Bowie told us we were superior, that demons were evil, and angels killing demons was doing a service. Chuy disproved all of it.

Angel Heart is the seventh episode of the first season of NBC's Midnight, Texas and the seventh episode of the series overall.


THE SINS OF JOE'S PAST PUTS MIDNIGHT IN THE CROSSHAIRS OF AN ANCIENT FEUD -- A bounty hunter from Joe's past arrives in Midnight to punish him for leaving the angelic fold. Manfred takes charge with a plan to lead Fiji, Olivia, Bobo and Lem in an effort to stop this dangerous, nearly immortal foe from killing Joe and Chuy, as well as destroying Midnight. Meanwhile, Creek struggles to recover from her family tragedy. Elsewhere, the Rev refuses to compromise the safety of his neighbors and it costs him dearly.[2]


MTX 107-001-Bowie

'A millennium ago'

A millennium ago, Joe and his angel mentor, Bowie, conquered demons in a battle that left nothing in its wake but flames and barren land. For Bowie, there was no better feeling. While Joe wasn't quite sure of how he felt having slaughtered the demons, he knew that he didn't feel as victorious as his mentor. She had been fighting demons for a millennia. The first time was always difficult, but after engaging in battle so many times, it gets easier. He'll gain skills and confidence. Only then will the killing of demons become more enjoyable. The group that they had just killed were rough, but Joe handled them bravely. He appreciated Bowie saying so. It was there first battle together, but it was far from their last.

MTX 107-009-Bowie

Bowie kills an demon

Present day; Bowie passes the one mile sign leading into Midnight. She relays this story to her male companion. She taught Joe everything she knew, and he abandoned her without so much of a goodbye. Luckily, Joe recently turned up on her radar, which led her to Midnight. She asks the gentleman accompanying her what brought him to Texas. Like many before him, he felt the the powerful pull to Midnight while laying low in Shreveport. Unfortunately, Bowie informs him that he wasn't going to make it to Midnight because he was the scourge of the universe, that being a demon. Bowie looks into his demonic eyes, explaining that she truly believes the world would be a better place without creatures like him in it. He walks towards Bowie in an aggressive manner, completely unaware that she's an angel. She uses her angelic light rip the demon's heart from his chest, killing him instantly. She then spreads her wings and take flight.

MTX 107-010-Manfred

Manfred about to take pills

At Manfred's house, the hauntings seem to persist. Manfred follows his feeling to the back door, where he is frightened by a ghost clawing at the window. He reaches for his pills as Creek enters the kitchen. He immediately places them back down. Creek is dressed and showered. She was feeling better and ready to return to work despite Connor dying only a few days ago. Manfred thinks that she needs time, but she disagrees. More time only offers her more chances to go over her shambled life again and again. What she needs is a distraction. Manfred tells her that she's not alone, though in a way, she was. Her entire family was gone. This was the new normal, and she has to accept it. As does Manfred. He asks if she has time for breakfast, but Creek, who is a bit distant, tells him no, before leaving the house for work.

MTX 107-015~Rev. Sheehan-Madonna-Fiji

Rev, Madonna, and Fiji in Midnighter's room

Madonna is willing to help Creek in any way possible at Home Cookin'. Creek's only wish was to be at work. Madonna offers her two options, the first being the Midnighter's room, if Creek sought to be around friends, and the second choice being inventory, if she rather be alone. Creek chooses the latter. Rev and Fiji watch from the Midnighter's room as Creek proceeds towards the back. Rev is surprised that she has returned so soon. Madonna agrees that it is too soon, but Creek asked to come back. Fiji argues that some times its good to get out of the house. Being out in the world can provide a distraction. The problem with that is that Creek wasn't out in the world, she was secluding herself off in inventory. Rev addresses Fiji's point of providing oneself with distractions. He knows that Fiji is talking as much about Creek as she was herself in relation to her demonic haunting. The Inquiring Mind wasn't pleasant to be in. Some times the demon calls Fiji's name or laughs. When she doesn't hear it, she spends her time waiting for the moment when she does. Fiji preferred it when she though she was going crazy.

MTX 107-020~Joe

Joe painting

In the studio room above Strong Angel Tattoo, Chuy returns to the sight of Joe painting. He could watch him paint all day. Joe was both surprised and frustrated by Chuy's return. He told him to stay away because it wasn't safe for either one of them in Midnight. Chuy would rather be in danger together than safe apart. He's aware that Joe has outed himself to the Midnighters, and he understands why. Chuy Joe did what was necessary to save Creek, but he was forced to use his angelic light in doing so, meaning it was very possible that they will be coming for him. Chuy suggests a less risky plan than waiting in Midnight for them to hunt Joe down; he was talking about Joe coming clean with everything, and asking the Midnighters for help. Doing this would put everyone else in danger, Joe claims. However, they were already sitting on a veil to hell, Chuy pointed out. He even reminds Joe that its just been the two of them for so many centuries, maybe it was time they finally invite people in, and ask for help.

Manfred attempts to make contact with Creek's mother from the RV by using a necklace that belonged to her. Sadly, she wasn't responding. Xylda reckons that Creek's mother has already passed over. Manfred thought that he would be able to gather some wisdom from the great beyond, but he should know better than that. Her mother could be as psychotic as Connor. Manfred needed help, and he was looking for it in any way possible. He didn't know what else to do for Creek. Xylda tells him to do the only thing he can do, be there for her.

MTX 107-030-Fiji~Manfred

Fiji asking Manfred about Creek

On Xylda's advice, Manfred heads over to Home Cookin' with his laptop, where he is immediately confronted by Creek upon his entry. She wonders why he's there as if she needs a babysitter. Manfred's not there to babysit her, so he claims. There were too many ghost at his place, and with more people being in Home Cookin', there were fewer ghost, that's just how it works. Creek apologizes for jumping at him. He accepts her apology before going into the Midnighters room, where he is greeted by Fiji, who's curious about Creek's well-being. Creek's quiet but she seems okay. Ever since what happened with Connor, Fiji notices that the town is different in the sense that everyone has been keeping to themselves. Manfred asks if she's seen Joe since he flew, which she hasn't. Fiji surmises that he's lying low since Rev told her that Joe was scared that "they" would be coming after him. Who are they, Manfred ask, but Fiji has not the slightest clue.

MTX 107-035-Rev. Sheehan-Bowie

Bowie reading Rev's mind

Rev is approached in the chapel by Bowie. She is looking for Joe, though she refers to him as Joseph. If the Rev did know someone by that name, he would be a parishioner, meaning he cannot disclose any information. Once a man of the cloth realizes who Bowie is, they generally co-operate without so much hesitance. Just for a moment, they meet each other's stares. The Rev then growls as he grabs the wooden podium, and smashes it against Bowie. Surprisingly, the swift attack was ineffective. She shoves Rev up against the wall, reading his mind as her angelic light emits from her hand while she does so. She was wrong about Rev. He wasn't a man of the cloth. He was neither human nor animal. She tells Rev that he's nothing before tossing him with very little effort into the window, leaving him badly wounded and unconscious. Manfred walks out Home Cookin' to see Bowie exiting the church, and proceeding towards the tattoo shop. She looks to the shop, noticing the name "Strong Angel", which in hindsight was a dead give away. Having gone unnoticed, Manfred calls Joe to warn him of Bowie's presence. Joe looks out window to discover Bowie eeying the shop. Bowie was ancient, thus making her far more powerful than Joe, which means they were screwed. With a plan being put in motion, Chuy tells Joe to calm down. Bowie kicks the front door open, then kicking the studio door open as well, only to discover that Joe was gone.

MTX 107-041-Joe~Chuy

Joe and Chuy hiding in Olivia's closet

From his house, Manfred calls Joe once more to notify him that Bowie is headed towards the Gas N Go. Joe tells Chuy that they're safe for the time being as they hide in Olivia's closet. Chuy jokes that the two of them being trapped in a closet is making his head explode. Olivia unlocks the closet from the outside, releasing them both. She asks if Chuy went through her stuff, "not all of it", he replies. Joe then tells Manfred to get over to Olivia's apartment as soon as possible, and to avoid Bowie at all cost. Angels can read minds, so she could use what Joe just told Manfred in order to track then down and kill them. Then the question of whether they should tell Creek or Madonna emerges. Joe saw no reason to worry them since angels were guardians of humans, unlike supernaturals, who Bowie hates.

MTX 107-045-Lemuel-Olivia~Chuy~Joe

Lem, Olivia, Chuy and Olivia in her apartment

After hanging up with Manfred, Joe approaches Lemuel, who was aggravated that he was awake during the day. He says that he left a message for Emilio to join them, and Olivia adds that Bobo would be arriving soon as well. He simply needed to lock the shop up, which had the same security as the rest of the building. Olivia upgraded after the bombing by the Sons of Lucifer. Essentially, her closet is a small panic room inside an apartment that's one big panic room. Bobo knocks on the door, with Fiji not far behind. Olivia lets them both in. Considering that Chuy was supposed to be out of town, Fiji was pleasantly surprised to find him in Olivia's apartment. She gives him a hug, and Bobo asks why he's back. Joe is prepared to explain everything, but not before the others arrive.

MTX 107-058-Xylda-Manfred

Manfred expelling Xylda from his body

As Manfred leaves towards Olivia's apartment, he is cut off by Bowie, so, he is forced to make a U-turn, running back into his trailer, where he seeks out Xylda for help. He truly hates what he's about to ask, but he does it anyway. Bowie knocks on the trailer door, Manfred answers, though he is now wearing shades, which unbeknownst to Bowie was used to conceal the fact that he was actual being possessed by Xylda. Bowie asks Manfred/Xylda why did he run to hide after he saw her. He claims that he was going for a walk but decided against it. Bowie follows this up with another question, by asking if he knows Joe. Manfred just moved to town, so he didn't know Joe well. Bowie barges into the trailer to take a look around. She asks if he's a fortune teller after noticing all the strange artifacts and objects in his trailer. He prefers the term medium/psychic. 'The great Bernardo' is what some called him. Bowie was growing impatient with each passing moment, so reads Manfred's mind, which was a near-impossible task considering he had his thoughts and Xylda's jumbled together in his head. Bowie pulls away, wondering what's wrong with him. He claims that he takes a lot of pills. Because of this, he often hears voices and see things, some of which turns out aren't really there. He can't always tell what's real and what's not, and his current conversation with Bowie was one of those time. With one hand, Bowie grabs Manfred by the throat, lifts him up, and bangs his head against the ceiling, telling him it's real. She then exits the trailer, but not before saying that she hates Midnight. As she leaves, Manfred expels Xylda from his body, which was a fairly uncomfortable experience. At least it worked, Xylda said.

MTX 107-065-Chuy-Joe

Chuy and Joe revealing that he's a demon

Manfred finally makes it to Olivia's apartment, apologizing for his tardiness. He confesses that while Bowie did manage to get in his head, his grandmother was also in there, preventing Bowie from reading too much, due to the confusion brought on by overcrowding. With the Rev still not picking up his phone, the Midnighters decide to proceed without him. Joe and Chuy needed their help. There was an angel named Bowie in Midnight, and she was hunting Joe. Olivia questions why they should be afraid of an angel. Angels weren't only protectors of humans, they also kill demons. Bowie enjoyed the latter above all else. She was an old mentor and friend of Jose. He walked away from that life a long time ago, leaving Bowie to herself. That abandonment has grown into a full-blown hatred that she still holds towards him this very day. However, Joe confesses that leaving the fold and falling isn't exactly why she wants him dead. She could have possibly forgiven him for that. Bowie wanted to kill Joe because of who he fell in love with. Fiji comments "a man?", but in actuality, Joe was referring to the fact that Chuy is a demon, leaving the Midnighters shocked and speechless.

MTX 107-066-Lemuel-Olivia-Fiji-Bobo

Lem, Olivia, Fiji, and Bobo

The first time Joe saw Chuy was in a marketplace, haggling with some pretty sketchy silk road traders. Chuy wanted a porcelain, but he left after they asked for more than he had. However, they followed Chuy, and attacked him. Joe intervened, spreading his wings, which scared the traitors off. He helped Chuy up, and saw that he was covered in black blood, a trait commonly associated with demons. They not only beat Chuy, they also stole his sandals, leaving Joe to wonder why he didn't just rip them apart. Chuy told him that maybe they needed the sandals more than he did. It was in that moment that everything changed. Bowie had told him that the angels were superior, and that killing demons was doing the world a service, but Chuy disproved everything Joe had known about demons. Chuy elaborates on his demonic nature, saying that he's only half-demon. His mother was human. Fiji wonders if his parents were another forbidden love, much like him and Joe, but it was far from love. Him and his mother were close. She taught him to control his demonic side. Their connection was strong, and now Chuy has a connection with Joe to keep him strong.

MTX 107-068-Lemuel-Fiji

Lem and Fiji bothered by Chuy's secret

Fiji is upset that they kept this hidden from everyone, as is Lemuel. This shouldn't be the first time they're hearing of this, and now they're forced to face off against a vengeful angel. Olivia on the other hand seems fairly unbothered they they kept this a secret. At least Joe and Chuy were telling them now, she says. Manfred reminds everyone that Joe saved Creek, so he was willing to repay the favor. The Midnighters are willing to help, but they first need to know how to go about handling an angel. They're reasonably tough. Angels can read your minds, and use your secrets against you. They also possess a certain degree of immortality. Humans can't kill them, but fellow angels and demons can. However, sending Chuy in to deal with Bowie was not an option. The last time he changed, it took three years to get him back. Chuy turning would put everyone in danger, so he wasn't willing to risk it. Short of killing her, the Midnighters still need to figure out how best to deal with Bowie. Manfred suggests that they send her to hell, where there are demons that can take care of her. He recalls the exorcism at his house, performed by Fiji. The mirror acted as a portal, allowing them to see into the other side of the veil. They recreate the portal, and use the mirror to trap Bowie.

MTX 107-069-Joe-Bobo-Fiji

Joe, Bobo, and Fiji preparing to create portal

While Fiji prepares for the ritual, Bobo and Joe get the mirror in place. Bobo, who is still reeling from the revelation of angels and how they can read minds, reviews Bowie's ability to look into someone's mind, which apparently is an ability possessed by all angels. Fiji wonders if he's ever read one of their minds, which he hasn't. He wouldn't abuse that power, and he hadn't used it in centuries, but Bowie wouldn't hesitate to use it, whether it be t gain information or just humiliate someone. As Joe exits the room, Fiji sighs. With so many secrets floating around, she could hardly keep up. Bobo remarks that not everyone can be an open book like her. Fiji has her secrets, but they can't come back to hurt anyone but her, though she doesn't know that for sure. She wonders if Bobo has anymore secrets. Nothing huge, just small stuff, he says. Bobo misses his family, not what they believe in or the violence, but the special occasions, like Thanksgiving. He also missed his mom. Out of nowhere, he confesses to loving Fiji, which takes her by surprise. She does not say it back nor does she even address his statement, instead, she turns her attention back to the portal.

MTX 107-074-Lemuel-Olivia

Lem and Olivia choosing to enjoy their relationship

Lem tells Olivia that he's not sure electricity is going to stop the angels after she pulls out a taser. With no role in the fight, she felt helpless and wanted to contribute. Lemuel spills what little he knows of angels. They're mean and powerful, they're also not fans of vampires. Like Fiji, Lem sighs as all the secrets being kept throughout town were becoming overwhelming. Olivia has a hidden armory, so she's good with secrets. He ask if there's any she want to share with him. While it wasn't much of a secret, Olivia seeks to address the fact that their relationship had an expiration date. Lem will stay the way he is forever while she'll eventually grow old, and that can't work indefinitely. When the time comes, Olivia will leave, no time soon of course, but eventually, she'll have to. Lem reminds her that there are other options, what they had didn't have to end. However, Olivia has no desires of becoming a vampire, but they can still enjoy what they had while it lasts. Lem agrees, but as Olivia walks away, he is visibly saddened by her decision.

Manfred retrieves a jar containing the finger of one of his ancestors, uncle Roland. Legend has it that he pushed a demon back to hell with it. But as soon as he touched the demon, his finger fell off. Joe, says that Manfred has a colorful past. Manfred used to think that they were just stories that his grandmother made up about the great Bernardo Clan and the evil they battled. Joe asks Manfred if he ever thought that it wasn't a coincidence that he arrived in Midnight, right as the veil frays. Manfred believes that it's either a coincidence or really bad luck, but Joe considers it to be something more.

MTX 107-083-Rev. Sheehan

Rev waking up

With Madonna having wiped the same counter five times over that night, Creek calls her out for hovering over her. Madonna was merely concerned with Creek's well-being. She was working a double shift on her first day back, and she was going on eight hours with no break. With this being said, Creek agrees to go on break, heading outside to catch a breath of fresh air before going over to the church, where she finds Rev, beaten and unconscious. Creek and Rev return to Home Cookin', only to discover that Bowie has entered the establishment, and is reading Madonna's mind. Rev tells Creek not to let Bowie touch her, and to run but within a blink of an eye, Bowie is ahead of Creek, cutting her off from the exit. She recalls seeing Creek in Manfred's mind, so Bowie takes the opportunity to read Creek's mind as well.

MTX 107-087-Manfred~Joe

Manfred talking to Bowie

Joe tells Manfred about the prophecy. When the veil starts to tear, a hero will rise, who will lead an army to fight the evil that emerges and seal the veil forever. A man with a gift a vision, who can bridge the world's between the living and the dead. All the signs point towards Manfred, but he denies the supposed prophecy, calling Joe crazy if he truly believes that he is to lead an army in a fight against hell. Bowie then calls Manfred from Creek's phone. She tells him that Creek is far from okay, she was sad, and just a tad depressed. With Joe still in hiding, Bowie gives Manfred thirty minutes to find him or else she would start killing people. Manfred thought that angels were suppose to protect humans, which Bowie agrees is normally true, but she's had a relatively frustrating day, so she was willing to make an exception. She hands the phone to Creek, instructing her to tell Manfred that she loves him. Should Manfred fail to find Joe, Creek would be the first person that Bowie kills. She then screams at Manfred to "BRING JOSEPH".

Maybe he was selfish, but Chuy wants another century or two with Joe, which Manfred was their best chance at accomplishing. After kissing Chuy goodbye, he joins Manfred in the next room. Just so they were clear, Manfred tells Joe that they're doing whatever it takes to get Creek back. Joe understands.

MTX 107-091~Rev. Sheehan-Bowie-Creek

Bowie blaming Creek for the murders

Bowie orders Creek to get her a drink of whiskey. Madonna jumps up, volunteering to do it instead. She also demands that Bowie to leave Creek alone. However, she knows where Madonna got the money to pay for Home Cookin' after her excursion throughout Madonna's mind. Bowie recommends that she sit down and shut up while Creek gets her a drink. As Creek approaches, Bowie comments that at least her mind was off of it, that being her evil kid brother and accomplice father. She knows what Creek is thinking, that she allowed it to happen because she had blinders on, and the truth is that she did let it happen. Creek truly dropped the ball, or at least she did in Bowie's eyes. The Rev yells at her to stop torturing Creek, she had been through enough. Having turned her attention to Rev, she wraps her hands around the his head, and asks Creek if she wanted to hear what it sounded like when Connor's neck snapped, though this was merely a sick attempt at entertaining herself. Rev deduces that Bowie is a fallen angel given her attitude and behavior, which she places a lot of on Joe. Speaking of whom, he can be heard just outside the shop calling to her. Bowie places Creek in a headlock and drags her along for good measure.

MTX 107-093-Joe

Joe waiting for Bowie

Bowie revels in the moment after waiting for such a long time to confront Joe. It was finally happening, and the moment was far sweeter than she had ever imagined. Bowie tosses Creek to the ground before confronting Joe. He asks when did she start harming humans, to which she replies right around the same time he began hiding behind them. She confesses to Joe, that much like him, she's fallen, making her a soldier without a country. She left after all the restrictions and rules became too overbearing. She recalls that on the very ground they were standing on, the two of them battled demons together, but of course, this was before he betrayed her. Joe didn't feel as if he betrayed her, he merely fell in love.

MTX 107-099-Bowie

Bowie destroying the portal

Joe keeps her distracted while Lem waits behind a truck for his cue, and Fiji prepares the portal. He threw away everything he was for a demon. Joe claims that he was never who she thought he was nor was he who she wanted him to be. He pleads with her one last time not to stop. However, she possesses not an ounce of mercy or compassion, nothing would dissuade her from killing Joe. Fiji finally manages to open the portal, so Manfred brings out the mirror, which was Lemuel's cue to push Bowie with great force in the direction of the portal. Unfortunately, she uses use light to destroy the portal before it can drag her in. Manfred pulls out the finger belonging to his ancestor, calling out to them for help, but to no avail. Bowie slaps the finger out of his hand, and decides to read his mind once more. She laughs in his face after seen his thoughts, in which he believes that he's going to stop hell from consuming Midnight. He had a really inflated sense of self.

MTX 107-102-Olivia-Creek-Bobo

Olivia, Creek, and Bobo outside Home Cookin'

As Creek stands on the balcony of Home Cookin, alongside Olivia and Bobo, Bowie calls out to her, and tells Creek to come meet her superhero. After reading Creeks mine, she knew precisely how Creek felt. He was a scam artist. he could see ghost, but he what good does that do. He still wasn't very useful. Creek was angry with him. What is the point of screwing the town psychic if he's not even going to give you a heads up that you're living with a serial killer i.e. Connor. Bowie utters that he failed her. Before she could continue to further humiliate the Manfred and Creek, Joe flies in and knocks her out of sight.

MTX 107-105-Joe

Joe's wings spread

Bowie and Joe take flight, attacking each other as they fly through out the sky. All the while, Chuy watches from the window as all this unfolds. He struggles to maintain control of the demon within as his eyes begin to change, a sign of his demonic form manifesting. Bowie and Joe end up crashing through the roof of the church. As they trade blows, Joe apologizes for hurting her. Little did he know, her anger stems from the humiliation she endured after he left. They fight from one end of the church to other. Joe says it isn't about Bowie, but she begs to differ. Her prized pupil, someone she bragged about decided to run off with a demon. Joe comments that he would do it again. Infuriated by his comment, Bowie delivers a couple more heavy blows before dragging Joe out the church, and tossing him on the dirt road.

MTX 107-114-Demon-Chuy

Chuy attacking Bowie

The Midnighters stand a couple feet back, helpless in saving Joe. None of them have seen an angel die before, but it was a sigh to see, Bowie adds. With angelic light emitting from her hand, Bowie sets up to finish Joe off, however, she fails to account for Chuy's intervention. His transformation into demon was complete. Chuy was unrecognizable, a number of physical changes had taken place, e had deep facial scars all along his deformed face, razor sharp teeth, and glowing eyes. Bowie couldn't believe that Joe left her for such a hideous creature. Chuy charges towards Bowie at full speed, knocking her onto her back as he hovers over top of her. Bowie screams for him to get off her, though he does not comply. Despite knowing very little of demons, the Midnighters head for safe grounds as there was no telling what could follow. Bowie begins to cough up large amounts of blood as Chuy tears into her throat with fairly little effort, killing her in the process. Her death is closely followed by a large bright purple explosion that could be seen throughout town.

MTX 107-121~Joe-Demon-Chuy

Joe threatening to kill Chuy

With Chuy looking to turn his attention else where, Manfred takes cover behind a truck. Joe attempts to reason with him as the Midnighters watch from a far. It would be wise for Lem and Fiji to head inside, but with the Inquiring Mind being cleansed, it was inhospitable to the dead, therefore, Lem couldn't enter. Chuy pushes past Joe, headed directly for Lemuel, who attempts to leech from him. However, Lemuel's leeching ability proves to be his downfall. Something about Chuy's demonic nature sickens Lem. He coughs up black blood as his eyes blacken and he falls to the ground. Manfred throws the jar containing his ancestor's finger, which catches Chuy's attention but does very little to hurt him. Manfred hides behind the sign of the chapel, but Chuy finds Manfred, and throws himto the ground, looking to go in for another attack. Joe gets in between the two of them, holding Chuy down while threatening to carve out his heart should he continue to pose a threat. It will destroy Joe if he has to kill Chuy, but he's willing to do so should he be left with no other options. Chuy said that their connection was strong, so Joe pleads with him to find that connection. Through sheer force of will, Chuy manages to take control and revert back to his human form, sobbing as Joe holds him close.

MTX 107-124-Lemuel-Olivia~Chuy-Joe-Manfred-Rev. Sheehan

The Midnighters at Home Cookin'

After a long night, the Midnighters regroup at Home Cookin'. Creek prepares to head home, but she tells Manfred to stay at the restaurant in case someone needs him. As she exits, Madonna demands that she take tomorrow off. Fiji and Bobo bring the Rev an ice pack and treatment for his wounds. Fiji suspect that his ribs may be broken, but Rev was not too concerned. If they are indeed broken, his bones will reset next full moon because the transformation is capable of fixing such injuries. Chuy feels terrible, but it didn't matter to him since Joe was still there. They prepare to leave, but not before Joe tells Manfred to stop by the studio later, so they can talk. Chuy then apologizes to everyone in the room for his actions. With Lem in need of rest, he and Olivia get ready to leave as well. She jokes that at least now they aren't the only mixed couple in Midnight. Lem remarks that he knows a lot of new things after today.

MTX 107-136-Joe~Manfred

Joe and Manfred looking at a depiction of the prophecy

As Joe requested, Manfred drops by the studio. He looks at the painted depiction of what's to become of Midnight once the veil breaks completely. It will be hell on earth, literally. Joe is still a firm believer that Manfred can fix what's to come, and lead an army to seal the veil forever. Manfred doesn't understand how he's supposed to be the leader when all he can do is see dead soldiers after it's too late. He couldn't stop Bowie nor could he stop Chuy. Joe reminds him that he arrived to Midnight just when they needed him, but Manfred is still unconvinced. Joe was in the Midnight during the initial fraying of the veil. He saw what it looks like when it breaks altogether, so he needs to believe that Manfred is the one from the prophecy because if he's not, and the demons enter Midnight, the town is screwed, at least according to Manfred. Joe points out that Manfred's still in town despite the fact that Hightower, the man who chased him to into hiding, was dead. Joe of all people should understand why Manfred's still in town; because of Creek.

MTX 107-139-Fiji

Fiji outside the Inquiring Mind

Fiji is startled by Bobo as she cleans up the mess left in her yard, the aftermath of the battle from the previous night. Bobo was merely offering a helping hand, but all Fiji desires is peace and quiet. She misses the quiet little town, where nothing ever happens. While picking up the mess, she aggressively slams the broken pottery pieces into a bucket in a fit of rage and depression. Bobo offers to clean up while she get some rest. He'll even stay on the porch. If she gets scared after feeling another possible demonic presence, he'll be right outside waiting for her. Fiji is surprised that he was willing to do this, but Bobo was happy to help.

As the veil wears heavier on Chuy's demonic side, he informs Joe that they needed to go because he couldn't continue to fight it much longer.

MTX 107-144-Xylda-Manfred

Xylda upset with Manfred for running

Manfred returns home. He is surprised to see that Creek is still awake. She apologizes for everything that Bowie said after reading her mind. She never would've said those things to Manfred. They were mean and unfair. This doesn't mean they weren't right, Manfred adds. He sees a lot of things that he doesn't want, and they're not always helpful, but he did want to help Creek in whatever way possible. She admits that his earlier statement of her needing time was right. She doesn't know who she is outside of being a sister or daughter. Does she go to school? Does she want to write? These are questions that Creek asks herself. She wants to know what's next move for her. This is something that she must be alone to figure out, meaning she wants to break up with Manfred. He accepts her decisions. The two of them share one last kiss. Manfred gives her the bedroom. He says he'll take the couch. Although with Creek being the only reasons for his stay in Midnight, a heart-broken Manfred abruptly leaves town after their break up. Just one mile outside of Midnight, Xylda is frustrated with him for leaving even though this is what he does best. He runs. Manfred was setting root, and Xylda could tell that he liked it. He had a place in Midnight, but Manfred believes otherwise.



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