give it a rest for the time being, especially when out in public because folks might think he's crazy. Xylda explains that other people can't see what they see, like his mother, who dropped Manfred off with Xylda because she was trying to do what she thinks is best for him. Manfred's mother wanted him to be with someone that understands what its like to be able to talk to the living and the dead. Xylda can help with that, but Manfred had to stop playing with dead kids. She goes on to explain that Manfred will be living in the RV with her. It was fun, she said. The best part about it is that when the going gets tough, they live in a house with wheels. They can go wherever they want.

*Flashback Sequence Concluded*

Everything dies, Xylda comments, as the RV breaks down, leaving Manfred stranded in the middle of nowhere. He looks to the front of the vehicle to see smoke coming from under the hood. He screams out in frustration with nothing around for miles.

MTX 108-034-Janice

Janice trying to sacrifice herself

Janice's depression has diminished after drinking the anti-depressant tea. She notices Fiji's collection of Athames, ancient ceremonial daggers used in Wiccan rituals. The stones resemble her kitchen remodel. The daggers were powerful, not to be taken lightly, so Fiji suggests that they reserve those for another time. Janice agrees. Best not to give into her impulse buying. As Fiji goes to her garden to retrieve more herbs for the tea, Janice takes one of the daggers before exiting the shop. While sweeping up the dead insects from in front of the shop, Bobo observes Janice walking into the street with the dagger in hand. She gestures as if to stab herself, first saying that he needs me to die. Before she can complete the task, Fiji telekinetically snatches the dagger away from her. Janice frantically pleads with Fiji to return the blade. Bobo holds her arms down from behind, asking Fiji what was wrong with Janice, though she had not the slightest clue.

Manfred reenters the RV, throwing his phone in a fit of rage upon discovering that he has no cellphone signal. To make matters worse, he had no food, water, or pills. With a gas station four hours back, his best chance was to start walking before the situation worsens.

MTX 108-039-Janice~Fiji

Fiji consoling Janice

The Midnighters gather in the chapel after Janice's suicide attempt. She's been hearing a voice in her head. The voice is telling her that she needs to die, and that everything will be better once she does. Fiji asks if the voice had a demonic tone to it, which it did. Realizing the demon that's been calling to her and Janice are one and the same, Fiji recommends that Janice leave Midnight for the time being. It was no longer safe for her. Fiji tells Janice to take care of herself as she exits the chapel with her husband. Rev recalls Joe telling him that as the veil frays, evil energy will seep out; energy that will tap into their dark impulses. Fiji dismisses the notion that dark energy was at the root of Janice's depression. She and Janice heard a specific voice, meaning they were being targeted by one demon in particular. While it never asked her to take her own life, it was getting louder and stronger. It was likely gaining the means to do so by feeding on death, which explains the deceased animals Rev finds out front every morning. One thing Bobo couldn't figure out is why the demon chose Janice. She was vulnerable and sad after her son moved away, and her mother passed. With a demon whose shown an affection for death and Fiji, as well as a fraying veil causing evil to run amok, the Midnighters have their hands full. Fiji was sick of the demon's sadistic ways. Going after critters and helpless old ladies was unacceptable, so she takes it upon herself to put a stop to it.

MTX 108-047-Bobo-Olivia

Bobo and Olivia gearing up

Olivia meets Bobo at the shop. She points out that his weapons collection is almost as exceptional as her own, though it will do little to combat supernaturals, Bobo adds. This is why she's comes prepared with silver bullets, sufficient in taking down vampires and weretigers. Bobo questions just how powerful the veil's influence is. Olivia reminds him that Joe had to take Chuy out of town due to Midnight's pull. However, Chuy wasn't the only one feeling the veil's effect. She informs Bobo that the Rev she witnessed the Rev eating meat earlier that morning, despite his vegetarian diet. She can't believe that she's saying it, but maybe Manfred had the right idea by leaving town. Right idea or not, Bobo has no intentions of leaving Midnight. It was his home.

Creek returns to Fiji's place to find an envelope with her name on it. Inside was the deed to her family's home.

While walking the lonely Texas road, Manfred utters "as the crow flies". He heads off-road, towards the fields, and up the mountain. His condition seems to be worsening as time progresses.

The faceless supernatural, who had taken Father Otero's appearance as previously stated, wait alongside the road for his next victim to arrive. An unsuspecting truck driver named Farmer John exits his vehicle to assist Father in his supposed car troubles. As John approaches, Father Otero says that the engine was fine, and that he simply needed a bigger truck to store all the bodies. He proceeds to slash Farmer John's throat with his claw, and steal his face as he did the Father's.

MTX 108-057-Olivia-Creek-Lemuel

Creek asking a favor of Olivia and Lem

Lemuel's appetite continues to grow. As Olivia answers a call, he catches himself staring at her throat, practically salivating while eyeing her. She ends the call with her contact after being given a job offer in San Diego. Olivia asks Lem if he would like to take a road trip, but he passes due to the often sunny skies attributed to the city. Creek brings them their order, a salad for Olivia, and for appearances only, a drink for Lem. He asks how has been for her back at work. Creek is having a hard time. She thought that working would take her mind off of everything with her family, but this is not the case. Her father gave her the deed to the house before he left town, but the thought of going back makes her want to vomit. Lem expresses his sincerest apologies. If Lem was truly sorry, and if Olivia meant what she said earlier about finding her in a time of need, then Creek would like to ask them for a favor. She is hoping that Lem is willing to leech away her pain. Olivia answers before he can even utter a word. She tells Creek that it doesn't work that way because it's more complicated than it seems. He couldn't help her, Olivia says. Creek apologizes for making things uncomfortable, but it was Olivia who turned an innocent enough question into something more.

Lem is irate. Olivia has no right to answer for him. From this, an argument erupts. They discuss the intricacy of their relationship, and the intimate nature of Lem's leeching. Olivia believes that its something specials that should only be shared between the two of them. Lem thought more of his leeching of Olivia as well, that is until he learned that she would be leaving him. Admittedly, Olivia would be leaving Midnight, but it wasn't happening anytime soon. She regrets even bringing it up. Lem asks for a favor. When Olivia unilaterally decides that their relationship is over, he knows that one day he's going to wake up, and she's going to be gone without any kind of warning or note. He wants her to do more.

Night has fallen. Manfred continues on his path to the nearest gas station while his body undergoes detox. He vomits before passing out in the middle of a dusty field.

*Flashback Sequence*
MTX 108-063~Manfred-Xylda

Manfred and Xylda's last moments together

One year ago in the RV, Xylda calls to Manfred for her gin and tonic. He questions when she began drinking. Might as well fall off the wagon the day you die, she said. The last time Xylda had a drink was the day Manfred's mom dropped him off with her. He asked Xylda if she was sure about what she was doing. In comparison to the toxic poison the doctors give her, gin and tonic was a soda pop. Manfred wasn't quite ready to let her go. There were other treatments they could look into. He could find more money if need be, but Xylda was ready to face facts as the cancer was in her liver and brain. It's not the end, she'd write, but they've seen worse. Xylda takes her pills, telling Manfred not to look so sad. She was picking her exit. She had already accepted her fate, though Manfred was far less accepting. He reaches for her pills, looking to self-medicate in order to cope with the situation. Xylda tells him to take the white ones as they were fun. She wipes a tear from her eye. There was no turning back, and while she and Manfred had a good run, it was coming to an end. She was thankful for her time with him. As his eyes filled with tears, Manfred tells Xylda that he's going to miss her. She looks forward to him missing her, otherwise, that would mean she is still around, and tethered to the world. Spirits need to move on. It's the natural order, but this doesn't mean Xylda doesn't love him. This is the last thing she says to him before dying.

*Flashback Sequence Concluded*
MTX 108-068~Xylda-Manfred

Xylda passing on

Xylda wakes Manfred up from his sleep. She confesses to having a vision the day she died; the kind that doesn't come around too often. It was a clear view of a moment in the future. Midnight was in flames. People dying all around, with Manfred in the center, as the only one to stop it, but she didn't see how he stops it. Although she reminds him of his childhood, and how powerful he was then. Xylda claims that the spirits would listen to him, and while she should've taught him to use that power, its Manfred's destiny to be a better man than she raised him to be by saving Midnight. If he doesn't, everyone will die. Manfred gets back to his feet, knowing that his only option is to return to Midnight. He asks Xylda why she's smiling when he's likely to die as a result of trying to save everyone. She tells him that everyone dies eventually, that's how you live. Its the only thing you got a say over. You live for the folks you love, and for Xylda, that was Manfred. She caresses his face, referring to him as a "sweet, weird kid". Manfred looks around, realizing that Xylda was nowhere near the RV despite being tethered to it. Not anymore, she says. Xylda did what she was supposed to do. It was time to move on. No need to exchange goodbyes as they had previously done that during the cancer year. Manfred sees the headlights of a truck from the road. He flags it down, looking back to the dusty field for Xylda before getting in, however, she is gone.

Unfortunately for Manfred, he has unknowingly entered the truck of the faceless supernatural, who was last seen killing a trucker named Farmer John and taking his face. Faceless/John points out that Manfred's long ways from nowhere, then saying that he's heading West, as is Manfred. However, shortly after getting in the truck, Manfred catches another one of his headaches. He looks behind his seat, and meets the gaze of two spirits that were killed by the faceless supernatural.

MTX 108-075-Manfred-Faceless Supernatural

Manfred vs Faceless/Farmer John

Manfred asks Faceless/John if he's religious, to which he replies that he has faith. Not like the people on the radio. Paradise isn't heaven. They were looking in the wrong direction, but as Manfred points out, the other direction is hell. A new world is going to emerge out of the ashes of the old one. A world where they find pleasure in pain, and joy in suffering. Faceless/John was there to help "him" rise. This one who will usher at the beginning of the end. Much to Faceless/John's surprise, Manfred knew that this is to take place in Midnight, Texas. Manfred also knew that Faceless/John was only telling him this because he was planning to kill him, and rip his face off. Manfred does have a nice face, Faceless/John remarks. The two of them begin to fight as the truck steers out of control. Manfred grabs Faceless/John's face, ripping it off in the process, before jumping out the truck.

MTX 108-077-Lemuel

Olivia burns Lem with silver

After disposing of their fifth dead crow of the day at the pawn shop, Olivia and Lem begin to worry about the future of Midnight. If one dead crow was a bad omen, then five meant that they should truly be concerned. Olivia admits that she's scared. She would be stupid not to be. As mean and cruel as humans are, she is experienced, giving her the upper hand, but she could not say the same with supernaturals. Lem adds that's why she has him. He grabs Olivia from behind, and leeches away the negative energy. While being leeched, Olivia feels Lem's fangs nearing her neck, so she burns him with her silver bracelet. Biting was not on the menu. Lem claims that he wasn't going to bite her, but he apologizes. He doesn't know what came over him.

At the shop, Fiji recites a spell to battle the demon and the veil's influence. "No more undue influence. Not from the veil, not from the demon. Everything you feel is what you should. No more, no less".

MTX 108-080-Manfred

Manfred hiding with the bodies

Having reverted back to his natural form after Manfred snatched off Farmer John's face, Faceless exits the truck to look for Manfred, but it appears as if he has gotten away. However, Manfred is actually hiding in the back of the truck with the rest of the bodies. Manfred calls out to Xylda for guidance, but she does not respond. He digs through the pockets of the dead victims until finding a phone with service. He calls Fiji to tell her that he is on his way back to town, but that he's not alone. A supernatural is on his way to Midnight as well, with an offering of the dead, that in return will allow a demon to rise. The demon that they saw while exorcising Manfred's house feeds off death. Fiji explains to Manfred that she isn't the only one to hear it. It tried to talk Janice into killing herself. Realizing that the demon is targeting the weak and sad, Fiji calls Creek, who is going through a rough time in her life. Creek takes a break from staring at the deed to look at her phone. Seeing that its Fiji on the other end, she chooses to ignore.

MTX 108-087-Olivia-Lemuel

Lemuel attacking Olivia

Having nearly been attacked by Lem just moments prior, Olivia is on her toes. Lem suggests that she go to bed, but she isn't tired. However, Lem knows the real reasons she's pacing back and forth throughout the pawn shop is to watch over him. She suspects that the evil energy is tapping into Lem's dark impulses. Olivia could still feel Lem's fangs at her neck, and while he admits to having a larger appetite than usual, he questions if it is only supernaturals being affected by the veil. Olivia reminds him that humans don't scare her, while Lem, on the other hand, was starting to frighten her with his recent strange behavior. He explains that he's angry and hurt. Is his vampiric nature so distasteful that she would rather die than be like him, he asks. Olivia never said this, but she believes that life should end. It means pain and memories end. It's the natural order of things, but this does not mean her feelings for him are any different.

MTX 108-088~Olivia-Lemuel

Olivia stabs Lem

With Olivia sharing no desires in becoming a vampire nor any interests in the perks of being a vampire, such as immortality, Lem wonder why she is even with him. Was it solely the fact that he can get rid of her pain when it overwhelms her. Or was it maybe that she liked being a little afraid. Olivia attempts to leave the situation before it can further escalate, but Lem grabs Olivia by her hair. Unable to escape his grasp, she stabs him with a wooden stake, which was merely an inch away from his heart, though it was simply a warning shot. The next time she'll go for the kill. Lem informs her that doing this was a grave mistake. Olivia runs up into the apartment, locking and barricading the doors behind her. She heads into the back, grabbing a pair of scissors as she does so.

MTX 108-091-Creek

Creek trying to kill herself

The faceless supernatural arrives Midnight, dumping the dead bodies on the road just before exiting the truck. Manfred is hidden within the bodies. As Faceless passes, Manfred makes a run for it. He and Fiji were right to worry about Creek's well-being considering she is under the demon's influence, as suspected. She repeats that she needs to die, and everything will be better once she dies. Creek grabs a large knife, holding it to her throat. Manfred enters Home Cookin', stopping Creek, who was moments away from taking her own life. He holds Creek down as Fiji makes her swallow a potion that will grant her immunity from the demon's influence. The results are instantaneous. Creek is better, but she isn't sure why she would try to kill herself. Fiji assures her that the demon will no longer be able to get to her. She is pleased to see that Manfred has returned, but they need to get the potion to the others because Creek isn't the only one acting out of character.

MTX 108-098-Olivia

Olivia pointing her gun at Lem

Lemuel kicks the front door clean off the hinges. He proceeds into the apartment with caution, unaware that Olivia is waiting for him. Olivia lies in wait for her target to approach. She swings down, and kicks Lem in the chest as he opens the hidden armory closet. She pulls out a gun. Lem instantly notices the haircut she gave herself in between the time it took him to get upstairs. Its safer in the sense that it will prevent him from grabbing onto her as before. She wants Lem out the apartment, but he doesn't comply. Olivia fires several rounds of silver bullets at Lem as he super speeds across the room. She hits him at least once. Olivia then flips him over her shoulder, pulls out a knife, and goes on the attack. He disarms her, but she manages to hold her own by scaling the wall, and fighting him off with a silver platter. She then delivers a massive drop kick, though it does little to subdue him.

MTX 108-100-Lemuel

Olivia fighting Lem with silver batons

She grabs two silver batons from under the bed, and goes back on the attack. Despite her best effort, she isn't strong enough to bring a stop to Lemuel. He says that once she turns, she'll enjoy it. Olivia asks if it matters that she's pleading with him to stop, but with the veil's influence growing stronger, he doesn't show much concern with her desires. She falls in the tub after Lem throws her against the wall. Olivia is cornered, but as luck would have it, Manfred enters the apartment with the potion Fiji created. Having been cured, Lem attempts to apologize for his action, but Olivia screams at him to back off. Although she and Lem clearly have issues to work out, Manfred asks that they table it for the moment since they all had greater concerns.

MTX 108-111-Ghosts-Faceless Supernatural

The sacrifice being made

After Manfred informs every one of the new threat in Midnight, the Midnighters gather in the street to stop the offering before its too late. As Faceless pours gasoline all over the bodies, he says "I give you these bodies as an offering. Let the lives sacrificed nourish you. You will rise again". Before he can light the pile of dead bodies, Bobo and Lem hold him down while Olivia disarms him of his lighter. Manfred tells him that there will be no sacrifice as long as he's around. Faceless recognizes Fiji. He says that when his master rises, Fiji will be his. From Faceless, they learn that the demon's name is Colconnar, and that he has chosen Fiji. The ground beneath their feet begins to crack open as the flames of hell seep out, and engulf the offering. Faceless escapes the Midnighters' hold, and grabs Fiji. He tells them that it won't be long before Colconnar rises, and takes what's his. Off Xylda's advice, as he would when he was a child, Manfred commands the ghosts of the humans that were sacrificed to drag Faceless back to hell, which saves Fiji in the process. Surprisingly, they followed Manfred's command. Olivia wonders how he managed to do this. He explains that it was an old trick he used to do, but it didn't stop the sacrifice from being made.

The next morning, Bobo enters the shop to tell Fiji that Rev is feeling better after the potion she gave him. Bobo asks Fiji if she was okay. She's not. It won't be long before she meets face-to-face with Colconnar. She now knows his name, and that he's coming for her, but Bobo promises that there was no way in hell that the demon was going to get to her.

MTX 108-118-Creek-Manfred

Creek and Manfred discussing their relationship

Creek stops by Manfred's home. It was weird for her not to see his RV out front. Manfred explains to her that it broke down in the desert, where he left it. As for Xylda, he tells Creek that she moved on, which is how it is supposed to be. She wonders if he's okay having lost his grandmother. Manfred replies that it depends on how one defines the word. He still sees ghosts at a high rate, and the headaches are intense, especially without his pills, but he's trying to go without them. Creek questions his sudden return. The truth is that what the two of them started was something that he had never felt with anyone before. He understands that a lot has happened, and that she needs time to process, but if she ever feels ready to pick up where they left off, she knows where he lives. Not to mention that the RV is dead, and Midnight is the closest place to a home he had. If the veil to Hell was opening, then he saw no better reason than to stay and fight for it. Creek can't help but think that something bad might happen to him during this quest to save the town. He tells her what Xylda told him, that they were all going to die. Its how they live that matters. He asks if all of this was okay with Creek, which it was. She then welcomes him home.



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