I checked you out before renting the house. You’re a psychic.
— Bobo to Manfred Bernardo

Bobo Winthrop is a human in Midnight, Texas. He is the proprietor of the local pawnshop, which has been in Midnight for many years and sells a lot of very odd items full of history. Olivia lives upstairs and Lemuel lives beneath the store while he rents another house out to newcomer Manfred.

He is also the former fiancé of Aubrey who had disappeared after a huge fight. After she was found dead at the town picnic, and it was revealed she was already married, he was implicated in her murder. Bobo's best friend is Fiji, who's a very vocal advocate of his innocence.

Character DescriptionEdit

Bobo is the proprietor of Midnight's local pawn shop. He has a dark and mysterious past, but would do anything for his neighbors — supernatural or human.[1]

Bobo is the proprietor of Midnight's local pawn shop and has now taken over the Cartoon Saloon. With his dark past behind him, he can focus on his blossoming relationship with Fiji.[2]


Bobo was born and raised into a family of white supremacists. However, he did not share their same beliefs nor did he approve of their actions. When he was seventeen, his father requested that he tag along for one of his outings; given the notion that he was going to teach Bobo something. Unbeknownst to Bobo, they were headed to blow up a church just outside Atlanta. He sat in the car throughout the entire incident. By the time he realized what was occurring, he was helpless in doing anything to prevent the bombing from happening. It was then that he understood who his family was and what he came from. That night while they were celebrating, Bobo left with no intentions on ever returning. However, he took his family's great fortune of military grade weaponry and riches with him, stashing it all within a hidden underground bunker on his property.[3]

Eventually, the story of Bobo's great escape with his family's stash began to spread; with the stash being compared to the Holy Grail for white supremacists. Some time after this, one of the members of the Sons of Lucifer biker gang learned of Bobo's true identity, resulting in his soon to follow relationship with Aubrey Hamilton, in which she sought to learn the whereabouts of the stash, as instructed by her husband, Peter Lowry. Somewhere along the line, she began to develop genuine feelings for Bobo, which he believes ultimately resulted in her death.[4]

Throughout Midnight, TexasEdit

Season OneEdit

In Pilot, Bobo meet up with his new tenant, Manfred Bernardo at Midnight Pawn, the local pawn shop that he owned. As they arrived at the house, Bobo confessed that he looked Manfred up before renting him the place, and discovered that he was a psychic. He was willing to offer Manfred a month of free rent if he could assist in finding Aubrey, Bobo's fiancé. Unfortunately, Manfred claimed that none of it was real, and that he only told people what they wanted to hear. Bobo exits the house disappointed, but not before telling Manfred that he had the house for a month.

MTX 101-041~Aubrey-Bobo-Joe

Bobo finding Aubrey's body

The next day, during the annual fall picnic, what started out as a wonderful day turned into a nightmare for Bobo. He came running at the sound of Fiji's screams, only to find Aubrey's bloated and decomposing corpse down by the river's edge. Distraught and heartbroken, Bobo dropped to his knees as tears filled his eyes. It wasn't long before law enforcement arrived on the scene. Sheriff Livingston informed them all not to leave town without permission as they would be dropping by for questioning. The Sheriff asked Bobo a series of questions, ranging from Aubrey's next of kin, to why Bobo didn't report her missing after two weeks of not hearing from her. He assumed that she had simply left town after their big fight, in which he told her to get out, but he never intended for her to end up dead.

Bobo was joined by Fiji as he sat in the back of the pawn shop watching an old video of himself proposing to Aubrey, he referred to her as the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. He tells Fiji that Aubrey wanted four kids, but with him be a compromising man, he jokingly suggested that they get a dog. Before they could continue their conversation, Sheriff Livingston entered the shop to inform Bobo of Aubrey's cause of death, and that she wasn't who he thought she was. Her real name was Aubrey Hamilton-Lowry. She got married five years ago to Peter Lowry, a white supremacist and member of the Sons of Lucifer, who had just gotten out after a three-year sentence.

That night, two members of the Sons of Lucifer came barging into the shop looking to cause trouble, however, Bobo was expecting them. They accused him of killing Aubrey after learning the truth about her. Bobo told them that they were unwelcome, though they remained to threaten him on the whereabouts of the weapons and money that Bobo had supposedly stashed. They had misjudged the situation as he seemingly didn't care if he lived or died, but as one of the bikers approached him with a knife, Olivia shot him in the shoulder with an arrow, and Lemuel snapped the other biker's neck as he began shooting. Bobo didn't ask for their help, but Aubrey wasn't worth dying for, Lemuel said.

MTX 101-107-Bobo

Bobo getting arrested

The following night, after visiting a barren field to check on a locked, underground cellar, Bobo was placed under arrested by Officer Tina Gomez and Sheriff Livingston for Aubrey's murder. They claim that the murder weapon belonged to Bobo as they threw him in the back of the car. However, the Midnighters weren't willing to let Bobo go without a fight, as Fiji, the town's witch, took matters into her own hands by levitating the cruiser off the ground, though she eventually released it, and allowed them to pass.

In Bad Moon Rising, Bobo is taken to the Roca Fria Sheriff's department, where he undergoes interrogation from Sheriff Livingston and Officer Gomez. He maintains his initial statement that he did not kill Aubrey despite the gun that was used to kill her being registered in his name. Sheriff Livingston noted that his neighbors weren't fond of Aubrey, so that, plus the ritualistic nature of the crime scene could lead one to suspect that the Midnighters were somehow involved. With all the rumors and stories, it was easy to assume the worst of Midnight, Bobo said. Folks tend to allow their imagination to run wild. However, Livingston was positive that he didn't imagine Fiji lifting up and crushing his cruiser yet Bobo has no recollection of the incident, or so he claims. Fed up with his lack of cooperation, Officer Gomez came up with a plan that would hopefully make him more obliged to cooperate.

MTX 102-012-Bobo

Bobo sending a message to Peter Lowry

Bobo is placed in a locked room with four members of the Sons of Lucifer. They were sent by Peter Lowry to deliver a message. Unfortunately for them, Bobo had a message of his own that he was looking to get across. Little did they know, Bobo was a fairly skilled combatant, taking out all four bikers on his own. He then tells one of the bikers that he didn't kill Aubrey, and to pass that on to Peter Lowry, before kicking him in the face. It turns out that Bobo put all four of them in the hospital, three were in stable condition, and the other was undergoing surgery on his knee.

A couple days later, with Manfred assistance, the police found a Sons of Lucifer jacket down stream from where they found the gun. There was a hair in the zipper that matched Aubrey's. This sole piece of evidence cleared Bobo of all wrongdoing, so he was released. Her husband was a person of interest as they suspected Peter Lowry's involvement in the murder, however, they had yet to locate him. If Bobo saw him first, he assured the Sheriff that he'd call. His first stop on his way back to Midnight was Fiji's house. She was deeply pleased with his released, they shared a hug and he told her that all charges had been dropped. He owed her. Not too often do friends take on the cops from him, but they couldn't move on just yet as Aubrey's husband was still on the loose. As long as he was free, it would never be over.

MTX 102-124-Bobo

Bobo brings Manfred a gift

As both a house warming present and thank you for getting him out of jail, Bobo gifted Manfred with a psychic and clairvoyant Palmistry sign taken from the pawn shop. Fiji told Bobo what Manfred did for him, and he greatly appreciated it. Manfred tells Bobo that Aubrey wanted to tell him the truth. Her husband asked her to get to know Bobo but what she felt for him was real. Bobo appreciates Manfred telling him this but the woman he loved never existed. As he exits the house, he runs into Creek, who welcomes him back with a hug.

In Lemuel, Unchained, Bobo, Fiji, Manfred, and Rev came running to Creek's aid as her scream could be heard throughout Midnight. They discover that a Nest of vampires had just arrived in town. Even more surprising, they were old friends of Lemuel.

The Midnighters regrouped at the Chapel. Lem was the first vampire that Bobo or Creek had ever seen. Between Aubrey and Sheriff Livingston being murdered, Midnight was starting to become really dangerous. The Rev informed them that vampires generally avoid Midnight due to the fact that Lemuel can kill them simply by touch, if he needed to. Despite Lemuel vouching for Zachariah and his nest, the Midnighters were uneasy, Manfred and Bobo especially. They agreed that vampires are vicious killers and that they aren't to be trusted. The Midnighters weren't to let their guard down. If anything happened, they were to meet at the Church as it was a sanctuary. Just in case they weren't aware, Fiji thought it best to inform them that most lore surrounding vampires are fiction. The only way to kill them was through a wooden stake to the heart or sunlight.

MTX 103-053-Bobo

Bobo with modified crossbow

Later that night, he joins Fiji at her place, only to discover that she was just as worried about the nest as he was. While Bobo came with crossbows and wooden stakes, Fiji was reading up on vampire mythology. He adjusted a crossbow, so that instead of using arrows, she could stake one without getting too close. Bobo needed to be sure that Fiji could protect herself.

Bobo and Fiji learn from Joe, Rev, and Manfred that as expected, the vampires had lied about their intentions. They had killed Henry, the Hardware store owner. At least they were safe as Fiji had cleansed her home, making it inhospitable to the dead. With all the vampires in town, they needed a lot more than crossbows and stakes. They weren't prepared for a full-fledged attack, so they needed targeted weapons. Bobo reminded Fiji that she was a witch in a witchcraft store, meaning she could get creative.

MTX 103-102-Fiji-Bobo

Fiji and Bobo constructing weapon

Fiji brought him a quartz that was occasionally referred to as the sunrise crystal. With light behind it, the crystal can emulate sunlight. Bobo noted that this sounded more like science than magic. He places the stone in a flashlight that had been rigged to operate as a holder for the stone, thus with the light from the flashlight behind it, they could kill the vampires. Bobo shined the light as it was a success. Pleased with the outcome, he and Fiji shared a brief hug before being startled by a noise coming from outside the door. Upon shinning the light at the door, they discover that Olivia was responsible for the noise. She couldn't make it to the chapel as it was too many vampires. He and Fiji learn that Lem had been poisoned and captured, and that they were going to kill him. However, Bobo had a plan to lure all the vampires to one spot and kill them with the light. Olivia stated that they would need a bigger light.

After learning from Fiji that Olivia was hurt while being attacked by a vampire, Bobo contacted Manfred to inform him of the bad news. The following morning, after successfully killing all the vampires using the stone and a large light, the Midnighters reunited in the streets. Later that evening, he visited Fiji as she was tending to her garden. He wanted to talk about their hug. Fiji explained that she got emotional and crazy when she was scared. She also felt comfortable around Bobo, and he felt comfortable around her as well. Fiji was his closet friend. He could always count on her, he said, just after hugging her.

MTX 104-017-Bobo

Bobo with the pawned Rolex

In Sexy Beast, with Sheriff Livingston's murder investigation underway, Bobo was furious over the lack of attention law enforcement was paying to Peter Lowry, who Bobo knew was guilty of the murder. They also couldn't find him, however, Bobo knew for a fact that the Sons of Lucifer hung out in the back room of a bar called The Cartoon Saloon. He was considering going to the bar himself and confronting Lowry, but Fiji advised against it. She thought it best if Bobo stayed out of the investigation, allowing the police to take care of the case. Fiji reminded him that he just got out of jail on suspicion of murder. They risked their lives to get him out. Bobo going after Lowry would only bring the police back to Midnight, which was good for no one. Fiji demands that he stay out of it, and so Bobo concedes. He admits that she was right and that he wasn't thinking straight. He promised Fiji he'd stay out of the investigation. She then invited him over for dinner, she was making Shepherd's pie, which he loved.

Their conversation was cut short when a woman named Patsy entered the shop in search for a Rolex that may have been recently pawned. Bobo was in possession of the item, he recalled the man that pawned the watch was driving a vintage red Cadillac. It was Patsy's brother, Ted. He was missing and their parents were worried. While Bobo had no knowledge of Ted's whereabouts, he directed Patsy over to Manfred, who could possibly use his psychic abilities to locate Ted.

Bobo calls Fiji on his way home from work. He was going to get out of his work clothes and come right over, but his plans changed after discovering that his house had been broken into and destroyed by the Sons of Lucifer, who left a Swastika painted on his wall. He then ran out to the underground cellar that was hidden under an old pick up truck, to ensure that it was still locked, which it was. He hated to do it but he had to cancel on Fiji, purposely failing to elaborate on why he canceled their dinner, which was to confront the Sons of Lucifer at the Cartoon Saloon.

MTX 104-089-Bobo-Calvin

Bobo vs Calvin

Bobo sat at the bar unnoticed until following one of the S.O.L members into the back, throwing him into a table as they granted him access into the room. He requested to talk with Peter Lowry, however, Calvin, a member of the biker gang, claimed to have no knowledge of Lowry, then asking if Bobo enjoyed the remodel, in reference to the break-in of his house. Bobo furiously delivers a powerful headbutt to Calvin, before telling them all that he knew that Lowry killed Aubrey and the Sheriff. Peter was the polices' problem. Bobo's only desire was to be left alone. Bobo made Calvin sick. He called Bobo a traitor to his family and race. Calvin went on to say that he had little pride by choosing the Midnighters over his own kind. Bobo then punches Calvin in the face, knocking him onto the table. He proceeds to grab a pool stick in an attempt to kill Calvin with it. However, Fiji intervened, bringing an end to the altercation.

If any of them set foot in Midnight again, Bobo would kill them. He then apologized to Fiji, leaving her to wonder if he was sorry for canceling dinner or almost killing a man in front of her. She wasn't saying that he didn't deserve it, but Bobo coming down to the bar by himself was idiotic. Once again, Bobo admitted that she was right. It meant a lot to him that she came for him. He also tells Fiji that she looked pretty. After being momentarily flattered and distracted, Fiji confesses that she didn't come to the bar for him. The Midnighters were searching after a hot blonde Succubus that was killing men. They joined Creek in the parking lot after learning that she had spotted the succubus. Having already sprayed her with the tincture designed to remove her glamour, Lemuel carried her off into the nearby woods where there would be no witnesses. They joined him soon thereafter.

With a revolver in hand, Bobo, and the other Midnighters jumped out the RV to find Gina rolling on the ground in agony as the transformation into her true succubus form was a painful one. They explained to her that the hunting of humans was not tolerated. However, she didn't appear to care for much of what they had to say considering she rushed Lemuel. A brief fight ensued, one in which she came out on the less fortunate end of. Gina then ran off into the woods, only for it to be revealed that she was hunting down Connor, who had secretly followed. The Midnighters cornered her in a dark field but proceeded with caution since she had Connor in her grasp. After failing to reason with her, Manfred set Gina on fire after Lemuel pulled Connor to safety, resulting in her death.

MTX 104-134-Fiji-Bobo

Fiji and Bobo kissing

The next day, Bobo stopped by The Inquiring Mind to thank Fiji for saving him once more. That was the second time in such little time that she had his back like no one else. No matter what, she was always there for him. Of course she was, Fiji expressed that she and Bobo were best friends. Bobo questioned if that was all that she wanted of their relationship. Sometimes he thinks that his life has been better since Fiji has been in it. The two of them then begin to kiss.

In Unearthed Bobo and Fiji's passionate kissing is interrupted by Mr. Snuggly's disruptive hissing. Bobo doesn't think much of it, saying that Mr. Snuggly will warm up to him as everyone does eventually. Fiji offers to make pancakes for the two of them but that was put on hold after Bobo hears the motors of the Sons of Lucifer's motorcycles just outside Fiji's place. He tells her to stay inside just before heading out.

MTX 105-012~Bobo-Sons of Lucifer

Bobo watching the bikers torch the pawn shop

Bobo exits the Inquiring Mind only to discover that the bikers were bombing Midnight Pawn. Having noticed the fire. With quick reaction time and assistance from Manfred, the two of them manage to douse the flames using the water hose and a hydrant. Bobo immediately runs into the charred shop calling out to Olivia and Lemuel, both of whom had been trapped inside with the fire. Thankfully, Olivia answers his call. She was fine, as was Lemuel, who slept through the fire. Bobo is then approached in the shop by Mr. Snuggly, who much to Bobo's surprise, could talk. He tells Bobo that the fire was merely a distraction, leaving the bikers enough time to go after what they really desired, Fiji. He receives a call to the shop from Peter Lowry, who was expecting an apology from Bobo for killing Aubrey. However, Bobo was only interested in Fiji's well-being. She was fine for the moment, but that would only remain to be true so long as he brought Peter the money and weapons. Bobo unhesitatingly agrees to Lowry's conditions. Eager to see Fiji's safe return, Bobo even offers to bring the goods in that moment, but Lowry had other plans in mind, telling Bobo that he'll get back to him.

While loading the money into a duffel bag, as he gets prepared for the exchange with Peter and the bikers, Manfred enters the shop, looking to pawn some of his family's ancient treasures for $20,000. Bobo can only offer him $15,000. Given the circumstances of Manfred's sudden need for cash, Bobo presumes that he may be in trouble, offering a Manfred a pistol.

MTX 105-030~Bobo-Lemuel

Bobo and Lemuel at the pawn shop

Lemuel had awakened by night fall, demanding to know who was responsible for bombing of the shop. Bobo explains that the Sons of Lucifer were behind the bombing, but they were solely after him, so he believes it to be best that he take care of it on his own. However, it stopped being only about Bobo when they attacked Olivia's home. Lemuel feels personally involved. Peter calls the shop to inform Bobo to meet up at Service Road off Ranchville Drive and to come alone as Fiji's life depended on it. Lemuel recalls Bobo's arrival to Midnight. Bobo offered to buy the shop in cash. Lemuel knew then that he was running from something, but he didn't ask questions because it was none of his concern. But with Fiji taken and Oliva's home being threatened, he’s asking now; what did they want from Bobo.

Bobo takes Lemuel to the underground bunker that he keeps hidden under a dusty pick-up truck just outside his house. Inside the bunker were money and military-grade weaponry. Bobo confesses that he's been running from his family, who were wealthy and well-connected white supremacists, a secret that he had been keeping to himself since moving to Midnight.

MTX 105-042-Bobo-Lemuel

Bobo and Lemuel in the bunker

His family had big plans for the weapons and money, but once he found out about what they had planned, he wanted no part of it, so he took the stolen goods and left. Eventually, the story began to spread, and the stash became the Holy Grail for white supremacist and those alike. Bobo presumes that one of the bikers must have discovered his true identity, resulting in his relationship with Aubrey that followed soon thereafter. He remembers Manfred telling him that Aubrey's feelings for him were real, which was probably the reason Lowry had her murdered, Bobo surmises. Bobo insists that he go alone because it was what Lowry had specifically requested. If he failed to meet these demands, Fiji would die. Bobo wasn't willing to take that risk. However, Lemuel was uncomfortable with sitting back and doing nothing.

Just as planned, he meets up with the bikers at Service Road off Ranchville Drive. He brings the money and guns in the back of a delivery truck. He exits the vehicle to be immediately approached by one of the bikers that he had gotten into a previous altercation with in the cell at the sheriff station. Bobo hands over the keys to the truck, allowing them to check for the goods. He asks for Fiji's location. While she wasn't there with them, they agree to take Bobo to her, but only after they repay him the favor of sending them to the hospital. Neck tat hits Bobo with a baton and knees him in the gut, knocking Bobo to the ground as the bikers collectively stomped on him. Fortunately, Bobo had Lemuel hiding just beneath the truck should things get out of hand.

MTX 105-072-Peter-Bobo

Peter and Bobo meeting up

Bobo arrives at the Sons of Lucifer base of operations, with Peter standing before him. Peter and a beaten and battered Bobo meet face-to-face for the first time. Bobo had done everything he asked, now he only wanted Fiji's safe return. She was still alive, but this was more than what Peter could say for Aubrey. Bobo tells Peter that Aubrey's death is on him. Peter admits that in a way, he was responsible for Aubrey's death. He should have never gotten her involved. Aubrey was so sweet; Peter assumed that she would wrap Bobo around her finger and get the information they sought right out of him. Now, Peter has what he wants, that being the weapons and wealth, but he didn't have his wife. Regardless, it was time to see what Bobo had brought them. Should Peter learn that Bobo held out on him, Fiji would be buried alive, and die a slow and painful death. With Bobo holding up his end of the bargain, and the bikers satisfied with their new-found fortune, Peter agrees to take him to Fiji.

He finds Fiji in a storage unit, where she has been left tied up and barely conscious. Bobo rushes over to check on Fiji, removing the patch from her neck as he does so. Bobo and Peter proceed to play the blame game, throwing accusation of responsibility pertaining to Aubrey's murder at one another. You've been lying so long, you're starting to believe them yourself, Peter says. Fiji comes to his defense, telling Peter that Bobo doesn't lie. Peter realizes that Fiji has no idea about Bobo's past. He used to be one of them, a white supremacist. Bobo denies any affiliation to the group, claiming that he will explain it all later. Peter then recalls Bobo being at Ground zero for the bombing of a church outside of Atlanta. Fed up with Peter's claims and accusations, Bobo demands that both he and Fiji be released. Despite Bobo holding up his end of the deal, Peter isn't upholding his end. Bobo and Fiji are locked in the storage unit, but not before Lowry tells him not to worry about the weapons, as they will be sure to make his father proud. Infuriated by this comment, Bobo aggressively approaches Peter but with bikers pointing loaded guns in his face, he was helpless to do anything.

MTX 105-096-Fiji-Bobo

Bobo and Fiji inside the shipping container

After he sets Fiji free, Bobo and Fiji could feel the unit shaking. He correctly assumes that this is the result of Lemuel taking action in their defense. However, with the container locked, the air begins to thin, meaning they would be dead soon if they didn't find the way out. Bobo began slamming the camera tripod and the wooden chair against the steel doors, but to no avail. He looks over to Fiji, who appears to be praying, but in actuality, she was casting a spell to collect the remaining air within the container into a small bubble around the two of them. Bobo expresses that Fiji was saving his life once more, though Fiji cuts him short, stating that they needed to conserve their remaining air, as the container is shaken yet again.

While Fiji maintains the bubble surrounding her and Bobo, he repeatedly tells her that he's sorry. As luck would have it, Lemuel forcefully rips the steel doors open just in time as the air was running extremely thin. While the three of them head back to the truck, Lem instructs Bobo to make it fast as the sun was almost up. Bobo grabs a grenade from a weapon's container. When he prepares to use it to blow up the entire stash, he is blindsided by Peter, though Bobo manages to disarm him and subsequently kill Peter with his own knife. Bobo looks up to see Fiji around the corner of the truck, looking on. She tells him that they needed to go, and so they do. After struggling to get back to his feet, Bobo throws the grenade into what's left of the weapons and money, resulting in a huge explosion as he, Fiji, and Lem drive off.

MTX 105-137-Bobo

Bobo arriving at the Inquiring Mind

The following morning, Bobo enters the store just to see how she's holding up. He didn't know they were going to bomb the church. He was seventeen when his father claimed that he was going to teach him something on an outing that evening. He stayed in the car the entire time, oblivious to what his father was planning. By the time he realized what was happening, it was too late for him to do anything. He saw who his family was, and realized that he wanted nothing to do with them. That night when they were celebrating, he left and he hasn't seen his family since. Fiji always assumed that his parents were dead because he never talked about them, which isn't out of the ordinary in Midnight considering most Midnighters have a dark and secretive past. Bobo says that it isn't about his family, it was about them. He should've told her the truth, but he was ashamed, as well as afraid of how she would react. Fiji thought she knew Bobo deeply. The sad thing is, she does know him, but he understood why she thought otherwise. She tells Bobo that she needs time. He grants her this request, but not without telling her that he would always be there for her.

MTX 106-040-Olivia-Bobo

Olivia and Bobo leaving the chapel

In Blinded by the Light, with news spreading of another missing girl, Bobo, Fiji, Manfred, Creek, Olivia, Rev, and Joe convene at the church, where they discuss their next course of action in handling the dilemma. Creek hopes that she's just out partying, and hopefully not laying in a ditch somewhere, Olivia remarks. Regardless of which scenario proves to be true, Bobo believes they should go out looking for her. With Manfred's increasingly frequent ghost sightings, and Rev finding dead rodents and insects off Witch Light Road, Fiji suspects that something supernatural may be occurring. Joe changes the subject back to the missing girl, as they should be looking for her instead. The Midnighters partner off. Joe heads off on his own to check the ranches, while Manfred and Creek take the backwoods, leaving Bobo and Fiji in an awkward position as the two of them would usually stick together during such a time. However, in light of his sketchy past, and Fiji needing space, it would be best if the two of them didn't join forces. Instead, Olivia brings Bobo with her, leaving Fiji and Rev to search the town.

Bobo and Olivia join Manfred and Creek after they discover another girl's body out in the backwoods. Olivia and Manfred recognize the girl. They say her name is Tiffany, and that she was the vampire groupie from Zach's bus. Bobo notes that she was killed a while ago as Manfred attempts to make contact with her spirit, however, it seems as if Tiffany had moved on, which was the natural order. Bobo suspects that Tiffany and Aubrey's killers are one and the same. Neither he nor Peter Lowry killed Aubrey, meaning the culprit was still at large. Tiffany's body was left in the woods just like Aubrey's. Creek wonders if they should call the authorities in case someone was looking for her, but Tiffany fell off the grid long before she came to Midnight. They need to find whoever is responsible and deal with it themselves. They'll decide the punishment once they find the killer but for now, they'll continue to look for the other girl. Fingers crossed that they find her before the police start looking into her disappearance.

MTX 106-055-Bobo-Olivia

Olivia and Bobo searching for the missing girl

As he and Olivia search the woods for the girl, she becomes aggravated with the lack of knowledge they have over the killer, whether he's human or supernatural. Bobo asks does it make a difference, not to the victims, Olivia replies. She remembers Lemuel's former vampire nest saying that Midnight called to them. Bobo recalls the succubus saying something similar. It seems like every day there was a new supernatural threat coming to town and stirring up trouble. Bobo claims that men can be just as evil, or worse, Olivia adds. He asks Olivia if she has talked to Fiji, to which she sarcastically replies that she talks to Fiji all the time. He's wondering if Fiji hates him. Olivia tells him that she thought he was perfect, even putting him on a pedestal, until the day he fell off. On the bright side, there was nowhere to go but up. Olivia explains to Bobo that Fiji knows what she does for a living, and while she doesn't like it, she also doesn't judge. So, Bobo shouldn't concern himself with it too much, there's always hope.

After finding Connor beaten and bruised, the Midnighters head to Manfred's house, where Bobo, Fiji, and Manfred, watch from the hallway as Creek applies care to Connor's wounds. Fiji determines him to be disoriented, he may even have a concussion. He went looking for the missing girl but someone hit him from behind, just like with Aubrey. Fiji asks him if he's sure that it was human, as she was considering the possibility that it could be a demon, but before Connor can respond, Lemuel bangs at the door, having been called by Bobo.

MTX 106-107-Bobo-Manfred-Olivia

Bobo, Manfred, and Olivia confronting Shawn

They regroup at Home Cookin' after a long day of searching. Fiji was positive that she was being haunted by a demon. Both she and Manfred saw it when they were cleansing his home, but they banished it to the other side of the veil, or so they thought. She believes the demon is responsible for the killings, but Lemuel tells her otherwise. Rev enters the Midnighter's room, revealing to them all that the veil between hell and Midnight is fraying. The energy was seeping out of the veil, thus affecting each of them and bringing out the darkness in them, as well as drawing evil to their town. Fiji questions why she's just now learning of this despite having previously told Rev about her demon encounters, and how it was clawing her, which came as a surprise to Bobo. He asks if she's okay but she looks to Rev for answers. However, he doesn't know.

The Midnighters tie up and surrounded Shawn Lovell in the pawn shop after Manfred and Lemuel discovered him in the woods with the missing girl, who was thankfully still alive. As the interrogation begins, Bobo wants to first make sure that Shawn is the killer, though Lem found him with the girl. What more proof could they need. The Midnighters argue over how best to address the situation, whether they should torture and then kill Shawn for all he's done or turn him over to the police. However, after Manfred discovers a shoe box filled with items belonging to the victims, as well as the same skeleton mask that Aubrey's killer wore, they realize that Shawn was merely protecting the killer, as it was his son, Connor.

MTX 106-104-Manfred-Bobo

Manfred and Bobo showing up too late t stop Connor

Manfred and Bobo head over to Fiji's place with a photo of Connor to show to Aerin. She identifies Connor as her attacker. Aerin tried to run away but he found her. Connor hit her with the metal pipe, and she passed out. But when he came back, she was ready for him. She hit him with a rock and ran as far as way as she could. Inside the shoe box, Bobo finds the ring that he gave to Aubrey, further evidence that he was the killer. With that in mind, he and Manfred return to Manfred's house to warn Creek. As they approach the house, Bobo finds it harder to fight the urge to strangle Connor with his bare hands, though Creek's been through enough, so he'll restrain himself as best as possible. They enter the house only to discover that Creek and Connor are gone.

They return to the pawn shop with no hope of finding Creek. She wasn't answering her phone, and Shawn had no clue where Connor would take her. Connor was sick, and he always has been. He was the reason they couldn't have animals. Connor took pleasure in killing them. Even with doctors suggesting that they lock him up, Shawn refused, which in return put all of Midnight in danger. This was never Shawn's intent. His entire reasoning for moving to Midnight was due to the fact that it was isolated and that the Midnighters could protect themselves. Bobo asks about those that couldn't protect themselves, like Aubrey and Tiffany. They're dead because of Shawn's refusal to stop his son. Connor now had Creek, which left the Midnighters concerned for her well-being. They being to wonder what will happen once Connor feels cornered after Creek inevitably figures out that he's the killer. Manfred exits the shop, with the Midnighters closely behind.

MTX 106-121-Manfred-Fiji-Olivia-Bobo-Rev. Sheehan

The Midnighters watching Joe fly away

Manfred plans to get in the RV and drive until he miraculously finds Creek. With no other option, Bobo seconds this action. He'd go north while Manfred went south. Olivia, Lem, Fiji and the Rev attempt to reason with them, as there was no logic to be found in this plan since there was too much ground to cover. But they couldn't just sit around, and hope that Connor would kill a stranger but not his sister. In agreement with Bobo and Manfred, Joe takes off his jacket, and spreads his wings right before his fellow Midnighters, all of whom are amazed by the fact that he's an angel. Joe can cover more ground from above, so he takes off, with Lemuel following his lead, using super speed to keep up from the ground. Bobo, Olivia, Manfred, Fiji, and Rev wait near the RV for Joe, Lem, and Creek's safe return. Lem exits the vehicle, looking to the Midnighters, and shaking his head, signaling that Connor was dead.

The next morning, Aerin, Bobo, and Fiji wait outside the Inquiring Mind for Aerin's mother to pick her up. Bobo tells her that Connor will never hurt anyone ever again, they made sure of that. Should the folks in Davy learn of what transpired in Midnight, they would burn the place to the ground. Aerin says she will tell them the truth; she got hurt, and an awfully nice group of Midnighters found her, and they took care of her. Aerin shares a goodbye hug with Fiji, and Bobo waves goodbye, as Aerin's mother arrives. They smile as she pulls off. Bobo tells Fiji that she did a good thing; one good thing in an otherwise awful day. She feels like Midnight will never be okay again.

MTX 106-141-Olivia-Rev. Sheehan-Fiji-Joe-Bobo-Creek-Manfred

The Midnighters honoring the dead

The Midnighters gather outside the church to burn and destroy Connor's memorabilia, as well as honor the spirits that were torn from their world because of him. Fire destroys, but it also cleanses. As Fiji leads the ceremony, Joe places his hand on Bobo's shoulder. Let them cleanse the pain, and the suffering they experienced leading to their deaths. From this hate, let love be found. From this violence, let peace emerge. Farewell and blessed be, Fiji says.

In Angel Heart, after being told to close up the pawn shop, Bobo heads over to Lem and Olivia's apartment. He wonders what the big emergency is about. Fiji shows up within seconds oh him, wondering why they both were called over. Much to Bobo and Fiji's surprise, Chuy was back in town, but they would rather wait for Rev and Manfred to arrive before explaining the situation in its entirety.

MTX 107-060~Joe-Manfred-Olivia-Bobo

Manfred, Olivia, and Bobo at Olivia's aprtment

Manfred arrives shortly thereafter, and while the Rev still wasn't picking up his phone, the Midnighters decided to proceed without him. Joe and Chuy needed their help. There was an angel named Bowie in Midnight, and she was hunting Joe. Angels not only protect humans, they also kill demons. Bowie only enjoyed the killing aspect over everything else. Bobo asks Joe if he knows her personally, which he did. She was an old mentor and friend of Joe's. He walked away from that life without a word, and she was still angry and hurt because of it. Joe confesses that leaving the fold and being fallen isn't exactly why she wants to kill him. She could have possibly forgiven those indiscretions. What she couldn't forgive is Joe falling in love with Chuy, who was a demon, which came as a surprise to everyone in the room, Bobo included.

Joe and Chuy met in a marketplace many years ago. He saved Chuy from several attackers, and from there, everything changed, including Joe's views on demons. However, Bowie didn't approve of this, however, so he left, thus putting them in their current predicament. Still reeling from the revelation of Chuy being a demon, Bobo checks with Chuy to make sure he heard him correctly. A demon is what Chuy was, however, he was only half demon. Chuy's mother was human. The Midnighters seemingly agree to assist in taking down the revenge-seeking angel, especially after Manfred reminds them that Joe saved Creek just days earlier. With that being said, they first need to learn how to stop an angel. Joe explains the angels are tough. They can read minds, and use your secrets against you, not to mention they're practically immortal. Humans can't kill an angel, and Joe wasn't nearly powerful enough to take on Bowie himself. And while demons can kill angels, Chuy doing so is not an option. Last time he changed, it took three years to get him back. They would all be in danger if Chuy turned. Manfred suggests sending Bowie to hell, where the demons can take care of her. He recalls the exorcism at his house with Fiji. The mirror acted as a portal to the other side of the veil. If they recreated that portal, they could trap Bowie on the other side.

MTX 107-069-Joe-Bobo-Fiji

Joe and Bobo setting up the mirrors

With a plan in motion, Bobo reviews Bowie's ability to read minds. Apparently, it was an ability possessed by all angels. However, Joe informs Bobo and Fiji that he has never read any of their minds. He won't abuse that power. He hadn't used it in centuries, but Bowie wouldn't hesitate to use in order to get her way or humiliate someone. Fiji sighs at the overwhelming amount of secrets in Midnight. She could barely keep up. Bobo remarks that not everyone can be an open book like her. While Fiji admits to having her own secrets, they couldn't come back to hurt anyone but herself, though Bobo points out she couldn't possibly know that for sure. Fiji asks if he has any more secrets. Bobo only has small secrets, like how he misses his family, not what they believe in, or the violent acts, but he did miss thanksgivings with them, as well as his mother. Out of nowhere, he confesses to loving Fiji, though this catches her by surprise. Fiji doesn't know how to respond, so instead of saying it back or expressing her own feelings, she goes back to work on the portal.

With Bowie holding the patrons of Home Cookin hostage, including Creek, Rev, and Madonna, the Midnighters are forced to enact their plan. With their guns drawn, Bobo and Olivia wait just outside the doors of the restaurant as Bowie exits with Creek. She releases Creek, allowing Bobo and Olivia get her out of the line of fire. The plan was going perfectly, Joe was distracting Bowie as Fiji opens the portal, and Lem waits behind a truck for his cue. Unfortunately, the plan fails after Bowie destroys the portal, leaving Joe to take Bowie on himself, despite being the weaker of the two. With Joe nearing death, Chuy does the unthinkable by transforming into his demonic form and attacking Bowie, resulting in her death, and a subsequent bright purple explosion. By then, Bobo, Olivia, and a Creek had taken cover

After Joe manages to calm Chuy and revert him back to his human self, the Midnighters regroup in Home Cookin', where Bobo and Fiji attempt to tend to the Rev's wounds; he possibly suffered some broken bones during his altercation with Bowie. However, he informed them that it isn't necessary because they'll reset by the next full moon. The transformation can fix injuries, apparently.

MTX 107-140-Bobo

Bobo at the Inquiring Mind

The following morning, Bobo joins Fiji outside the Inquiring Mind as she cleans up the mess left in the aftermath of the violent attack the previous night. He approaches her from behind, asking if she needs help, but Fiji is startled by this. She jumps back in fear. She explains that what she needs are peace and quiet. She misses their nice little quiet town, where nothing ever happened. She begins to cry while picking up the shards of broken pottery pieces. Bobo offers to clean up the mess while she gets some rest. He'll even stay on the porch. If she gets scared by the feeling of a demonic presence, he'll be right outside waiting for her. Fiji takes him up on the offer.

MTX 108-036-Bobo-Janice

Bobo holding down Janice

In Last Temptation of Midnight, while sweeping up the dead insects from in front of the pawn shop, Bobo watches as Janice, one of the locals, exits the Inquiring Mind with a dagger in her hand. Bobo stops what he's doing, and rushes to Janice's aid as she walks into the middle of the street. She raises the blade, saying that it needs her to die, before gesturing it in a position to stab herself. Fortunately, Fiji isn't far off. She telekinetically pulls the dagger away from Janice, who frantically demands that Fiji return the blade to her. Bobo approaches Janice from behind, holding her arms down, and telling her to calm down. He asks Fiji what was wrong with Janice, but she had not the slightest clue.

The Midnighters gather in the church after Janice's suicide attempt. She's been hearing a voice in her head. The voice is telling her that she needs to die and that everything will be better once she does. After realizing the demon that's been calling to Fiji and Janice are one and the same, Fiji suggests that Janice leave Midnight until further notice. Rev recalls Joe telling him that as the veil frays, evil energy will seep out; energy that will tap into their dark impulses. However, Fiji doesn't believe this to be a case of the veil's influence. She and Janice heard a specific voice, which means they were being targeted by one demon in particular. Bobo asks Fiji if it ever asked her to kill herself, which it didn't, but, it was getting louder and stronger. It was likely gaining the means to do this by feeding on death. One thing Bobo couldn't figure out is why the demon chose Janice of all people. Fiji explains that she was vulnerable and sad after her son moved away, and her mother passed.

MTX 108-047-Bobo-Olivia

Bobo and Olivia gearing up

Bobo is met by Olivia at the pawn shop. She notices his weapons collection, commenting that his is almost as remarkable as her own, though his weapons prove ineffective against supernaturals, Bobo adds. This is why Olivia has come prepared with silver bullets, which are efficient in taking down both vampires and weretigers. Bobo questions just how powerful the veil's influence is, and if it was capable of turning Lem and the Rev against them. Olivia reminds him that Joe had to take Chuy out of town due to Midnight's seeping dark energy. However, Chuy wasn't the only one feeling the veil's effect. Bobo learns from Olivia that she saw the Rev eating meat earlier that day, despite his vegetarian diet. Olivia can't believe that she's saying it, but maybe Manfred had the right idea by leaving Midnight. Regardless of what the right idea may be, Bobo has no intentions on leaving Midnight. He says Midnight is his home, while loading his revolver with the silver bullets.

MTX 108-112-Rev. Sheehan-Fiji-Manfred-Olivia-Bobo

The Midnighters gathered in the street

Manfred returns to town, informing everyone of the new threat in Midnight. The Midnighters rally in the street to stop the offering before it can take place. After pouring gasoline all over the bodies, the faceless supernatural prepares to begin the offering, but before he can light the pile of dead bodies on fire, Bobo and Lem hold him down while Olivia disarms him of his lighter. Faceless calls out to Fiji before telling the Midnighters that the rising demon's name is Colconnar, and that he has chosen Fiji. The ground beneath their feet begins to split wide open as the flames of hell seep out, and engulf the offered sacrifices. With his master's rise quickly approaching, faceless knocks Bobo to the ground, and grabs Fiji. In order to save Fiji from her captor, Manfred commands the ghosts of the sacrificed to drag faceless back to hell.

The next morning, Bobo enters the shop to tell Fiji that Rev is feeling better after the potion she gave him. He then asks how she's doing She's not doing well. It won't be long before she meets face-to-face with Colconnar. She knows his name, and that he's eventually coming for her. Bobo promises Fiji that there was no way in hell that it was going to get to her.

In Riders On The Storm,


Bobo is a very kind, caring and loving person. He fights for what's right and for the people he cares about, willing to put his life on the line and to pay the price, if necessary. While caring towards everyone, this is most notable around Fiji, who he shares the deepest bond with and evident when he went to save her from Peter Lowry, who had taken her as his hostage.


Contrary to his kind and gentle nature, Bobo has proven to be quite a skilled combatant. He effectively took down four members of the Sons of Lucifer biker gang on his own. Placing each of them in the hospital, one of which needed reconstructive surgery on their knee. How he acquired such fighting skills has yet to be revealed.[5]


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Sexy Beast:
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Season Two Appearances: 9/9
Head Games:
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I Put a Spell On You:
Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay:
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