Connor Lovell was a human in Midnight, Texas. He was the younger brother of Creek and son to Shawn.


Connor, Creek, and their parents lived just one town over, from Midnight, in Davy. After the loss of his mother, Connor began to act out maliciously, torturing animals. After he expressed that his actions were "fun," Shawn took him to doctors, attempting to fix Connor, though all they wanted to do was put him away. Shawn, after losing his wife and unable to escape the constant reminders of his her, couldn't bear to lose his only son, too. This led to him and his sister being uprooted and moved to Midnight. Consequently, this move also led to his father's sudden change in attitude, resulting in the abusive and oppressive father that he is today. Sometime after the move, he and Creek began to forge a true bond with the Midnighters, often referring to Lemuel Bridger as "Uncle Lem."

Throughout Midnight, TexasEdit

Season OneEdit

In Pilot, Connor and Creek were joined by Midnight's latest resident, Manfred Bernardo, at the annual fall picnic. Shortly after arriving, the body of Aubrey Hamilton was discovered down by the river. Connor was first to report the incident to the authorities, assuring them that she was dead as her body was bloated. A couple nights later, he and his father, Shawn Lovell, arrived on the scene as the Sheriff and Tina Gomez place Bobo Winthrop under arrest for the murder of Aubrey Hamilton. He stood alongside his father and sister as Fiji Cavanaugh levitated the police vehicle off the ground, but then dropping it, thus allowing the officers to leave with Bobo in the backseat.

MTX 103-056-Connor-Creek

Connor learning of the vampires in town

In Lemuel, Unchained, Connor returns home to find Creek behaving suspiciously. She claims that nothing is wrong but as Connor reminds her, he witnessed Fiji lift a car and he's aware that Lemuel is a vampire. With that being said, Creek confessed to him that there was a nest of vampires in Midnight. Like uncle Lem, Connor asked. However, they were nothing like Lemuel, as they were dangerous. They needed to be prepared to fight should the vampires attack, so Creek told him to grab a knife and help carve the wooden sticks into stakes, which were capable of killing vampires, just as ancient folklore suggests.

Wooden stakes in hand, Connor and Creek survey the house for any unwanted visitors. They hearing a knock at the door, on the other side is Manfred, who came by to inform them that the vampires were on the attack and that they needed to come with him. However, their drunk and disorderly father, Shawn, joined them by the door, upset that Manfred was in his home. But with so little time to waste, Manfred drops Shawn with a single punch and they load him onto the RV.

Connor comments that the tension between his father and Manfred will only worsen due to that punch him. Sean then awakens to the sight of Manfred running over multiple men, who Connor explained were vampires trying to kill them. While the initial plan was to get to the Church, where vampires couldn't enter, they were forced to reroute to Manfred's house as the vampires had blocked off the road. They'd be safe there considering Fiji had rendered the house inhospitable to the dead. Luckily, the Midnighters managed to kill all the vampires using a powerful crystal, and by sunrise, they were all able to return home.

MTX 104-067-Connor

Connor stopping by Home Cookin'

In Sexy Beast, Connor enters Home Cookin' during Creek's shift, claiming that he was hungry. He barely makes it past the door before being approached by Creek. He immediately notices her strange behavior, deducing that Manfred was with her in the Midnighter's room. He pulls Creek to the side to tell her that their father was right about Manfred being untrustworthy, even in spite of the fact that he saved them from vampires. Earlier that day, Connor followed Manfred to a strip club called the Boobie Trap. However, Creek wasn't worried, having explained to Connor that she was aware of Manfred's venture; he was looking for someone. Connor is then told to order something to-go.

Later that night, Connor follows Creek and the Midnighters to a bar called the Cartoon Saloon. He attempted to get past security with a fake ID, only to be denied access by Creek, who informed security that Connor was only seventeen. He was chastised by Creek in the parking lot for having followed her. He was worried, but she was an adult, meaning she was allowed to take chances, and that wasn't for Connor to question. She then abruptly ended the discussion by sending him back to the truck, and telling him to go home.

MTX 104-116~Connor-Gina-Hag Succubus

Connor vs Succubus

Despite Creek's orders to return home, Connor followed her and the Midnighters once more into the the nearby woods, watching from a distance as they dealt with a Succubus. Unfortunately, failing to heed his sister's warnings nearly cost Connor his life as the Succubus hunted him down and prepared to feed on him. Connor yelled out for help. The Midnighters came to his aid soon thereafter. Both Creek and Lemuel attempted to reason with Gina, but to no avail, leaving them with no other option but to kill her. Manfred grabbed a propane tank out of the RV, and set the Succubus ablaze just after Lemuel ran in and pulled Connor to safety. He and Creek then shared a hug.

Back at Home Cookin', Connor couldn't help but think about how frightened he was by the Succubus. Creek tells him that it serves him right for following her despite her initial attempts at sending him away. As the two of them headed home, Connor asked Creek if they could keep the incident a secret from their father. Admittedly, Creek was going to ask the same thing of him.

MTX 106-028-Connor

In Blinded by the Light, Connor is confronted by Creek at Home Cookin' after ignoring several of her text messages. He was busy covering her shift at the Gas N Go after their dad fired her. Creek asks how things are going between him and their father. Connor reminds her that she basically announced that she was hooking up with the town's conman, then asking her how did she think it was going. There's only one way things could be go with their father after an announcement such as that. Creek refuses to apologize for being an adult and making her decisions, and while Connor is accepting of this, he isn't happy about it. He reaches for his food only to reveal a bruise on his left forearm, leaving Creek to wonder if their dad was responsible and if this was a result of her and Manfred's relationship. Connor tells her not to worry about it. She left, so he pleads with her to leave it be.

MTX 106-067-Manfred-Connor-Rev. Sheehan~Creek

Later that evening, Connor returns from the woods, beaten and bruised. They take him to Manfred's house, where Bobo, Fiji, and Manfred watch over him as Creek applies medicine to his injuries. Connor had no memory of his attacker. He went looking for the missing girl, but someone hit him from behind. Fiji asks if he's sure that his attacker was human because she was under the impression that it could be a demon. Before Connor could reply, loud banging can be heard on the front door, but it was only Lemuel.

MTX 106-089-Connor

As he sits on Manfred's bed, Creek enters the room, telling him that he needed to be honest about what happened in the woods. She asks if their dad was his attacker, but Connor does not respond as he is presumably protecting his father. Creek then tells him that Manfred and Lemuel found their father with the missing girl. She was still alive, but in bad shape. Creek hugs Connor, telling him that he will be okay and that she'll take care of him. Connor asks of the whereabouts of their father, to which she replies the Midnighters have him. While they sat in Manfred's house, Manfred went digging through their's, in hope that he would find the ghosts of Shawn's victims. However, in Connor's room, hidden in a vent that leads under the house, Manfred finds a box filled with memorabilia, such as Aubrey's ring and the very same skull mask that Aubrey's killer wore. With a box filled with such incriminating evidence, it becomes clear that Connor is the actual killer, and that his father is protecting him.

Connor tells Creek that he could no longer be in midnight. He felt like he couldn't breathe, and neither could Creek, who felt like she was suffocating. He didn't feel safe in Midnight anymore, so he decides to leave, with Creek joining him.

MTX 106-109-Connor

As the two of them hit the Texas road, Creek informs him that they will eventually have to go back, but Connor wasn't ready to face their father just yet. Creek begins to wonder if the killings started after their mother died. Connor believes otherwise, betting that he was always wired different, though the discussion at hand was about their father, Connor was actually referring to himself, as he was the killer that was wired differently. Creek questions how he can be wired to kill innocent girls. Connor states that they weren't innocent. Aubrey was a white supremacist and Tiffany was with the vampire nest. Creek doesn't understand why he is defending their father after all he has done. Connor grabs Creek's phone out of her hand and tosses it out the window as she attempts to answer a call from Manfred.

MTX 106-128-Connor-Lemuel

Essentially outing himself as the killer, Creek realizes that he wasn't protecting their father; it was the other way around. He tells Creek not to look at him like he's a monster. He was no different than anyone else in Midnight, such as the Rev, Lem, and Olivia. However, there was a fine difference between them and Connor. They don't hunt for sport. They do it for justice of the people. Connor bangs on the steering wheel in frustration, admitting that he was different. He enjoyed the kill, and he didn't need anyone to fix him. He begins to drive recklessly by speeding up and nearly crashing into a tractor. Creek demands that he stop the car but Connor refuses. He had no plans of going back to Midnight. It was then that Joe, with his wings spread full, appears on the road ahead of them, and stops the truck using a bright white light. Connor gets out the truck and runs off into the dark field, with Lemuel right behind him. Connor smiles, thinking that he has escaped, but Lemuel speeds up from behind, and snaps his neck, bringing Connor's life to a quick end.


On the exterior, Connor was seemingly like any other teenager; however, unknown to most, other than his father, he had a dark and sadistic side. Whether it was a consequence of losing his mother or something else, after her death, he began to take pleasure in killing animals. Fiji once described that several infamous serial killers began with animals, prior to human victims. Connor was no different and his actions eventually lead to the deaths of several women, though in his eyes, they were justified as they were not innocent; claiming that Aubrey was a white supremacist and Tiffany was a vampire groupie, whose nest attempt to kill them. However, unlike the Midnighters that killed people or other supernaturals for justice and protection, he hunted his victims because he liked it. Ultimately, he did not believe he needed to be "fixed" and that he didn't care about right or wrong and did not want to change.


Connor possessed all the standard abilities of a teenage human boy in Midnight, Texas.


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  • In Sexy Beast, the Succubus Gina targeted Connor, claiming that "He deserves it." Unbeknownst at the time, to everyone else, Gina was aware of Connor's actions, or at least that he's caused pain, making him a prey of choice to be hunted.


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