This category will be used to list any Supernaturals, either named species or unknown, that have appeared in NBC's Midnight, Texas. Categories will only be used exclusively for the main supernatural species; this category will be supplemented for other introduced supernaturals.

Known Supernaturals

  • Angels - angelic beings that have the ability to produce wings and fly.
  • Banshees - supernatural beings with undefined abilities.
  • Demons - demonic and malevolent beings not inherent of the Earth.
  • Ghosts - physical manifestations of a deceased human or supernatural being on the mortal plane.
  • Psychics - people with supernatural gifts to communicate and interact with the dead.
  • Shamans - seemingly supernatural humans with witch-like abilities, capable of stopping demons and sealing the veil through unknown means. Some modern Shamans are experts in curses.
  • Succubi - ancient supernatural hunters with a perpetual glamour.
  • Vampires - supernatural beings that feed upon victims by drinking their blood, or in rare instances through mere touch.
  • Weretigers - supernatural beings born with the power to transform into a beast during the full moon.
  • Witches - supernatural beings born with the power to affect change through manipulating magic. There's a delineation between Light and Dark Witches.
  • Wraiths - evil spirit manifestations that herald the arrival of a demon.

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