Mean and cruel as humans are, I'm trained and experienced. I can get the upper hand.

Humans (Homo Sapiens), also known as mankind or humanity are the dominate race of sentient, mortal beings that populate the Earth. They are a species of non-supernatural origins introduced in Midnight, Texas.


The origin of humans has yet to be addressed.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Humans come in a wide variety of near infinite variations, each individual as unique as the next. Some typical characteristics include skin tone, hair and eye color, height, weight, musculature and age, to name a few.


  • Adaptability and Versatility: Humans, by far, are the weakest species as directly compared to others, such as vampires and weretigers. However, human ingenuity has great influence over how humans think, act and find solutions to problems. One such notable example is Fiji's and Bobo's rationalized thought process to combat a nest of vampires utilizing quarts, known as the sunrise crystal, to emulate UV light to destroy vampires.[1] Other humans, such as Olivia, utilizes an arsenal of weapons to counter the strengths of another species, such as silver being harmful to vampires.[2]


  • Mortality: Humans are mortal and are susceptible to death. Death can occur through a variety of ways, some instantaneous. Some examples, but not limited to, are: age or natural causes, decapitation or broken necks, disease and heart-failure, suffocation, drowning, physical or blunt force trauma and many others.

Notable HumansEdit




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