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• 10/2/2018

Hope season 2 doesn't kill off every villain of the week character again

This is one of the main things that annoyed me about season 1 of this show. Season 1 killed off everything that inconvenienced the main characters by the end of the episode. Okay technically the final 3 villains of Faceless, the wraiths and Colconnar just went back to hell and likely didn't die, but you know what I mean.

Now I can understand Connor needing to die since he was a serial killer, most of the Sons of Lucifers dying since they can easily gather more people into their gang and Hightower taking his own life since his story is basically over. However Bowie, Gina and even Peter Lowry, I felt could've lived. Bowie and Gina not only did I like them, but they were also of the rare species. I wanted to see succubus and angel powers more fleshed out in this series.

A part of me can't help but side with them. The Sons of Lucifers are clearly bad news, but Lowry's motivations seem to be heavily based on avenging his dead wife Aubrey. Gina killed to feed her hunger, but felt her killings were justified as she only targeted the men who caused great pain onto people. She was actually going to kill Connor, the man who caused more pain than anyone else in town. Gina killing him would've been poetic justice. Bowie was a rogue angel who got too much into the whole demon killing thing. I felt if she just said along the lines of "one day, you guys will understand why you need people like me" she could've at least gotten a message out. Even though she tried to kill Joe, Considering what happened in the finale, someone like her would've came in handy.

The biggest irony of them all is that many of the things the Midnighters killed by the end of the episode was to keep themselves out of the public eye. Yet by the end of the season, it's very much implied that's exactly what Midnight is going to become. Can't help but feel some of those characters were right.

Also I find it kind of funny and ironic that Jaime Rey Newman is joining the show as a series regular when the last series I saw her in was Eastwick. And on Eastwick, her character Kat Gardener was a witch who not only had all of mother nature's great powers, but later was able to heal things. And due to being a nurse, she had a "I must save everyone" type of mentality. While this show kind of has the opposite mentality. Her character would definitely clash with what keeps on happening on this show.

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• 10/1/2018

Rank the most powerful to least powerful

What's a show like this without a thread asking for the most powerful to least powerful? And one thing I'm quite impressed about this show was how they introduced so many species and creature types with only 10 episodes so far. Though I am a little annoyed how the show feels the need to kill off all their villains of the week when I wish they kept some of them alive if anything just to flesh out certain species better. Anyways lets break this down into categories.

1) Most powerful general species/creature types

2) Most powerful individuals

3) Most powerful in the books

Number 3 I am very curious to know. I also got to say I am happy that a show exist in today's TV landscape where vampires aren't at the top of the food chain. There's been too much vampwank in popular media that I'm glad they're pretty low on the threat totem pole on this show even if they are still quite powerful.

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• 2/15/2018

'Midnight, Texas' Renewed!


Summer’s Supernatural Hit Returns as Author Charlaine Harris’ Compelling Tale Unfolds for Loyal Audiences

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — Feb. 14, 2018 — “Midnight, Texas,” the #1 summer broadcast drama in the 18-49 demo, has been renewed for a second season on NBC.

Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, who served as consulting producers on the first season and have an overall deal with Universal Television, will be showrunners for season two and will executive produce along with David Janollari. The series is produced by Universal Television and David Janollari Entertainment.

The supernatural thriller, which is based on the best-selling book series by Charlaine Harris (author of the novels that inspired “True Blood”), takes a journey into a remote Texas town where nothing is what it seems. In Midnight, Texas, being normal is strange and only outsiders fit in. It’s a mysterious safe haven for those who are different — a perfect place for anyone looking to hide from the outside world.

“I am stoked at the prospect of a second season of ‘Midnight, Texas,’” Harris said. “I can't wait to revisit my favorite town to discover what its inhabitants have been up to the past few months. Now the viewers, who've been asking me questions daily, will have their reward.”

The series stars François Arnaud (“The Borgias”) as Manfred, a charming, powerful psychic who can communicate with spirits and finds safety in Midnight surrounding himself with both human and supernatural allies. Midnight is also home to Bobo, proprietor of the town’s local pawn shop (Dylan Bruce, “Orphan Black”); Fiji, a witch who owns the local wiccan shop (Parisa Fitz-Henley, “Luke Cage”); Olivia, a mysterious assassin with a weapon for every occasion (Arielle Kebbel, “Ballers”); Joe, an angel who knows all of Midnight’s secrets, having been around for millennia (Jason Lewis, “Sex and the City”); Lemuel, a wise vampire with a long history in Midnight (Peter Mensah, “True Blood”); and others.

In praising “Midnight, Texas” last summer, USA Today said the series was “a genuinely fun summer diversion” while the Los Angeles Times added the show was “a charming new take on spooky old stories, with enough magic to keep even cynical viewers engaged.”

“Midnight, Texas” was last summer’s #1 drama on the broadcast networks in the key 18-49 demographic. “Midnight, Texas” ran undefeated in its 10 p.m. Monday timeslot versus its regular ABC and CBS competition in 18-49.


Midnight Texas - Renewed for a 2nd Season
Midnight Texas - Renewed for a 2nd Season SpoilerTV
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• 10/27/2017

original/oldest vampires

Do original vampires/oldest vampires in existence live on in the novels of midnight texas?
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• 10/26/2017


What site do I go to, to find out the casting call of a new character in the show?
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• 8/30/2017

What's the Deal With Chuy

The last few episodes have given me insite into this character and although there is not much to work with, I believe that Chuy is more than what we think. Anyone else thing that he may be hiding his appearance behind a male character? Meaning, Chuy is actually a women (maybe some type of immortal supper natural or shapeshiffing super natural character. I'm going with FEMALE, hiding HER true nature in male form for protection. Something about the angel being gay, I dont buy.. After seeing the most recent episode #6, I believe that even more. I think Chuy is hiding out in another body that is not his own to protect both the fallen angel and itself. What do you think?
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• 7/26/2017

Favorite MTX Character(s) (Show)

I loved the premiere to this show. So, I'd feel honored to start a discussion about it. Who was everyone's favorite character(s) so far? Mine were Olivia, Figi, and Lemuel.
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• 12/2/2016
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