Head Games[2] is the first episode of the second season of NBC's Midnight, Texas. It is also the season premiere and the eleventh episode of the series overall.


SEASON PREMIERE - After shutting the veil to hell, The Midnighters finally settle into a semblance of normality— until the opening of a new hotel rocks their stability once again. Manfred deals with the consequences of 'taking-in' six demons. Joe makes a new friend.[3]


MTX 201-003-Manfred

Manfred walks Witch Light Road

In the sleepy town of Midnight, TX, Manfred walks down Witch Light Road; the single traffic light changes from red to green as he drags along a shovel against the rough asphalt pavement. Wearing nothing but his boxers and a pair of shoes, he makes his way past Reverend Sheehan's church, Midnight Pawn, and, the opening soon, Crystal Desert. Manfred, for reasons unknown, makes his way into the desert and digs a grave, as if he's seemingly possessed. Once he's finished, he makes his way back home and watches Creek, sleeping peacefully.

MTX 201-007-Manfred-Creek

Creek discusses Bison with Manfred

Morning comes and Manfred jerks awake, as if from a nightmare. He looks around and sighs a breath of relief. It was all a dream. "Morning Sunshine", as Creek greets him with a cup of coffee. She questions if he had another bad dream and he confirms her suspicions. She wonders if it's time for a new pillow and even suggests taking melatonin, but Manfred brushes it off. He jokes that he should stop eating burritos before bed. Creek offers another idea, she wonders if it's time for a change because she's been taking stock of her life lately. Manfred, jokingly, quips that dodging the apocalypse will cause that and Creek agrees. Since Colconnar's defeat, she's had time to think about her dad and Connor and has come to the conclusion that perhaps staying in Midnight is no longer the best option for her. Manfred is lost for words and sits upright in bed. Creek continues to explain. She loves Manfred and she loves Midnight and everyone in it, but she doesn't want to serve patty meals for the rest of her life. Manfred shakes his head in agreement. She's decided to leave. Creek turns and grabs a pamphlet to show Manfred; she's applied to Bison's writing program. She thinks it could be a long shot, but if she were to get accepted into the program, she wants Manfred to join her in Austin. Manfred hesitates, mouth gaped open with no response. Creek, however, already knows. It's a "no". Manfred draws back her hair and places his hand on her cheek. "Home is wherever you are." Creek smiles at Manfred's reassurance. He goes to kiss her but she tells him that his nose is bleeding. Manfred rushes off to the bathroom, grabbing a towel to wipe his nose. Black blood, the same residue he experienced after defeating Colconnar. Upon further inspection, he notices dirt underneath his finger nails. He looks into the mirror and sees his muddy boots next to the toilet - his nightmare, now a horrible reality.

MTX 201-015-Fiji-Bobo

Fiji and Bobo experience sex magic

At the Inquiring Mind, Fiji and Bobo share passionate kisses as they make love. Midair, Fiji changes positions and straddles Bobo, bracing the ceiling for support. Fiji and Bobo laugh as they fall back onto the bed below them. Fiji comments that 'sex magic' is pretty hot and Bobo unabashedly agrees, telling her that she's got skills. Mr. Snuggly peeks in on the happy couple, but doesn't stay long. Fiji comments that just a mere two months ago, she was pure as snow. Now, they're approaching "Elite Status" for all their frequent flyer miles.

MTX 201-022-Olivia-Lemuel

Lemuel and Olivia: husband and wife

Olivia, returning from another hit, opens her hidden weapons closet, pulls off her blond wig and disposes of her assorted knives. At her dresser, she puts back on her wedding ring, admiring it for a few moments on her finger in the mirror. After closing the thick red curtains of her apartment, she throws off her coat onto the bed and knocks on the floor. "Honey? I'm home," she calls out to Lemuel. He greets her, asking how her hit went. One word, killer. Waking from his slumber, Lemuel tells his wife good morning, as Olivia tells him good night and they share a passionate kiss.

MTX 201-024-Joe-Chuy

Joe and Chuy meet up outside of Midnight

A mile outside of Midnight, Joe keeps his routine of his morning jog. He comes to a slow walk as he finishes and meets up with Chuy. His husband is sitting on a blanket, meditating just inside of the Midnight mile marker sign. Approaching Chuy, he wonder how his yoga is going and greets him in a kiss, eventually sitting next to him. Chuy responds that it's helping keep his 'demons' at bay. With Colconnar's defeat and Midnight quite, Joe wonders if evil's finally taken a break. Chuy, however, believes that Joe's just jinxed it, but goes in for another kiss.

MTX 201-026-Joe-Chuy~Manfred

Manfred suffers in silence

As the morning progresses, the Midnighters convene at Home Cookin' for breakfast. Manfred takes stock in the dirt under his fingernails and looks around the room. Olivia and Rev. chat over breakfast, Joe and Chuy sit, deep in conversation at the opposite end of the table, while Fiji sits on Bobo's lap as she feeds him. Manfred, however, is overcome with demonic voices to take a hold of the steak knife that came with breakfast. Drowning out the voice, Creek calls out to him several times. He realizes her voice and drops the knife, before turning to see what she wants. Holding a pot of coffee, she asks if he want's a refill. Manfred apologizes for spacing out and accepts the much needed drink. Manfred continues to look around his fellow Midnighters. Rev comments on the food, stating that it's not as good as Madonna's, who's currently away on a cruise.

MTX 201-029-Manfred-Creek-Bobo-Fiji-Olivia-Rev. Sheehan-Joe-Chuy

Olivia shows the Midnighters the hotel renovations

With breakfast concluded, Olivia shuts the doors to the Midnighters room, telling them that they have business to discuss: the hotel renovation. They all gather around her and her computer as she relays all the information she's dug up on the new owners and renovation. Up until yesterday, all was silent, that is they now have a website showcasing their spa retreat. As Fiji looks on over Olivia's should she's immediately frustrated on the new name, "Crystal Desert". That's her territory. Not only is the website only been up for a day, but they have reservations fully booked for the next month. Bobo pipes up, asking why she's so suspicious. Joe wonders why anyone would even want to visit Midnight, given that it's not exactly a tourist destination. Olivia has an answer for that: "healer" Kai Lucero. He has a huge following of the desperate and delusional. Cult-like, as far as it concerns Bobo. Rev. Sheehan questions that he could be legit, though Olivia has her doubts, he's wearing Lululemon. Spacing out again, Manfred's attention is brought back to the discussion by Olivia, asking if he's okay. He attributes it to not sleeping well and informs the other Midnighters not to worry, the hotel will be out of business in three months, tops. They all look on in silence, wondering just what he means. Manfred elaborates that he saw ghosts when they first started renovations and that haunted hotels don't rate well on yelp. Ghosts or not, Olivia's not convinced. She's determined that the eight of them are going to the grand opening.

MTX 201-039-Manfred

Manfred has a plan

Out in the middle of the desert, Manfred sits in his RV, searching the internet for "sleepwalking" and "demonic nosebleeds", hoping to figure out what's happening to him. With no results from the internet, he sends a text to Creek informing her that he won't be home, that he has a last minute psychic reading in Dallas. He's come up with a plan to figure out what he's been doing at night. He pulls off his shirt and duck-tapes his phone to his bare chest. With his plan in motion, all he has to do is wait for night and for sleep to take him. His phone will act as a GPS and tell him where he's been going.

MTX 201-042-Lemuel-Olivia

Lemuel and Olivia share a psychic connection

That night, Olivia comes home to Lemuel drawing her a bath - just what she wants. He hands her a drink and Olivia admits that their psychic connection has its benefits. Just one of them, Lem mentions. She asks him to remind her just how long it will last. Like marriage, till death do they part. As she undresses, she admits that she didn't think she was the marrying type, and jokes that this is what every women wants, for their man to know their wife's every need and desire. As they kiss, Lemuel tells her that she's not like every women and proceeds to spread kisses down her body. Something else that Olivia needed.

MTX 201-045-Manfred

Manfred discovers eight freshly dug graves

The following morning, Manfred jerks awake, back in the RV. Finding more dirt under his nails and his muddy boots by the door. He rips the phone and duck-tape from his chest and finds out ust where he's been going at night. His GPS reveals that he traveled 7.04 miles outside Midnight to Blanco Canyon. Upon driving there, he discovers eight graves that he's dug. Behind him, Xylda appears, indicating that he's in some real trouble. Manfred's in disbelief, even questioning if it's really her. Smiling and laughing, she tells him that it sure is. Confused, he questions that he thought she crossed over. Xylda tells him that she did, that's why she looks so good. She tells him that she was resting in peace, finally, in a home without wheels, drinking Rosé, and playing Canasta with Tammy Wynette. That is until she heard about what was happening to Manfred. More confused than seeing Xylda, he questions "why at night". During the day he's fine, other than a few demonic urges. Xylda pieces together that each of the graves are for his friends. Xylda urges him to return to Midnight and tell everyone. Manfred refuses. He's only just earned their trust; he can't tell them that he's digging their graves. Xylda wonders when all this started. Manfred confesses that, until last night, he thought they were just dreams, dreams that started after defeating Colconnar. Xylda brings up Manfred's possession, the 'demon gang bang' she calls it. Manfred's taken aback by the choice in terminology but Xylda admits that he took in six demons like a champ, a point of pride. Manfred's not amused. Xylda's point, however, is that there may be a straggler, a demon still possessing Manfred.

MTX 201-051-Manfred-Xylda Hallucination

Manfred follows Xylda's advice

Back in Midnight, Manfred and Xylda enter Rev. Sheehan's church. Xylda comments that if he's still possessed, then holy water will burn his fingerprints right off his fingers. Willing to go through with Xylda's plan, Manfred, who hesitates for a moment before dipping a finer into the water basin, experiences nothing. No pain or burning from the holy water. Nothing happens, which is a good sign. Confused, he dips his fingers, then his hands, into the basin. He's not possessed. Spick and span, as Xylda puts it. Despite this small victory, Manfred continues to wonder what's wrong with him.

MTX 201-053-Fiji-Olivia-Rev. Sheehan-Manfred

The Midnighters join Rev and Olivia at Crystal Desert

Hipsters flock to Midnight for Crystal Desert's grand opening. Manfred greets Creek and the other Midnighters per Olivia's demand. Fiji and Olivia are displeased with the arrival of hipsters, but Rev. Sheehan reminds them to keep an open mind. As they walk through the build, the Rev. stops, commenting if they feel the energy. It's incredible. Olivia's in disbelief and Fiji's too shocked at the prices on the crystals - ten times what she sells them for. A women approaches Fiji, asking if she's in the crystal business too. Creek introduces Fiji and tells the women that she owns the Inquiring Mind. She then introduces herself, Olivia and Reverend Sheehan. The women introduces herself as Patience Lucero and that she and her husband, Kai are the new owners of the hotel. She comments that they're very lucky, that Midnight is a special place. Olivia, distrustful of Patience, get straight to the point and asks why come to Midnight. Midnight is a little town with no freeway exit, it's an odd place to buy a hotel. Patience takes her question in stride, telling her that before setting down, they functioned as a traveling circus, going from town to town healing people. It was exhausting and taxing on Kai. Midnight was a strong spiritual center that they could finally call "home". Turning a jar back over, Fiji quips that rent was too high in Sedona, but Patience tells her that Sedona's energy doesn't hold a candle to Midnight

MTX 201-059~Manfred-Rev. Sheehan Hallucination

Manfred has killer urges

Spacing out again, Manfred stares into the impluvium as the demonic whispers over take his thoughts. The Rev approaches Manfred and he snaps. He lunges at the Rev and forces him, head first, into the impluvium. The Rev struggles to be released but he's unable to free himself until he drowns in the shallow pool. A bell rings in the distance, bringing Manfred back to reality. The Rev, Creek, and others approach him. Shocked at what he just hallucinated, and the prospects of actually giving into the demonic urges, he tells them that he's got to get out of there. He tells her he has work to finish as his reasoning for the abrupt leave. Creek shakes it off.

MTX 201-062-Lyric-Kai-Sequoia

Kai makes his appearance

Striking a gong, Lyric and Sequoia usher in Kai Lucero. He stops just shy of the impluvium before taking a step onto the water, literally walking on top of it. Fiji immediately dismisses it as the crowd murmurs. Hidden platforms, she muses. Kai bids Midnighter and hipster alike, welcome. He begins a speech that it's today is the realization of a dream come true. A dream of healing people. Before he's able to continue. A paraplegic man in a wheelchair interrupts him, asking Kai to make him walk again. He explains that his daughter's getting married next month and he'd like to walk her down the aisle. Patience stops him, hoping to schedule an appointment later in the week but Kai tells her it's okay. He proceeds to tell the man to enter the pool by getting out of the chair, on his own accord. The man pulls up his legs and falls onto the cushions that line the impluvium. He drags himself into the pool of water. Kai cradles him and lays a hand over his leg. Kai asks if he believe, to which the man does. Kai leans in close to the man, close as if going to kiss the man or to take in his breath. He pauses for a moment and commands the man to get up. Kai has performed a miracle; the man stands and is able to walk again. The crowd is overjoyed, though Olivia is not.

MTX 201-073-Xylda Hallucination~Manfred

Manfred searches for an answer

Meanwhile, Manfred returns back to the RV searching through family journals. If he's not still possessed, then it's gotta be a side effect from the possession itself. Xylda cheekily commentates that it was a good thing she was a pack rat. Lord knows the Bernardo family's has had its fair share of run-ins with demons. She points out that the sun's going down, though Manfred's aware. Continuing to point out the obvious, she states that bad things happen when night falls. He knows. Outside the RV, Creek leaves the grand opening of Crystal Desert. Xylda admits that she doesn't trust Manfred around her. Much to his own dismay, he agree with his grandmother.

MTX 201-074-Bobo-Joe

Bobo and Joe bartend

Night falls and the Midnighters head to the Cartoon Saloon to wind down. Bobo, the new owner, and Joe, the new bartender, man the bar, serving patrons their drinks. Joe's a natural and bartending suits him, at least until he figures out what he wants to do for the next 1,000 years. A raucous drunk patron grabs a hold of a female patron. In response, she tells him to stop, garnering the attention of Bobo. He calls out to Lem and nods towards the drunk and for him to handle it. He does so, grabbing the drunk by the collar and forces him out.

MTX 201-079~Bobo-Fiji

Fiji gives Bobo a key

Fiji walks in, heading straight towards Bobo - the hardest working man in Midnight, between Midnight Pawn and now the Cartoon Saloon. She admires the work he's put into the bar, taking it from a 'Nazi's' watering hole, turning it into Cheers. Having a witch for a girlfriend, though, he's got to walk the walk. Fiji holds out her hands, hesitating for a moment, and tells him that she has a surprise. She reveals a key to her place. Bobo's placid expression immediately makes her regret her decision, thinking two months is too soon. Bobo's overcome with a smile, "heck no". In fact, he wonders what she's been waiting for. The time just feels right.

MTX 201-082-Joe-Olivia-Chuy

Olivia and Chuy have drinks

Olivia and Chuy sit at a table, enjoying drinks and discuss "Healer Kai". Olivia's adamant that he's a con-man, that the guy in the wheelchair is obviously a paid actor. Regardless if he's a con-man, Chuy believes he's harmless. Olivia scoffs at the thought. People don't just settle down in Midnight. Like others, if they're here, they're either running from someone or they've got something to hide. Nothing in-between. Joe refills their drinks and makes his way to other patrons. The raucous drunk stumbles back into the bar and bumps into Joe. He tells the drunk to watch where he's going, but the drunk is more than he seems. Flashing red, demonic eyes, he asks if he wants to take it outside, calling him friend. Joe is far from his friend, but before anything further could take place, Lem grabs the demon by the shoulders and drags him back outside. A man on a bar stool witness the incident, but does nothing to intervene.

MTX 201-089-Manfred

Manfred ends up in Davy's 'drunk tank'

By himself, Manfred drinks alone. Fourteen shots. Xylda watches him, questioning that getting tanked isn't going to help. Manfred has a plan though. He dials 911. He tells the operator that there's a naked, drunk guy outside the Cartoon Saloon. Xylda points out the obvious, that there isn't one. Not yet, according to Manfred, who downs another shot. Covering himself up, Manfred sits, naked, in a Roca Fri'a jail cell. Xylda continues to follow her grandson, admitting that it's not a bad plan. He lays down on the bench and sleeps off the alcohol.

MTX 201-091-Manfred

Manfred worries about Creek

Morning comes to Midnight. Manfred is already back in his own bed, sleeping, having been released from the Davy jail. He wakes and, looking to the other side of the bed, finds a bloodied pillow and sheets. It's where Creek should be sleeping. He's terrified. "Creek!?" he yells. He jumps out of bed, frantically searching for Creek. As he runs around the house in nothing but his boxers, he notices that his hand is bleeding. A deep gash runs down the side of his hand, but he dismisses it in the hopes of finding Creek. She's no where to be found and he ponders what he's done. He dresses and goes in search of Creek

MTX 201-094-Creek~Manfred

Creek is upset with Manfred's unusal behavior

He heads to Home Cookin'. Creek is working, serving various customers coffee with their breakfast. She's upset and confronts him. He's been missing since last night and he wasn't home when she left for work at 5:30 a.m. Manfred's happy that Creek is safe. He tells her the truth, in part. He ended up in the drunk tank in Davy, blaming Bobo's Two-for-One Tuesdays. Creek's concerned with Manfred's behavior, that it's not him. Manfred still guards the truth from her, that nothing's wrong and he was just drunk. It won't happen again he promises her. She want's to believe him, but she's had enough of the drama and the lies to last her a lifetime and questions if his behavior is because of Austin. She would understand if he's changed his mind. Manfred begins to zone out again. The demonic voice is back and it's urging him to take the gun from a nearby cop having breakfast at the bar. "Manfred", Creek jolts him back to reality. Manfred admits it's not about Austin, in fact, a change like Austin sounds great to him. Still reeling from the voices, he asks if they can discuss it later. He needs to lie down, to rest because of his hangover.

MTX 201-096-Olivia-Patience

Olivia experiences crystal therapy

Still not convinced of the new-comers to Midnight, Olivia makes an appointment with Patience for a healing session of crystals. Olivia, covered in towels, lets Patience place crystals on chakra points along the center of her body, placing the last on on her forehead. Patience tells her she's in for a great experience. Olivia can't hardly wait. With Patience's exit from the room, Olivia quickly throws on a rob and goes in search of clues about the new owners. Making her way down a hallway, she over hears Kai talking in his office. She investigates. Kai's talking to a painting behind his desk. He tells the painting that his amazing place, Midnight, can be their home. He asks for strength.

MTX 201-101~Journal~Manfred

Manfred finds something

Having left Creek at Home Cookin' to finish her day shift, Manfred goes back to the RV, going through more of his family's journals for anything to help him with his worsening condition. Xylda wonders if he's found any leads. Nothing. Nothing, unless he wanted to curse someone with gout. He flips through a few more pages and finds something interesting. He shows her a page, stained with a black, sticky residue. It's exactly what's happening to him - the black blood from a couple mornings ago. The journal, dating back to February 27, 1921, once belonged to uncle Barnabas Bernardo. Time for a family reunion.

MTX 201-103-Barnabus~Manfred

Manfred speaks with Barnabus

Manfred summons Barnabas's spirit. He hates to break it to Manfred, but even if he survived the possession, there's still a cost. Like what Manfred experience, he wonders about the "black crap" that exuding from Barnabas's orifices. Demon Residue. Barnabas explains that, if left untreated, it takes over the body cell by cell. Demonic cancer, Manfred questions. Once it reaches the brain, you start hallucinating. Then, you lose your mind. Distressing news. Manfred needs a way to stop it, looking to his uncle, hoping he can help. Turning his head, he shows him the answer; put a bullet through your brain. To kill yourself before you kill someone else. That's not the answer Manfred wanted.

Later that night, Fiji and Bobo make out at Midnight Pawn. Things are getting intense as he lays her down on the couch. The mood is cut short, however. Bobo notices a broken, and bloody, window. Someone broke in. They immediately check the safe. All the money is still there. Bobo wonders if the money is still there, then what did they take.

MTX 201-109-Xylda Hallucination~Manfred

Manfred realizes that Xylda's a hallucination

After speaking with uncle Barnabas, Manfred comes back to relay the information to Xylda. Demon cancer and he's screwed. Xylda sits on the couch and props her feet on an old chest. It sparks Manfred's attention. He doesn't know what it is. Xylda tells him it's his 'booty'. The other night, after he got out of the drunk tank, he broke into the pawn shop. That's how he cut his hand. He looks inside the chest. It's full of knives and other weapons. His condition is getting much worse. Maybe it's time to tell everyone. Xylda offers another option. To give into temptation, that it might feel good to let it all out. She suggest to start with Creek, that she'll be easy to take out first. Manfred suddenly realizes that Xylda, his very dead grandma, is sitting on his couch. His house is inhospitable to the dead, thanks to Fiji. She shouldn't be able to be here. Everything seems to click with Manfred. Xylda's not here. She's moved on and he's hallucinating. The demon cancer is already effecting his mind. It's too late. Manfred loses himself to the demon residue.

MTX 201-117-Joe-Walker

Joe meets Walker

Working the night shift at he Cartoon Saloon, Joe takes out the garbage. The demon from the other night ambushes him, punching him in the jaw as he turns around. He's excited for the opportunity. It's not every day a demon like himself gets to take out an angel like Joe. Joe doesn't want to fight, but doesn't have much of a choice. Joe and the demon fight. The demon lands a couple hit on him and muses that he's making it too easy on him. Joe retaliates. He knocks the demon clear into the air, landing on a car. Joe goes in to finish the demon off, but two more of his demon buddies join in on the fight. They hold Joe back as the's punched over and over. The man that witnessed the incident in the bar the other night gains their attention. That it's not a fair fight. Joe takes the distraction to throw off the two demons and lands another blow on the leader. Ultimately Joe, using his angel light, removes the demon's heart. He goes to help the man out struggling with two demons of his own. Apparently though, the man is already familiar with the "legendary Joe Strong". He's a fan of Joe's work and, mid battle, introduces himself as Walker. Demon Hunter. Joe questions if he's human. Walker uses a device to remove a demon's heart and Joe removes the other. Walker is pleased to make Joe's acquaintance. Joe reciprocates.

MTX 201-123-Manfred

Manfred is unaffected from Creek's stun gun

Finishing her shift at Home Cookin', Creek returns to Manfred's home. Finished flossing, she notices the black blood stained hand clothes. Concerned, she snaps a photo and texts Fiji. Something is wrong with Manfred. She grabs her coat and pocketbook and attempts to make her way to the door. Manfred, however, blocks her path. Where do you think you're going?, he questions her. She lies. She tells him she's going to the store for some milk, but it's no good. Manfred, or the demon residue that's effecting him, continues to block her path, prompting that, now, they can talk about Austin. His mouth is turning back from the demon residue. Creek hopes to by her some time, wondering what's gotten into him. Manfred elaborate that he has an overwhelming desire to cut her and draws out a large knife. He provokes her. He tells her that moving to the big city, she'd probably just end up as a waitress, again, writing poetry that no one wants to read. He believes that he's doing her a favor. He raises the knife to strike, but she stuns him with a stun gun and runs out of the house. Manfred falls to the floor, but is unfazed.

Bobo and Fiji meticulously go through various items in the pawn shop. All the samurai swords are accounted for, time to move on to Civil War memorabilia. Fiji notices a text from Creek. She recognizes the residue from the photo she sent and she and Bobo rush over to Manfred's. The apartment is a mess, signs of a struggle. Creek and Manfred are no where to be found.

MTX 201-127~Olivia-Manfred

Manfred tricks Olivia

On the road to Blanco Canyon, Olivia joins Manfred in search for Creek. He explains to Olivia that he and Creek had a fight, that she's acting crazy and hitch a ride out of Midnight. All the while, Creek is bound and gagged in the back of the car. Manfred and Olivia make it to the canyon, but Creek's not there. Olivia is suspicious and pulls out her knife. She knows something is up. Manfred's not himself and taunts Olivia. Cute knife he tells her. Manfred gains the upper hand on Olivia and knocks her out. He drags her towards one of the grave he's previously dug and kicks her in. Creek's had enough time to get out of the bindings and escape. With Manfred's back to her, she whacks him in the head with a crowbar as he turns around. She's claustrophobic, and being trapped in his car hasn't helped. She strikes him again, seemingly knocking him out. She gets in the car in the hopes of making her escape, though the keys are no where to be found. They must be on Manfred's person. Reluctantly, she gets out of the car and searches him. However, he wakes up with the keys in hand and attacks Creek. He strangles her as she chokes out for him to get off of her. Lemuel arrives just in time to leech Manfred until his unconscious, though he immediately throws up - a reaction to the demon residue. Creek is saved, thanks to Lemuel. He tells her that he knew due to his and Olivia's psychic connection.

MTX 201-138-Bobo-Olivia-Fiji~Manfred-Lemuel-Creek-Joe-Chuy

Fiji attempts to cure Manfred with witchcraft

Back at Midnight Pawn, Manfred's bound to a chair as Fiji attempts to cast out whatever is controlling Manfred. It doesn't have any affect. Bobo, Lemuel, Creek, Olivia, Joe, and Chuy watch as their friend suffers and bleeds black from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Manfred regains enough control over himself to ask them to kill him. To kill him before he kills one of them first. Creek is terrified. The Rev walks in, announcing that no one is killing anyone, and brings with him Kai and Patience. Olivia immediately questions the reason for their presence. Kai can help. Olivia and the other Midnighters may have their doubts, but the Rev. does not. He knows Kai is special. Lemuel speaks, warning Kai that he has no idea what he's dealing with. Kai, however, states that he doesn't know what all he's dealt with. Regardless of what's happening, Kai is sure if he doesn't step in, Manfred will die. He wants to help and no one stops him. Kai approaches Manfred and grabs his forehead. He commands him to be a peace. Manfred grows still until he vomits up black, demonic residue. Kai leans in and kisses Manfred, drawing out the remnants of the demonic residue.

MTX 201-148-Joe-Chuy-Manfred-Fiji-Bobo~Patience-Rev. Sheehan-Olivia-Lemuel

Manfred thanks Kai

Manfred cleans up, wiping his mouth. He's at a loss for words. He doesn't know how to thank them. Kai saved his life, and the Midnighters. They let them help and that's thanks enough. Manfred apologizes to the Midnighters. He lied to them and put them all in dangers. He explains he didn't want to mess up their trust and he was wrong. Chuy tells him that he's not to blame, that he wasn't himself. Out of anyone there, he knows best what Manfred experienced. Still Manfred believes he doesn't deserved their forgiveness. Fiji tells him that this only happened because he saved them from Colconnar. All is well, though Creek is no where to be seen. She's left.

MTX 201-154-Creek-Manfred

Creek leaves Manfred and heads for Austin

Manfred rushes home to find Creek packing. She's going to Austin. Manfred thought they'd talk first, but that is besides the point. Regardless if she's accepted into the program, she's got to leave. Manfred doesn't hesitate this time and wants to go with her. Creek tells him to stop. She's done. And doesn't want him to come with her. She's reached her limit with Midnight and with him. Manfred hopes to change her mind, he's better now. But she doesn't believe it's so easy. Creek has witnessed too much violence and death and has too much fear. Kai can't just kiss it better. She's decided. She's leaving Midnight and has to do it alone. Manfred tells her that he loves her, but that prompts her to tell him to let her go.

The next morning, Manfred wakes from a peaceful sleep, without Creek by his side.

MTX 201-158-Bobo-Fiji

Bobo moves in with Fiji

At Fiji's, Bobo unlocks the door with the newly gifted key and carries her across the threshold. She tells him it's a big step. Bobo reciprocates by telling her it's a gateway to marriage, babies, living happily ever after. She asks him if he wants all that. He asks "why wouldn't he?" Fiji is his soulmate and he, hers.

In Kai's office, he removes the painting to reveal a decapitated head. He welcomes the head home, to Midnight, and tells it that he will avenge them.



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  • Sedona is mentioned by Fiji Cavanaugh and Patience Lucero. Patience states to the Midnighters that her and Kai's reason for moving to Midnight, TX is to find a spiritual center that they could call home and that Sedona didn't hold a candle to the energy from Midnight.
    • Gina, upon her travels, stated that she was drawn from one spiritual place to the next, upon feeling the powerful pull to come to Midnight. She too visited Sedona, along with Lily Dale, and Glastonbury.


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