Fire destroys. It also cleanses. We honor the spirits that were torn from this life. Let us cleanse the pain; the suffering they experienced. From this hate, let love be found. And from this violence, let peace emerge. Farewell and blessed be.

Blinded by the Light is the sixth episode of the first season of NBC's Midnight, Texas and the sixth episode of the series overall.


A THREAT RESURFACES THAT COULD JEOPARDIZE THE BALANCE IN MIDNIGHT -- When a local girl goes missing, the Midnighters try to find her before law enforcement descends into town. Manfred and Creek discover Aubrey's murder was not an isolated incident -- someone or something is killing young women in Midnight. In the race to find the missing girl, Bobo resolves to get justice for Aubrey. Lem and Olivia join the hunt, not knowing if the killer is human or supernatural. Complicating matters, Fiji is haunted by a demonic entity and seeks answers from the Rev while Joe struggles to maintain the secret that protects his family.[2]


MTX 106-004-Dudes-Ryan

Davy teens trashing the Inquiring Mind

A group of rowdy and rebellious teens from Davy run the streets of Midnight in the late hours, causing trouble. They call out to the Midnighters, though one teen in particular, Aerin, wasn't so sure this was a good idea. Ryan jokes that she's scared of the werewolves getting her, considering it was a full moon. They enter through the front yard of the Inquiring Mind, trashing the place before Fiji intervenes by using her magic to create wind gusts that stir up dust in their faces, which scares them off. Before leaving, they call her a "weird little middle-aged bitch" and threaten to burn her at the stake. Fiji retorts that she is not middle-aged as the teens take off in another direction.

Their next stop was the pet cemetery, where they vandalize the church and headstones with graffiti. Aerin refuses to take part in the vandalism. The cemetery gave creeps. As her friends tag the headstones and church with spray paint, Aerin looks around, making sure not to stray too far off from her friends. She is startled after she steps on a dead rat. As her friends exit the cemetery, she becomes frightened by animalistic growling and banging coming from the church's cellar. Unbeknownst to Aerin, the Rev has turned into a weretiger. Unaware of what truly lies beneath that cellar, Aerin runs off, following her friends who had already taken off down the street. Ryan tells his friends about the blood drinking parties and the feasting of children hearts that he heard about. Lemuel interrupts, feeling a little hungry, he asks them if that's why they're in Midnight, to be fed on. Terrified by Lemuel's appearance, the teens get back in their car and speed off. Unfortunately for Aerin, she was left behind as her friends were more concerned with getting away.

MTX 106-013-Aerin

Aerin running from an unknown attacker

She is forced to walk the dark Texas road all by her lonesome since Ryan wasn't answering her calls. As luck would have it, a truck was quickly approaching, she assumes that this is Ryan, though she would be wrong. The vehicle speeds up, driving down the middle of the lane, headed directly at her. Aerin quickly realizes that the driver was not Ryan. She runs onto the dirt road, hoping to escape her attacker, but she falls to the ground, providing him with enough time to exit his vehicle and take her away.

The next morning, as Rev is left to clean up a horde of dead insects and rodents, Fiji awakens on her couch to a demonic hand grabbing her leg. She jumps up in horror only to see that nothing is there, leaving her to assume that it was just a nightmare. However, upon further examination of her leg, she sees what appears to be claw marks left behind.

MTX 106-019-Creek-Manfred

Manfred and Creek in bed

Manfred and Creek lay in bed, wrapped in each other's arms after spending the night together. It was nice with Creek not having to sneak off. She tells him to get used to it. They start to kiss, but a ghost at Manfred's window brings an end to the tender moment. Manfred pops a couple pills to subside his headache. They had been occurring a lot more frequently. Creek advises him to see a doctor but as Manfred explains, it's not a medical issue. Because he was a medium, whenever he sees ghosts and spirits, it'll make him feel sick, comparable to a hangover. The more ghost he sees, the worst that hangover becomes. While she couldn't help him with the hauntings, Creek did know of a fool-proof hangover remedy.

She takes him to Home Cookin', where she prepares him a greasy breakfast in hopes of curing his hangover. After popping a couple more pills, he is joined by the Rev. They exchanged pleasantries. Manfred claims his night was good, but Rev had a relatively rough night due to the full moon. They discuss the differing ways in which they fraying veil is affecting them, though Manfred is unaware that the veil is the cause. Rev's were-self's hunger was becoming more insatiable. Combined with the fact that he was seeing more ghost, this made Manfred believe that something strange was going on, and while Rev knew exactly what was occurring, he was obligated to keep Joe's confession a secret.

MTX 106-028-Connor

Creek sees a bruise on Connor's arm

Creek confronts Connor at the restaurant for ignoring several of her texts. Connor claims that he was too preoccupied with covering her shifts at the Gas N Go. She says that's on their father; apparently, he fired her. She only wishes to check in on Connor, asking how's it going with just him and their father. Shawn was very upset with Creek hooking up with the town's con-man, understandably, it wasn't going well. Creek refuses to apologize for being an adult and making her own decisions, which Conner accepts, but that doesn't mean he's happy about it. As he reaches for his food, Creek notices a bruise on his left arm, suspecting that her dad was the cause of it. Connor reminds her that she left, asking her to just let it be.

Ryan, one of the vandals from the previous night, returns to Midnight in search of his Aerin. He enters Home Cookin', showing the photo of her to Manfred and Rev, hoping that one of them may have seen her. Aerin's mother said that she didn't make it home. Neither of them recognizes her. However, Rev did see that his cemetery was vandalized, immediately realizing that Ryan and his friends were the culprits, though Ryan denies all allegations. Rev then volunteers Manfred to assist in the search for the missing girl, as he was intuitive. Ryan abruptly ends the discussion. He has no desire to be pulled into their "witchy crap". Just before exiting, he says it was a mistake to even ask them. While Ryan was inconsequential, they now had a problem on their hands since there was another missing girl, which would bring the police back to Midnight.

MTX 106-034~Olivia-Fiji-Manfred-Creek-Bobo

The Midnighters gathering at the church

At the church, Fiji, Manfred, Creek, Olivia, Bobo, Rev, and Joe discuss their next course of action pertaining to the missing girl. Creek hopes that she's just out partying, and hopefully not laying in a ditch somewhere, Olivia comments. Either way, Bobo believe they should try to find her. Fiji suspects that something supernatural is occurring, especially with Manfred's uptick in ghost sightings. He had been seeing and hearing them everywhere. The psychic energy was off the charts. Not to mention, Rev had also been finding dead animals and insects off Witch Light Road. Joe changes the subject to the missing girl as they should be looking for her instead of sitting around talking. He heads out to the ranches while Manfred and Creek take the backwoods, leaving Olivia, Rev, Bobo, and Fiji to figure out amongst themselves, who was going to partner with who. Noticing the awkward tension between Bobo and Fiji, Olivia intervenes, volunteering to partner with Bobo, so that Fiji and Rev could search the town

Rev and Fiji have known each other for a long time. She has always been optimistic, and able to see the light in the darkness. Rev jokes that she has a flair for prints as well. Fiji laughs and thanks him for the compliment, but lately it's been difficult for her to maintain that optimism and joyfulness. She hasn't been sleeping. She often hears a voice calling out to her, and she can feel it touching her. Fiji has a feeling that it's not going to stop until it takes her. Rev reminds her that it was natural to feel a bit shaken considering she had just been kidnapped. But Fiji explains that she feels like a demon is after her. She tries to play it off by saying it was demons, or she was going crazy. Rev assures Fiji that she's not crazy as the two of them share a hug.

MTX 106-046-Tiffany

Tiffany's body in the woods

Manfred was lucky to have Creek with him out in the backwoods as all the trees began to look the same to him. For Creek, it was far easier to navigate the woods. She knew them pretty well since her and Connor would explore them for hours after they first moved to Midnight. She tells Manfred that she thinks her dad is taking out his anger for her on Conner, after seeing a bruise on his arm. However, he had never laid a finger on them before, even after their mom died. As messed up as Shawn became, he never touched them. They discover another body within the woods, but it wasn't Aerin.

Manfred and Creek are joined by Bobo and Olivia. Both Manfred and Olivia recognizes the dead girl as Tiffany, the vampire groupie from Zach's bus. Manfred makes physical contact with the corpse, calling out to her in hopes that she could tell them who killed her, but she doesn't respond, leaving Manfred to conclude that her spirit has passed on, which is a good thing. It was the natural order. Spirits that stay are both unsettled and unhappy. Bobo suspects that Tiffany and Aubrey's killers are one and the same. Olivia disagrees, as they have no proof of this. But Bobo's sure of it considering neither he nor Peter Lowry killed Aubrey, meaning the killer was still at large. Creek wonders if they should call the authorities in case someone was looking for Tiffany, but as Olivia explains to her, Tiffany fell off the grid long before she came to Midnight. They need to find whoever is responsible and deal with it themselves. A fitting punishment will be decided upon locating the killer, until then, they needed to continue looking for the other girl. Hopefully, they find her before the police begin to investigate.

MTX 106-051-Rev. Sheehan-Davy Deputy

Rev and the Davy Deputies

Rev answers the Davy deputy's questions as he cleans the spray paint off the vandalized headstone. He didn't see anything because he was down for the night, before sunset, or so he claims. In actuality, he was in the cellar for the full moon, however, he couldn't exactly inform the deputies of this, so he lies. The deputy points out that it wasn't that long ago that Aubrey Lowry went missing, and was later found dead by the river. She was murdered by her husband, as far as the Rev understood. The deputy states that it's still an open case until they find Lowry. The missing girl's mother was a judge in Davy, and she was scared, so the deputies agreed to search around, but he warns Rev that in 24 hours, there will be a full-on investigation.

Joe returns from the ranches with no luck in finding the girl. Fiji believe she's going mad because she's hearing demons. Manfred is self-medicating because he's seeing spirits at every turn. Rev promised to keep Joe's secret, but the others deserve to know they weren't going crazy. However, nothing Joe says is going to stop what's coming. Eventually, they will know everything, but Rev questions just how long they have. Will it be too late, will demons be crawling out of the veil? Joe's simply trying to protect his family, which Rev understood, but it was at the expense of everyone else. He knows that Joe sent Chuy away, presumably because the veil was too dangerous for him to be in Midnight. This was an impossible choice for Joe, but if it got out that there was a fallen angel in Midnight, "they" would come for him, and that was the last thing that anyone wanted. While he couldn't tell the Midnighters the truth just yet, he could at least keep looking for the girl.

MTX 106-055-Bobo-Olivia

Olivia and Bobo searching for the missing girl

Olivia is aggravated by the lack of knowledge they have over the killer, whether he's natural or supernatural, though it doesn't make much of a difference, at least not to the victims. She recalls Lemuel 's former vampire nest saying that Midnight called to them. Bobo mentions that the succubus essentially said the same thing. It seems like every day they were dealing with a new supernatural threat coming to town. Although they couldn't rule out the possibility of the killer being human because men can be just as evil, or even worse, Olivia adds. He asks Olivia if she has talked to Fiji, to which she sarcastically replies that she talks to Fiji all the time. On a much more serious note, Bobo desires to know the truth on whether or not Fiji hates him. Olivia tells him that this was never the case, she thought he was perfect. She put him on a pedestal, one in which he fell off, but on the bright side, Olivia tells him that there was nowhere to go but up. She goes on to explain that Fiji knows what she does for a living, working as an assassin, killing people for hire. While Fiji doesn't like her profession, she also doesn't judge. Olivia playfully nudges Bobo, telling him not to concern himself with it too much, there's always still hope.

Creek returns home, with Manfred right behind her. They only wish to check in on Conner and inform him of what's going on. She calls out to him but receives no response. Manfred insists that he would call her if something was wrong, but Creek believes otherwise. He'd be more likely to keep quiet and protect their dad, which was the Lovell way. As Manfred proceeds further into the house, he begins to hear strange noises and feels another headache coming on, so he pops a couple more pills before being confronted by Shawn, who was less than enthusiastic about Manfred's return to his home. Manfred explains that he was there with Creek. As Shawn got closer, Manfred could smell the alcohol on his breath, commenting that he was starting early, in reference to day drinking. Shawn delivers a massive blow to Manfred, instantly knocking him to the floor. He had no right to come to Shawn's house and question him. Before the situation could escalate any further, Creek intervenes and helps Manfred up. She goes on to tell her father that just because she wasn't home all the time doesn't mean she wasn't watching out for Connor. Shawn wasn't interested in any explanation, he only wanted Manfred out of his house.

MTX 106-067-Manfred-Connor-Rev. Sheehan~Creek

Manfred, Rev, and Creek finding Connor

After leaving the house, she sends Connor a warning text that their father was drunk again. Creek thinks that she should have kept lying about her relationship with Manfred, maybe then things wouldn't be as bad as they are. She didn't think having a life would be such a problem, but clearly, she was wrong. Rev approaches them at the intersection, asking if they had any luck in finding the missing girl, which they didn't. Creek suggests that they check the road to Davy, but Manfred interrupts after seeing someone walking towards Midnight, though at the time, he wasn't sure whether it was a ghost or an actual person. They soon realize that it's Connor, who collapses after being attacked.

At Manfred's house, Bobo, Fiji, and Manfred watch from the hallway as Creek applies care to Connors wounds. Fiji determines him to be disoriented, he may have a concussion. Unfortunately, Connor couldn't remember who attacked him. He went looking for the missing girl but someone hit him from behind, just like Aubrey's attack. Fiji asks him if he's sure that it was a human that attacked him. Despite what most of them believe, she was thinking that it could be a demon, but before Connor can respond, Lemuel bangs at the door.

MTX 106-072-Bobo~Manfred-Fiji~Lemuel~Olivia~Joe

Fiji explaining her demon encounters

They regroup in the Midnighter's room, where Fiji further elaborates on her earlier statement about demons. She was sure that she was being haunted by one. Manfred saw it too when she cleansed his home, but they banished it back to the other side of the veil, or at least they thought they did. Joe interrupts, suggesting that they return to looking for the girl. Fiji's considering the possibility of the demon being responsible for the killings. However, Lemuel explains to her that demons are malevolent beings, as in not of their earth. The attack on Connor was downright sloppy, very human-like, which Olivia comments as being very solvable, just before flashing her holstered gun. With Manfred seeing ghosts everywhere he looks, and Fiji seeing demons, they believe that there has to be a reason for this.

Rev joins them in the Midnighter's room, out of his Reverend attire, wearing nothing more than regular jeans and a jacket. He was coming to them as Emilio, a Midnighter, and a friend, not a man of God. He was doing something wrong for reasons that he believed to be right, so he hopes that they'll forgive him but his conscience would not allow him to remain silent any further. Rev informs them that the veil between hell and Midnight is fraying. The energy was seeping out of the veil, thus affecting each of them and bringing out the darkness within them, as well as drawing evil to their town. Fiji questions why she's just now hearing of this despite having earlier told him about what she was experiencing. Rev was simply protecting his source, but he was doing it at their expense. There was a demon in Fiji's house, clawing at her, which was news to Bobo. He asks if she's okay, but Fiji looks to Rev for answers, though he wasn't sure either. Manfred recaps the current dilemmas they were facing; an opening portal to Hell, a missing girl, and law enforcement about to swarm into Midnight should they fail to find her.

MTX 106-080-Shawn

Shawn with the missing girl

With that being said, Manfred and Lemuel go to the site of Connor's attack, hoping that he could get a read on something. Manfred wonders what Lemuel's thoughts were on what the Rev said. Lemuel was curious about who gave him the information. He's also been wondering why he's been so hungry lately, and the fraying veil certainly explains why. While Manfred fails to gain any kind of readings from the area, Lem succeeds, having caught a scent of blood. They follow the smell, only to find Shawn picking the missing girl up from the ground. He lays her back down, and attempts to run off in the opposite direction, but he is no match for Lemuel's vampire speed, which he uses to catch Shawn, and leech him to the point of unconsciousness. Manfred checks on the girl, who was luckily still breathing.

Manfred returns to his home to inform Creek of the devastating news. While they found the missing girl, they believe that her father is the killer of Aubrey and Tiffany, though they didn't know for sure. However, this was more than enough to shake Creek to her core. Face filled with pain, she wonders why her father would kill those women.

MTX 106-086~Rev. Sheehan-Olivia-Lemuel-Shawn~Bobo

The Midnighters surrounding Shawn

After tying Shawn up in the center of the pawn shop, the Midnighters surround him and begin their interrogation. Lemuel always wondered what would drive a man to move himself and his two children to a place so small and isolated. Most people wouldn't bring their families to a town as remote as Midnight. But Lem imagines that he loved it since it was the perfect hunting grounds for a serial killer. Bobo says that they need to know for sure that Shawn's the killer, despite the fact that Lem and Manfred found him with the missing girl.

Creek tells Connor to be honest with her about who attacked him in the woods. She knows that their father was the killer, though Connor sits in silence. After learning that Lem and Manfred found their father in the woods with Aerin, Connor wonders if she is still alive, to which Creek replies that she's in bad shape. But the important thing is that Connor was okay and that he was safe. Creek assures her brother that she will take care of him. As for their father, Creek tells Connor that he's with the Midnighters. Then pulling Connor close as she holds him.

MTX 106-091-Shawn-Lemuel

Lemuel threatening Shawn

Lemuel demands that Shawn confess to how many people he has killed, should he refuse, Lem will drain him. Olivia also threatens to kill him with her blade, that she was holding to Shawn's throat. Manfred enters the shop, bringing an end to the aggressive nature of their interrogation. They were not going to torture Creek's father, though Olivia saw no reason why they shouldn't since he did worse to his victims and his own son. Not to mention that he brought law enforcement to Midnight. Rev doesn't believe that this gives them the right to play judge, jury, and executioner. Regardless, Lem and Olivia are dead set on handling the situation the "Midnighter's way", which was swift and simple. Although, there's nothing simple about their predicament. Shawn deserves to be locked away, not slaughtered, but Lemuel suggests that they do the same to him as they did the succubus and the vampire nest, which was to kill him. Manfred considers the possibility that maybe Shawn's murder spree could be attributed to the fraying veil since it was making people give into the darkness. However, the veil can't turn someone evil, if Shawn gave into the darkness, it was already there, Rev says. Creek is devastated. She needs to know why her father killed those girls. Manfred concludes that this is the reason Shawn didn't want him around. He can see the dead, potentially Shawn's victims, meaning they could tell Manfred of their murders. Shawn doesn't speak, only looking away. Manfred knows that he's hiding something, so if Shawn not talking, he heads to the Lovell household in hopes that his victims will.

Manfred kicks in the Lovell's front door, proceeding about the house. His headache grew as he headed towards Connor's room. Inside a vent, leading under the house, Manfred finds a shoe box filled with not only items belonging to the victims but the skeleton mask that he initially saw on Aubrey's killer. It was then that Manfred realizes that Shawn wasn't the killer, he was merely protecting the real killer, Connor.

MTX 106-098-Connor-Creek-Photo

Photo of Connor

Manfred heads over to Fiji's place with a photo of Connor to show to Aerin. She identifies Connor as her attacker. Aerin tried to run away but he found her. Fiji promises Aerin that she's safe now, as she continues to tell her story. Connor hit her with the metal pipe, until she passed out, but when he came back, she was ready for him. She hit him with over the head with a rock, and ran as far as way as she could. Inside the shoe box, Bobo finds the ring that he gave to Aubrey, so he and Manfred leave Fiji's place to warn Creek.

Connor tells Creek that he can no longer be in Midnight, he feels like he can't even breathe. Creek admits that she's suffocating as well under the pressure. Their father brought them to Midnight to hide, but Connor didn't feel safe there anymore. They needed to go. By the time Manfred and Bobo make it back to the house, Conner and Creek are long gone.

Back at the pawn shop, Manfred calls Creek, but she fails to pick up. He looks to Shawn for answers as to where Connor would take her, though Shawn genuinely had no idea.

As they drive along the Texas road, Creek says that they will eventually have to go back, but Connor isn't ready to face their father, at least not yet, neither of them were. Her entire life she's been living with a murderer, and she was too clueless to know it. Connor states that it's normal to trust family.

MTX 106-111-Bobo-Manfred-Olivia-Rev. Sheehan~Shawn

Shawn explaining himself

Shawn tells the Midnighters that Creek never understood why they could never have pets. It was because of Connor. It wouldn't be fair to the animals. He took pleasure in their death and suffering. They took him to doctors, though they only sought to put him away. Shawn had already lost his wife, he couldn't lose his son too. Because of his refusal to lock Connor away, he put all of Midnight in danger, but that was never his intentions. He moved his family to town because it was isolated, and the Midnighters could protect themselves. But Bobo reminds him of those who couldn't, like Aubrey and Tiffany. Shawn tried to keep an eye on Conner, however, he found out about Aubrey too late, and so when he heard that Aerin went missing, Shawn went out looking for her. He insists that Connor would never hurt Creek, yet the Midnighters weren't so sure that this was true.

Creek was curious as to whether or not the murders began before or after their mother's death. Connor bets that he was always wired differently, though Creek was unaware that Connor was referring to himself, not their father. She questions how anyone could be wired to kill innocent girls. With Aubrey being a white supremacist and Tiffany being a vampire groupie, Connor disagrees that the girls were innocent. There was no defending what their father did, so Creek is having a hard time understanding why Connor was defending him. Connor snatches her cell phone out her hand and throws it out the window as she attempts to answer a call from Manfred. Creek shoves him, asking what he was doing, yet he does not respond.

MTX 106-115~Olivia-Shawn

Olivia holding a blade to Shawn's face

Manfred comes to the conclusion that Connor must have taken the phone from Creek, considering he heard her voice for a moment before losing connection. Shawn insists that Connor would never hurt Creek, but Olivia isn't up for any more excuses. She pulls out her blade, holding it to his face, while yelling at him to shut up as he has lied to them for years. Connor was a killer. Its who he is, and it is in his nature. Creek would inevitably figure out the he killed those woman, and when she does, Connor will feel cornered. The Midnighters begin to worry what would follow should this happen. Manfred suddenly exits the shop, with the Midnighters chasing after him.

His plan solely consists of getting into the RV and driving around, hoping that by some miracle, he finds Creek before Connor can hurt her. Bobo agrees to join him in his search. Manfred will head south, while he heads north, though, Lem, Olivia, Fiji and the Rev attempt to convince them of just how illogical their plan truly is. There was too much ground to cover. Manfred couldn't just sit around, and hope that Connor would kill a strange, but not his sister, nor could he wait for them to find her body somewhere. Joe concurs. He takes off his jacket, and spreads his wings right before the very eyes of his fellow Midnighters, all of whom had no clue that he was an angel, with the exception of Rev. He says that he can cover more ground from above, before taking off. Lemuel follows his lead, using super speed to keep up as they search for the Lovell siblings.

MTX 106-123-Joe

Joe shining his light

Creek figures out that their father was not the killer, but that he was simply covering for the actual killer i.e. Connor. He tells Creek not to look at him like he's a monster. Connor claims that he's no different than anyone else in Midnight. The Rev turns into a tiger once a month, but he locks himself away to prevent himself from hurting anyone else. Lem was a predator, as well as Olivia. However, they don't hunt and kill for sport. They do it to protect those they care about, while Connor, on the other hand, does it for simple pleasure. He slams down on the steering wheel in frustration, admitting that he was different. Creek offers to get him help, but Connor doesn't want to be fixed. It was in this moment that Creek realizes that Connor didn't feel bad for the murders. He intentionally begins to drive recklessly across the road, narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic. Creek demands that he stop that car immediately, though Connor doesn't listen. He is intent on killing them both by driving the truck into a reinforced barrier where the road comes to an end. Fortunately, Joe manages to catch up to them. He shines a bright white light at the vehicle, bringing it to a screeching halt. Creek and Connor exit the truck. As Connor heads into a barren field, Creek explains to Joe that he was the killer and that he didn't care nor did he want to change.

Lemuel arrives soon thereafter, looking to Joe, who gives him the go-ahead to finish off Connor. Lem effortlessly catches up to Connor in the field, and snaps his neck. Saddened by the difficult choice that he had to make, Lem did it anyway, as it was a sufficient way to deal with the threat. Lem, Joe, and Creek return to Midnight, where Manfred, Bobo, Fiji, Rev, and Olivia await their return. Lem looks to the Midnighters, shaking his head, signaling that Connor didn't make it. Olivia embraces Lemuel, as Manfred does Creek.

MTX 106-134-Bobo-Fiji-Aerin

Bobo, Fiji, and Aerin out front the shop

The next morning, Aerin, Bobo, and Fiji wait outside the Inquiring Mind for Aerin's mother to pick her up. She notices that the scar she sustained during the attack was no longer there. Fiji had a trick or two up her sleeve to solve such a matter. She asks Aerin if she was going to be okay. Aerin's is fine, and she thanks Fiji because of it. Bobo tells her that Connor will never hurt anyone ever again, they made sure of that. Should people in Davy learn of what took place in Midnight, they would burn the town down. Aerin says she will tell them precisely what happened; she got hurt, and an awfully nice group of Midnighters found her, and they took care of her. Aerin shares a goodbye hug with Fiji before sharing another hug with her mother, who has just arrived. They smile as Aerin leaves Midnight. Bobo tells Fiji that she did a good thing; one good thing in an otherwise awful day. She feels like Midnight will never be okay again.

Shawn is joined in the chapel by Creek. She tells him that Connor is gone. Distraught and barely able to get out a sentence, Shawn seeks to explain himself to Creek, though she has no interest in hearing anything he has to say. Creek always felt like she had to take care and watch over Connor. By neglecting to inform her of what Connor was doing, Shawn made Creek complicit in all his acts. Shawn apologizes, and pleads with Creek, she was all he had left. Creek says that he doesn't have her since he chose only to be a father to Connor, to protect all the evil things that he did. She addresses all the girls that he killed, and all the mourning parents because of it. Shawn protected Connor, and to him, it didn't matter that other people died. Shawn and Creek were all that was left of the Lovells. However, Creek severs all ties with him. She says that he is no longer her father since he didn't think about her when he was allowing Connor to go about killing. She never wants to see him again. Shaken by the loss of now his son and daughter, Shawn is left in tears.

MTX 106-141-Olivia-Rev. Sheehan-Fiji-Joe-Bobo-Creek-Manfred

The Midnighters honoring the dead

Just outside the chapel, Fiji stands with Connors skeleton mask in hand. Surrounded by the Midnighters, she throws it into the fire. Fiji's performing a ceremony, in which they destroy Connor's mementos, as well as honor the spirits that were torn from their world. Let them cleanse the pain, and the suffering they experienced. From this hate, let love be found. From this violence, let peace emerge. Farewell, and blessed be.

Manfred and Creek return to his place, where he offers her something to drink, specifically mixed by Fiji to make Creek feel better. She declines the drink, unless it'll make her forget what happened. Manfred pulls her closer and holds her tight as she begins to cry.

MTX 106-147-Rev. Sheehan~Joe

Rev and Joe discussing the veil and the threat to come

Rev enters the tattoo shop, heading upstairs, where he notices the artistic depiction of the frayed veil and what's to ensue should it happen. He presumes that Joe is angry with him for having exposed his secret about the veil. Surprisingly, Joe was grateful. If Rev hadn't done what he did, Joe wasn't sure if he would have gone after Creek, but Rev likes to think he would have. Joe used his light to save Creek, meaning "they" would be coming for him and that he should probably call Chuy to inform him. Rev thanks Joe for his sacrifice, telling him that the Midnighters will always be there for him. After the Rev exits, Joe leaves a message on Chuy's phone, telling him that it was no longer safe for him in Midnight. If they found out who he was, they'd killed Joe and exterminate Chuy. So, he pleads with Chuy to stay away. War was coming to Midnight, and he needed to stay and fight it



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