Going to high school in Davy sucked. I was known as the chick who lived with freaks.
— Creek to Manfred Bernardo in Pilot

Creek is a human in Midnight, Texas. She is a "girl next door beauty" who works two jobs – a waitress at the local restaurant and working the counter at the Gas N Go convenience store her father owns. She is described as a bright and funny girl with dreams, but lives at home to protect her teen brother from their oppressively strict and over-protective father; secrets are bound to be exposed.[1] She aspires to become a writer and to leave Midnight, though does not want to leave her brother.[2]

When Manfred moves to town, she and he hit it off right from the start and have a mutual crush. However, there are constant interruptions and there’s no time to connect because there’s too much danger in the town that they have to fight[3]. Even though there is an immediate liking upon their first encounter, she's described as someone who is reluctant to fall in love.[2]

Character DescriptionEdit

Creek is an aspiring writer with big dreams and the love interest of Manfred Bernardo. While living with her overprotective father, Shawn, and younger brother, Connor, she learns her family is harboring a deep secret.[4]


Prior to her family's move to Midnight, Creek lived in Davy with her brother, Connor, and their parents. However, their family suffered a deep loss when her mother died, which subsequently led to her father's drastic change in personality, resulting in the rude and overbearing father that he is today. Shawn moved them to Midnight in hopes that he would be able to escape any reminders of her mother.[5] It was after this sudden move and shift in the environment that Creek and Connor began to develop genuine relationships with the Midnighters, such as Lemuel Bridger, who they often refer to as uncle Lem.

Throughout Midnight, TexasEdit

Season OneEdit

In Pilot, Creek greeted and introduced herself to the newcomer, Manfred Bernardo, as she worked the night shift at Home Cookin'. She immediately knew who he was, and even joked about his beat-up RV, calling it a nice ride. She escorted him to Midnighter's room while explaining the dynamics of their town. Creek then introduced him to Olivia Charity and Lemuel Bridger. At the counter, Creek chatted with Madonna about Manfred, and how she thought he was hot and interesting, but with him having no family or friends, Madonna took this to mean he was running from something, which is precisely why he would fit in. As she waited tables, Creek was harassed by a couple members of the biker gang, Sons of Lucifer, but she quickly put an end to it. After bringing Manfred his meal, she offered to stop by his place, so that the two of them could go together, and while initially hesitant, after some convincing from Lemuel, Manfred agreed to attend.

MTX 101-040-Creek-Manfred

Creek and Manfred arriving to the picnic

Shortly after arriving at the picnic the next day, the body of Aubrey Hamilton, Bobo's fiancé, was discovered by the river's edge, bloated and decomposed. The Sheriff was called, and he announced that no one was to leave town during their investigation without first consulting the department. A couple of days later. Manfred came into the Gas N Go to purchase a few items. She noticed scaring along his face, wondering what happened to him. The truth was that a box fell off a high shelf and hit him in the face, or so he claimed. They hadn't seen each other since the picnic, and so Manfred asked how she was doing but Creek couldn't stop thinking about the incident. Just then, she noticed her father entering the shop, so she hastily asked Manfred if that would be all for him before being told to take a break.

Later that day, she tracked Manfred down to his RV in order to apologize for the cold shoulder she gave him earlier. Her dad was weird, and she wanted to avoid getting into a fight with him. Manfred invited her in for a beer. Midnight was nothing like he presumed, to which Creek agreed, saying that it makes for good stories. While she was not a writer, she did write, however, once Connor's out of the house, she plans on going back to school because her father would be really tough to deal with alone. He wasn't always like that but after her mom died, he changed, which is exactly why they moved to Midnight, to avoid any memories of her. Going to high school in Davy sucked because she was known as the girl that lived with freaks, even though that's not too far off from her current living environment, but the Midnighters were her family. While some she had figured out, like Lemuel and Fiji, others were still riddled with secrets, such as Rev, Joe, Bobo, and Olivia.

MTX 101-106~Manfred-Creek

Manfred reading Creek's future

Midnight was weird, but it was her home, and she believed that Manfred would fit in perfectly, especially since he was a psychic. She wondered if his abilities are real, and if he'd be willing to her future. Despite half of his work just being theater, he agrees, saying that she'll have an interesting life as she sees the world, and that she'll even meet her soulmate, if she already hasn't, which Creek assumed to be the theater part of his work. Just as they were about to kiss, Sheriff Livingston and Tina Gomez pulled up outside the pawn shop to arrest Bobo for Aubrey's murder. Creek and Manfred joined their fellow Midnighters on the street, watching helplessly as they put Bobo in the back of the cruiser. More than anyone else, Fiji was angered by the arrest, so much so that she took matters into her own hands by levitating the vehicle off the ground, though she eventually released it, and allowed them to pass.

In Bad Moon Rising, Creek approaches Manfred as he and Joe Strong prepare to leave for Davy, and inform Sheriff Livingston of what he saw pertaining to Aubrey's death. She wished him good luck. If he helped Bobo, everyone would be extremely grateful. Manfred claims that he was just trying to do the right thing but Creek sees straight through his lie, calling it for what it is, a ploy to impress her. While she wasn't sure if it was working, she knew that she wanted to spend time with him later in the week. However, as her father exited the store, Creek abruptly headed back in.

MTX 102-065-Creek-Manfred

Creek and Manfred escaping a tiger attack

That night, as Creek worked the night shift, Manfred came running down the street, calling out to her. Just as she turns around, a tiger comes running out the woods and scratches Manfred on his side in passing. Creek and Manfred attempt to escape through the garage but they are cut off by the tiger, who enters through the opposite side. Just as it pounces, Creek cuts the hydraulic line, thus dropping a car on the ferocious feline. She wonders why there's a tiger roaming the streets of Midnight. Manfred correctly assumes that it was the Rev. The two of them take off down the street, and hide in Manfred's RV for refuge.

Creek applies pressure to his wounds. Manfred warns her that once he's no longer bleeding, he'd try to kiss her again, to which Creek replied that a little blood didn't scare her. As the two of them make their second attempt at their first kiss, the tiger jumps on top of the RV, and claws at the roof in an effort to get to them. Manfred's searches the RV for weapons but all he had to give Creek was a knife. She wondered if he had anything with bullets, but Manfred was new to Texas. Fortunately, Olivia and Lemuel showed up just in time. Olivia, with a gun in each hand, scared the creature off with a mirage of bullets. They inform Creek and Manfred that the creature is, in fact, Rev, and that he was a weretiger. She was in disbelief that Rev killed Officer Gomez and hoisted her up in the tree. As time passed, Manfred's wound worsened, so much so that Lemuel could smell it. Creek takes him to Madonna, hoping that she could stitch him up.

MTX 102-128-Manfred-Creek

Creek and Manfred's first kiss

At Home Cookin', Creek sits across the room, looking out the window as Madonna sews up Manfred's wounds. She is then joined by Manfred, who jokes that Madonna's work is better than certain ERs he's visited. She thanks him for saving her life earlier. The following night, after greeting Bobo, who had just been released from jail, Creek checked in on Manfred to see how he was holding up. She's surprised that he was staying after the haunting with the ghosts and the tiger attack. She then reminds him of his previous promise, that once he wasn't bleeding, he'd try for that kiss. As they kiss, Manfred wonders if it was about making her father angry. Creek admits that 2% was her rebelling, the rest was her actually liking Manfred.

In Lemuel, Unchained, Creek got dressed that very same evening in preparation for dinner with her brother and father after having sex with Manfred. He approached her from behind and they shared one last kiss. It was an abrupt end to an otherwise good afternoon. Manfred hoped that one day they would go on an actual date. Baby steps, Creek said. Manfred wondered what would happen if she was late; would her father come after him with a shotgun. Creek admitted that it was a possibility. What she and Manfred had was fun, and for it to stay that way, her father could never find out. The goal was to have a good time with no strings attached. Manfred at least wanted to walk her home considering the last time she was out, a weretiger almost killed her. But, as she reminded Manfred, there was no full moon. One overprotective man in her life was more than enough.

MTX 103-005-Lemuel-Creek

Lemuel coming to Creek's rescue

Shortly after leaving, she received a message from Manfred, asking if she missed him yet. Creek was then confronted by a strange man as she headed home. If she wasn't there in three minutes, her family would come looking for her. She insisted that she wasn't scared of the stranger, however, as he showed his fangs, her screams rang throughout the darkened streets of Midnight. Fortunately, Lemuel came to her rescue, tossing her attacking into the streets. Surprisingly, Lemuel recognized the attacker as an old friend of his named Zachariah. He apologized for harassing her, had he known she was a friend of Lemuel's, he never would've attacked.

Creek and her fellow Midnighters convened at the Chapel, where both she and Bobo stated that Lemuel was the only vampire they had ever encountered. Bobo notes the recent strange occurrences in Midnight, such as Aubrey and the Sheriff's murders. Fiji adds on to that by mentioning the demonic entities under Manfred's house. Not to mention the Rev escaping on the full moon. The nest only made the town more dangerous. Rev explained that vampires usually avoid Midnight due to the fact that Lemuel was an energy-leeching vampire, meaning he could kill them with the simplest of touch. The vampires claimed that they would be gone by sunrise, but even with Lem willing to vouch for them, the Midnighters were still wary of the nest's arrival. Garlic, holy water, and a required invitation to enter a home were all false. True vampire mythology depicted a vampire's death only being capable through a wooden stake or sunlight, though silver did have a debilitating effect.

MTX 103-054-Creek

Creek sharpening sticks

Creek returned home that evening and began sharpening wooden objects to a point. As Connor entered the house, she claimed that she wasn't doing anything, but her suspicious behavior couldn't have been more obvious. Connor reminded her that he saw Fiji lift a car and that he knew Lemuel wasn't quite the same as them. She explains that there was a nest of vampires in town but they were nothing like "Uncle Lem". While they currently had no reason to worry, Creek believe that they should at least be prepared should trouble arise. She tells Connor to grab a knife out of the kitchen.

With wooden stakes in hand, Creek and Connor surveyed the surrounding areas of the house before hearing a knock at the door. On the other side was Manfred, coming to take them to the chapel where they would be safe, as the vampires had made the first move, as expected. Her father then entered the room, drunk and disorderly, unwilling to listen to her or Manfred. With time being of the essence, Manfred drops Shawn with a single punch and then loads him onto the RV. She and Connor both realize that this would only worsen Manfred and their father's relationship. Shawn question what was going on as he woke up on the RV. She and Connor informed him that they were being hunted by vampires, and that the church would operate as a sanctuary considering vampires couldn't gain access to it.

MTX 103-117-Creek-Manfred

Creek and Manfred looking out the window

Unbeknownst at the time, a vampire was hanging on to the side of the RV. He punches his way through the window. Luckily for Manfred, Creek was there to stake it. With the street being cut off due to the overbearing vampire presence, Manfred headed to his house, where they would be safe as Fiji had rendered his home inhospitable to the dead. After learning from Bobo that Olivia wouldn't be able to bring them the light, she and Manfred gazed out the window, looking to their town, which had since been overrun. Creek refused to just sit there and wait for Lemuel to die. Manfred then came up with a plan, but it would require for him to exit the house and join the vampires in the streets. Creek was visibly upset but at least he was trying to help save Lem, which was more than she could say for her father.

The following morning, after the Midnighters succeeded in killing all the vampires by using a powerful crystal which could emulate sunlight, Creek reunited with her friends and family before heading home, where's she was subsequently interrogated by her father over her relationship with Manfred. She lied, saying that she wasn't sleeping with Manfred, and that her father needed to stop looking for trouble where there wasn't any. Shawn claimed that Manfred was the very definition of trouble, and that he would lead Creek down the wrong path.

MTX 104-008-Manfred-Creek

Manfred and Creek showering

In Sexy Beast, Creek inquires about Manfred's gunshot wound in his upper right shoulder while the two of them shower together. There wasn't much to tell, he claimed. His grandmother ran a scam on someone, who in response to being scammed, shot Manfred. She asks if the shooter would make another attempt his life, but Manfred was currently working on settling the debt. Creek was pleased to learn that her father wasn't right about Manfred; him being a no good con-man that was going to break her heart, not that this claim wasn't justified. Manfred was an online psychic with a sketchy RV, who many perceived to be on the run from something on someone.

What Creek's father wasn't aware of is that she didn't actually care about any of that because she was merely using Manfred for his body. So, if he wanted their relationship to continue, they couldn't let her father find out that she's been hooking up with him on her lunch breaks. If it made her feel better, Manfred thought that the sneaking around made their relationship even hotter, and for Creek, hearing that made it feel less oppressive. She then tells Manfred that she's going to text him after her shift, before kissing him goodbye.

MTX 104-064-Creek-Fiji-joe-Manfred

Creek, Fiji, Joe, and Manfred in Midnighter's room

That night, Creek, Manfred, Fiji, Lemuel, Joe, and Chuy convene at Home Cookin' after Manfred had been attacked by an unknown creature, which had also killed at least two other individuals. Joe sketched the creature with Manfred's guidance. He described it as having multiple rows of teeth, with a widened mouth, comparable to a gaping hellhole, along with a spider web tattoo on her shoulder. She was eating her victims, bringing Lemuel to the conclusion that the creature was a Succubus; an ancient supernatural hunter that feeds on men that have caused pain. This caught Creek's attention, leaving her to wonder who it was that Manfred had hurt, though he brings up a good point in asking who hasn't caused anyone pain. They began to wonder why a succubus would suddenly show up in Midnight after all that time and conduct itself so recklessly.

Creek looks over her shoulder to see Connor entering the restaurant. She questioned his sudden and unexpected arrival. He claims that he was hungry. However, he couldn't help but notice how odd Creek was behaving, asking if it was due to the fact that Manfred was in the Midnighter's room. She tells him that she was being weird because he should be home, and that she was at work. Connor pulls her to the side to tell her that she couldn't trust Manfred, in spite of the fact that he saved them from vampires. Connor claimed that their father was right about him, revealing to Creek that he followed Manfred, during which time he came out of a strip club. Creek chuckles before explaining to Connor that Manfred was in there looking for someone. She wasn't worried, so she sent Connor home.

With the succubus leaving a trail of bodies that would surely lead law enforcement to Midnight, they needed to find a way to stop her before any further damage could be done. According to Wikipedia and medieval folklore, dragon's breath was the only known method of killing a succubus. Short of finding a dragon, Fiji believes she has an idea to slow down the succubus at the very least. At the Inquiring Mind, she constructs a tincture that will remove the succubus' glamour in order to prevent her from seducing any more men. With the succubus on the hunt, Creek deduces that the only place she could possibly be headed on a Thursday night is the Cartoon Saloon.

MTX 104-092-Manfred-Creek

Manfred and Creek at the bar

The Midnighters enter the bar, each with their own container of Fiji's tincture. They only needed to get a drop of it in the succubus' mouth for the potion to take effect, though once that was to occur, they need to get her somewhere less populated. They split off into small groups, hoping to blend in. While sitting at the bar, Manfred spots a man talking to a blonde woman, who he believes to be the succubus, however, he was mistaken, leading to a near confrontation between Manfred and the man that the blonde woman was talking to. Manfred spins a story of him mistaking the blonde for his ex-girlfriend named Trisha that dumped him, thus gaining sympathy from the man, who moved on without confrontation. Creek admits that he was good. Avoiding conflict was a specialty of Manfred's considering he needed it since he grew up in a Gypsy caravan.

Creek checks the ladies restroom for the succubus while Manfred awaits her return outside the door. She tells him that the only thing she noticed inside was a lot of ladies wearing go-go butter body spray. Manfred began to wonder if their suspicions were wrong, and the succubus didn't come to the bar. Creek comments that maybe she was somewhere else, like the Boobie Trap. She tells Manfred that Connor followed him because he was worried about her. She was more so disappointed that Manfred didn't invite her to join him. He says that she really is perfect before moving in for a kiss, however, Creek notices Connor entering the bar from the other side of the room. She takes his fake ID from the security guard, telling him that Connor was only seventeen.

MTX 104-104-Creek

Creek spraying the tincture

In the parking lot, Creek was in disbelief that Connor followed her. She lectures him on the importance of being an adult and getting to make her own decisions before noticing the succubus a few cars over. After texting Manfred that it was just outside the bar, Creek approaches her from behind, spraying Gina in her mouth with the tincture, resulting in uncontrollable coughing and choking as Lemuel rushes out, picking Gina up on his shoulder and speeding off with her into the nearby wood, out of the public eye.

The Midnighters soon join him, each of them hopping out of Manfred's RV to the sight of Gina painfully transforming into a haggard and monstrous looking elderly women. After Fiji explains to Gina that she had been stripped of her glamour, Lemuel warns her against the indiscriminate hunting of humans, which will not be tolerated. She attacks Lemuel, but he easily knocks her into a tree. Gina quickly recovers and crawls away on all fours. Unbeknownst to the Midnighters, Connor had followed them into the woods, and was being chased by Gina, so they split up once more, hoping to find Connor before he is brought any harm. Creek and Manfred search together but he heads back to the RV in search of something else. They caught up to Gina and Connor in a dark field, with Creek and Lemuel both trying to reason with her, but to no avail. Leaving them with only one option; killing her. While distracted, Lemuel grabs Connor from Gina's grasps just moments before Manfred sets her on fire with a propane tank.

MTX 104-123-Creek-Connor

Creek and Connor leaving Home Cookin'

Back at Home Cookin', as the two of them prepare to head home, Creek asks Connor what was on his mind, to which he replies how much he was terrified by the succubus. It served him right for following Creek. Connor asks her to do him a favor and keep the incident a secret from their father. Coincidentally, she was going to ask the same thing of him. The next day, she whistles to Manfred, grabbing his attention as he stood on his porch. She tells him that Connor was fine, he remarks that it was no big deal. They start to kiss on the front porch before moving into the house.

In Unearthed Creek rushes over from Home Cookin' to the pawn shop as it goes up in flames from a fire set by the Sons of Lucifer. She stands asides with the locals as Manfred and Bobo douse the flames. Fortunately, the fire was put out before the shop suffers any extensive damage.

MTX 105-023-Creek-Manfred

Creek and Manfred outside Home Cookin'

She is joined just outside the restaurant by Manfred. She comments that it was a slow morning; apparently, pipe bombs drive off customers. Manfred asks her if she ever thought about leaving Midnight, which she did, all the time. Hoping that she would accompany him, Manfred planned on heading to Vegas or the Grand Canyon. However, Creek saw right through his sudden urge to leave Midnight, asking him why he was running. Manfred explains that he was running from the same guy that he told Creek had previously shot him over a con. He had learned of Manfred's residence in Midnight. Creek refuses to leave Connor alone with her father. She had told Manfred this before. Manfred didn't have to run, he could always ask the Midnighters for help, unless he would rather run. Manfred admits that running has always been his instinct, but for the first time ever, he feels like he may have a reason to stay put, looking to Creek for reassurance. And so she tells him to stay. He then asks to borrow her car.

Later that night, Creek heads over to Olivia's apartment. Upon opening the door, Creek is rendered speech as she immediately notices the heavy powered rifle strapped around Olivia's shoulder in case the bikers return. She recounts having asked Olivia what she did for a living once before. Olivia told her that when people had problems, they would hire her to get rid of said problems. With that being said, Creek informs Olivia that Manfred had problems of his own that need dealing with.

MTX 105-056-Creek~Olivia-Manfred

Creek, Olivia, and Manfred in the RV

Creek waits outside Home Cookin' as Olivia and Manfred return to Midnight. She asks if the debt had been settled but they weren't even in the vicinity of settled, Olivia says. The three of them head to the RV, where Manfred admits to having been involved in the stealing of money from Hightower, despite his initial claim that it was solely his grandmother's doing. Manfred explains that the vendetta was personal, psychic and mediums run in his family; power passed on by the blood. Hightower was a gypsy with no abilities, except for a glass trick, Olivia mentions. But Hightower had to give up an eye for that ability. He wanted to be patriarch to a powerful and magical family. Creek becomes wary of where the story is headed. Xylda made Hightower an offer for Manfred to marry his daughter, Violet. This would reintroduce magic into their bloodline. Creek begins to wonder where Violet was in the middle of all this. Olivia informs her that Violet was dead, and that her father was carting her corpse around. She looks to Manfred, asking if he killed her, which he hadn't. He left her at the altar. Hightower paid Xylda right before the march, leaving Xylda and Manfred just enough time to run off. A few weeks later, Violet killed herself. Disgusted with this vile act, Creek abruptly exits the trailer. Her father had been telling her that Manfred was bad news and nothing but trouble; she's upset that Manfred proved her father right.

After attending to the customers in the restaurant, Creek heads up to the upper-level hotel rooms, where she joins Olivia just outside the door while Manfred attempts to level with Hightower, who they had managed to capture.

MTX 105-142-Manfred-Creek

Manfred and Creek kissing

The following night, she knocks at Manfred's door, commenting that he made it out alive. However, the same could not be said for Hightower. Manfred wasn't sure if he would see Creek again after his dead ex-fiance fiasco, which wasn't a deal breaker as far as Creek was concerned. She was impressed by his efforts to make it right. She was sorry about what happened with his grandmother. After sharing a kiss, Manfred asks if she could stay a while. Creek offers to stay the night seeing as she had already told her father the truth. She was an adult, and he couldn't tell her how to live. She also told him of her relationship with Manfred. He wasn't running anymore and she wasn't hiding their relationship from her dad. Manfred wonders if this could result in a boring relationship. Creek suggests that they find out.

MTX 106-022-Creek-Manfred

Creek and Manfred in bed

In Blinded by the Light, Creek and Manfred lay in bed, wrapped in each other's arms after she spent the night. Her not having to sneak off was nice. She tells Manfred to get used to it. They start to kiss, but Manfred abruptly stops. She initially assumes that he isn't in the mood, but Manfred explains that he has a headache. He's been getting a lot of them lately. Manfred pops a couple pills to subside the headache. She advises him to see a doctor but, it's not a medical issue. As a medium, he can see ghosts and spirits, but doing so makes him feel sick, not that far off from a hangover. The more ghost he sees, the worst that hangover becomes. While she couldn't help him with the ghost sightings, Creek did know of a fool-proof hangover remedy.

The two of them head over to Home Cookin', where Manfred eats a greasy breakfast as she confronts Connor at about ignoring her texts. Connor claims that he was too busy with covering her shifts at the Gas N Go, which was no fault of her own. Her father didn't have to fire her. She asks Connor how's it going with just him and their father, and while it wasn't going well, she refuses to apologize for making her own decisions. Conner accepts this, but he's not happy about it. Creek notices a bruise on Connor's left arm as he reaches for his food. She suspects that this is her father's doing. Connor reminds her that she left, asking her to just leave it alone.

MTX 106-034~Olivia-Fiji-Manfred-Creek-Bobo

The Midnighters gathering at the church

Creek, Manfred, Fiji, Olivia, Bobo, Rev, and Joe gather at the chapel, where they discuss their next course of action in relation to a missing girl. Creek hopes that she's just out partying, and hopefully not laying in a ditch somewhere. Either way, they would have to rally together to find her. Fiji suspects that something supernatural is occurring. Creek entertains this idea considering that Manfred had been seeing an uptick in ghost. The Rev had also been finding dead animals and insects off Witch Light Road. Joe reminds them that they should be looking for the missing girl instead of sitting around talking. While Joe searches for her by the ranches, Creek and Manfred take the backwoods, leaving Olivia, Rev, Bobo, and Fiji to figure out the other teams amongst themselves.

With all the trees beginning to look the same to Manfred, he was fortunate enough to have Creek with him, who could tell them apart and was better at navigation. She spent a lot of time in the backwoods. Creek and Connor would explore for hours after they first moved to Midnight. She then tells Manfred that she thinks her dad is taking out his anger for her on Conner. However, he had never laid a finger on them before, despite how messed up he was after their mom died. As they proceed throughout the woods, they discover another body, though it wasn't Aerin. The body had been there for a while, but Manfred believes that he knows her.

MTX 106-047-Bobo-Creek-Olivia-Manfred

Bobo, Creek, and Olivia watching Manfred

Creek and Manfred are joined by Bobo and Olivia. Manfred and Olivia recognize the dead girl as Tiffany, the groupie from Zach's bus that donated blood. Creek felt bad that she was dumped in the middle of nowhere like garbage. Manfred makes physical contact with the body, calling out to Tiffany in an effort to learn who killed her, but she doesn't respond. Manfred concludes that her spirit has moved on, which is a good thing. It was the natural order. Spirits that stay are both unsettled and unhappy. Bobo suspects that Tiffany and Aubrey's killer are one and the same, especially considering neither he nor Peter Lowry killed Aubrey, meaning the killer was still on the loose. Creek asks if they should call the authorities in case someone was looking for Tiffany, but Olivia explains to her that Tiffany fell off the grid long before she came to Midnight. They need to find whoever is responsible and deal with it themselves. A fitting punishment will be decided after catching the killer. Until then, they needed to continue looking for the other girl.

Creek returns home to check on Connor and warn him of what was going on. Manfred joins her as she enters the house. She calls out to Connor, but he does not respond. Manfred insists that he would call her if something was wrong, but Creek believes otherwise. She thinks he would be more likely to keep quiet and protect their dad, which was the Lovell way. She goes to check out back, leaving Manfred inside with her father, who attacks him in a drunken fit of rage. Before the situation could escalate any further, Creek intervenes, and helps Manfred up. She tells her father that just because she wasn't home all the time doesn't mean she wasn't looking out for Connor. After leaving the house, she sends Connor a warning text that their father was drunk. She questions if telling her father the truth about her relationship with Manfred was truly the right thing to do. She didn't think having a life would be such a problem. Rev approaches them at the intersection, asking if they had any luck in finding the missing girl, which they didn't. Creek suggests that they check the road to Davy, but Manfred interrupts after noticing someone walking towards Midnight, though at the time. They soon realize that it's Connor, who collapses after being attacked in the woods.

MTX 106-068-Bobo~Creek-Connor-Fiji~Manfred

Creek treating Connor

They take Connor to Manfred's house, where Bobo, Fiji, and Manfred watch from the hallway as she treats his wounds. Unfortunately, Connor couldn't remember who attacked him. He went looking for the missing girl but someone hit him from behind, just like Aubrey's attack. Fiji asks him if he's sure that it was a human that attacked him, though Creek and the others question what else it could be. Despite what most of them believe, Fiji was thinking that it could be a demon, but before Connor can answer, Lemuel bangs at the door.

As she prepares something to eat, Manfred returns to inform her of devastating news. While he and Lem were out in the woods, they found her father with the missing girl. She assumes that her father found Aerin, but Manfred describes a much different account. They believe that her father is responsible for the deaths of Aubrey, Tiffany, and the attack on Connor. While they weren't 100% sure, he was certainly there with the girl. Distraught by this recent revelation, she begins to question why he would do such things.

MTX 106-101-Creek

Creek in Manfred's room

Creek enters Manfred's room later that night, telling Connor to be honest with her about who attacked him in the woods. She knows that their father was the attacker, though Connor sits in silence. She explains to Connor that Lem and Manfred found their father in the woods with Aerin, who was still alive, but in bad shape. But the important thing is that Connor was okay and that he was safe. Creek assures her brother that she will take care of him, pulling him close as she holds him. As for their father, Creek tells Connor that he's with the Midnighters. She returns to the room a little later, telling Connor that he should be in bed, but he Connor could no longer be in Midnight. He feels like he can't even breathe. Creek admittedly feels the same way, as if she's suffocating under the pressure. Their father brought them to Midnight to hide and keep his secret. Connor didn't feel safe there anymore. They needed to go, so Creek accompanies him.

While driving down the Texas road, Creek says that they'll have to go back eventually, though neither she nor Connor were ready to face Shawn, at least not yet. Her entire life she's been living with a murderer, and she was too stupid to know it. Connor states that it's normal to trust family. Creek was curious when murders began, whether or not it was before their mother died. Connor bets that he was always wired differently. She questions how anyone could be wired to kill innocent girls. However, with Aubrey being a white supremacist and Tiffany being a vampire groupie, Connor disagrees that the girls were innocent. Creek questions how he could defend their father's actions. There was no defending what he did. Creek receives another call from Manfred, this time she decides to answer, but Connor snatches the cell phone out her hand and throws it out the window. Creek shoves him, asking what he was doing, yet he does not respond.

MTX 106-124-Creek-Connor

The truck being stopped by Joe's light

Creek realizes that her father was not the killer; he was simply covering for the actual killer, that being Connor. He tells Creek not to look at him like he's a monster. Connor claims that he's no different than anyone else in Midnight. The Rev turns into a tiger once a month, but he locks himself away to prevent himself from hurting anyone else. Lem was a predator, Olivia too. However, Creek explains that they don't kill for sport. They do it to protect people. Creek offers to get him help, but Connor doesn't want to be fixed. It was in this moment that Creek realizes that Connor didn't feel bad for the murders. He intentionally begins to drive recklessly across the road, narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic. He is intent on killing them both by driving the truck into a reinforced barrier where the road comes to an end. Luckily, she is saved by Joe, who uses a bright white light to stop the car. Creek and Connor exit the truck. Creek tells Joe that Connor was the killer as he ran into a barren field. Joe tells Creek its okay, calming her down as Lem heads into the field and kills Connor. The three of them return to Midnight, to find Manfred, Bobo, Fiji, Rev, and Olivia awaiting their return. Creek embraces Manfred.

Creek joins her father in the chapel to tell him that Connor is gone. Creek was upset considering that her father made her complicit in Connor's vile acts. Creek always felt like she had to take care and watch over Connor. Shawn apologizes, and pleads with Creek, she was all he had left. Creek says that he doesn't have her since he chose only to be a father to Connor, to protect all the evil things that he did. She asks about all the girls that he killed, and all the mourning parents because of it. Shawn protected Connor, and to him, it didn't matter that other people died. Shawn and Creek were all that was left of the Lovells. However, Creek severs all ties with him. She says that he is no longer her father since he didn't think about her when he was allowing Connor to go about killing. She never wants to see him again.

MTX 106-146-Creek-Manfred

Creek crying in Manfred's arms

The Midnighters gather outside the church, where they burn and destroy Connor's mementos, as well honor the dead. The cleanse the pain and suffering that those women experienced. From this hate, let love be found. From that violence, let peace emerge. Afterward, she and Manfred return to his place. She declines a drink that was mixed by Fiji specifically to help her, though unless it can make Creek forget what happened, she didn't want it. Manfred holds her close as she begins to cry over shattering of her life.

In Angel Heart, Creek enters the kitchen to find Manfred reaching for his pills as the hauntings continue to occur. She is dressed and showered. Creek was feeling better, and ready to return to work despite finding out only a few days prior that her life is a lie, her brother is a serial killer, and her father protected him. Manfred thinks that she needs time, but time for what, Creek ask. More time will only allow her to go over her shambled life again and again. She needs a distraction. Manfred tells her that she's not alone, though Creek wasn't so sure. Her entire family was gone, so in a sense, she was alone. This is the new normal, and she was done wallowing. She is ready to accept reality. Manfred asks if she at least has time for breakfast, but Creek, who is distancing herself, tells him no.

MTX 107-013-Creek

Creek returning to work

Creek enters Home Cookin, where she is greeted with a hug from Madonna, who is willing to help Creek in any way she could. Creek simply wanted to work, hoping that it would take her mind off her troubling times she was facing. Madonna suggests the Midnighter's room if Creek sought to be around friends, but if she desires something more secluded, there was inventory to be done in the back. Creek chooses the latter.

Under the impression that Manfred is there to watch over her, Creek snaps at him immediately following his entry into the restaurant. She tells him that she doesn't need a babysitter. However, as Manfred explains, his being at Home Cookin' had little to do with her. With the ghost sightings becoming more frequent, Manfred requires some place less crowded by the dead in order to work on his website. He chose the restaurant because ghosts are less likely to appear with more people around. Creek apologizes for jumping at him so aggressively without first giving him a chance to explain.

MTX 107-082-Creek

Creek finding Rev in the chapel

That night, Creek realizes that Madonna is hovering over her as she has already wiped the same countertop clean five times over. Madonna was merely concerned with Creek's well-being. She was working a double shift on her first day back, and she was going on eight hours with no break. Looking to get Madonna off her back, Creek agrees to go on break. She goes outside to catch a breath of fresh air before heading over to the chapel. She takes a seat, and looks up at the ceiling, desperately trying to hold back her tears. After doing so, she finds Rev lying on the floor, beaten and barely conscious. Creek helps him to his feet, and the two of them return to Home Cookin', only to find that Bowie has taken control of the restaurant, and that she is also reading Madonna's mind, though Bowie seems far more interest in what lies within Creek's mind. Rev tells Creek not to let Bowie touch her, and to run but within seconds, Bowie appears in front of Creek, cutting her off from the exit. Bowie remembers seeing her in Manfred's mind, so she takes the opportunity to enter Creek's head as well.

After taking control of Home Cookin', and holding the attending patrons on hostage, as well as Creek, Rev, and Madonna, Bowie calls Manfred from Creek's phone, giving him thirty minutes to find Joe or else she would start killing people, starting with Creek. Bowie put the phone to Creek's face, instructing her to tell Manfred that she loves him, and so she does.

MTX 107-091~Rev. Sheehan-Bowie-Creek

Bowie blaming Creek for dropping the ball

Bowie orders Creek to get her a drink of whiskey, but Madonna volunteers to do it in her place, also demanding that Bowie leave Creek alone. However, after Bowie mentions that she knows where Madonna got the money to pay for Home Cookin', Madonna does as she's told by sitting back down and shutting up. Creek retrieves Bowie's drink as requested. The one good thing to come from this dilemma is that Creek's mind is finally off of her brother and father. Having been in Creek's mind, Bowie knows what she thinks. She blames herself for allowing it to happen. She had blinders on. Bowie states that she dropped the ball. With Creek still trying to hold back her tears, the Rev comes to her defense, ordering Bowie to desist with her torturing of Creek, especially considering she had been through enough. That interruption was more than enough for Bowie to turn her attention to Rev. She wraps her hands around his head, and asks Creek if she wanted to hear what it sounded like when Connor's neck snapped, though Creek looks away in horror. Thankfully, Bowie has no intentions of killing Rev. This was merely a sick attempt at entertaining herself. Bowie's attitude and behavior, led to her becoming a fallen angel, which she places a lot of the blame on Joe for.

MTX 107-092-Creek-Bowie

Bowie holding Creek

Just then, Joe calls to Bowie from outside the restaurant, so she places Creek in a headlock and drags her along for good measure. Seeing as Joe stands in the middle of the road by himself, Bowie releases Creek, and she is then escorted out of the line of fire by Bobo and Olivia. The three of them watch from the porch as the rest of the Midnighter enact their plan to stop Bowie by trapping her in hell via a portal created through a mirror, which Bowie unfortunately and unexpectedly destroys, leaving the Midnighters without a way of stopping her. After she reads Manfred's mind, Bowie brings him to the center of the road, with the two of them standing feet away from Creek. Bowie calls out to her, telling Creek to come meet her superhero. Having read both their minds, Bowie knows everything about the two of them, and how Creek feels towards Manfred. He was a scam artist. He could see ghosts, but that wasn't of much use. Creek was angry with him. What is the point of screwing the town psychic if he's not even going to give her a warning about her brother being a killer. Luckily, before the humiliation could go any further, Joe flies in and knocks Bowie out of sight, leading to a fight that begins in the sky but ends just outside the church.

The Midnighters watch helplessly as Bowie pummels Joe. None of them have ever seen an angel die but she assures them it's a sight to see. With Joe mere seconds away from death, Chuy intervenes after transforming into his demonic form. However, he has lost control to his demon side, and despite the Midnighters knowing very little about his kind, Creek, Bobo, and Olivia know enough to head for safe grounds. After Joe manages to subdue Chuy, and revert him back to his human form, they regroup at Home Cookin', though Creek doesn't stay for long. She's preparing to head home as Manfred joins her. He offers to walk her over, but its right across the street, she'd be fine. Before exiting, Madonna demands that she take tomorrow off.

MTX 107-125-Creek~Madonna

Creek leaving Home Cookin'

The following morning, Creek awaits Manfred's return. She apologizes for everything that Bowie said after reading her mind. She never would've said those things to Manfred. They were mean and unfair, but Manfred acknowledges that they were right. He sees a lot of things that he doesn't want to, and they're not always helpful, but he did want to help Creek in whatever way possible. She admits that he was right about her needing time. She doesn't know who she is outside of being a sister or daughter. Or who she is not in relation to someone else. Does she go to school? Does she want to write? These are questions that Creek asks herself. She wants to know what's next for her, and sadly, this is something that she needs to be alone to figure out, meaning her relationship with Manfred has to end. He accepts her decisions. The two of them share one last kiss, and she comments on how amazing he was for understanding. Manfred even gives her the bedroom. He says he'll take the couch.

MTX 108-013-Creek

Creek talking with Olivia

In Last Temptation of Midnight, Creek is approached by Olivia while serving customers at Home Cookin'. Despite knowing that it's a stupid question prior to asking it, Olivia feels compelled to ask Creek how she is handling everything with her family, as it was still fresh on everyone's minds. Creek gives her an equally stupid answer by saying that she's hanging in. On top of everything else, Creek and Manfred had just broken up the night before, which Olivia was sorry to hear. However, the abrupt end to her relationship with Manfred was of her own doing. Manfred was simply doing what she asked of him by providing her with needed space. It appears that Creek is isolating herself, which Olivia advises her against. Creek insists that this is not her intent, adding that she's even staying with Fiji. If Creek needs anything, Olivia says to find her.

MTX 108-057-Olivia-Creek-Lemuel

Creek asking Lem to leech her pain away

Creek returns to work that night after finding an envelope that her father left behind, which contained the deed to her family's house. She brings Olivia and Lem their order; a salad for Olivia, and for appearances only, a drink for Lemuel. He asks how it's been for her back at work. Honestly, she is having a difficult time. She thought that jumping back to work would take her mind off of everything, but she was wrong. Before leaving town, her father gave her the deed to the house, but the thought of going back makes her want to vomit. Lemuel expresses his sincerest apologies. If Lem is truly sorry, and if Olivia meant what she said about finding her in a time of need, then Creek would like to ask a favor of them. She wonders if Lem is willing to leech away her pain, but Olivia interjects. She claims that it doesn't work that way, and that Lem couldn't help her because the leeching process is complicated. As awkward silence fills the room, Creek apologizes for making things uncomfortable. However, Lem says that it's not her that's making things uncomfortable.

MTX 108-091-Creek

Creek trying to kill herself

Later that night, Creek receives a call while looking over the deed to her family's home. The caller is Fiji. She only wants to check on Creek to make sure she's free of the demon's influence, and isn't succumbing to any suicidal thoughts. However, Creek chooses to ignore the call. Unfortunately, Manfred and Fiji were right to worry about Creek's safety considering that she was under the demon's influence. Creek grabs a large knife while repeating that she needs to die, and that everything will be better once she does. Manfred enters Home Cookin', disarming Creek just in the nick of time. She was moments away from taking her own life, as she held the blade to her throat. She tries to fight Manfred off, frantically screaming that she needs to die, but he holds Creek down while Fiji makes her swallow a potion that instantly cures her of the demon's influence. Creek is better, but she isn't sure why she was trying to kill herself, though she is pleased to see that Manfred is back.

MTX 108-118-Creek-Manfred

Creek and Manfred discussing their relationship

The next morning, Creek pays Manfred a visit at his house. It was weird for her not to see his RV out front. Manfred explains that it broke down in the desert, where he left it. She then asks about his grandmother, who Manfred says moved on, which is how it is suppose to be. She asks if he's okay, but that depends on how one defines the word. He often still see ghosts, and the headaches are intense, especially without his pills, but he's trying to go without them. Creek wonders why he suddenly returned. The truth is that what the two of them started was something that Manfred has never experienced with anyone before. He understands that a lot has happened, and that she needs time to process, so if she ever feels ready to pick up where they left off, she knows where to find him. Besides, his RV is dead, and Midnight is the closest place to a home he had. He saw no better reason to stay and fight for it than the upcoming demon rising. Creek worries that something bad might happen to him during his mission to save the town. He tells her what Xylda told him, that they were all going to die. Its how they live that matters. He asks if all of this was okay with Creek, which it is. She also welcomes him home.


Creek Lovell is not your stereotypical girl next door. Although she possesses no supernatural abilities as of yet, she is keenly aware of the situation behind Midnight and still remains loyal to those who live there. Creek is generally a kind, young woman who is quite sheltered, thanks to her father and living in the quiet town of Midnight. However, when Creek meets Manfred, she is not shy in her advances toward him and immediately begins to befriend him, which shows that she is both confident and friendly. Due to her generally good nature, Creek seems to have neutral and/or good relationships with most of her townsfolk.



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