Fire destroys. It also cleanses. We honor the spirits that were torn from this life. Let us cleanse the pain, the suffering they experienced. From this hate, let love be found. And from this violence, let peace emerge. Farewell, and blessed be.

Fiji Cavanaugh is a witch in Midnight, Texas. She's described as a quirky, funny, and free spirit who marches to the beat of her own drum, though can also be seen as a unifier and a protector of her friends who have become her adopted family. She's the town's unofficial welcome wagon going so far to use her magic to determine if Manfred moved to Midnight for malicious intent, with the use of cursed cookies. Creek believes her to be "more than just a cat lady" though her true nature is actually that of a "powerful witch". As a witch, she struggles with coming to terms with how powerful she is which is pretty explosive. However, true to her nature, comes to assist Manfred, whose home is overrun by angry ghosts.

She's also the proprietor of a little magic shop with articles relating to witchcraft and Wicca with crystals and other beautiful things.

Character DescriptionEdit

Fiji is a witch who owns The Inquiring Mind, a wiccan shop in the small town of Midnight. She secretly pines for neighbor Bobo Winthrop and has a snarky cat named Mr. Snuggly.[1]

Fiji is a witch who owns the Inquiring Mind, a wiccan shop in the small town of Midnight and is in a blossoming relationship with Bobo Winthrop.[2]


Fiji, as a young girl, would visit her Aunt Mildred in Midnight, TX. Eventually, she'd stop visiting and a large interval of time passed between them; during this time, she grew and eventually went to college.

MTX 109-018-Fiji

Approximately ten years to current events while in college, she begin manifesting her magic, such as breaking windows when she was angry. As a result she was institutionalized, yet, when not taking her medication, she ended up setting her hospital bed on fire. After leaving the institution, Fiji revisited the barren town that is Midnight and moves into her aunt's home and business, the Inquiring Mind. She indicated to her aunt that she won't overstay her welcome and that she's turning over a new leaf, once she figures out what that is, either finish college or get a job. Mildred told her that was why she was there, to figure out what she wants to do. Mildred, having spoken to her mother, inquired about her hospital stay. Fiji brushed it off and attributed it to being off her medication; that she didn't remember much of it and her boyfriend had broken up with her. "Rage Blackouts" her therapist called them. Mildred scoffed at the idea and believed it to be another explanation. She revealed to Fiji that she was more like her, that she has abilities that could affect the physical world around her with her intentions and emotions. Mildred confessed that she was a witch and so was Fiji.

MTX 109-054-Fiji-Mildred

Fiji once stumbled upon one of Mildred's darker tomes, a grimoire of dark magic. However, Mildred intervened and told her that she was not ready for such magic at least not yet. Mildred indicated that it's only something to handle when you know what you're doing. Fiji was untrained and Mildred intended to teach her the ways of witchcraft. Mildred began her lessons at the greenhouse. She explained to Fiji that bulbs are dormant in the winter and that was natural, though when you're a witch, you can change the natural. Mildred sets the potted bulb down and concentrated. The bulb sprung to life and sprouted before Fiji's eyes; she was astounded and asked how she performed such a thing. Mildred goes on and explained that their powers come from their emotions, to make their feelings into intentions. Fiji equated it to breaking windows but Mildred instructs her to be productive and not destructive. Mildred sets another potted bulb in front of Fiji and beckoned her to try, to think "spring" and "rebirth". Fiji tried and struggled, stating words that described spring, such as hay fever and mowed lawns. Mildred corrected her, that she must feel something, that it's not just about the words. Fiji saw the boy from when she first arrived to Midnight and let the attraction she felt for him, take control. She felt the sun's warmth upon her skin, smelt the night-blooming jasmine in the air and her magic brought the tulip to life, though uncontrolled the surrounding pots also sprung to life and grew to uncontrolled heights, breaching the greenhouse roof. Mildred breaks her of her concentration. Shocked, she believed she'd done something wrong but her aunt informed her that she needed to control her emotion and to be careful.

MTX 109-072~Jeremy-Fiji

New to town, while Mildred was teaching her witchcraft, she officially met the local boy, Jeremy. He began a conversation with her and revealed that he thought what she had done to the greenhouse was pretty cool. He knew about Mildred being a "witch" and assumed Fiji was one too. Upset, she told him not to assume things, that he didn't known anything about her. He explained that he was a "Midnighter" and that he was cool with weird. He introduced himself as Jeremy and asked for her name as well. She told him it was Fiji, like the island. From then on, they began to see one another and grew closer.

MTX 109-084-Jeremy-Fiji

Over the course of three months, Fiji and Jeremy's relationship grew. Fiji told him about her stay at the hospital, how she was good at hiding the prescription pills she was suppose to take up until she was busted by one of the nurses; she spent a month in solitary until she set the padded room on fire. Mildred, having witness their night together and their growing romance, warned Fiji of their relationship. She pointed out that she barely knew Jeremy and by comparison to her, he was practically a stranger. She begged Fiji to guard her emotions and to protect her heart.

MTX 109-100-Mildred-Fiji

Upon their three-month anniversary Fiji and Jeremy decided to take their relationship to the next level and be intimate. However, in the heat of their passion, Fiji loses control of her magic and incinerated him from the inside out. Fiji, grief stricken attempts to make things better and revive him with her magic but Mildred intervened. Jeremy was already dead.

For the next three years, Fiji remained under the tutelage of her aunt, learning Wiccan practices and magic, as well as running and maintaining the store, until she passed away. Upon her death, she inherited the Inquiring Mind and Mr. Snuggly.[3]

Throughout Midnight, TexasEdit

Season OneEdit

In Pilot, Fiji is outside her home, tending to her garden with her cat, Mr. Snuggly, when she notices the new guy, Manfred Bernardo, drive down Witch Light Road. They exchange looks, but she continues her task at hand. After his arrival, she makes and leaves sand tart cookies on his counter top for him to find later.

MTX 101-038-Fiji-Olivia

The next day she attends the Annual Fall Picnic with the other Mindighters. After setting up tables, she stand afar admiring Bobo's "cooking technique" when Olivia startles her. Olivia is irritated that Creek has brought the new guy, though Fiji assures her that if he had bad intentions, he wouldn't be here. Olivia questions if she poisoned him, though she remarks only if he had poisonous intentions. Rasta's barking eventually gains her attention and she and Olivia follow the dog to see why she's barking. As they investigate Fiji finds Aubrey Hamilton's body, dead in the river. She screams and alerts the other Midnighters and the Roca Fria County Police are called.

The next morning, Fiji visits Bobo at Midnight Pawn, bringing him breakfast. She sees him reviewing fond memories of his proposal to Aubrey on his phone and she takes a minute to collect herself and greets him. Bobo politely declines, though Fiji insists on keeping him company and he obliges her. They spend the day together and sometime later that night Sheriff Livingston wants to talk to Bobo, though he wants Fiji to stay. He elaborates on her murder telling them both that she's already married, to a Sons of Lucifer member, a white supremacist group, named Peter Lowry. This shocks both of them and the Sheriff warns them to call the police if he comes around.

MTX 101-066-Fiji

Two days after Aubrey's body was found, the Midnighters are questioned. Officer Gomez comes to question Fiji. She remarks that Aubrey was a nice girl until she knew she had lied about her personal life. Tina asks about witchcraft being her thing, though she quickly corrects her terminology, that it's "Wicca". Officer Gomez pushes further about animal sacrifices being in "Wicca", however Fiji names a few serial killers telling her how they sacrificed animals before they began to kill people and that none of them were Wiccans.

Later that night Fiji visits Olivia worried over something when she finds out that Olivia had taken Manfred hostage, stripping him to search for wires and GPS trackers. She reprimands Olivia to control her anger. They continue to question Manfred as to why he came to Midnight. Eventually they release him and she explains that Midnight is special, that it sits on powerful mystical energy and the veil between the living and dead is thin.

MTX 101-110-Rev. Sheehan-Fiji

The following night, Fiji sits on her porch, preparing a spell. She uncaps a jar, labeled Aubrey, and lights a tuff of her hair on fire. Mr. Snuggly berates her as she seemingly cleanses the air with burning sage by fanning feathers over top her head. Annoyed she tells him that he can leave. Sometime later, Sheriff Livingstone and Officer Gomez arrest Bobo and she and the other Midnighters come to his aid. Fiji begs Officer Gomez to release him though she tells her to back off. They refuse to listen and Fiji takes matters into her own hands. As a witch she begins to crush and levitate the police car. Rev Sheehan and Olivia tells her this is not the way to free Bobo. Defeated, she releases the car and lets them through, watching them drive away.

MTX 102-006-Joe-Olivia-Lemuel-Fiji-Rev. Sheehan

In Bad Moon Rising, Fiji and the other Midnighters meet in the Pawn shop to discuss the situation at hand: the police taking away one of their own. Fiji feels bad for what she's done though while they talk, Manfred enters and asks for their help, that his place is haunted and something demonic is also there. Fiji offers her assistance, knowing her way around a haunt and how to handle the ghost. Joe also wants to help.

MTX 102-023-Fiji-Joe~Manfred~Aubrey

The following morning, She, Manfred and Joe enter the house. She asks if he can still see the ghosts and he replies it's gotten worse; even Joe commented on the "bad mojo". The demonic entity glows behind the floor and grows, causing Fiji to call out to her Goddess. She and Joe look on as Aubrey appears to Manfred, who allows her to possess him so that she can show him what happened to her. As the vision progress, he begins to cough up water, as if he's drowing and she and Joe take him out of the house.

MTX 102-028-Manfred-Fiji-The Inquiring Mind

Some time later, Manfred wakes up in the Inquiring Mind, Fiji's home and Wiccan shop. She provides him with a tea that will help him feel better and he states that he hasn't rested like that in a very long time. He tells him why, that some time ago, she made her home inhospitable to the dead and that she'll do the same for his place. Manfred explains what he saw in Aubrey's vision, that someone in the Sons of Lucifer killed her though, she tells him that Aubrey was married to one. Fiji tells him that he needs to fulfill his promise and give that information over to the sheriff to help free Bobo, while she prepares to cleanse his home of spirits. She takes a "Devil's Net", among other things, preparing all the necessary ingredients to rid his home spirits and the demonic entity, to which she finds worrisome. He inquires how and she tells him that she'll need to perform an exorcism.

MTX 102-048-Ghosts-Fiji~Manfred

Later that afternoon, Fiji's finished her preparations and she and Manfred head back into the house. Manfred sets up one of his grandmother's mirrors, though he comments that in séance, they can be messy. Fiji explains that they help her see the spirit realm, and other dimensions, as she cannot see the dead. Fiji releases the ghosts from behind the door where Manfred previously trapped this and asks if it was as bad as before, though he comments that it's worse. As Fiji begins, tapping the side of a metal bowl, she calls out to the ghost, though hey begin to circle Manfred. She needs their attention on her and considering she couldn't be possessed, she needed Manfred to left. He complies, leaving her to finish the cleansing on her own.

MTX 102-078-Manfred-Fiji

As the night progresses, Fiji's finish the cleansing spell rid the home of ghost. Flickering lights, moving cabinet doors and fire spraying out of the fire place attracts Manfred's attention. Fearing that Fiji was in trouble, he bursts into the house though she finishes the spell, with a giant smile on her. All appears well, though, Manfred notices the Devil's Net is, seemingly, dripping blood and asks her what that meant. She tells him that something evil still roams the house. They don't see anything, though the glowing under the floor reappears, though, now, it calls out to her. Manfred wants to leave, though he can't hear the demonic voice that's calling out to her. She talks back to the voice, asking it who it was and what it wanted. Behind him, the door opens and the entity throws Manfred from the home as it tells Fiji that it wants her.

MTX 102-085~Manfred-Fiji

Alone in the house, Fiji looks around. As Manfred bursts back into the house, the entity has control over her body, bending her backwards then across the floor and held her up against the wall. Fiji pleads with Manfred to help her. He looks back towards the mirror and a dark, hellish dimension appears, Fiji, suspended in the mirror as a demonic hand reaches up her leg, her dress moving upwards as she hangs from the wall. Manfred does help her by getting his descendants skull, calling out to her power to banish the demon back to its own dimension. Fiji's release from his grip and she falls to the floor as Manfred breaks the mirror. She's relieved and confirms that his home is free from evil, though she's still visibly shaken, telling him that what just happened, was not good. She wants to go home, though Manfred stops her and tells her about the Rev and how he was set loose upon Midnight.

MTX 102-093-Manfred-Fiji

With this new information, Fiji calls Olivia and asks if the Rev. has been found; he's not, and she and Manfred set off for the ranches to look for their friend. She and Manfred eventually find him though before the weretiger can attack this, Lemuel and Olivia arrive and they eventually subdue the beast. The following morning, Fiji, Olivia and Manfred watch as Rev. Sheehan transforms back into his human form.

MTX 102-116~Bobo-Fiji

Back at her shop, Fiji takes a small clump of hair and places it inside a mason jar and screws on the lid. She places it inside a locked cabinet, filled with other similar jars with the Midnighter's names on them. The new jar as "Manfred" written across a piece of tape. She locks the cabinet back and walks back towards the front of the shop. The same demonic voice calls out her name once again, making her stop in her tracks. The voice grows louder, calling out her name again, and she turns to look into a mirror though nothing is seen. Bobo then enters the shop; he calls out to her, instantly taking her mind away from the voice. She's surprised and she goes to embrace him in a hug. He takes her and tells her the he owed her. She wants to move past it all though, he tells her with her husband still out there, that it's not over.

In Lemuel, Unchained, Fiji joins Manfred, Rev. Sheehan and Bobo, after Zachariah nearly attacks Creek; her screams ringing though the quite street of Midnight having alerted Lemuel. She questions Lem if he knew the new arrivals. He tells them that they are old friends, though warns Zachariah that all in Midnight are his friends and allows the nest of vampires to remain.

MTX 103-026-Fiji

After Lemuel takes Zachariah to the Pawn Shop, Fiji and the other Midnighters convene at the Chapel. Manfred asks if a nest of vampires dropping in is "normal" though Creek and Bobo indicate that Lemuel has been the only vampire that they have ever seen. Bobo mentions that weird things are happening in Midnight with Aubrey and Sheriff Livingston's murders. Fiji continues the sentiment with the demon underneath Manfred's home and the Rev. being released a few nights prior. With vampires now in town, things are even more dangerous. However, Rev. Sheehan tells the group that because Lemuel is an energy leeching vampire, other vampires generally avoid Midnight, on account that he can kill them with just his touch. Though Lemuel gave Zachariah the benefit of the doubt, the Minighters are wary of his and the nest's presence for the night. Rev. Sheehan mentions that should anything happen, they can gather at the church, it will give them sanctuary. Fiji also tells the others that garlic, holy water and an invitation into one's home are all lies; that the only way to kill one is a wooden stake to the heart or sunlight.

MTX 103-051-Bobo-Fiji

After leaving the chapel, Fiji retrieves an old book entitled "Vrykolakas" which contained information, such as "Lamia Cerebrum", "Invocation III Metamorphosis", and "Praxim Vampirism" related to vampires, and practices thereof, until Bobo knocks on her door. He joins her, commenting how he wasn't the only one worried. He gives her a modified crossbow so that instead of arrows, it would shoot wooden stakes so that she wouldn't have to get close to one to kill it. She thanks him for the kind gesture.

MTX 103-072-Fiji

Fiji learns from Rev. Sheehan, Joe and Manfred that a vampire has killed Henry, the local hardware store and they wanted residents of Midnight to seek sanctuary at the church. She goes on to tell Bobo that her house is safe because she's cleansed it, making it inhospitable to the dead, including vampires. She remarks that is the reason why, she's never invited Lemuel over for dinner. Bobo informs Fiji, that they need more than stakes and crossbow and that they need to be ready to fight against the vampires; they need targeted weapons. She questions about "supernatural" weapons, though he reminds her that she's a witch in a witchcraft store and they need to get creative. With his words of encouragement, Fiji sets off to create a weapon.

MTX 103-102-Fiji-Bobo

Sometime later, Fiji brings Bobo a quartz crystal. She tells him that it's sometimes called the sunrise crystal and that with light behind it could emulate UV light, as in sunlight. Bobo muses that it sounds more like science than magic, though she retorts whose to say they aren't one and the same. Bobo fashions the crystal to a flashlight and turns it on; it's a success. Out of joy filled emotion she grabs him into a tight hug and he pulls her close. Before words can be exchanged, something crashes from outside Fiji's side door. With the UV light ready, they discover Olivia, skulking around in the bushes as she couldn't make it to the chapel due to the numerous vampires. She and Bobo learn that Zachariah has taken and weakened Lemuel and he plans to kill him. Fiji's adamant that they will kill him first. Bobo suggests that they lure them all to one spot and blast them with the UV light that he and Fiji created. Olivia seems to concur with the plan, though states they will need a bigger light source.

MTX 103-140~Bobo-Fiji

Not long later, Fiji receives a call from Olivia, telling her there's been a problem, that she's been hurt. She tells Bobo who promptly calls Manfred, telling him the distressing news. Soon thereafter, Joe retrieves the crystal and ends the nest of vampires just shy of morning. With a new day ahead, the Midnighters reunite in the street, out in front of Home Cookin'. Later in the day, Fiji's out working in her garden when Mr. Snuggly gives her a vague warning to clean up. Moments later, Bobo rounds the corner, greeting her. Fiji immediately stands and beings to wipe away dirt, though Bobo sees she's gotten some on her forehead, gives a warm-hearted laugh and wipes it away. She's embarrassed and he mentions the hug from the night prior, which she recounts as another embarrassing moment. She confesses that she gets emotional during stressful situations, though she feels comfortable around him. He expresses similar feelings, which begins to lift her spirits, though he adds that she's his closest friend and moves in to give her another hug. She reciprocates, though not in what she had originally thought he'd meant.

MTX 104-014-Fiji

In Sexy Beast, Fiji goes to the Pawn Shop, bringing Bobo some fresh vegetables from her garden. She immediately knows that he's upset and asks what's wrong. He throws down a news paper, the front page entitled "Sheriff's Death Under Investigation"; he's upset that he knows Lowry was the one who murdered the Sheriff though the problem is that they can't find him. Fiji reassures him that they will, though Bobo proceeds to tell her that he knows that the Sons of Lucifer frequents and hangs out in the back of the Cartoon Saloon. She knows he's thinking about going there and confront the members about Lowry, she vehemently discourages this notion, telling him that he just got out of jail for suspicion of murder and that bringing more cops to Midnight is not good for anyone. She demands him to stay out of it; he obliges her, telling her that she's right. The mood lengthens and she asks him if he would like to come over for dinner, telling him that she's making Shepard's pie. He gives her a heart-felt smile, telling her that he loved her Shepard's pie.

MTX 104-023-Fiji-Olivia

Sometime later, Fiji meets with Olivia in her room as she's packing for one of her "business" trips; she invites her to dinner. She mistakes it for a girl's night, but Fiji corrects her that Bobo will be there. She's asks why she would invite him, though immediately changes the subject, telling her that now is the chance to "get some of that" since Bobo is single. She deflects, telling her that he's grieving though Olivia pushes that he's humiliated, that she was married to a racist and that Fiji can soothe Bobo's broken heart. Olivia takes the handcuffs that she's been fiddling with and Fiji continues to deflect the conversation; telling Olivia that she wouldn't even know what to do. Olivia suggests a wardrobe change, that men don't like "peasant" skirts, and retrieves a tight, black sleeveless dress and high heels from her closet; asking if she wanted to be more than "besties" with Bobo. Fiji laughs off the notion, saying she can knit a sweater with the heels and Olivia is quick to tell her "no sweaters".

MTX 104-044-Fiji

That evening, Fiji accepted Olivia's clothing advice and is setting the table for dinner when Bobo calls. He's heading home to change out of his work clothes and that he'd be right over. As the night progresses, Bobo has not yet come for dinner, though Fiji snacks on some of the food she's prepared; hurt spread across her face. Mr. Snuggly pipes up, telling her that the situation is tragic. She's annoyed and hurt and doesn't want to hear his thoughts on the matter and promptly tells him to shut up, though he ignore her, telling her that she's been stood up. Fiji tries to deny this even though she knows that he's correct. She gets a call from Bobo shortly thereafter; she answers, asking if he's running late. He's tells her that he sorry but he has to cancel on her. Defeat rings clear in her voice, though she quickly ends the call as someone knocks on the door. She answers the door, finding Manfred on the other side. He needs her help and asks if she's busy. She tells him that she wasn't anymore.

MTX 104-064-Creek-Fiji-joe-Manfred

They convene at Home Cookin' with Creek, Lemuel, Joe and Chuy. Manfred's been attacked and they are trying to deduce what the creature is going around eating people. Lemuel believes it's a Succubus, and he explains that they are ancient supernatural hunters, their prey being men that have caused pain. This news peeks Creek's interest as well as Fiji's, though he asks who hasn't caused anyone pain. Joe speaks up and indicates that "Dragon's Breath" can stop a succubus, something he's reasoned from medieval folklore; Chuy also throws in "and wikipedia". Short of finding a dragon, Manfred muses, he asks how can they stop a succubus; Fiji believes she has an idea.

Back at the Inquiring Mind, Joe, Manfred, Creek watch on as Fiji makes a tincture, or a potion, to deal with the succubus. She tells them that it will remove her glamour, so that she won't be able to attract and seduce men. Creek informs them that if the succubus is patrolling for men, there's only one place to go on a Thursday night; the Cartoon Saloon.

MTX 104-088-Fiji

Fiji saves Bobo from killing a man

That night they meet up at the Cartoon Saloon; they make a plan to find and take down the succubus. Fiji tells them that they only need to get the tincture in the succubus' mouth for it to work, though once it happens they need to get her out of the public eye. They split up, to blend in, seeking out the succubus. Fiji catches Bobo following a Son of Lucifer member, heading towards the back of the bar; visibly upset, she follows them. She finds Bobo ready to kill the gang member, though she steps in, telekinetically taking away the broken pool stick he's about to drive through the guy. Bobo looks back to find Fiji holding the stick, very displeased and angered; she tell him that we should go. Bobo makes his final remarks to the gang members and heads out with Fiji. He immediately apologizes though she's not sure for what, standing her up or for almost killing a man in front of her. She doesn't deny that the guy doesn't deserve it, be she continues to berate him for coming alone, given their earlier conversation that morning, where he promised he'd stay out of it. He admits, again, that she's right and that it meant a lot that she came after him. He also tells her that she looks really pretty and gives her a warm smile. She's flattered at the compliment, though she recovers her anger, telling him that she didn't come after him, she came with everyone, searching for a "hot blonde" whose been killing men.

MTX 104-109-Fiji

They continue to search the Bar, though Creek finds and disables the succubus' glamour. Fiji and the other rush out and confront the succubus as she painfully transform in to a haggard and decrepit old women covered in rags, her yellow eyes and rows of teeth apparent. She's made and doesn't understand what happened to her and Fiji tells her that she's taken away her glamour so that she can no longer feed on men. Lemuel tells Gina that her indiscriminate hunting and subsequent killing of humans will not be tolerated. She lunges for Lemuel, though he easily throws her into a tree, but she recovers almost immediately and crawls away on all fours. Connor, who had followed Creek to the bar, is soon chased by her and Fiji and the others split up once again, searching for them before he's harmed. They find them and Lemuel attempts to helps her with her appetite issues, though Manfred comes to the rescue, igniting a propane tank from his RV, incinerating the succubus.

MTX 104-134-Fiji-Bobo

Fiji and Bobo passionately kiss for the first time

The next morning, Bobo comes to the Inquiring Mind; they greet each other with an awkward "hey" due to events of the previous night. With a warm smile, he recalls that she's been there for him twice now, saving him from jail and with the "skinheads". Fond of his words, she express that she would always be there for him, that he's her best friend. He approaches her, asking if that's all she wants it to be, because he believes his life to be better since she's been in it. He's about to express his feelings towards her, though she takes the initial step; she kisses him and he reciprocates.

MTX 105-006-Bobo-Fiji

In Unearthed, Fiji and Bobo continue to kiss, breaking apart when Mr. Snuggly hisses for attention. Fiji berates the cat for being rude, though Bobo insists that every eventually warms up to him, and Mr. Snuggly will too. Opting out of mroe kissing, Fiji offers to make them breakfast, specifically pancakes. However, the roar of motorcycle gets Bobo's attention. He tells Fiji to wait inside, while he goes to check out what's happening.

MTX 105-028-Fiji

After the distraction with the pawn shop, it's revealed that the Sons of Lucifer have taken Fiji hostage. She wakes, drowsy and disoriented in a shipping container and her hands bound behind her back to a chair. She sees a video camera, attached to a microphone and speaks to her captor, Peter Lowry. She attempts to threaten him; "You don't know what I'm capable..." she states. Peter retorts that she can barely finish the though, let alone anything else she can do, which he's aware of, as well as impressed, due to the events at the Cartoon Salon a couple nights prior. He goes on to explain to her that the drowsiness she's experiencing is caused by the fentanyl patch. With the patch in place, it will prevent her from performing magic, and any other "Voodoo"; keeping her in a semi-unconscious state. She musters enough energy to tell him that he won't be able to stop her and falls unconscious again.

MTX 105-090~Bobo-Fiji

Later that night, Bobo makes his way back to her, handing over his family's wealth and stash of weapons. Upon seeing Bobo's bloody forehead, disregarding her own physical well-being, she asks if he's okay, though still disoriented. She tells him to remove the patch, and he does so. She watches as Bobo confronts Peter, telling him that Bobo doesn't lie. However, Peter reveals the shocking truth to Fiji, claiming that Bobo, the "all American guy" was once one of them. Fiji goes silent, and looks at Bobo with hurtful expression. He attempts to persuade her, telling her "No" and that he'll explain the truth, his truth later. Pushing further, Peter asks about the church that was bombed outside of Atlanta; Fiji continues to look on, horror crossing over her face as Peter reveals that he was there, at ground zero. Bobo, finished with reliving his past actions, attempts to force his way out of the container, wanting freedom for him and Fiji, though Peter locks them both inside to die.

Once the container is locked, he sets Fiji free. The container is forcefully shaken, Bobo noting that must be Lem, his backup though takes a moment, uneasily collecting himself. She asks what's wrong, already aware of the situation, as Bobo responds about the air; Fiji completes his thought about it being thin. Still reeling from the effects of the fentanyl patch, she watches on as Bobo attempts to break open the container doors, to no avail, with the camera stand and wooden chair.

With time, and their air supply growing short, Fiji casts a spell to collect the remaining air within the container into a small bubble around her. Bobo asks if she's praying, though she shakes her head "No" and explains what she's doing. She calls him over to her, pulling him into the bubble of air. Bobo thanks her again for saving his life, though Fiji cuts him off, stating that they should conserve their remaining air. Outside, the shipping container is assaulted once more.

MTX 105-113-Fiji-Bobo

Lemuel rescues Fiji and Bobo

Fiji continues to concentrate on her spell, maintaining the bubble of air around them. Bobo pleads with her, telling her that he's sorry; over and over he tells her and places his forehead on her. The shipping container doors are forcefully ripped open and Fiji, distracted, loses the spell; Lemuel stands at the door, disheveled, beaten and severely wounded. He asks if they are okay, though at the sight of Lemuel's injuries, she retorts the same question back at him. Bobo suggests that they talk once they are out of there and he carries Fiji by the shoulder back to the truck. Lemuel takes Fiji into the truck, noting that the sun is almost up as Bobo plans to destroy what's left of the weapons. Bobo is attacked by Peter, though he gains the upper hand and kills him. Fiji rounds the corner of the truck, Peter dead on the ground and tells Bobo that they should go; and they do.

MTX 105-139-Fiji

I need time.

The next morning, Fiji is steeping an herbal tea; her shop door opening gaining her attention. Bobo walk through the store and asks how she's doing. She's claims that she's better, though she's not hiding it with her facial expression. Bobo immediately continues the conversation of Peter's revelation. He confesses that he was in fact at the church, though he was young and didn't know what his father was planning. When he had found out, it was too late. He explains that the same night that his family celebrated the accomplishment, he left and hasn't looked back. Like with most Midnighters, they don't normally speak of their pasts and Fiji admits that she assumed they were dead because he never spoke of them in all their time together. He denounces his parents, informing Fiji that it's about them and how he should have told her the truth from the start, though he was ashamed. Fiji thought she knew him, deep down, though Bobo admits that the sad thing is, she does; all of his secrets exposed to her. She tells him that she needs time, sadness in her eyes. Bobo accepts this, kisses her on the forehead and tells her that he's here for her. She watches on as he leaves the store.

MTX 106-005-Fiji

In Blinded by the Light, some time has passed since her abduction at the hands of Peter Lowry; it's the full moon and she hears some kids outside her home. As Fiji stands on the porch, she finds three teenagers tossing items over and heading towards her greenhouse; "Excuse Me?" she says, gaining their attention. She's opens the palm of her hand and uses her magic, openly, causing wind gusts to stir up dust and dirt at them, scaring them off. As they run from her yard, one of them calls back, threatening her to burn her at the state; he also insults her, calling her middle-aged, to which she takes offense to.

MTX 106-018-Fiji

The following morning, Fiji stirs awake from the couch, a figure moving beneath her blanket and she hears ominous growling. Startled, she jerks back the blanket, revealing a demonic black and red hand, griping hold of her thigh as it call out her name; the same voice she and Manfred banished over a month prior. She screams and jumps up from the couch, coughing, though the figure disappears; she reasons that it's just a nightmare. Shaken, she sits back down on the couch, collecting her thought, though curiosity gets the better of her and she pulls back her night gown, revealing claw marks on her leg, just about her knee. Shaken, she moves to the arm rest, now knowing that what happened was real.

MTX 106-035-Fiji-Manfred

With the disappearance of one of the teenagers that came to Midnight the previous night, the Midnighters convene at the church. Creek hopes she's just out partying, though Olivia quickly adds and not in a ditch somewhere. Bobo reasons that they should look for her. Fiji, while the event of that morning, plaguing her, she wonders if something more supernatural is happening. Creek mentions that Manfred is seeing more ghosts; he confirms this elaborating that he's been seeing and hearing ghosts everywhere. The Rev also reveals that he's been find more dead animals and bugs littering Witch Light Road. Joe quickly brings the attention back to the missing girl, he offers that he's going to go search the ranches. The others follow suit, splitting off into pairs. Fiji, still needing her space from Bobo, joins the Rev, telling him that they can look around town.

MTX 106-041-Fiji-Rev. Sheehan

As she and the Rev walk down Witch Light Road, she confides in him. They've known each other for a long time and that she's optimistic, finding the light in dark situations, though of late, she's been failing. She tells him that she's not been sleeping, that she hears a voice and that this dark entity touching her; she has a bad feeling that it's not going to stop. The Rev seeks to comfort her, relating what she's been feeling back to being kidnapped, though she reveals the truth; she feels like a demon is after her. The Rev does not response and Fiji's quick to counter the though that she's just going crazy. Without revealing his knowledge, he tells her that she's not going crazy and embraces her into a comforting hug.

MTX 106-068-Bobo~Creek-Connor-Fiji~Manfred

With Connor being attacked, Fiji, along with Bobo and Manfred, meet at Manfred's house. She inspects Connor, revealing that he's disoriented and may even have a concussion. Manfred questions Connor, wanting to know if he saw the person that did this to him. Connor explains that as he was looking for the missing girl, he was hit over the head from behind; he saw nothing that could help them. Fiji asks Connor if it could have been something other than human; something demonic possibly. A knock at the door startles them all; Bobo reveals that he called Lemuel.

MTX 106-072-Bobo~Manfred-Fiji~Lemuel~Olivia~Joe

With Connor's attacker still on the loose, and Lemuel unable to enter Manfred's home, she and the other Midnighters come together at Home Cookin' in the Midnighter's room. Fiji continues to believe that the threat is supernatural, a demon that she's been hearing in her house. Bother she and Manfred saw the demon when she cleansed his house and they though they had banished back to the other side of the veil; Lemuel disagrees, the killings are sloppy and human-like. Regardless of what the killer is, Manfred's concern still lies in what's causing him to see more and more ghosts and for Fiji to see demons; the Rev enters the Midnighter's room, though not as a reverend, but as a friend and fellow Midnighter. He explains that the veil between Hell and Midnight is fraying, causing energy to seep out, effecting them all, supernatural and human alike. This energy is also drawing out the darkness in each of them, as well as what's drawing evil to midnight. Fiji, hurt and confused, questions why they are only hearing about it now, despite her coming to him and confiding in him about her demonic attack. Bobo immediate asks if she's okay, though she looks to Emilio for answers; he doesn't have them.

Later that night, Manfred and Lemuel find Aerin and bring her to the Inquiring Mind; to Fiji. Manfred eventually comes back with a photo of Creek and Connor and asks the young girl is he's responsibly; she nods yes and explains what he did. Fiji comforts her, telling her that she's safe now.

MTX 106-131-Manfred-Bobo-Fiji-Rev. Sheehan-Olivia

With Connor and Creek missing, she joins the Midnighters as Bobo and Manfred plan to search the roads, hoping to find them by happenstance. She and the others attempt to reason with them about how much ground they would have to cover, but Manfred refuses to listen. Joe begins to remove his jacket and shirt and he reveals to them his wings; the Midnighters in amazement of what Joe is. Stating that he can cover more ground in the sky, he takes off. Manfred asks if he's the only one not in the loop and Fiji replies that she wasn't expecting that either. Lemuel follows after Joe on the ground, using her super speed. Fiji waits with the others, Manfred, Olivia, Bobo and Rev. for their return. A short while later, Creek drives back down Witch Light Road, with Lemuel and Joe in the truck. Lemuel gives Olivia a disappointed look, shaking his head no, confirming to her, and the others, that Connor was gone.

MTX 106-134-Bobo-Fiji-Aerin

The next morning, Fiji walks Aerin out to the front of the Inquiring Mind and join Bobo who's also waiting for Aerin's mother to come pick her up. Aerin's surprised that there's no scar from where she was attacked; Fiji tells her that she has a trick or two up her sleeve and asks if she'll be okay. She will be, thanks to Fiji. Bobo also tells her that the boy who attacked her, will never hurt anyone else. Fiji expresses to Aerin that should the people in Davy hear of what happened to her, Bobo finishing the statement with, they'd burn Midnight down to the ground. Aerin agrees, having witnessed her friends hateful actions and Fiji's kindness; she won't lie, she'll tell them that she was found and cared for by a group of awfully nice Midnighters. Aerin's mom drives up and Fiji embraces Aerin in a warm, goodbye hug, telling her to take care. Bobo compliments Fiji, telling her she did a good thing. Fiji's positivity drains as she tells Bobo that it's just one good thing from an otherwise awful, awful day and that she believes that Midnight will never be okay again.

MTX 106-141-Olivia-Rev. Sheehan-Fiji-Joe-Bobo-Creek-Manfred

Later that day, Fiji gathers the other Midnighters outside the church; she holds a memorial and cleansing ceremony for the dead, burning Connor's mementos from his victims. She tells them, "Fire destroys. It also cleanses. We honor the spirits that were torn from this life. Let us cleanse the pain, the suffering they experienced. From this hate, let love be found. And from this violence, let peace emerge." She bids the spirits farewell and closes the service with "Blessed be"; Manfred holds Creek close in one arm, Joe places a comforting hand on Bobo, both having lost people they loved, and Olivia and the Rev. watch on in silence.

MTX 107-015~Rev. Sheehan-Madonna-Fiji

In Angel Heart, Fiji sits at the large table in the Midnighters room of Home Cookin' as the Rev. and Madonna worries over Creek's return after losing her brother. Fiji offers her opinion, that getting out of the house can be just as good of a distraction. As Madonna leaves, the Rev. asks if Creek was all she was talking about with her comment. She admits that the Inquiring Mind is all that pleasant to be in, especially for her because the demon calls out her name or it laughs; other times she still feels like she's going crazy.

Later Manfred joins Fiji in the Midnighter's room and she asks about Creek, about how she's really doing behind closed doors. She comments that since his death, the town has been different and so have the people, everyone is keeping to themselves. Manfred brings up Joe, though she's not seen him since he's revealed himself.

MTX 107-064-Fiji

With the arrival of Bowie, Joe calls a meeting and for everyone to come to Olivia and Lemuel's apartment. Fiji arrives at Olivia's just seconds after Bobo, surprised to see him and curious as to why he's there as well. Upon entering, she sees that Chuy's returned and embraces him in a hug. Bobo presses for questions, but Joe wants to wait until Manfred and the Rev. arrives, of which the latter doesn't. Lemuel, impatient that he's awake during the day insists that Joe begin. Joe asks the Midnighters for help for him and Chuy, that the angel Bowie is in town, hunting him. Joe explains that Bowie could have forgiven him for being "fallen" though not with whom he had fallen in love with. Fiji inquires if it's because he fell in love with another man; he reveals that Chuy is a demon.

MTX 107-068-Lemuel-Fiji

Joe and Chuy go on to explain how they first met as she and the other Midnighters listen, though Bobo can't get over the fact that he's a demon. Chuy's quick to correct him that he's only half-demon, that his mother was human. Fiji asks if his parents were another forbidden love, like theirs, though that was not the case. Manfred wants to help, that Joe save Creek and wants to return the favor and asks how to deal with one. Joe explains that humans can't kill an angel and he's not tough enough to take her either. Fiji asks if demons, possibly Chuy, can take down Bowie, but that's not an opinion either as the last time he turned, it took three years to revert him back to his human form, placing them all in terrible danger. Without a demon to take her down, Manfred suggests to send her some place where there are demons who can; he recalls the exorcism and suggests to Fiji that they create a portal and trap her on the other side of the veil.

MTX 107-071-Fiji-Bobo

Bobo and Joe help with Fiji's preparation. Bobo's unnerved that Bowie can read the thoughts of others. Joe elaborates that all angels can and that shocks Fiji, concerned for her own thoughts, but he reassures her that he can only when he chooses to, which he doesn't. He won't abuse that power, unlike Bowie, who will use it to get what she wants. Joe leaves and Fiji's frustrated with all the secrets that keep being revealed, so much so that she's claims that she can hardly keep up. Bobo believes her to be an open book, but she corrects him, she, like the others has her own secrets, but they can't hurt anyone else but her, should they be exposed. He tells her that she can't know that and she asks if he had any more secrets to tell. In an attempt to regain her trust, Bobo reveals more "secrets", though small, about himself; he misses his family, the family holidays and his mom. He also confesses that he loves her. Fiji's taken aback by his admission, unable to respond, she tells him okay and decides to get back to working on the portal.

MTX 107-097-Manfred-Fiji

With their plan in motion, Joe drawns Bowie out from Home Cookin where she's gathered and held the hostages, including Creek, Madonna and Rev. Fiji casts her spell, opening a portal to Hell in the mirror they used once before during the exorcism. Lemuel waits in the shadows for Manfred's cue as he carries the mirror from Fiji's porch and signals Lemuel. With the cue, Lemuel rushes Bowie, combing his speed and strength in an attempt to push her through the portal, though she's able to destroy the mirror before she reaches it; the plan failing as a result.

MTX 107-117-Lemuel-Fiji

With the Midnighters in trouble, Joe takes Bowie on herself, though she's easily able to best him. Nearly defeated and close to death at Bowie's hand, Chuy succumbs to his demonic side and attacks Bowie, temporarily saving them all. As Chuy deals with Bowie, Bobo suggest that they go, to get away from Chuy. Fiji, awestruck, is pulled away by Lemuel as Chuy kills Bowie. Lemuel suggests that they go inside, but Fiji reminds him that he can't enter her home. He forces her to leave him behind as he attempts to slow him down by leeching. Fiji runs for her home as Lemuel and Manfred takes care of Chuy, though they are quickly dispatched. Ultimately, Joe manages to revert him back to his human form and they all regroup at Home Cookin'. With Bobo by her side, Fiji gives the Rev. an ice pack for his broken ribs.

MTX 107-139-Fiji

The next morning, Fiji's outside, resetting her garden ornaments after the previous nights altercations. Bobo comes up behind her, startling her in the process as he asks if she needs any help. She takes several steps backwards, and he gives her space, as she yells at him that what she needs is peace and quiet. She turns to clean up for debris and pots and expresses that she missed their once quiet little town, where nothing happened. She's exhausted with everything that's happened and begins to cry as she continues to collect broken shards of clay pots. Bobo stoops down to the ground beside her, offering that he'll clean up the rest of the mess so that she can get some rest. As additional measure, he'll remain on the porch so that if the demonic presence returned or if she got scared, he's be right there for her. She seems surprised that he'd do that for her; Bobo expresses that he'd be happy to do it for her and she accepts his offer.

MTX 108-018-Fiji

In Last Temptation of Midnight, Fiji is being tormented by the demonic voice, persistently calling out to her. She's beyond frustrated and asks for him to just go ahead and introduce himself, though the demon refuses, telling her "soon". She screams out "No!" She's had enough of the demon's taunting, him touching her and calling out her name. A knock at the door catches her attention. Janice, a neighbor, is at the door; she enters the Inquiring Mind, asking Fiji if she's busy. Fiji greets her, bidding her to enter and asks how she and Martin, her husband, are doing. She informs Fiji that Martin's fine, though she's not doing well. Janice elaborates that she's been real sad of late, having dark thoughts. Considering Fiji has helped her before, she thought she could help her once again. Fiji agrees and wants to help settle her thoughts, to calm her mind. She walks over to the spice wall within her shop, collecting a cup. Janice is grateful, though Fiji tells her that she's the one to be grateful. With a demon hounding her every thought, she's been out of sorts herself and she's reminded that true peace is by helping others. She picks up some dried ashwagandha, for depression she indicates, and elaborates that with warm milk and honey, Janice will be good as new.

MTX 108-035-Fiji

With he herbal concoction made, Janice is relieved; she tells Fiji that she feels so much better. Fiji's happy to hear the news. Janice explores the shop, stopping at a cabinet, admiring some beautiful knives. Fiji explains that they are athames, ritual Wiccan tools. Janice is enthralled with the stone embellishment adorned on one, commenting that it matches the color of her kitchen remodel. Fiji mentions that it's powerful, though perhaps for another time. Janice complies, mentioning that Martin scolds her for her impulse purchases. Fiji leaves Janice, telling her that she's going to gather some more herbs for her tea. On her patio, she hears the front door open and close; she calls out to Janice to no avail. She follows her out the shop, momentarily stopping at the front steps and sees that Janice is carrying one of the athames. She screams for Janice and sets off in a run, asking what she's doing. Janice raises the knife and intends to plunge the dagger into her stomach, claiming that "he" needs her to die. As the knife is about to make contact with her stomach, Fiji, using her telekinesis, pulls the knife from her hands, slicing open her palm. Bobo, witnessing the scene, rushes behind her and grabs her as she lunges for the knife in Fiji's hand, screaming that she needs to die.

MTX 108-039-Janice~Fiji

Bobo and Fiji take Janice to the church; having bandaged her hand. Janice, still a little confused of the events that transpired, explains that, like Fiji, she's been hearing a voice, in her head. The voice tells her that she needs to die and that everything would be better if she were too. Fiji's unnerved with this revelation and asks if the voice is deep, evil and demonic sounding. Janice tells her that it is. Fiji's expression turns cold. Janice doesn't know why she would ever listen to the voice. Fiji tells her that it would be better if she were to leave Midnight. Janice seems shocked; she asks for how long."Until the voice is gone, until Midnight is safe" is Fiji's response. Martin enters the church and she bids her friend farewell, begging for her to take care of herself. With Janice gone, Rev. reiterates Joe claim about the veil; as it frays, evil energy would seep out and tap into everyone's darker impulses. Fiji believes it to be more and explains that, like Janice, she heard a specific voice; a demon. Fearful for Fiji, Bobo asks if the demon ever asked her to do what it did for Janice. She tells him no, at least not yet, but it's getting louder and stronger. Fiji believes that it's feeding on death, which the Rev. corroborates with the increasing presence of dead animals. Bobo, confused, asks about why would it pick on Janice. Fiji explains that she's vulnerable. She elaborates that she's been sad because her oldest child moved away and that her mother recently passed. Olivia sums up their latest predicament; there's a demon with a thing for death and Fiji, the veil's fraying with evil at every turn while any one of them could be affected with dark impulses. Fiji's upset. Fiji believes that coming after her is one thing, but critters and Janice, those who can't even put up a fight, is just mean. Fiji storms out, exclaiming that she's going to put a stop to it.

MTX 108-079-Fiji

Later that night, Fiji is cooking up a spell, dropping herbs into a cauldron. She takes a jar labeled "Olivia" and add in pieces of hair into a small vial as the potion in the cauldron is distilled into the vial. She casts her spell; "No more undue influence. Not from the veil, not from the demon. Everything you feel is what you should. No more, no less." As she's finishing up her spell, an unknown caller calls her. She answers the phone and finds Manfred on the other side. He tells her that he's own his way back to Midnight, though a supernatural, who intends to make a sacrifice to a demon, will be coming along with him. Fiji also explains their bad news since his departure. Fiji tells him that the same demon they exorcised from his house is feeding on death and that it's been influencing sad people to kill themselves. Manfred immediately asks about Creek.

Fiji calls Creek, but she doesn't get an answer. Finished with her potion, Fiji rushes over to Home Cookin' and finds that Manfred has wrestled a knife from Creek's hand and holds her still. Manfred forces her mouth open as Fiji drops a portion of her potion into her mouth, explaining that it will make her immune to the demon's influence. Creek gathers herself, confused as to why she attempted to kill herself. Fiji reassures her that the demon won't be able to get to her but now they need to get to the others who are acting out of character, specifically Lemuel and the Rev.

MTX 108-112-Rev. Sheehan-Fiji-Manfred-Olivia-Bobo

With Lemuel cured, Fiji and the other Midnighters confront the Faceless Supernatural who's building a funeral pyre for his sacrifices. Lemuel, Bobo and Olivia stop him from setting the corpses ablaze but he calls to Fiji, by name. He tells her that when "He" raises, she will be his. She confronts the Faceless Supernatural, determined to get the answers she seeks; "Who are you talking about?" she demands. Colconnar, the supernatural responds. Fiji hears Colconnar calling out to her and the demon sets the corpses on fire. With the distraction, the Faceless Supernatural grabs hold of Fiji, though Manfred summons the spirits of the sacrificed victims. He commands them to save Fiji and they drag the supernatural to Hell, along with the offerings to Colconnar.

MTX 108-114-Bobo-Fiji

The following morning, Fiji is back at her shop, cleaning up from the potion she made the previous night. Bobo stops by. He informs her that the Rev. is feeling better from her potion and asks how she's doing. She still worried; she tells him that it won't be long until Colconnar rises and lays her eyes on him. Though, at least for now, she knows his name and that he's coming for her. Bobo, instinctively, reassures her that the demon's not getting anywhere near her; that he promises her that much.

MTX 109-007-Fiji

In Riders On The Storm, exhausted, Fiji sleeps on her couch; various books scattered across the floor and coffee table. Colconnar calls out to her. She stirs and sleepwalks out of the house and to Witch Light Road. A lone figure stands down across from Home Cookin'. She confronts the specter; "do I know you?" she inquires. The masked man, in a demonic voice speaks back, telling her she does, and that Colconnar sent him. Fiji begins yelling at the man; "I will never go with him". She gains the attention of Manfred and Joe. The masked man reveals that she'll submit and willingly go to Colconnar. This upsets Fiji, she screams at the man that she'd never do such a thing. Manfred attempts to call out to her, but it goes ignored. The masked man reveals that he knows the truth about Fiji, that she bringing nothing but death. Overcome with anger and fear, she attacks the man. She raises her hands and unleashes her magic, fire streaming towards and striking the man, whom the others are unable to see. The man is set ablaze though he still mocks Fiji, that she will bring death to those she loves. Lemuel, using his vampiric speed, comes up behind her and leeches her pain and anger. Her magic ceases and he hands her off to Bobo. She sees to come to and Manfred asks if she was sleep walking. Fiji's confused and believes that the events were real though no burnt corpse was left in her wake.

MTX 109-016-Creek-Fiji

Back at the Inquiring Mind, Creek, Manfred and Bobo seek answers and attempt to comfort Fiji. Manfred asks what happened in her dream. Fiji recounts that the man was sent by Colconnar. Manfred inquires further, that while she was sleepwalking, she kept saying "stop saying that". Fiji tells them that the masked man revealed that she'd give herself to Colconnar. Manfred doesn't understand and pushes further, "why is he after you?" Fiji doesn't know or she's not willing to elaborate though she doesn't want anyone getting hurt because of her. Creek attempts to console her while Manfred attempts to get any answers out of Fiji; he asks if there is anything else. Fiji denies his question and resolves to make herself some tea. Later that morning, and unable to sleep Fiji's studies and continues to write something from one of her many magic books. Creek asks if she should call in sick and stay with her. Fiji tells her she's fine though Creek's worried for her. She's barely slept, though Fiji dismisses it. She confirms that she's fine and Creek lets her be as she leaves for work. Fiji recalls her move back to Midnight.

MTX 109-044-Fiji-Bobo

The weather is turning for the worse. Bobo and Olivia hover, protecting and watching over Fiji. Bobo asks how she's doing. She replies that she's fine and doesn't need them both here with her. Bobo stands firm, he tells her that he nor Olivia are leaving. Fiji's attitude turns cold and bitter; "maybe I don't want you here" she tells Bobo. She recounts that when he told her that he loved her, she didn't say it back and that maybe that was a hint that went unnoticed. The words are cold and bitter but Bobo smiles. He knows Fiji's tactic and it's not working. As long as she's in danger, he nor Olivia will leave her. Fiji contemplates his word and looks over at a dark colored, deep red and black floor chest; she recalls her aunt's teachings.

MTX 109-056-Fiji

Still in the shop, Fiji looks out across Witch Light Road. She see the masked man from her dream from the previous night. The man raises a hand, beckoning her to come to him. Frightened, she calls out to Bobo and Olivia, though when they arrive at the window, the man is gone. Bobo, intent on protecting Fiji, looks to Olivia. They leave to go look for the man, leaving Fiji alone inside. Gun shots ring out and Manfred, Joe and the Rev. seek shelter in the Inquiring Mind. Olivia and injured Bobo are already back with Fiji as Joe explains that they are wraiths, heralding the arrival of the demon; Colconnar is coming.

Bobo is injured, a hand print, a token from the wraith that touched him, remains. It burned and nothing he's experienced before, though Fiji is applying a salve to alleviate the pain. Fiji's concerned for Bobo, that he could have died protecting her. He apologize, but tells her there's nowhere else he'd rather be. They make a plan and decide to leave Midnight. Fiji packs her bags, and calls out to Mr. Snuggly. He's disappeared, hiding from the storm.

MTX 109-081-Fiji

The approaching storm has finally reached Midnight and has only gotten worse. Fiji refuses to leave as she's not been able to find Mr. Snuggly. Bobo pleads with her and Manfred insists that she give him her car keys; he'll find Mr. Snuggly. Reluctantly, she agrees and leaves with Bobo for the bus.

Later, Bobo informs her that Manfred called Olivia to inform her that he has gotten Mr. Snuggly and they, along with Creek, are right behind them; they are all safe. Fiji hopes the are, though there's worry in her voice. Bobo asks if there's something else, something that she's not telling him, but she denies it once again.

MTX 109-095-Fiji

The Midnighters soon discover that the sandstorm is following them. Unable to out run it in a tour bus, they deviate from their plan and head to the Cartoon Saloon. As she's looks back, the masked man from her dream is there but Manfred pulls her back inside. The storm seems to be following them, though Fiji corrects Lemuel; it's following her. Manfred confronts her, she needs to tell them what she knows. She deflects, she reiterates she doesn't know why Colconnar is after her. Manfred agitates her, he was there during their first encounter and something is up; Colconnar went straight for Fiji. Fiji pushes past Manfred, telling him to get out of her way, though he doesn't relent; he blocks her path. They know he's been talking to her, and he's specifically after her, no one else. Fiji loses control; "I don't know!" she exclaimed as lights burst in response to her magic. Bobo steps up, telling her that she owes them an explanation; the truth. She gives in and tells them that she's a powerful virgin witch and that is why he wants her. They seem confused and she goes on to elaborate that older, virgin witches are rare and powerful; Colconnar wants her magic. Bobo attempts to console, her but she's too embarrassed; she wants nothing from him or the others. She seeks solitude with Mr. Snuggly. She collapses on the floor and sets the cat carried in front of her. Mr. Snuggly speaks up, stating that she left out the best part. Fiji tells him that the others don't need to know.

MTX 109-107-Fiji-Manfred

In the back room of the Cartoon Saloon, Fiji is studying countless magic books, attempting to find the answer to stop Colconnar. Manfred enters, hoping to delegate the task to closing the veil to her, given her his ancestor's book of curses to punish the wicked and to stop demons. Fiji comments that it's very dark magic. Manfred knows it's dangerous but so is Colconnar. Out of options, Fiji opens the cylindrical container, revealing a book; "Gypsy dark magic, meet witchcraft dark magic," she tells Manfred. They combine a curse and an ancient witch's spell to get answers; the only drawback being that it's back magic and comes with a price, a sacrifice. Olivia is the first o inquire what that sacrifice is, an eye or finger, though Fiji shocks them all that it requires a life. The Rev. offers his life as retribution for all the lives he's taken; Olivia states that they all have. Mr. Snuggle announce his presence, telling everyone to shut up and offers himself up for the sacrifice. He admits that he's old and he's spend the last seven years missing Mildred and want to see her again. Fiji's torn, Mr. Snuggly been by her side for those seven years. He coldly states that he's never liked her; Fiji knows and accepts his request.

MTX 109-110-Fiji-Mr. Snuggly

Fiji prepares the ritual. She creates a pentagram out of sticks and aligns candles at each point, runes drawn between each point. Fiji slices open the palm of her hand and drops her blood around Mr. Snuggly and wraps her hand. Before she begins, she leans over and tells Mr. Snuggly to give aunt Mildred a kiss for her; he nods his head in agreement. Fiji casts the spell; "We offer this life for an answer". She tilts back her head and a black smoke leaves her mouth and wraps around the cat, though nothing happens; Mr. Snuggly is spared. Manfred falls victim to the spell and he collapses. Fiji's shocked at the outcome; the spell was only supposed to give answer and now Manfred is dead because of her. With the masked man's words coming back to haunt her; she leaves, sparing the Midnighter more death.

MTX 109-121-Fiji

As she leaves the Cartoon Saloon, the masked man is waiting for her. She asks how did he know about what he said to her in her dreams. He removes his mask, revealing that it was Jeremy all along. Fiji is speechless and shocked to see Jeremy, her long dead lover. He tells her that Colconnar sent him because she'd listen to him. Guilt ridden, she admits that she had never meant to hurt him. Jeremy stated that she had. He asks her to come with her so that she'll never hurt anyone else she cares about again. He tells her that Colconnar will spare the others if she comes with him willingly. If she didn't, they'd all die. Faced with an impossible choice, she leaves with Jeremy and they walk back to Midnight.

MTX 110-001-Fiji-Jeremy

In The Virgin Sacrifice, Jeremy and Fiji arrive back in Midnight, a desolate wasteland, with animal carcasses strewn across Witch Light Road. Fiji's shocked to see the state of her home and questions what he, Colconnar has done. Jeremy knows she can feel his power, she prods her, telling her that his master is getting stronger. The ground beneath their feet quake and it frightens Fiji, she ask if Colconnar is coming. It's not, but Jeremy reassures her that he'll come for her tonight; that he's very eager to meet her. As they walk down through town, wraiths approach them; Jeremy explains that they were sent by Colconnar to guard her.

MTX 110-030~Jeremy-Fiji

Chaperoned by a dozen wraiths and Jeremy, Fiji makes her way back to the Inquiring Mind. Jeremy informs her that she needs to ready herself for Colconnar, that she appears unworthy. Fiji attempts to plead to Jeremy, that if there was any humanity left that he'd protect her and not let this happen. He reveals that nothing remains of "Jeremy" and places a hand on her shoulder, burning her flesh and causing her great agony. To Fiji's horror, she learns that Jeremy is in fact a wraith, that Colconnar is in her head and dreams. Jeremy confirms her horrible realization and the other wraiths behind Jeremy alter their form, similar in appearance to Jeremy, albeit masked. Jeremy continues, he explains that she's no different then Colconnar, that her power only destroys; that it kills. Jeremy tells her that it's time for her to prepare herself.

Fiji enters her home, temporary sanctuary from the wraiths, and her emotions get the best of her; she begins to cry out of fear and pain. Before she can continue, she gathers and demands herself not to cry. She's come to another realization and wipes away the tears; Jeremy was right. She must get ready for Colconnar.

MTX 110-048-Fiji

With the arrival of the Midnighters, Bobo and Creek make their way to Fiji at the Inquiring Mind, covered by Olivia. With the wraiths momentarily destroyed, they pound on FIji's door. She opens her door to them, shocked at their presence; she's immediately furious. She demands why they've returned, that she left in order to protect them so no one else would die like Manfred. Unaware of the events that proceeded Fiji's departure, Creek informs her that her spell worked, that even though Manfred "died", he came back to life, with answers to stopping Colconnar. Fiji thanks the goddess, but remains furious; she refuses to let anyone else be hurt because of her. Bobo's adamant that they're not leaving her, despite how much she wants them too. She presses on, telling him that she can deal with Colconnar, but not any of them dying for her. Creek alerts them that Olivia is coming. Jeremy appears from out of nowhere and grabs Olivia by the stomach, critically wounding her. He drops her to the ground, leaving her writhing in pain as she screams. Bobo, Creek and Fiji meet them outside, though Fiji grabs the axe from Bobo and swings it at Jeremy; making contact, he explodes in a cloud of dust. Bobo makes his way to Olivia and carries her inside as she's left grasping for air. Fiji directs him to lay her on the couch.

MTX 110-066~Creek-Bobo-Fiji-Olivia

On Fiji's patio, Bobo confronts her, telling her that Olivia's in a lot of pain. She knows, but continues mixing ingredients into a bowl. Her salve has healed her wounds and Bobo's, but Olivia's wounds are deep; she's unsure that a salve will help her. Bobo tells her to try. As she makes her way back inside her shop, he tells him that she wished that they had stayed away.She kneels beside Olivia and spoons her a paste into her mouth, telling her that gritty, but will make her sleepy and help with the pain, that it may even give her a fun dream or two. Olivia accepts the paste, moaning at the taste. She examines Olivia's wound once again and, attempting to diffuse the tension, admits that the wraith did a number on her. She hopes that, as an assassin, she's been in worse scraps; Olivia's expression does nothing to comfort her. Manfred calls Creek, but Olivia demands her not to reveal her situation; that it will only distract from taking down Colconnar. Creek does as she's told and relays to them that they've made it to Fiji's and it's up to him to take down Colconnar.

MTX 110-075-Bobo-Fiji

Olivia's condition continues to worsen; Fiji tells them that she's burning up and that she needs a hospital. Creek decides to take her but Bobo refuses to go, accept to bring the car around. Fiji and Creek carry out Olivia to Fiji's car and Creek leave, heading for the hospital. Back inside, Fiji lights a green candle. Bobo questions her actions and she tells him that it's a "healing" candle, for Olivia, but he gives her a look of contempt. She dismisses it and tells him that she's willing it so; she recalls her Aunt Mildred's teachings that "intentions can change reality". Bobo's still worried about her, he questions her earlier claim that she'll deal with Colconnar, asking what's she's thinking. Fiji hesitates, but decides to fill him in on her plan. She admits that her powers can be destructive and that she's going to use that; she's determined to protect Midnight and her family. Unsure of her full power, she confides in him that she may not be strong enough, but she has to try. This confuses Bobo, but Fiji continues. She explains that Colconnar has been after her for a long time and he won't stop, so she's going to stop him. She plans to give herself to him, and in the process, she's going to try and kill him. Bobo tells her that her plan is insane, but Fiji continues to push him away, reminding him that he doesn't know how dangerous she is; that she's done it before. This doesn't make any sense to him and he probes her for more answers; she admits that she's killed someone before, while they were intimate. Bobo begs her to just talk to him, to tell him what's going one. She explains that she loved him and she killed him, even though she didn't mean too.

MTX 110-091-Fiji-Bobo

With Colconnar's rising drawing near, Bobo comforts Fiji. He tells her that she didn't intend to hurt Jeremy. She interrupts him and explains that she intends to hurt Colconnar the same way fueled by all of her anger and hurt. Bobo's wary of her plan and reasons with her, that Colconnar is a demon from Hell and that it wont work. He offers her another solution, that if Colconnar wants her because she's a virgin witch, what if they don't give him that. She's confused by what he's proposing, but he reassures her that she does know. Fiji laughs off the suggestion, she believes him to be joking, that how could he even propose that with the world ending around them. She's taken aback but the proposal, but Bobo admits he's been thinking about it for a long time, since the first day that he met her when she walked into his shop with sand tart cookies. He admits that he thought she was out of his league, that she's beautiful and kind. He asks if she's never thought about it. Tension builds and she turns, unable to face him, barely able to speak out the words, "Of course I have. I just never imagined it like this." Bobo embraces her from behind, asking how she imagined it. She elaborates, she though she'd make him dinner, roast and potatoes followed by a movie. A scary movie, she adds, so that he'd put him arm around her. He swings her round and brings her close, wrapping his arm around her, "like this?" he asks. She nods and he embraces her in a tender kiss. As the night closes in around them, Bobo backs her up into her patio's garden bench. She momentarily stops him, asking him if he's not scared. He reassures her that he's not, that she's not the smae girl as she was back them when she lost control of her magic. Fiji smile and removes Bobo's flannel. As they begin to consummate their love, she stops him once more, telling him that she doesn't want to hurt me. Boo jokes that if she did, he'd die happy; she's not amused that she's too much in love with him to hurt him. Bobo tells her to will it so and encourages her. He tells her that her magic is strong because she is strong and so is her love; he trusts her, completely. They embrace and become intimate once again. Fiji's magic radiates outward in a burst of power, dispelling the approaching wraiths and angering Colconnar.

With Colconnar defeated, Joe, Lemuel, Bobo, and Fiji meet Manfred out on Witch Light Road. Bobo informs Lemuel of Olivia's condition and he and Manfred rush off to the Hospital.

MTX 110-146-Fiji-Bobo

A week after Colconnar's defeat, Olivia, healed of her life threatening wounds, and Lemuel admit their feelings for one another and are married; The Midnighters all in attendances. Bobo and Fiji fondly sit together during the ceremony and dance with one another during the reception. Bobo embraces her in another kiss and she asks if he want's to go home. Bobo counters, asking if it's rude. Fiji, unabashedly, tells him "no" as long as they come back in a little bit. Bobo accepts as long as they are back before they serve the cake. Fiji giggles and they smile as they set off into the night. Mr. Snuggly, having heard the conversation, was annoyed, asking to himself "again?" before prompting that she, Bobo, or them both were "Lucky."

MTX 110-154~Melanie-Rev. Sheehan-Bobo-Fiji-Manfred

With life settling back into normalcy Fiji and Bobo, along with the other Midnighters are awoken to earth shaking rumbling of construction equipment. They approach a women who introduces herself as Melanie Pratt, apologizing for a terrible first impression. She informs the group that she's with Albany Worldwide, a hospitality company, and they've just purchased the hotel. The company is planning on renovating the historic property, revitalizing Midnight into a "tourists destination". The Midnighters look on in awe and shock as their quite little town is once again become the center of attention.


Fiji is very kind and passionate towards her friends and fellow Midnighters whom she considers to be family. She's has a bubble personality and greets newcomers with compassion, though she will fiercely protect those that she loves. This is evident how she checked Manfred out with "cursed" cookies as she welcomed him to Midnight as well as taking on the cops, nearly crushing an entire police cruiser, to prevent them from taking away Bobo for a crime he did not commit.


Fiji possesses the skills of a standard witch in Midnight, Texas that range from spell casting to manipulating objects via telekinesis to supplying potions[4] and baking cursed cookies.


Season One Appearances: 10/10
Bad Moon Rising:
Lemuel, Unchained:
Sexy Beast:
Blinded by the Light:
Angel Heart:
Last Temptation of Midnight:
Riders On The Storm:
The Virgin Sacrifice:
Season Two Appearances: 9/9
Head Games:
The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy:
To Witch Hell and Back:
I Put a Spell On You:
Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay:
No More Mr. Nice Kai:
Resting Witch Face:
Patience is a Virtue:
Yasss, Queen:


  • She is described as a cat lady because she has a cat, his name is Mr. Snuggly.
    • This could be her 'familiar', since she is a witch and he can speak,[5] particularly being is a sarcastic smacktalker.
  • Fiji is described as a powerful witch.
  • Fiji's book-counterpart has a sweet-tooth for Hershey's Kisses.


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